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Fandom Divergent: Faction Before Blood // adv. apps (open!!)


Pyrrha Nikos Lives On
i have a bit of hw to do tonight, but i got so excited about finding this rp that i thought i'd drop a quick wip c:

EDIT: All finished c:


Full Name: Chester Elias Jensen
Name Meaning: Chester - English, "a fortress", "camp" | Elias - Greek, "Yahweh is God" | Jensen - Scandinavian variant of Johnson, "son of Jens"
Nicknames: Chet, CJ, Jensen
Gender: Cisgendered Male
Age: Sixteen
Birthdate: June 1st, Gemini

Rank: Initiate
Previous Faction: Amity
Aptitude Test Result: Amity

Appearance: Chet is a very attractive young man. He has a peachy skin tone marred by many freckles(the darkest of which sit on his nose), making him look vaguely sun-kissed even in the winter times. His skin typically has a few blemishes, as is expected of people his age, typically along his forehead, cheeks, and back. He has large, sparking blue eyes, protected by fairly hooded lids and exceptionally long lashes. He has a particularly strong, sharp jawline that gives him a diamond-shaped face. His cheekbones are relatively high without being very pronounced from a straight-on view of him. He has thinner lips, which are rather wide and a little flat. His teeth seem a little small, but are impeccably straight for someone who has never needed braces. His hair is a lighter brown in color and fluffy, usually swooped up and to one side to keep out of his eyes. Has a sharp, upturned nose that has a bit of a square/rectangular bridge. Lean but a bit muscled. Six feet tall, around one hundred forty-five pounds.
Scent: Fresh laundry, sweet citrus(perhaps apple or orange), and a small hint of honey.
Height & Weight: 6'0 - 145 lbs.
Body Modifications: n/a
Physical Disabilities: He has a chronic shoulder injury on his left side from typically overworking arms. He tends to keep quiet about it, but you can often find him holding ice to it after a particularly rough training session.
Faceclaim: Froy Gutierrez


Personality: While Amity is a largely community-based faction, Chester has always been little bit on the quiet side. He's not typically the sort to start conversations, despite the value that his home faction placed on social bond. He's not inept or shy, though, and will always uphold and participate on his end of the conversation quite happily. He was, however, nurtured to maintain some of Amity's most valued traits— he's very trusting and kind, typically wearing his heart on his sleeve. He places a lot of trust in those around him, especially those he looks to to lead, such as his training instructors. This can sometime lead him to be a bit naïve in the way he perceives the world, especially since he tends to follow orders well and without much second thought if he's being instructed by someone he believes he can trust. Often times in the Dauntless compound he's found himself playing the role of mediator or peacekeeper, not necessarily because he values peace in the same way that Amity does, but because the squabbles he's witnessed are pointless, counterproductive, or can be easily resolved. The only way he knows how to mediate is "the Amity way", with a large emphasis on honest communication. Also in classic Amity fashion, he's relatively self-sufficient, as that's simply the culture he was raised in.
Where he differs from his birth faction is in one of the largest values that his family really held dear: forgive and forget, peace and harmony are more important than anything else. Chet is typically slow to anger. It's another facet of how the culture he was raised in affects him today, even if not one of his fundamental values. However, he is very far from the "forgive and forget" type. He forgives almost like it's second nature, like saying "bless you" when someone sneezes or going to push up your glasses even when they're not on your face. It's a habit for him to forgive people. Or, at least, say he forgives people. In reality, he just sort of locks things away inside. He knows that once you've forgiven someone, you're not really supposed to talk about it. So, he ends up with festering grudges that can cause him to really dislike people, sometimes over silly things. He has a habit of doing this with all negative emotions. They end up being kind of like cystic acne. Something large and painful, staying just under the surface where it bothers you the most. On the other hand, he's very open and honest about his more positive feelings as they were something that he was used to celebrating.
He's not comfortable in his own skin. It shows. He's a little insecure about his looks, his personality— he can't confidently say he knows who he really is. He gets quiet when you ask about his life in Amity, or when you ask about his family, or why he chose Dauntless. He can be pretty avoidant when it comes to personal things. He's a bit of a walking contradiction. He's loyal, and generally selfless, except when he's not. He's calm and kind, except when he blows his lid and loses his mind. Most of his contradictive nature comes from a place of intense emotion. It's when someone who is usually smart, responsible, and thoughtful can become reckless and impulsive. He becomes like this most often when under extreme stress or emotional pain. In these times, it's also common for him to suffer from a panic attack or two.
What's most important is what has lead Chet to Dauntless. He values courage and bravery, even though he might not always be brave or courageous himself they're traits he sincerely admires. He believes in standing up for the little guy(although, admittedly sometimes he is the little guy) and doing the right thing, even when the rules oppose it. This can mean he's a bit blunt when he does speak his mind, though I wouldn't necessarily characterize him as "honest", due to his habit of avoiding conversations he personally finds difficult. He enjoys a thrill every now and then(anyone up for a scary movie?), and gets an adrenaline rush out of rule breaking. Although, again, this can be a bit contradiction as he naturally wants to follow orders. Rule breaking is exciting to him, though he typically feels rather guilty afterwards.
Positive Traits: Trusting, kind, follows orders, mediator, self-sufficient, slow to anger, polite, smart, responsible, thoughtful, sense of morality, good with kids, tidy
Negative Traits: Quiet, trusting, naïve, follows orders, internalizes negative emotions, insecure, little sense of self, avoidant when it comes to personal matters, lack of emotional control, strong sense of morality, blunt
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Moral Alignment: Neutral good
Temperament: I'd say a bit phlegmatic

Likes: Reading, photography, romance, baked sweets(especially if they have cinnamon), poetry, the outdoors, crafting/art, spring time, flowers, writing, picnics, summer nights, candles, cleaning/clean environments, peace and quiet, rain, coffee, breaking rules, scary movies, fresh food, being helpful.
Dislikes: Curry, math, routine, the guilt that follows breaking the rules, feeling like he doesn't belong, bullies, people who take advantage of others, senseless violence/arguing, videogames, leaving his bed unmade, being lead on, acne.
Habits: Showering every night before bed, spends his free time reading, keeps his nails short, has conversations with himself inside his head, listening to orders without second thought, shy smiles.
Fears: Being unwanted, getting buried alive, dying alone, what might be outside of the perimeter, hospitals, unknowingly being watched, large crowds, commitment(but it's something he also desires) and intimacy, his family hating him, something happening to his little sisters, being unable to find his birth family.
Hobbies: Writing, listening to music, reading, watching scary movies, spending time outdoors(swimming, hiking, walks, etc), photography
Mental Disorders: Prone to panic attacks

Sophia Jensen(nee Rodriguez) - aunt/adoptive mother, deceased
Leland Jensen - uncle/adoptive deceased, living

Felix Jensen - cousin/adoptive brother, living, 19 transferred to Abnegation
Leo Jensen - cousin/adoptive brother, living, 15
Capri Jensen - cousin/adoptive sister, living, 11
Dove Jensen - cousin/adoptive sister, living, 8
Reese Jensen - cousin/adoptive sister, living, 8
Backstory: Chet lived a relatively normal life in Amity. He lived in a very tight knit community with his aunt and uncle. When he was young, he thought they were his birth parents. He and his cousins called each other brothers and sisters. The community only knew Chester as Sophia and Leland's son. Once he was old enough to understand, they sat him down and told him that he was their nephew, not their son, but they still loved him as one and were welcome to the idea of him continuing to call them mom and dad— and he did. They also told him that, for his safety, to the rest of their commune he needed to pretend to be their son and wouldn't tell him why, just that it was important for his safety. As he grew older, he began to ask more questions; where were his birth parents? Who were they? What would happen if people found out? When he was 14, his aunt and uncle passed in a factory accident. On her death bed, Sophia revealed to Chet that his mother was from another faction. His mother, Sophia's sister, had already had another child(possibly multiple) and Chet was the result of an affair. Afraid of being found out, she begged Sophia to take him in order to protect him. Sophia and Leland agreed, but were worried that if anyone found out that he was an unwanted child from another faction he'd end up amongst the factionless which is why they asked him to keep his birth parents a secret. He didn't learn much else, as apparently not long after he was put into Sophia and Leland's care, Sophia and her sister fell out of touch. But, she had heard that maybe Chet could have some family in the Dauntless compound, but she wasn't sure.
The passing of his aunt and uncle became a larger moral dilemma than he was expecting. He was the second eldest "Jensen" child and Felix had already transferred factions. He knew that the other children would be raised by their community, as he'd seen it happen before, but he was worried about the emotional strain he'd be putting on his adoptive siblings. He feels guilty for leaving them, but is sure that not knowing about his birth family would eat him up alive. He knows they're in good hands. He didn't warn any of them before his Choosing. Leo and Capri were the only ones in attendance, and he couldn't bring himself to make eye contact with them before he got on the train for the Dauntless compound.


Sexuality: Pansexual
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): none atm
Past Partners: He's had a couple of casual ones that just didn't really work out
Turn-Ons: Dominant, adrenaline, strong, good hygiene, a little bit of roughness, tall, nice teeth, pretty voices, kind, protective, breaking rules
Turn-Offs: A bully, really short, mean for the sake of being mean, takes things too far, argumentative, poor hygiene, toxic
Dominant or Submissive: Submissive

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Awwww I could see him and Thorn being good friends!!! Welcome!!!!!

Full Name: Kirby Tate Kumar
Name Meaning: Kirby - English, "church settlement" | Tate - English with Old Norse roots, "cheerful"| Kumar - Indian/Sanskrit, "boy, prince"
Nicknames: n/a
Gender: Cisgendered female
Age: Sixteen
Birthdate: November 19th, Scorpio

Rank: Transfer Initiate
Previous Faction: Erudite
Aptitude Test Result: Dauntless

Appearance: Kirby is of mixed Indian and white decent, giving her a golden skin tone with a warm undertone. Her skin is typically free of any blemish, though she will have flare ups of acne whenever she experiences hormonal fluctuation. She has long, very thick, black hair that is naturally wavy, with fading purple peekaboo highlights. She likes to keep at least the front pulled back in some fashion, either all the way up into a ponytail or braid or pulled into a half-up/half-down style. It can be prone to grease so she washes it often, and it can also be prone to frizz. She has plump lips, a sharp jaw line, and thinner, low hanging brows. She has hooded eyes that are a very dark brown, deep enough to look black in dim lightings. She has more of a medium to thin build, with a medium to small size chest. She possesses a rectangular body shape and while she does have some natural muscle, most of it is untoned. She has a small mole just above the corner of her mouth on her left(your right) side. When she smiles you can see her white, nearly perfect teeth though her later incisors are a bit small in comparison to her two front teeth. Can typically be found wearing minimal makeup, but almost always has mascara and maybe some eyeliner on.
Scent: Honey, ginseng, and cinnamon.
Height & Weight: 5'11 / 139 lbs
Body Modifications: Fading peekaboo highlights [x], earlobe piercings, and she plans on getting a tattoo sometime soon.
Physical Disabilities: n/a
Faceclaim: Naomi Scott


Personality: Kirby is an incredibly intelligent young woman, and while she could easily fit into the "smart" archetype of your typical Erudite she does not value knowledge to the same extent that her birth faction did nor does she have that essential curiosity or lust for knowledge that many of her schoolmates had. She can be very astute and observational, though she does not believe that ignorance is necessarily a lack of knowledge— she thinks that there are definitely stupid people out there, and stupidity cannot be cured. She is run off of a very strong sense of self-preservation, which is fueled by her ambition. She's typically very selfish, and if something adds to her quality of life then she's likely to go after it. But if she views something as a threat or possibly having an adverse effect on her or her lifestyle, she's likely to flee to protect herself. Part of this applies heavily to her relationships. She frequently has her guard up and is very difficult to befriend or romance. Casual relationships, like people she works with, sleeps with, etc, are much easier for her to manage and more comfortable for her. She has issues with commitment, especially romantic commitment, and although she can fall in love and might do so one day it's not something she's aware she's capable of. You'd have to wear her down overtime and get her to be vulnerable with you.
While she still maintains a couple of fundamental traits of Erudite, she fits into her new faction quite well(obviously, with her aptitude result). She certainly values bravery, and fancies herself to be of the brave sort. She's quite courageous and still believes in helping others. Despite her prickly exterior, she can be kind and compassionate, just for the sake of being so, and believes such traits can also be acts of bravery. It's not always easy to be kind.
One place where Kirby is not lacking is in her confidence. She can be very head-strong and rarely doubts herself. She knows who she is. This can often lead to serious bouts of arrogance in her behavior, sometimes followed by recklessness. Though, the recklessness is often caused by serious emotion that she struggles to dissect, as she prefers to be calculated. She's very bold.
Positive Traits: Intelligent, astute, strong sense of self-preservation, ambitious, self-aware, courageous, compassionate, brave, confident, head-strong, calculated, bold.
Negative Traits: Strong sense of self-preservation, selfish, guarded, non-comital, self-centered, arrogant, sarcastic, nihilistic, private, defensive, occasionally reckless.
Hogwarts House: Slytherin
Moral Alignment: Currently along the lines of a neutral evil, though on her own she'd likely be a true neutral.
Temperament: Choleric-Sanguine ?

Likes: Fighting, feeling strong, dyeing her hair, comfortable boots, wearing her hair up, light makeup, philosophy, literature, dark humor, late nights, defying others, sarcasm, exploring, spicy foods, music(a wide rang, including grunge, classical, r&b), the security that money brings, feeling cared for, swimming, spiders.
Dislikes: Stiff/stuffy atmospheres, elites, hospitals, labs, running, isolation, old people, baked sweets, candy, baggy clothing, mannequins, clowns, dolls, ketchup, unseasoned food, sci-fi, wearing socks to bed, summer.
Habits: Bites her nails when nervous, frequently paints her nails but with no top coat so they quickly become chipped, dyeing her hair at every minor inconvenience, bites her pencils/pens when thinking, laces her boots paratrooper style, listening to music while she works, has the occasional cigarette to calm her nerves, less likely to shave her legs in the colder months.
Fears: Labs, turning into something like Vex, being Divergent, growing old, clowns/mannequins/dolls.
Hobbies: Listening to music, swimming, exploring the city on foot, climbing things she probably shouldn't, wants to learn various social dances.
Mental Disorders: n/a

Family: Jonna Kumar - Mother, alive
Arjun Kumar - Father, alive
Backstory: Kirby's parents... well, they weren't around much. Her mother struggled with addiction and was in and out of her life when it was convenient. And her father, while he wasn't necessarily a bad father— he really did love his daughter very much— he wasn't around a ton. He took care of her for awhile and then, one stupid mistake followed another and he landed himself in prison. Attempted robbery. So, for a lot of her preteen and teenaged years before her choosing, Kirby was fending for herself. She became a sort of a street urchin, frequenting the underground world of Erudite. She did what it took to earn money, which occasionally meant stealing, but more often than not meant working odd and scary jobs. Usually it was delivering money and illegal items back and forth between buyers and sellers. Name a drug and she's probably helped move it, though she only tried a couple and was always too scared to try them more than once and end up like her mother. Somewhere along the way, she was found by a very powerful Dr. Lance Munro. She had proved to someone working for him that she had the grit they were looking for to look after one of their experiments, Annika Vex. Offering her a place to stay and just enough money to squeak by, along with occasional information about her parents, he was able to keep her under his thumb and also create a role of a handler for his little killing machine. Vex and Dr. Munro combined are the source of a lot of her fears, and she would be at a loss for what to do if she ever lost his money. Between his payments and a few years of manipulation and grooming, Kirby is just about as under his control as Vex is, just without the need for tune-ups. At least it's safer than what she was doing before.


Sexuality: Bisexual, demi-biromantic / strong feminine lean in her preference
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): n/a
Past Partners: n/a
Turn-Ons: Takes care of her, sweet, fun, occasional roughness, gravelly voices, casual sex
Turn-Offs: Commitment, clingy, taller than her, annoying, babyish.
Dominant or Submissive: Dominant

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Here's my handler for Vex! Sanctuaryforall1 Sanctuaryforall1 if you feel there needs to be any edits to her backstory, let me know! And, of course Villetta Villetta if there needs to be any edits at all, let me know as well. Will start on my Avalon kid tomorrow, if Wanderlust is down for it c:


Definitely could imagine Cas finding her VERY enticing. Right up her alley in my opinion.
Also love Naomi as a FC, so beautiful
This took me wayyyy tooo long, but here's my Avalon kid c:<


Full Name: Beckham Avalon
Name Meaning: Beckham - English, "from the homestead" | Avalon - Celtic, "island of apples"
Nicknames: He prefers Beck over Beckham
Gender: Cisgendered male
Age: 16
Birthdate: December 31st, Capricorn

Rank: Initiate
Previous Faction: Dauntless
Aptitude Test Result: Candor

Appearance: Lots of times, Beck stands out in a crowd mostly for his hair. Not only is it bleached to hell, turning his typically dark brown hair(which in it's natural state has gingery highlights) to a bright yellow-blonde. His hair grows quickly, so more often than not you can still see his dark roots unless it's freshly dyed. Not only that, but it also has some natural wave to it, making it stand up wildly at times, giving him a bit of a windswept look and making his hair look just the slightest bit feathered. He keeps it fairly long for a man, with just enough length in the back to pull it up into a rather small ponytail and his bangs fall just passed eye level. His downturned eyes are tawny in color, with dark circles and typically puff bags underneath them. He has a square-shaped face with a larger, wider nose, and a warm ivory skin tone. He has fairly thin, pink lips, though his bottom one is slightly larger than the top, and when he smiles you can tell his teeth are a bit uneven along the bottom. He's on the thinner side in size and looks rather unmuscular until he flexes, showing off tight arms and abs.
Scent: Mint and eucalyptus.
Height & Weight: 6'0, 155 lbs.
Body Modifications: Not yet
Physical Disabilities: He has asthma and a rather weak immune system.
Faceclaim: Ross Lynch


Personality: Beck is very much a big ball of energy, constantly moving. He spent a lot of his childhood being a small, quiet kid that kept to himself or literally hid behind his elder siblings. Then he hit puberty, gained quite a few inches, and obliterated whatever shell he had been in. Seriously, he cannot stop talking. He's a generally friendly person and will give everyone a shot, but once he's decided he doesn't like someone he's rather obvious about it. He's a very honest person, which is why he has an aptitude for Candor. Sometimes his honesty can be extremely blunt, but he's never intending to be mean. He doesn't always separate his thoughts from his regular stream of speech and often says things that might hurt people, though he's willing to apologize for making people feel bad but not necessarily for what he said or meant. Not only does he speak before he thinks, but he also tends to act before he thinks too which often leads to very reckless behavior which has allowed him to fly under the radar as just some mouthy Dauntless kid. He's extremely uncomfortable with lying, both in himself and in others. Someone close to him being dishonest would be the ultimate betrayal in his eyes, while he is personally very incapable of telling a believable lie(his discomfort shows whenever he tries. He hates deceitful people and genuinely doesn't understand why people lie. Along with a strong sense of honesty comes a strong sense of morality and justice. He really views things and black or white and believes that there are rules in place and lines that should not be crossed, as they are a part of justice too. All of his beliefs and personality traits surrounding honesty make him an open book and rather easy to get to know. It can also make him a little unpredictable, as he doesn't make an effort to cover up his emotions and you can always tell or hear what he's thinking/feeling.
But, despite his honesty he still is a rather upbeat, happy, optimistic guy who really likes to make the people around him happy(so long as he doesn't have to lie to them to make them happy). He's frequently cracking jokes and telling stories, and enjoys making people smile. He's a very sweet person, and though he's not typically thought of as someone who is very calculated since he doesn't have much of a filter, he can be a thoughtful person within all of his relationships(familial, romantic, platonic). Despite being such a big talker, he can listen too and likes to display it in gestures and gifts for others. He can be very playful, enjoys adventure, and does his best to be what he would say is a good person, which isn't as black and white as he believes it is. He's a natural born leader, frequently stepping up into a commanding role whenever it seems there needs to be one. He's decisive and very strong-willed.
Positive Traits: Talkative, honest, can't lie, strong sense of justice, open book, emotional, outgoing, optimistic, upbeat, giving, thoughtful, good listener, natural born leader, strong willed.
Negative Traits: Blunt, talkative, reckless, can't lie, strong sense of justice, emotional, unpredictable, lacks a filter, strong willed, stubborn.
Hogwarts House: This is a toughie, I'm thinking probably Gryffindor?
Moral Alignment: Lawful Good
Temperament: Sanguine-choleric?

Likes: Honesty/honest people, adventure, having fun, music(playing instruments), boardgames, hanging out with friends, ice cream, talking, stories, bugs/snakes/any animal that might be considered creepy, monkeys, cinnamon, cereal, sports, loose button downs, collecting sneakers, seeing the right thing done, leading people, making friends, shooting, making people happy, jokes.
Dislikes: Dishonesty/dishonest people, dancing, stuffy atmospheres, dressing up, people who think they're better than everyone, Blair's choice in men, jealous people, reading, being lectured, math, sitting around, cheaters(at anything), the quiet, coffee, bullies, breaking rules, being sick, sitting for long periods of time, movies, boring days of initiation.
Habits: Typically drums on any hard surface he can get his hands on, bouncing his leg when sitting, thinking aloud, picking at callouses, brushing his teeth after every meal when at home, looking down/away and getting tense when trying to lie, talking to fill the silence, fidgeting with things in his pocket(usually a knife), double checking all his gun safety when handling one.
Fears: Losing his hearing, being lied to by someone he loves/trusts, being eaten alive by birds, hurting an innocent person, the loss of another sibling, ending up like Ares, being alone, getting really really sick again, dying.
Hobbies: Guitar and drums, listening to music, shooting, trying to find his next adventure, climbing things, acrobatics/tumbling, cooking.
Mental Disorders: n/a

Calista Avalon - mother, living, 43
Casius Avalon - father, living, 45

Ares Avalon - eldest brother, deceased at 16
Apollo Avalon - elder brother, living, 22
Achilles Avalon - elder brother, living, 20
Ajax Avalon - elder brother, living, 18
Blair Avalon - elder sister/Irish twin, living, 17
Backstory: Beck was an unexpected surprise for the Avalon family. It was not like Calista's pregnancy was unwanted or unwelcomed, but it was certainly unexpected as it came just a few weeks after Blair's birth. And the surprises with Beck did not stop there. He was born very premature, barely passed five months. He spent three months in the hospital as he was too small to take home. He was born with underdeveloped lungs and was put on a mechanical ventilator and some medication for quite sometime until he was slowly weaned off. Long term side affects of being born prematurely were asthma, from his underdeveloped lungs, and an overall weakened immune system. Together, that was a life-threatening combination a couple of times in his life. He was hospitalized quite a few times in his childhood due to viral infections of the lungs(usually something like a mutated version of the flu that would lead to viral pneumonia, almost always after the disease had bounced back and forth between the children in his family). As he grew up he was frequently babied by the family and treated as if he were extremely fragile and would break if someone so much as blew on him, though over time, whenever he was ill the severity of it gradually weakened and his asthma symptoms have improved significantly. The Avalon family lost their eldest brother when Beck was rather young. Beck had always felt close to most of his siblings, even if he was the annoying baby brother, and the loss hit him pretty hard. It also brought up a concern for the family: if their strong, top-of-his-class eldest son couldn't make it through initiation, how would their sickly youngest? Luckily, he's been much healthier in his teen years(though seems to have a cold or a more mild version of the flu more often than his peers and for much longer) and became excited about the prospect of actually being able to get through a Dauntless initiation. Since the choosing, though, he's felt a strain in his relationship with his only sister, Blair(who he viewed as his favorite sibling for much of his life). He thinks it's maybe because he doesn't approve of Blair's taste in men, but it's felt very off lately and he's struggling to understand why.


Sexuality: Bisexual, biromantic
Relationship Status: Single
Crush(es): Open, potential one on Aubrey
Past Partners: He's had one girlfriend before(open for plotting)
Turn-Ons: Funny, fun, taller, light colored hair, fit, athletic, outgoing, honest, sweet.
Turn-Offs: Dishonest, lazy, boring, aggressive, bullies.
Dominant or Submissive: Bit of a switch

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As always, let me know if anything needs to be edited/fixed. And WanderLust. WanderLust. Let me know if there's anything about the history that would be kind of out of line for the family! I realized he'd have to be born really early in order for him to still be sixteen, so I hope what I have is ok!!

Also, Sanctuaryforall1 Sanctuaryforall1 , feel free to tell me no but I'm thinking perhaps Beck and Randi could have used to date and recently broke up when she realized she was Divergent? lmk what you think c;


SilverCat SilverCat if I’m not mistaken - we have one spot left for a dauntlessborn initiate and one spot left for a transfer initiate. I also believe both of those face claims are available. Of course correct me if I’m wrong Villetta Villetta

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I totally did not post in plotting instead of here on accident

anyways, wondering if there might be room for one more?

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I see you need one Dauntless born and one transfer, but is there anything specific you guys are looking for? I have so many ideas and I've been slowly reading through all the character sheets to get a feel for them all, but I didn't want to accidentally make someone too similar to what you already have 😄

Basically, is there any type of character or dynamic you guys are looking for? It might help me come up with a better idea for my character
I see you need one Dauntless born and one transfer, but is there anything specific you guys are looking for? I have so many ideas and I've been slowly reading through all the character sheets to get a feel for them all, but I didn't want to accidentally make someone too similar to what you already have 😄

Basically, is there any type of character or dynamic you guys are looking for? It might help me come up with a better idea for my character

a z u l a a z u l a hello! c: if it's something you're at all interested in a character with some sort of past relationship or connection with any of my characters, by all means, go ahead. and feel free to shoot me a dm if there's something you'd like to discuss/pitch! but, regardless i'm very excited to see what you might come up with and introduce to the narrative!
i believe currently the women outnumber the men by about four, but i'm not sure if that is much of a concern or not.


We have quite a few macho girls, and sweet and sensitive boys... So if you wanted to play their opposites that might be nice (like girls who aren't so macho and full of themselves, or boys who are macho and maybe a bit full of themselves).
Just an idea though, honestly it's all totally up to you

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Thanks that's super helpful to know! I was planning on making a female initiate, but I'm also interested in making a guy. I didn't want to take the last two spots just in case someone else wanted to join, so I was wondering Villetta Villetta if it would be possible to make like a side character? Someone who works at the tattoo parlor or a guard, not relevant to the main plot but just kinda there for fun interactions? If not I totally get it, you have set roles for a reason :)

I'll have my girl up tonight I think!

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I finally made it through all the CS and saw that someone else thought about using Emeraude Toubia so don't mind me and my unoriginal faceclaim 😂


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My Interest Check
a z u l a a z u l a Feel free to make two initiates, I was planning to increase the number of character spots anyway. The cap on the spots is mostly there to ensure that we have a relatively even distribution of Dauntless borns to transfers, not to limit the overall number of characters, so just ignore that the first post says only two are left.

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i will never be mad at attractive poc faceclaims c; emeraude is so gorg
Naomi Scott is :hearteyes: I think she and Raven would get along, except for the whole her being a Erudite spy thing lol
Ooooo a Shayla is an initiate who works at a tattoo parlor! That could be interesting!
I will keep that in mind while making him 👀
a z u l a a z u l a Feel free to make two initiates, I was planning to increase the number of character spots anyway. The cap on the spots is mostly there to ensure that we have a relatively even distribution of Dauntless borns to transfers, not to limit the overall number of characters, so just ignore that the first post says only two are left.
Oh okay gotcha! Then I have two initiates coming up, a traumatized cinnabun girl and probably an insufferable jerk for my guy 😂


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You have a heart that makes others strong.

Full Name: Raven Talia Salazar
Name Meaning:
Raven - Blackbird
Talia - dew from Heaven
Salazar - A place in Spain
Nicknames: Rae.
Gender: Female.
Age: Sixteen.
Birthdate: August 17th, an outgoing Leo.

Rank: Transfer Initiate.
Previous Faction: Candor.
Aptitude Test Result: Dauntless.


You collect scars because you want proof that you are paying for the sins you've committed.

Appearance: Everything about Raven is as honey warm as her personality. Her golden shaded beige skin is complimented by voluminous caramel colored waves that tumble past her shoulder blades. Her face is extremely expressive of her emotions, she couldn't hide them even if she tried. Sharp, coffee colored eyes are accentuated by thick lashes, angular rosy cheeks, a sharp nose, and full lips. Growing up well off, Raven has a full figure and toned muscles indicative of her status, never missing a meal and getting proper training.
Scent: Amber, vanilla, and cinnamon.
Height & Weight: 5'5, 137 lbs.
Body Modifications: The first thing Raven did upon entering Dauntless was rack up artwork from the tattoo parlor. Shoulder, thigh, forearm, hip, and wrist.
Physical Disabilities: None.
Faceclaim: Lindsey Marie Morgan


There is bravery in being soft.

Personality: Just like the moon, there are two sides to Raven. The face that Raven shows to the world is warm and friendly, she can start up a conversation with just about anyone and talk for hours on end. A loyal friend through and through, Raven is always willing to lend a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. Cracking jokes is her favorite way to lighten the mood or deflect a serious conversation, using humor as an impenetrable defense.

She is fiercely protective of those she cares about, and if you dare cross her or someone she cares about she will rain fury on you without hesitation. Beneath the bubbly exterior, there is a darker side to her that lurks under the serene surface. She is soft and kind, but can switch up on a dime and become a rather intimidating presence when angry. Both as scorching as hellfire and sweet as honey, the flavor you taste depends on how you treat her and those she cares for. Everything Raven does, she does whole-heartedly and is known for being a little overly emotional. When she rages the world shakes, when she cries she fills rivers with her tears, and when she smiles the heavens shine down on her.

It’s impossible to imagine that someone so friendly, can feel so lonely as well. Raven often shoves down her own emotions, not wanting to be a burden to those around her. A martyr through and through, Raven takes care of everyone but herself. Though she exudes warmth during the day, she is much more solemn and quiet at night when sleep evades her, always alone with nothing but her thoughts and nightmares. Raven doesn't believe she's worthy of love or forgiveness, the only way she feels she can atone for her past and justify her existence is by helping others and dying for a worthy cause.
Positive Traits: Playful, energetic, outgoing, passionate, kind, nurturing, thoughtful, intuitive, empathetic, determined, selfless, charming, strong-willed.
Negative Traits: Self-sacrificing, blunt, overly emotional, unsure, repressive, holds grudges, stubborn, easily overwhelmed, impulsive, self-doubting.
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff (but Huffletuff like Nymphadora).
Moral Alignment: Chaotic good.
Temperament: Sanguine.


The horror you have seen is not who you are.

Likes: Ginger root, warm tea with honey, comfort food, physical affection, listening to others talk, friendly competition
Dislikes: Silence, being alone, sleeping/nightmares, failing those she cares about, sudden loud noises, disrespect.
Habits: Chewing her nails, tapping her fingers anxiously, pacing, twirling her hair.
Fears: Not being enough to save those she cares about, never getting over her sister's death, failing to honor her sister's memory, her nightmares, storms, thunder, hawks, harming innocents, Viktor getting revenge, herself, drowning.
Hobbies: Cooking, sketching, exercising.
Mental Disorders: PTSD, Anxiety.

Family: Zelenia - Mother, Malachi - Father, Raina - Sister (Deceased).
Backstory: Born the youngest daughter of a high ranking member of Candor, Raven's life should have been privileged and uneventful. For the first few years of her life, it was. Ever present nannies weren't the same as having her parents around, but having her older sister around was more than enough for Raven to have a happy childhood. The two girls were inseparable, Raina acting as a second mother that her younger sister adored and idolized. The oldest Salazar daughter was mature and well-mannered, loved by everyone who met her, whereas the younger was a bit more of a handful, not as sweet and well-behaved as Rania.

When Raina turned sixteen, Raven was unsurprised to learn that her sister had an aptitude for Amity. The younger girl couldn't understand then, why Raina had decided to stay in Candor due to her familial obligations. To uphold appearances and form powerful connections, the Salazar's more or less arranged a marriage for their oldest daughter upon turning eighteen. Raven was upset that she'd be losing her sister a man she didn't even love, acting out in hopes that her parents would see their mistake. The only result was more punishment for acting in ways that were unbefitting of their family status, isolating Raven even more from her distant parents now that her lifelong companion was gone.

Raven resigned herself to get over it, until she noticed the bruises appearing on Rania's slender frame. Unable to let anything go, Raven interrogated her sister until she admitted that her new husband, Viktor, could get a little too physical sometimes. Entrusting her parents to do the right thing, Raven immediately told them what Raina had admitted. Instead of protecting his daughter, Malachi told them to never mention it ever again, or else they would bring shame upon the family name. Quite hypocritical of an honest Candor man.

Almost a year passed this way, with Raven rarely seeing her sister, and when her controlling husband did let them visit, Raina was always making excuse for another injury. Then, Raina became pregnant with their first child. A naive fifteen year old, Raven thought that a child might make Viktor behave. How wrong she'd been.

The final straw came on a rainy night when Raven was home alone, startled to find her sister at the front door with the signs of an obvious struggle. Between her sobs, Raina told her that Viktor had beaten her yet again, but this time he'd finally broken his wife by taking something immeasurably precious to her, their unborn child. Raven couldn't sit idly by anymore, rifling through drawers until she found the gun kept in her father's office.

Thankfully, the raging storm and thunder muffled Raina's protests as she ran after her sister on the war path she'd set to their home. If no one would do anything to help Raina, then Raven would simply do it herself. Only meaning to scare some sense into her brother-in-law, Raven confronted him with the gun, her sister screaming behind her as she did. Arrogant laughter was the only response as Viktor tried to grab the weapon from Raven, resulting in the two vying for a handle on the weapon, ignorant to the pleading of Raina for them to stop.

A split second and the gun was in Raina's control again, her body moving faster than her brain and a clap of thunder had her squeezing the trigger. Always the saint, Raina took the single step to throw herself in front of her husband, taking the bullet meant for him. Both Raven and Viktor were stunned, the rain pattering against the house the only sound until Raven registered her own screaming. Like a film reel, Raven has relived that night over and over again. By the time Malachi made it over, Raven's voice was raw from wailing, her hands and clothing soaked through with blood, and Viktor was gone.

In one night, Raven lost her sister and her sanity, as well as any hope of getting a good nights sleep ever again.

Their family name could only get them so much leniency, and with the choosing ceremony only a month away, the Salazar's decided it was best to send Raven into hiding for the time being. The Candor court would use the unavoidable truth serum on her, and there was almost no doubt that Viktor would seek revenge on her. A month of constantly looking over her shoulder and waking up screaming every time she succumbed to exhaustion, Raven knew she couldn't stay in Candor. Anywhere was safer than her current predicament, so Raven made an appearance for the first time since Raina's death only long enough to take her aptitude test and choose her naturally inclined faction.


I am grateful that my suffering did not force me to become cruel.

Sexuality: Pansexual.
Relationship Status: Single.
Crush(es): Open.
Past Partners: One ex-boyfriend.
Turn-Ons: Humble confidence, tall men, short women, genuineness, humor, curves, kindness, someone who makes her feel safe, being understood, dark hair, brown or green eyes, trustworthiness.
Turn-Offs: Liars, fakeness, overconfidence, weakness, distrusting, skinniness, shallow, closed-minded, stupidity, insensitive.
Dominant or Submissive: Switch.

- Knife Under My Pillow - Maggie Lindemann
- Weapon - Against the Current
- mercy - King Mala
- Scissorhands - Maggie Lindemann
- Bad Dreams (Stripped) - Faouzia
- Hold Me Down - halsey
- again&again - Against the Current
- Invisible Chains - Lauren Jauregui


The girl who lost things.
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