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Fantasy Feeling something dark and gritty... You down?

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Action, Adventure, Anime, Dystopian, Horror, Super Powers, Zombies


About Me:
  • I have been rping for at least eight years now, however for the past year or so I haven't been writing as much and I miss it dearly. Soooo i figured this would be a great way to hop back in!
  • I do work full time, so I'll be limited to likely only one post per week, unless I'm feeling inspired then you'll for sure get more. But please don't pester me for posts, I won't be doing such to you.
  • I will play either M or F.
  • I don't like to double, it's too much work, I prefer to put all my love into one character per thread.
  • My typical post length is 350-750 words. All I ask is that I in the very least get two paragraphs.
  • Tell me if you're not interested in a thread anymore, please don't just dip after we've gone through all the trouble of plotting and character planning.

Plot Ideas:

+Vicarious: Muse A (my OC character) is a prisoner, a science experiment subject to the beck and call of the government organization that owns her. She was born a relatively normal suburban girl, with only a strange ability to always sense how others were feeling. However, after being abandoned by her parents she ended up in what she thought was just another group home. It was not. While there she underwent countless molecular experiments and cerebral surgeries, resulting in her DNA being altered, the way her brain worked enhanced. Muse A was no longer simply an empath, but now obtained the ability to sensory scry. In essence this means that she's able to "hitch-hike" other people's senses and experiences, so long as she holds something of theirs. She's able to taste, feel, smell, see and hear what they do and with just a mental push she can take control of their body. With this gift, or curse rather, the organization that recreated her, turned her into a weapon, an assassin for their government. She’s killed dozens for them in the years they've kept her locked up and learned many secrets she shouldn’t of. All she wants is to be free, to live for herself again rather than vicariously through those she must then kill.
-Muse B could be a careless guard who she blackmails into helping free her. They could also be an oblivious civilian that decides to help her after she's already escaped? Muse B could be a villain as well who pretends to help Muse A but only wishes to use her for her powers???​
-The plotting and other character's for this one is open to interpretation and I'd love to explore it with someone.​
+Apocalypse: A highly infectious disease was manufactured and released. It is unlike anything anyone has ever seen- those infected loose all sense of humanity and morality, they become ravenous beasts controlled by their most primal instincts. (They aren't zombies per se, but they do hunt the living and they are intelligent, moving in packs.) The world's population has diminished significantly as governments fell into chaos and what were once basic amenities became impossible to obtain. Years pass, those who were children when the pandemic broke out are now adults, with little to no recollection of what the world was before. People now live in fenced communities, only leaving to hunt for food and supplies. Big cities, now crumbling wastelands are to be avoided at all costs. A group of nomads hunt those that hunt everyone else. They travel across the broken land, moving from one community to another. Muse A belongs to this group of nomads, they're searching for something, but that something is always out of reach or behind gnashing teeth. Muse B has built somewhat of a life in a fenced community, but their life is turned upside down when their community is attacked by a pack of infected.
-Plotting for this one is again open for interpretation, this is just a basic idea.

Some fandoms for the Mix: (I don't so much want to rp canon characters, but rather use the worlds already built and create our own character's/ stories within them)
Cinder by Marissa Meyer***
  • Could be loosely based on the books, but a rp with cyborgs and the bio engineered wolf-men would be fun. This could be a mash up of the Cinder universe and Alita Battle Angel.
Alita Battle Angel**
Darling in the Franxx
Tokyo Ghoul**
The 100*
Attack on Titan

Other Fun pairings:
Some good ol' Greek mythology (Hades X Persephone)*** -anyone read Lore Olympus?? <3
Red Riding Hood x Big bad werewolf**
Zombie x ghost of person they ate?
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