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  1. Oh I imagine you going to get a very mixed review. Not that I am actually going to write columns in the newspaper, not for the time being at least.
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  2. Name: Cade H. Spiro.

    Bio: 63rd President of the United States of America, Spiro was elected in an emergency vote shortly after the destruction of Control Station Raven Rock and assassination of President John Henry Eden in 2077, making him the indisputable leader of the Enclave. With this political power, he recalled the scattered remnants of the organization deployed to the East Coast and rallying the people behind the original purpose of his predecessors; the restoration of the United States of America. Under his leadership, Control Station Atlantis, already making daily contact with outside wastelander communities, would intergrate their inferior genetic cousins into the fold. A Darwinist at his heart, he did and continues to this day to believe that outsiders must prove their worth to sit at the table of their betters.

    S 4
    P 7
    E 4
    C 6
    I 7
    A 6
    L 6

    Items: An ivory white suit and dress pants with red pinstripes. Blue tie. Presidential Access Key.

    Likes: Fancy Lads. Science fiction. Fantasy.

    Dislikes: Commies. Welfare hounds.

    Personality: Cool under pressure and down-to-earth, Spiro is used to being surrounded by adversity to his political agenda and has used every tool in the book to achieve his aims.
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  4. And no one knows what the ooc is for
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  5. I do like how troop movmenta normally taking days and construction taking werks can aoorently be done in seconds
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  6. Too much effort. Plus the OCC doesn't have a link to the RP.
  7. ...
    You said TWICE you want to talk to my general
    Seriously though, you said you were going to last post and in this post you just said how you would like to....
  8. Dammit @Karcen. To make one of my posts the longest in the RP I have to increase my usual minimum of 14 'lines' to 21 if I'm going to ever hope to beat your first 10 mega paragraphs.
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  9. Charles the Great


    Bio: Beginning at the Age of 5, Charles sought to work with the KoS, the only way they would let him do so is by cleaning the base. He cleaned for them often picking up on things said around the base, from lectures to one on one advice, when time came and he was able to prove his worth he became a Squire to Head Paladin Lancelot, he accompanied him through out many missions, clearing, tech retrieval, and even in the taking of Toronto, by the age of 15 he and the head paladin had been through a lot, and he had been taught many things, and he began training as an Initiate, his 6 months of Basic training were hell, they ran him through gauntlet after gauntlet, drill after drill, every day, though physically he was not the strongest of his competitors his mental strength through it all made him excel at all of it. By the end of his six month hell, he was stronger, faster, smarter, and felt as if he could do anything. The time came for the selection of the path, though many suggested that he become a scribe, his dream was to become a Paladin, so he became an Apprentice Knight after another 6 months of training, he and his squad were put through the ringer, 2 of them died throughout, after their year in the field when they returned scarred, bruised, and bloody, they advanced to Journeyman Knight, his squad became a Battalion he served even longer 3 more years, through his leadership and bravery he ascended to Senior Knight before his other brothers, he did not celebrate long, within the week of his promotion he began the Paladin training, another 6 months, new tactics and new skills, stripped of his Power Armor he became a Junior Paladin, unlike knighthood he did not have an infantry group, he was alone, he mostly ran recon, and data collection mission, he was the fastest of all his colleagues to get the mission done, and as so he was the fastest once again to be promoted after only 6 months. Once at the rank of Paladin his job became harder, he lead patrols, and even infantry units. Occasionally they would go into Montreal to clear out hostiles, he saw many men die in his two years as a Paladin, and he was left with more scars, mental and physical. Through his successes and bravery he took a part of the city, and advanced to Senior Paladin at the age of 23 he was the youngest to ascend the rank of Senior Paladin breaking the previous record by 2 years. But at this time came the siege of Detroit, it was filled with, factories, robots, gangs, and raiders, with none of them willing to join the KoS this would be their hardest war yet. He commanded many small groups of troops, infiltrating the enemy line and sabotaging their munitions and weapons, through many victories, he was eventually knocked out of the war only a week from victory, an incendiary grenade wiped out most of his troop, injured the rest and burned the right side of his face to the edge of the eye, luckily keeping his mouth and eyes intact. When he woke up, he was under the rule of High Elder Lancelot, who had promoted him to Head Paladin, after some basic reconstruction surgery, and some training he was back into shape, where upon he gained the title "the Great". Charles the Great began to use his knowledge of strategy to keep the flow of technology, they did not have the men for any big missions beyond the borders, the war for Detroit had cost them many lives, they had to rebuild, by High Elder Lancelot's death they had been at their largest size to date militarily, and Charles was named the new High Elder at his age of 35.



    Likes: Technology, Himself, Strategy, Power, Winning, KoS,

    Dislikes: Pacifism, Bigots, Those who Denounce the KoS, Idiots, Losing, The old BoS

    Personality: He is a lot of the time overbearing, and preachy, He loves all manor of Knowledge and strategy games, he will do anything to protect his Kingdom and see it grow, he is dedicated to his people and feels bound to give them a better life, no matter it's cost.
  10. 'apart' He's 'APART' of the conflict?
  11. Uh... how to put this?... Mississauga, Hamilton, and St. Catharines are all under my control
  12. Just found the map m8, going to do a new nation then.
  13. Listen here m80, ye scallywags best find good booty befar it's too late
  14. Nation form:

    Name: Quebecois League of Saints
    History: The Quebecois League of Saints was established by a dozen trade cities on the St. Lawrence river, all of which were named after a Saint. The formation of the League was in response to aggression from American and Anglo Canadian groups nearby. It controls the area around Quebec City and has a stronghold on the Ile d'Orleans. Since it's inception, the League has grown wealthy off the Great Lakes trade due to it's control of a part of the St. Lawrence river. The League is ruled by a few powerful Merchant families running the St. Lawrence trade cities.

    Culture: French Canadian
    Type of Government: Merchant Plutocracy
    Strengths: Wealthy

    Resources: Luxury Goods, Trade Goods, Processed Food
    Assets: Quebec Food Processing Plants, Northern St. Lawrence
    Population: 300,000
    Military: 4,000 Mercenaries,
    15 T-45s, 3 T-51s, 1 X-01


    Song: "O' Canada" (In French, Canada is altered to Quebec)

    [Pretty much just moved to the Ontarian League to Quebec City, lol]

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