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Fantasy Ever After All [OPEN]

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Action, Adventure, Magical


Laugh Like You've Won Always
"Many, many years ago, heroes existed throughout the world. They used weapons capable of slaying the gods themselves and magic that could tear the world apart. They called themselves Players. But all of the Players are long gone now, nothing more than stories and myths from ages past.

Though it's been ages since they existed, the blood of a Player has a long memory, and individuals with some of that blood are able to use arcane powers of the Menu. What a person with Player lineage can use this power for varies wildly. Seeing hidden things or far places, tracking people and creatures, making objects vanish and reappear, actual magic, so much and more can come from a drop of Player blood.

With no Players to bring change to this unchanging era, it has stretched on and on. A call has been sent out to the few whose blood lets them hear it, a call to gather, a call to action."

The premise of this story is that of a generic Fantasy RPGMMO world, but long after the game ended. The Players are all gone, but a few left behind children, characters added as the result of some questline or a reward from the devs themselves. These children and their descendants have somehow inherited the ability to bring up the game's Menu, but only ever a small fragment of it. This gives them strange talents and powers, but something much more important is that their mind is different from the other NPCs inhabiting the world. NPCs are content to simply survive and never venture far from the place they were born. The inheritors of Player blood, along with the Menu, also inherited the Players' lust. Power, knowledge, riches, influence, adventure... the object of their drive isn't really what matters. What matters is that they aren't content to just live and die in a forever unchanging world.

Anyone think they might be interested in the idea?


Et terebrare verba vestra
Sounds a good deal like the anime Overlord, to a certain degree. Yeah, I'm interested.


Laugh Like You've Won Always
Sounds a good deal like the anime Overlord, to a certain degree. Yeah, I'm interested.
I hadn't thought of it that way (and I love Overlord), but I guess the idea is basically Overlord sans the Overlord.

I'll be working on preparing things, but for now how about people throw out things from MMO or RPG game menus that I might steal for your characters' talents.


Et terebrare verba vestra
Well, to give you a little chunk of what mine might be....

Time speed up. In games like skyrim or even MMO's there is time skip sometimes. Imagine being able to skip several hours. To disappear for a few hours only to reappear right where you were. Now, my character would have very limited control over this, but I think it would be fun to tinker with.


Laugh Like You've Won Always
Well, to give you a little chunk of what mine might be....

Time speed up. In games like skyrim or even MMO's there is time skip sometimes. Imagine being able to skip several hours. To disappear for a few hours only to reappear right where you were. Now, my character would have very limited control over this, but I think it would be fun to tinker with.
Since the original game would have been an MMO, I don't see time skipping working well on a synced server. And control isn't really the limiting factor here, it'd be more of knowledge and experience of what they can do with their tiny bit of the menu. Even a newbie MMO player has full control over the game's menu... they just have no idea how to properly use it more often than not.


Laugh Like You've Won Always
This is by no means comprehensive, just what I came up with off the top of my head after looking at some old Final Fantasy menus. Feel free to expand upon what's here with your own ideas.

Piece of Menu
Common Names
Example Talents
InventoryCarrier, Alchemist
  • Can make objects disappear by placing them into their inventory or reappear by taking them back out
  • Can combine items to create new items
  • Can instantly change between sets of equipment / clothing
  • Can repair or enhance equipment
SkillsSkiller, Berserker
  • Can use powerful physical skills just outside what's naturally possible, usually going into a trance when doing so
  • Can go into a trance and auto-battle enemies
  • Can use the magic of players that lacks many of the drawbacks of NPC magic
  • Depending on the (usually not known) type, how magic is acquired and what magic is able to be used can vary
  • This is widely considered the most powerful Talent
StatusScholar, Genius, Seer
  • Can see some amount of information about people/creatures/objects they interact with
  • Can see their own status in great detail
  • Can link with others to see information about them and share various benefits across the team
  • Often treated the same as those with Status Talent due to the overlap in uses
  • Can broadcast voice directly into the minds of others nearby a la telepathy
  • Can talk to other players inheritors across any distance
  • Can access the chat window
MapTracker, Drifter
  • Can see a simplified overhead map of their surroundings
  • Can locate and track items/people/creatures within a certain range
  • Can see the direction of a set target
  • Can move instantly between certain previously visited locations
SystemSage, Prophet, Oracle
  • Can read parts of the game's lore
  • Have the most knowledge of anyone about the history and actions of the Players during their time
  • The most sacred and complete records of that time are the Notes of the Prophet Patch, who was apparently even someone the players themselves looked up to
SaveReviver, Immortal
  • Can save at certain safe locations and revives there should they die
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Laugh Like You've Won Always
Oh, and something that may or may not be important: this RP will not require public character sheets. The only person that needs to see your character sheet will be myself. Other players will only know about your character as much or as little as you choose to share. Do with that knowledge what you will.

Mr Hawke

Absolute Unit
I wouldn't mind taking the System, maybe with the limitation of it being kinda like a bestiary in most games, where you have to find the information first. For example, find an old battle site and it'll tell you all about it, or find a dragon and it'll tell you its weakness


Laugh Like You've Won Always
So, do we get to call dibs?
Cuz' if so, I wouldn't mind taking the map~
No need to call dibs on anything. This won't be first-come, and it's no big deal if two people have the same part of the Menu since their Talent can still be different.

I wouldn't mind taking the System, maybe with the limitation of it being kinda like a bestiary in most games, where you have to find the information first. For example, find an old battle site and it'll tell you all about it, or find a dragon and it'll tell you its weakness
Seeing enemy weakness in real-time would be more of a Status thing. Seeing that stuff after the fact, or after you've tried various attacks against it, would fall under system though.

I have a few ideas to add to your list if you don't mind!
Feel free to share here or in a PM if you want to be all secret-like.

Mr Hawke

Absolute Unit
I did mean it more like that, where you have to at least fight it and run away, or explore the ruins a bit. Plus it's a big block of text, so not like you could just sit down in a battle and call a timeout while you try to find the section that mentions its weakness to fire.


Laugh Like You've Won Always
Found a map that fit some of what I had in mind for the world, and being able to see where you are is nice.

So the story opens on the day 19.00.47722, more than a century after the Players all disappeared from the world and the 19th Age began. Inheritors of player blood are rare, and those with Talent are fewer among those few, but they've been around for long enough that most know of them, even if they haven't met one personally. And since Player blood is genetic, your character likely wouldn't be the first in their family tree to possess the mindset of a Player, and your parent or grandparent may even have/had a Talent of their own (specific Talents are usually not inherited). The name for the world is Rhune, entirely because it was the name on the map I found and I actually really like that name. The non-player inhabitants of the world are collectively called the Enpesi, which they got from the Players saying NPC over and over again at them. Besides humans, there are the standard elves and dwarves and other humanoid races, but your characters will all be humans living in the City States of Vallinar. Besides the humanoid races, there are beasts, which are any "natural" animal found in the world. Beasts are usually not aggressive. Monsters are the unnatural creatures that tend to attack people. Monsters are different from beasts in that they are usually born fully-formed and their bodies disappear into black smoke when killed, and they leave behind drops. Monsters cannot be completely wiped out because a minimum amount respawn as soon as enough are killed. The bosses and raid bosses of the game's world are what the Enpesi consider gods. Bosses can be killed, as the players did often, but they are immortal in the sense that they soon revive back at full power. Since Enpesi don't mess with bosses they've just about faded to the legends about them as much as the players.

Anywho, the story begins with your character going about their day, when a voice speaks inside their head. It speaks of the world fading and dying, of the unnatural desire that sometimes fills those with player blood, and that only the inheritors of that blood are able to reverse the world's fate. The voice tells all of the inheritors it can reach within Vallinar to come to the forest West of South Pointe, outside the Old Holds. There is an old tower hidden within that forest, supposedly built by elves (elves are a rarity in Vallinar since they retreated into the highland forests), and that is where the inheritors will gather in a month's time and speak in person about how to save the world.

I'm going to try something a little different with how I share information about the setting and world for this RP, where I'll mostly share info in PMs to whoever would know or learn that info. What they share IC is up to them. If that ends up not working it's no big deal, but I think it'll be fun to try asynchronous knowledge in a story. That's also why character sheets will be sent to me via PM.

Here's what I'd like to see from you to get an idea about your character. Fill out what you can and PM me the draft. We can figure out more details before the RP get going.

Appearance: No images please.
Desire: If your character has felt the desire of a player towards something already, what? Feel free to leave blank
Lineage: To the best of your character's knowledge, who in their family tree passed down the player blood? Did any of them posses a Talent or do anything noteworthy? Feel free to leave blank
Background: What is their life like? What do they usually do? What makes them want to listen to the voice that popped into their head?
Menu: What bit of the menu can they use?
Talent: How do they use that?
Equipment: What did they decide to carry with them on their trip to the secret meeting in the forest? The forest is outside of where humans normally venture and it's near where monsters and undead wander around


Laugh Like You've Won Always
Here's a simple example character in case it helps anyone.

Name: Deswin Silveer
Age: 25
Appearance: A pale-skinned and sun-freckled man with hay-gold hair and piercing hawk eyes of the same color. He dresses plainly, white and browns with leather gloves and boots and a hat to keep off the sun. He is slightly shorter than your average man, but still intimidating with that glare of his.
Personality: Deswin doesn't open up to people easily, or at all. The only time he feels comfortable surrounded by a bunch of strangers is if every one of them wants him dead. Socializing and acting friendly towards people he couldn't care less about are at the bottom of his to-do list. He's close to being the stereotypical lone wolf, with a bit of a shark edge. He can't stand weaklings that act bigger than they are, and enjoys knocking those ego's down into the dirt. His true source of joy is more honest killing though, fighting mindless inhuman enemies until none are left alive.
Desire: Deswin's desire is for a never-ending battle
Skills/Hobbies/Likes: Deswin has practiced archery since he was a child shooting apples in shows. Years of practice, combined with his talent and Talent, have pushed Deswin to the top level of archers in all of Vallinar. The only archers that can match or surpass his skill are also inheritors with their own Talents helping them. He enjoys fishing, both for food and just to relax, and has learned to sew well from years of mending and altering clothes for his mother. He is an odd one in that he prefers miserable rainy weather over a pleasant day.
Fears/Dislikes: Deswin dislikes crowds, both because they're a mass of people, which he hates, and because they easily trigger his claustrophobia. He is wary around women that seem too intelligent for their own good and his, which he no doubt picked up from years of dealing with his mother's knife-edge wit. He cannot swim well so has a healthy caution around deep water, and he refuses to ever step foot on a boat. He hates alcohol and being around drunks, he can't stand their mannerisms, their smell, or how unpredictable they become.
Lineage: Deswin's mother is an actress, using her Talent to shift between costumes and characters between moments to awe the audience. Her father had no Talent, but his father was apparently a Berserker that eared a reputation for clearing out many areas of monsters. Members of the Silveer family share a story about the Player whose blood they hold, speaking of a beautiful female knight with silver winged armor holding a magical spear. Her name, predictably, was Silveer.
Background: Deswin grew up as the child of a famous actress, so he got to travel throughout Vallinar for various shows. He enjoyed the strange things he learned in that life, and his mother was the smartest person he knew. But she sheltered him far too much, and he grew restless. While travelling between cities, a soldier-turned-bandit stopped the wagons and demanded payment. The person took his bluff too far, and Deswin put an arrow from a child's bow through the apple in the man's neck. Rather than feeling sick or regret killing a person, Deswin was at peace. He'd had the ability and right to kill that man, so he had. It really wasn't as big a deal as everyone made it out to be. A while after that Deswin's mother started arguing with him more and more often, until Deswin felt it better if he just left. He's spent the better parts of the last eight years living outside of the town and cities, coming in only when wanting a meal made by someone else for a change or a warm room on a cold winter night. His ever-growing skill with a bow has allowed him to find work killing monsters whenever he needs money, though he'd kill them anyway for free. Lately he'd started to notice a concerning shift in the monsters he hunted, and that nagging thought is why he didn't just ignore the voice when it called him with talk of the world's decline.
Menu: Minimap
Talent: Deswin's minimap shows hostile creatures, which he uses to identify enemies and shoot without looking.
Equipment: His trusty bow, spare string for it, and three quivers of arrows. A serrated dagger, a heavy chopping knife, and a handful of lighter throwing knives. A hook, needles and thread and scraps of cloth and fabric. Rope for traps, flint, a metal and wooden set of bowls, some carved utensils, a hammock, a spare set of travel clothes and a nicer set of formal clothes.


Et terebrare verba vestra
IDK why it hasn't kept me up to date but I'm down. I'll write a character tomorrow so that I can be a part of this.

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