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Legendary(ish) Pokemon
The Mewtwo shows no signs of resistance, however, having fallen under her students' spell. The class seems to collectively take a breath...then breaks out into a cheer of congratulations. Cassiopeia applauds.

"What will you make her do?" asks a student. "It has to be funny, right?"


Can't stop myself from RP'ing.
"Im as shocked as you are proud my love!" Illaoi said, feeling hif pride on some level, and wanting very much more of it.

"Hmmmm I know... Zai, for the rest of the day you'll take the form of an alolan exeggutor."


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"Of course, mistress. I used to love to sing heavy metal when I was a student...but no one knew because I used sound blocking."

This causes a general peal of laughter from the students. Even Epsilon chuckles a little.


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
Around the same time, Zai's mind is freed, and she looks at the student with obvious respect. "Goodness...that's only ever happened one other time. I'm impressed, but I hope you didn't overly exhaust yourself?"

Cassiopeia and Epsilon are all concern right now.

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