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Fandom Grounders Survive - A 100 based rp

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Wildlife Conservationist in the Making
The skaikru have survived
The Grounders live
  • Yu Gonplei Ste Udon
    The 100
    There are now 13 tribes - some have joined Polis while others have scattered to other tribes
    How many years later are we in?
    We are about 6 years later after Clarke fought to keep mankind from destroying the planet they had made a home on
    Earth & a planet called Berilia
    more to come later
    Many roles will be up for grabs and now I am adding in a twist - for those of you who know of Alpha Beta and Omegas - I am adding in an A/B/O dynamic into the world.

    Alpha's are protective and oftentimes leaders
    Betas are known to be calming and they tend to be warriors or healers or guards of the tribes
    Omegas have this ability to calm and heal - most Omegas hide themselves to make sure they aren't used against those they care about but can be extremely protective when in danger
    There are many villages scattered about Berilia and a few on Earth. Polis still is being rebuilt and Flokru continue to live on the sea.
    Planet Appearance
    Earth: Earth itself has become liveable again after Praimfaya and the war which Clarke gave her life to end. There are still some radioactive storms which hit the ground and can cause some major damage if not warned on time. Toxic Fog still rages through the trees from time-to-time. Otherwise water flows clear, trees brim with life, and the weather has stabilized. The animals mostly look normal though if one isn't careful you will stumble into some leftovers from the dangerous times before. Polis stands where it used to despite still being rebuilt and ruled by a new Commander.

    Azgeda have finally come to terms and joined to coalition - and there is a new planet with three new tribes that will be added into the mix.

    Berilia: Berilia is more of an exotic planet which is just as liveable as Earth is - without the radioactive residue from long ago of course. Thick forests of lush green and turquoise rule here and waterfalls flow with turquoise clear water. There are many rivers which lead to the ocean here. All water is super clear and animals even weirder than those on Earth. You will find winged serpent-like snakes, stunning horses with coats of many colors, and birds which are almost as big as a horse or small pony and have sharp metal edges to their wings.
    Trikru: Tree people - most will recognize that Heda Lexa & Anya are from Trikru - Heda being the second to Anya before she answered the Conclave. Their language is Trigedaslang.

    Azgeda: Ice Nation. Ruled by Queen Nia before her son Prince Rowan took it from her after she was killed by Heda Lexa, with an iron fist. Ice nation now stands with the coalition proudly.

    Floukru: Boat people. This tribe almost never leaves their ship on the ocean - preferring to be on the move constantly. Most recognize this nation by their leader Luna.

    Sangedakru: Desert people.

    Trishanakru: Glowing Forest people.

    Yujleda: Broadleaf clan

    Boudalan: Rock Line people

    Podakru: Lake people.

    Ouskejon Kru: Blue cliff people

    Delfikru: The delphi people

    Ingranronakru: Plains riders clan

    Louwoda Kliron: Shadow valley people

    Skaikru: Those who fell from space and have taken the ways of grounders. These include those from the Ark and the original 100 / those left from them. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Abby, and Murphy are all examples of Skaikru.

    ** NEW TRIBES **

    Xihena: A tribe on Berilia - where most here have bonds to the winged serpent-like snakes. There is one commander who is in charge but is also backed by a healer. There is one healer and one commander. This tribe is located behind a large waterfall and most members here fish in order to eat.

    Kilone: The second tribe on Berilia - most members of this tribe live off the land and in the southern forest where most trees are a dark emerald green color and small creeks rush through them. This tribe bonds to the glittering horses here and often hunt from their backs - mainly going for small creatures in order to survive. A healer is the leader of this village.

    Dophion: The last tribe of Berilia - most members of this tribe are found living in a village located at the base of a large cliff where the birds of prey bond to this tribe. This tribe is great at using birds to hunt for their food and this tribe is run by a commander.

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