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Hello! I'm Woody, and I'm looking for some advanced partners to create stories with. I consider myself an advanced roleplayer, but my punctuation and grammar can be a little messy sometimes because no one is perfect so I dont expect my partners to be perfect either. I do tend to put in a lot of effort into my posts though, and I do understand that not everyone can come up with extravagant posts every time.
What I am Looking for:
  • advanced posters, who take time and thought into their posts. I post around 6-10 paragraphs, and it's alright not to reach that many paragraphs at times.
  • 18+, my roleplays can become a little 18+ and so I dont feel comfortable having my partners under 18
  • I need roleplayers to handle darker themes. I tend to always turn a roleplay dark whether it's with kidnapping, mental manipulation, and blood.
  • I enjoy world building, and building up plot. I'd like to chat over characters, places, and plot ideas.
  • Being able to play multiple characters because it's better if we add some spice to the plot!
  • I usually play he/him and they/them characters.
  • romances can be fxm, mxm , I'm not good at fxf sorry!
My Dark themes:
  • when it comes to darker themes I do enjoy the anguish love stories, and betrayals of past lovers. For example, I enjoy it when two characters are in love, however, a second comes in which takes the attention away from the original romance.
  • Failed marriages that have turned emotionally abusive (maybe some physical abuse) in which the marriage either has to be fixed, or it has to be broken.
  • Blood and gore. I enjoy a lot of blood and gore in my roleplay.
  • I cuss a bit so if you aren't alright with cursing then I apologize
  • R*pe cannot be roleplayed. I would much rather have it be mentioned, but never roleplayed out. For example, it could be in the description of a character.
  • If we do play someone with psychotic issues, there may not be romance. There might be obsession, but real love wont exist in my psychotic characters which makes it much darker.

  • medieval/fantacy
  • horror/psychopaths
  • dystopian societies
  • werewolves
  • Vikings
  • Game of Thrones
  • Harry Potter
  • Romances, but I like a little despair and tragedies sometimes
  • Greek gods
  • Salem Witch Trials / Magic / mythical creatures which involves pairing off human x creatures
If you are interested, message me please! We can plot out ideas, or we can use some bellow!

a young fairy has always been interested in humans, he'd constantly watch them from afar. at times, he'd cause little mischief around the village which caused some of their cattle to die, crops to wilt, and people to cry. In his mind, he found his tricks to be lively and funny. Upon his daily torments, he happens upon parents crying for a still born. The babe was cold as ice, and as pale as the winter that surrounded the village. The parents had pleaded to whatever gods they worshiped for their child and the fairy saw the little light still left in the seemingly dead child.
He appears to the parents and offers them a deal. He offered their child back for a hefty price. He wanted the child and would be patient till she came of age to marry.

a murderer on the streets has made the whole city on alert. many believing the murderer to be some sort of lunatic living in a dark hole somewhere. a poor college student is caught out in a snow storm attempting to return to the snow lodge after snowboarding. Through the dark blizzard, there is no way for them to find their way back and they find themselves stepping of a steep ledge. A dark figure finds the student in the snow, their leg snapped in half, and unconscious. Gaining the strength to lift the student, the stranger takes them back to a cozy little cabin far from any main roads. As the student wakes up, they're greeted with a meal, and some warm coco to a stranger with a seemingly kind smile.
The murderer had stumbled upon a body that would surely die to the cold. The desire to help the student was non-existent and he would have snapped the student's neck to just put them out of their misery. However, an idea had come to him, and a challenge had entered his mind. Could he attempt to save a life instead of take it? Perhaps he'd find the reason as to why he had a lack of empathy for human kind.

Alaska was always so quiet in the winter. The small town down the hill would always cast a small hue of light from where a werewolf had called home. Most werewolves found solace in a pack, but there were a few loners who preferred themselves to a bunch of mangy mutts. Hunters lived in the town from where the loner lived, but had come to an agreement with said hunters that'd he would not touch humans. Yet, their is an accident in the town one day where townsfolk had found a body shredded to pieces. The culprit was labeled a wolf which causes tensions between the loner on the mountain and the hunters in the village. Now at a very delicate situation, the loner doesn't want to appear the culprit, but instead goes out to find the said culprit.
Which he finds one day when he heard some painful howls. It could only mean one thing, it was the wolf who attacked the human. Happening upon the painful howl, the loner has found a wolf which was much smaller than him. It had been attacked by some elk, and hardly looked like it could kill a human. when the wolf had suddenly turned human again, the panic set in and he pleaded to the loner that they didn't know what was happening. Apparently till yesterday, they thought they were human and didnt know what was happening.
Now a loner is stuck with a wolf believing their human and a series of mysterious human killings .

The perfect husband had the perfect life with the perfect wife and child. From the outside, they were said to be the happiest couple in town. He worked as plastic surgeon and had a very set schedule that would always leave time for his family, and his own personal adventures. The secret to his happiness was... his experiments. You see, he hated imperfections, especially from women who didn't match the perfect image of his wife. His unhealthy obsession with his wife caused him to spiral into madness as he could no longer look at women as humans, instead saw them as filthy scums of the earth. His wife sees him as the perfect father and husband who could do no wrong. He spoiled her with gifts, and often would take her out to dinner. However, his obsession with his wife had started to show as his attention to his son had begin to lack, and strange disappearance around town had begun. Women would be found in ditches covered in blood, and their faces cut apart to the point no one could recognize them up close. What happens if the wife suddenly goes down in the basement she is told to stay out of, and happens upon a screaming woman. Now with a husband who refuses to let him leave, how would she could escape her husband?


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