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Fandom Dragon Age Inquisition Search (mxm)


New Member
Hey y'all. This is a short and sweet search thread. I'm looking for certain pairings for DA:I.

Solas x Lavellan (I'm partial to playing Solas here)
Dorian x Cullen

I would even be partial to:
Dorian x Trevelyan/Lavellan
Cullen x Trevelyan/Lavellan

I love me some good slow burn, angst, all that jazz. Would love to play with post Trespasser with Solavellan.

I typically write 3+ paragraphs, but am always willing to cut down with dialogue-heavy posts. My goal would be to post a few times a week, but understand I have a full-time job, a photography biz, a husband, 2 kids and 3 dogs. Chaos is my middle name, but I love to write and it helps soothe my soul.

Let me know!

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