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Legendary(ish) Pokemon
The brown Mew in the nurses office looks her over with concern. "You feeling alright? Taking on your teacher with that much intensity is quite the exercise."

"She did it though!" Cass says proudly.


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"Oh, right. My mistake," he chuckles, blushing a bit. "I guess I just got excited. I'm...still pretty overwhelmed!"

Cassiopeia grins. "I like him a lot. You made a good choice keeping him, mommy."


Can't stop myself from RP'ing.
She blushed a little, but didn't mid as the little me was covertly l completely right. She pecked both of her boys on the cheek, and smiled. "I think he was the one who decided to keep me though."


Legendary(ish) Pokemon
"Or maybe I just kept you both!" giggles the little Mew.

"We're quite the trio," Epsilon smiles. "Now come on, let's get going. They'll be waiting for us soon!"

With that, he picks the smaller Mew up and begins floating away.

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