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Realistic or Modern Generic superhero search! OCs, mxf


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Hello there! As the title suggests I am looking for a superhero plot which I'll go into the details of below! First, I just want to toss out some info about me/my rp style first!

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- I'm 25+, so please be 20+ if you'd like to roleplay
- Available here or discord
- I describe myself as semi-lit. I have been leaning more towards shorter replies to keep the flow of an rp going rather than getting bogged down with advanced literate or novella sort of exchanges. Roughly 1-5 paragraphs, depending.
- I like both fandom and oc roleplay, not so big on mixing the two as a rule but who knows!
- If using face claims, I like to use realistic ones rather than animated.
- I usually lean towards lgbtq+ pairings if romance is involved in a plot, but I like all sorts of dynamics!
- I love plotting, I love exchanging random ideas or info about characters/plots!! I love talking ooc! I love, love visuals, the more visuals the better! I love aesthetics and things that remind us of characters or a plot! Go nuts with that stuff!

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I'm actually looking to recreate a plot I had a while back ( Not exactly recreate, we can make it our own thing dw! )

So, rather basic honestly. I'd love to do something with a hero/villain love story mixed in between lots and lots of action, adventure, fun, a healthy dose of angst and conflict! A dash of humour and character development. All you might expect from your typical superhero media and a hero/villain entanglement.

Really the vibe I'm going for is Selina Kyle/Bruce Wayne vibes ... Specifically the Batman The Animated Series versions. I just love the fun that can be had by embracing the mix of playful and Cliche Hero Story but with a nice little side helping of character depth in there. It could be one of those situations where they face off as villains and also meet in their plain old civilian states. Developing these two dynamics in tandem before a Big Reveal.

Usually lgbt is more my bag for romances but I am looking for m/f for this, I'd be playing a female villain so hoping to find someone up to play a male hero opposite her.

I can share her character info privately but the basics sorta like Catwoman but with a bit more of an outgoing personality and far less clear motivation or alligences and more morally detached. I would love, love a righteous, lawful good, principled hero who is fairly shy outside of his hero persona for the plot BUT of course I won't dictate your creativity, I am quite open!

We can also add different heros and villains and side characters btw!

With all of that said !! Please feel free to get in touch if you're interested!! Either with a comment or send me a message!

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