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Fandom Don't Cross the Streams! (Crossover Search)

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Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Mystery, Platonic, Pokemon, Romance, Super Powers, Supernatural, Zombies


Friendly Neighborhood Creature
What's better than one fandom? Two fandoms.
What's better than two fandoms? A crossover.
Hey there and thank you for checking out this thread. I'm CreatureFriendly, but feel free to just call me Creature.
As of late, I've been wanting to do a few RPs based around a crossover of two or more fandoms. Because let's face it,
crossovers can be a lot of fun. Whether they're two that go together or just throwing some at the wall and seeing what sticks.
First I'd like to get the boring stuff out of the way by sharing some key information about me and my preferences in an RP partner.
After that though, I'll have some fandom crossovers ideas that I'd really like to do. Of course, if there is a fandom crossover that
you'd like to try but don't see it posted then suggest it! I'll let you know if it's one that I'd be interested in.
Feel free to post here, though a PM would be preferred. Just to keep this thread from getting overcrowded, y'know?
Either way, I look forward to hearing from you!

About Me
-I am 18+ and attending a community college. I am not quite a full-time student yet, but I am working my way up towards it. My schedule depends on what days I have class and how long each class is. As of now, I have classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. On those days I will not be able to respond until later. But once I get home, I'll be sure to get back to you!

-I have 6+ years of RP experience and consider myself to be semi-literate to literate. Unprompted, I can do anywhere from 3 to 6 paragraphs (if not more). I prefer to write in third person and in past tense. Though I tend to mirror however much my partner puts, I refuse to do one-liners. I'm sorry, I just can't, I'll lose muse too quickly that way. :ghostxnx:

-I have very few triggers, thus darker/mature themes will not bother me. However, I will draw the line at underage and non-consensual stuff. As far as NSFW goes, I prefer to keep it non-descriptive and would rather skip over the act. Everything leading up to it is okay otherwise. Gotta follow the site rules.

-I am open to talking OOC and actually prefer it. So if you want to talk, whether it's related to the RP or not, I'll be more than happy to!

-I have a Discord for those who'd rather use that format. However, I'd like to have a plot establish here before I make a server.

-I'd like for you to be either semi-literate or literate. I prefer to write with those who are on a similar wavelength as me, that way we are both putting in equal effort. It's not fun typing out a couple of paragraphs, only to get one line of dialogue in response. Not everything has to be a novella, but please be willing to give me something that I can work with and I'll do the same for you.

-Please be active and capable posting once or twice a week. If ever you should become busy or not have as much muse, then please tell me. I'll be willing to put the RP on hold until you're ready to get back to it. However, if you are just no longer interested in continuing then I'll understand. Just let me know so that I know not to post anymore.

-Please be 18+. I have nothing against the minors of this site and I'm sure that many of them are talented writers and storytellers. However, I am just more comfortable writing with those who are closer to my age.

-If possible, be open to talking OOC and contributing to the RP. I love to discuss things with writing partners and would prefer if you do too. If you have any ideas or things that you'd like to share, then please do! I promise that you don't have to worry about overwhelming me. As someone who becomes enthusiastic when talking about a subject they like, I understand the concern one might have. But truthfully, nothing makes me happier than knowing that you're interested in the RP or want to talk to me. :ghostv:

Fandom Crossovers
<3= Craving!
:ghostxx:= No Longer Interested.

Ghostbusters & TMNT <3
Ghostbusters & The Universal Monsters
Ghostbusters & Casper
TMNT & Spider-Man <3
TNMT & Godzilla
Gravity Falls & ParaNorman <3
Gravity Falls & Invader Zim
Gravity Falls & The Universal Monsters
Deadpool/Spider-Man & The Mask
Don't Starve & Knock Knock
Don't Starve & BATIM
Don't Starve & Gravity Falls
BATIM & Cuphead
Who Framed Roger Rabbit & Cuphead
Who Framed Roger Rabbit & BATIM
ParaNorman & Casper <3
Dead by Daylight & Cabin in the Woods :ghostxx:
Sonic the Hedgehog & Pokemon
One Punch Man & Godzilla

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