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Give your terrible roleplaying advice

Sibelle Grey

Remember: that other roleplayer belongs to you. They are Your Person. Your roleplay with them must be prized by that partner above all others (otherwise, they don't like you).
Offline obligations? Your partner certainly doesn't have any and absolutely must reply immediately after you post, or after you send them three (perfectly valid and appropriate) reminders to post. If they haven't replied in an entire day but they're online doing other things, send them another reminder, passive aggressive this time, to let them know you see them doing things at their own leisure like this is a hobby and not a job, because we all love to feel like we're being watched.
Never forget: boundaries don't exist in 1x1s.


The User Formerly Known As Lorkhan
Make sure you join as many RPs as possible. Sign ALL the fucking interest checks, because you certainly have the time and dedication to juggle all 9 of them.
Roleplayer's secret technique allowed him to unlock the secret to becoming the most majestic roleplayer across all of the Internet. Follow the steps below and discover how you too can become an awesome roleplayer using these ancient formulas derived from translating the manuscripts of the most oldest role-player of all time, Trollimius the Third.

1) Never listen to criticism. You are perfect the way you are. Why listen to advice that might potentially lower your self-esteem and ruin your confidence? You. Are. Awesome. Don't deny it.
2) Always bump your interest checks relentlessly instead of making a new thread.
3) Focus on using massive amounts of BBcode in all of your posts to spruce up your writing. It's not like the quality of the writing is derived from the content rather than the graphical characteristics of the post itself.
4) Never use proper paragraphing! Screw that! You are an avant-garde roleplayer. Did you know what the french word 'avant-garde' means? Well, it's a super-duper awesome special word that means you are unique if you break all the rules and conventions of literature! In fact, why don't you screw grammar as well? That's super-avant-garde as well!
5) Always remember that you have no life outside of role-playing. Role-playing is love. Role-playing is life!

If you want to know more, call this number right now: 1-300-888-333, and tell us the details of your bank account number to receive 100,000 dollars in exchange for only your time and attention!

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