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Fandom Emaan the Egg is on the hunt! (Fandoms inside)

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, LGTBQ Friendly, Platonic, Romance, School, Slice of Life


an egg with kneecap privileges
Well hello hello! I'm Emaan, your local egg! This is my search thread!

About me and my rules:
-I live in the United States, Central Time Zone. I will not state my age here, but age doesn't matter, compatibility does. I will say that I am in school, and that comes first.
-My post length can vary, but you can expect quality replies! It's ok if your style is different than mine.
-Let me know if you lose interest or will be gone a long period of time (a day or more), I can worry sometimes! Feel free to give me a little poke if it has been a day or more and I have still not replied!
-I will roleplay about anything. oc x canon? valid. canon x canon? yes. oc x oc? love it!
-I do not own this laptop. PM me for info if wanted!
-I will NOT roleplay any insensitive or extreme topics. Please let me know your limits!

Listed in the spoiler tags are my fandoms/plots and their respective plots and ships!
* means im craving it! more *'s means the more I want it!
If anything piques your interest, comment on this thread or PM me!

OPK's Progress:
MHA: Caught up on Anime and Manga, have seen Heroes Rising.
Danganronpa: know v1, v2, and v3
Demon Slayer: episode 26. all Crunchyroll gave me. Manga chapter 61
Hunter x Hunter: very early into the anime (episode 17)
One Piece: also very early in the anime (episode 3 or 4)
Cookie Run: It's a mobile game. I love all my babies.

Canon x Canon:
Ojiro x Hagakure*
Toga x Twice***
Eraserhead x Present Mic****
Uraraka x Midoriya
Kirishima x Bakugo
Tokoyami x Tsuyu*****
Jiro x Kaminari
Kaminari x Sero
Iida x Hatsume**
Todoroki x Momo
Suggest a ship if you want!

OC x Canon***:
I will roleplay any canon character for you! I double. For me, feel free to write any canon!

Oc x Oc:
Heck yeah babey! Our ocs!

Nextgen AU!**********
Oc self inserts (because I'm trash)
Future AU******
Ship plot: Soulmate AU*******
Suggestions appreciated!

Canon x Canon:
Kaede x Suichi
Hajime x Nagito
I don't know who else, help

Oc x Canon***:
I will write any canon from v1, v2, or v3! I ask that you write Angie (v3) in return!

Oc x Oc:
Hell yeah!

-Fanganronpa******. A killing game with our own characters!
-Actor AU***
-Post-game AU
Suggestions Appreciated!

Oc x Canon (Will write Zenitsu and Tanjiro)**
Oc x Oc**
Canon x Canon (suggest a ship!)**
Other plots? Throw them at me!

I am still pretty early into this anime but I will give it a shot! Willing to play with ocs* and the canon x canon pairing Kurapika x Leorio!*

Well. throw a (non problematic) ship at me, I'll roleplay it! oc x canon and oc x oc are also welcome!

Any AUs you'd like
OC Ovenbreak Plot*****: Our OCs escape the oven. After escaping, they come across a village... where a now adult GingerBrave resides.
Platonic and/or Ship Canon Plot****: Cookie A suddenly becomes a single parent and Cookie B helps take care of the baby.
Suggest plots to me!

Will roleplay from BFDI/BFB or Inanimate Insanity! Craving ships** or fanchildren**, or other suggested plots!

-Supernatural x Human
-Slice of life
Suggestions appreciated!

I've seen a lot of youtubers play Tomodachi Life lately. I was thinking we roleplay our own chaotic Tomodachi Life Island!

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