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Fandom Divergent: Faction Before Blood // adv. apps (open!!)


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HI NIKOS!!!!! 💜💜💜
lmao, as promised, i have arrived. took a bit, but i finally finished my boi


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winter. winter. Oh my goodness, I am a fan of Dakota already! The only (very minor) edit to his form I'd like you to make is to please give him a few more fears; at least four. The reason I ask is because a large part of Dauntless initiation consists of conquering fears, so to show improvement Dakota and the other initiates must reduce their fears over time. Other than that, his form is fantastic, and I will add him to the roster as soon as his backstory is done!

Sanctuaryforall1 Sanctuaryforall1 Thank you so much for inviting a newcomer!!! You are the best. <3


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Villetta Villetta Awesome, thank you!!! I'm glad people seem to like Dakota so far! I just added some new fears to his form, and over the course of today, I hope to complete his backstory.


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Dakota's backstory should be complete now!! Might clean up or add some details to his form here and there, but as a whole, it's basically done.
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winter. winter. Accepted! And I love Dakota's fear of mirrors?! That sounds like it will be a really interesting one to play out in a fear sim! Okay so, for a basic recap of the thread: We are currently in Phase Two of initiation, in which training mostly consists of fear simulations. However, today was a bit of an exception, since the initiates had a review of Phase One, which was all physical training, and competed in a free-for-all until the last person standing, which was Fable. Training just ended for the day and we're in an interval of free time, which is pretty open-ended, so just about anything and everything goes! For the most part, after training the other initiates disbanded in small groups: Aubrey and Finn are dancing in a nightclub and chatting with Bloom, who will be a first-time instructor tomorrow in the RP; Poppy is also in that nightclub but technically alone (and open to interactions, I think? Wolfiee Wolfiee ); Jax and Randi are in a coffee shop together; Leah, Mercy, and Thorn are helping to clean up the training arena and will soon start a game of truth-or-dare; Fable and Chris just dueled in what was the epic finale to the free-for-all; Ghost and Harper are on their way to the arcade together; and Charlie is about to confront Caspian, an ex of hers, not knowing that Vex is about to pay him a visit, too. Feel free to join us on the plotting thread to get Dakota in on the action!


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Full Name: Milo Alistair Kaine
Name Meaning: Milo is of German origin and means "merciful;" Alistair comes from the Greek word for "man's defender;" Kaine is a Hebrew name and translates to either "spear" or "battle."
Nicknames: n/a
Gender: male
Age: 16
Birthdate: January 10

Rank: Dauntless Initiate
Previous Faction: Dauntless
Aptitude Test Result: Amity

Appearance: The best way to describe Milo's appearance is "gentle giant." Despite his young age, Milo has already reached the height of 6'3" --and he's still growing. Though, he often wonders if that's actually a good thing, since his height has already become the butt of many jokes. His tall height also affects his body frame, making him look more lanky than slim. Being a lover of the outdoors, he spends every spare moment in the sun, so his skin stays fairly tanned year-round. Many of his favorite outdoor activities keep him in-shape, too, so even though his muscles aren't clearly defined, they are certainly there. Milo has a few dark freckles across face --only about five in total, honestly-- and his jawline is somewhat defined but softens as it reaches his cheekbone. He prioritizes hygiene, especially dental, so his teeth are white and near-perfectly straight. His eye color almost matches his hair; his eyes are a dark coffee brown while his hair is a dark auburn brown. Speaking of his hair, he often keeps his medium-length waves tucked beneath a beanie, but he always allows his bangs to hang free. Milo takes a bit of care in his fashion, and he prefers loose-fitting, warmer looks with longer sleeves, such as sweaters and hoodies.
Scent: fresh pine and vanilla
Height & Weight: 6'3"; 177 lbs
Body Modifications: Double helix piercing on his left ear; and a small, simple planet, moon, and star tattoo on the inside of his right wrist.
Physical Disabilities: n/a
Faceclaim: Wilbur Soot


Personality: A friend to all, Milo empathizes with and cares deeply for other people --perhaps even a bit too much; he has a habit of showing that, when he cares, he cares with his entire soul. Being as selfless and kind-hearted as he is, Milo would do pretty much anything for anyone, even a complete stranger. In his eyes, there is no limit to being generous, especially with his own time. Additionally, since Milo cares for nearly everyone, he's quite the peacemaker; he actively tries to diffuse arguments and fights between other people. Speaking of, it's almost impossible to get into a verbal fight with Milo; he usually doesn't talk back whenever he's confronted. If he does, it's never hurtful; if anything, it might be an apology --and he might not have even done anything wrong! With his gentle heart, Milo is very much a "follow-the-pack" type of person; he's not one to step out of line or take unnecessary risks. He does his best to see only the good in other people, too, but this isn't always a positive. In fact, it makes him gullible, naive, and way too trusting. On a different note, Milo hates being isolated; he can't stand the feeling of loneliness. Without someone near him, Milo feels... lost, and he’ll start becoming anxious. Therefore, he clings to those he loves. Speaking of love, Milo is undoubtedly known for his over-sized heart. Affection seems to radiate from him; an aura of positivity encompasses him at nearly all times. Because of this, Milo hates to see suffering, both physical and mental, so he does his best to aid others in whatever way he can.

Positive Traits
+ social
+ selfless
+ loving
+ caring
+ helpful
+ protective
+ generous
+ empathetic
+ affectionate
+ peacemaker
+ always gives his all
+ laughs and smiles often
+ tries not to pick sides; neutral
+ would sacrifice himself for another
Negative Traits
- clingy
- insecure
- unassertive
- gullible; naive
- overly trusting
- harsh on himself
- anxious, when alone
- incapable of holding a grudge
- blames himself for everything that goes wrong
- will work himself to death helping others before even focusing on himself
- doesn't know when or how to let someone go, emotionally (like with break ups, etc.)
Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff
Moral Alignment: Neutral Good
Temperament: Selfless pacifist that cares far too much.

+ nature
+ animals
+ fireflies
+ painting
+ journals
+ glow sticks
+ storytelling
+ piano music
+ snow globes
+ paper lanterns
+ helping people
+ forget-me-nots
+ acoustic guitars
+ sunsets & sunrises
+ conspiracy theories
+ space; stars, moons, and planets
+ dusk, twilight, dawn; basically all of night
- mazes
- death
- insults
- heights
- spiders
- isolation
- darkness
- being lost
- goodbyes
- swimming
- low doorways
- cigarette smoke
- complete silence
- feeling out-of-place
- aggressive behavior
- water; large bodies of water
- forgetting, and being forgotten
Habits: Tugging at a curl of his hair or wringing his hands whenever he's anxious, stressed, or nervous.
Fears (from greatest to least)
- isolation; being alone and unable to find someone.
- mazes. specifically, being lost.
- the dark. specifically, hearing something in the shadows and being unable to see what it is.
- athazagoraphobia; the fear of being forgotten or replaced by everyone he loves.
- heights; falling from an extended height.
- drowning.
- spiders.
Hobbies: Playing the guitar; stargazing; walking; gardening; painting; writing; storytelling.
Mental Disorders: separation anxiety

Family: Dahlia Kaine (sister, alive); Robyn Kaine (mother, deceased); William McNamara (father, unknown)
Backstory: William, Milo's father, left when Milo was six years old --just a month before his younger sister was due to be born. The departure was sudden, but not before William gave his reason for leaving in a short note: he no longer wanted the responsibility of kids. William's exit from his life became the first loss that Milo blamed himself for --but it would be far from the last. Several years later, when Milo was twelve, his mother Robyn fell sick; she became bed-ridden in only a week's time. The disease was genetic, the doctors told them, and incurable. They gave her about a year. Milo, being the "man of the house" at only twelve years old, started taking care of his mother. With Robyn unable to work, Milo was forced to figure out ways to make money. He was artistic, so he tried his best to sell paintings and drawings; he even took commissions for a while. However, when that failed to rake in enough money, Milo began playing guitar on the street corner instead. He took every song request he could and left a bowl on the ground in front of him, hoping with his entire soul that passersby would be kind enough to drop in a few coins. Honestly, he made more than he thought he would doing this, but, of course, it wasn't enough for their living situation. Without a steady source of income, the Kaines were forced to move into a lower class apartment with a single bedroom. Milo felt guilty for being unable to do more to help his family. Thankfully, though, after a couple months, Robyn seemed to be in a state of recovery; she could get out of bed and walk around the apartment without feeling exhausted! A few weeks passed with small improvements to her health, and she eventually began a job that allowed her to work from home. The dreaded year went by, and Robyn survived. Of course, she still needed Milo to take care of things around the house --like cooking, cleaning, getting groceries, etc.-- but Milo no longer needed to worry about their financial situation. For the first time in a long time, Milo thought his life was on the upswing. Adding to that thought, he and Indira started dating at fourteen. She was his blessing -- a good thing given to him in a life of hardships. Little did he know, she would mark the start of the worst period of his life. There were definitely signs that Indira wasn't good for him: she was abusive, and she degraded him for every action he made that didn't benefit her in some way. She wasn't physical, but her words cut deep. Slowly, she stripped away almost the entirety of his confidence; Milo eventually became less of a boyfriend and more of a silent servant, weighing on Indira hand-and-foot just to hear a bit of praise from her. The more time he put into his girlfriend, though, the less time he spent at home, caring for his mother. Finally, one day, when Milo was out with Indira, his mother collapsed in their apartment. He didn't come home for hours, and when he did, he quickly rushed Robyn to the hospital. But it was too late; she passed away during the night. Milo was devastated and shut off all contact for a couple of days. He just needed space, and time to accept what had happened. This displeased Indira, so when he finally spoke to her again, their relationship met its inevitable, ugly end --with rather harsh words from Indira. She claimed that Milo "didn't do enough" to keep them together, and she blamed all their problems on him. The break-up left Milo stunned, broken, guilty. He fully believed Indira; he believed everything was his fault, and that he should have given up more of his time. The way Milo saw it, his mother died because he didn't do enough, and Indira left because he didn't do enough. Therefore, he vowed to always prioritize those he loves over himself, and give selflessly. He doesn't want to lose anybody else that he cares about, and he thinks he can do that by giving up everything he has for everyone else. His possessions, his time, his health and well-being -- he would give it all if it meant keeping someone around. With the untimely passing of his mother, Milo was once again forced to worry about money and finding work. Thankfully, though, he was old enough to get a job (after much pleading) at a local tattoo parlor, under severe restrictions. Milo basically became a janitor that could make stencils, thanks to his creativity; and, after a year, he was allowed to pick up a needle and give his first tattoo, of which he has given several since then. Life hasn't been kind to Milo over the years, but one thing keeps him going, no matter what: Dahlia. He would do anything for his little sister. In fact, even though his aptitude results said Amity, he stayed in Dauntless for Dahlia. They only have each other left, and for Milo, his sister comes first.


Sexuality: demisexual biromantic
Relationship Status: single
Crush: open
Past Partners: Indira
+ bold
+ touch
+ cuddling
+ kindness
+ long hair
+ freckles
+ animal-lover
+ musician
+ understanding
+ friendly
+ smiles often
- joyless
- hateful
- anti-social
- aggressive
- egotistical
- dislikes music
- manipulative
- dislikes animals
- confrontational
- appearance-oriented
- mocks him for his height
- prefers indoors to outdoors
Dominant or Submissive: Submissive

- Since I Saw Vienna by Wilbur
- Brother by Kodaline
- One Day by Lovejoy
- Photograph by Ed Sheeran
- You Are My Sunshine, cover by Jasmine Thompson

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winter. winter.
I love your characters and I was reading through Milo's bullet point history and his description of his ex girlfriend sounds a lot like Indira (an NPC I made). She is manipulative, abusive, mean, but also can seem endearing and loving when she wants to. I just thought if you wanted to you could have her be the ex girlfriend you were talking about?
Currently she is Christian's (my character) ex girlfriend as well, but they literally just broke up in the RP like technically as the RP started, so it would still work if you want? Just an idea to cause some backstory and relationships with other characters.
Plus she's still part of the RP in a way as we use her every now and then for random plots. (mostly as a bully).
Indira's old form

Welcome to the RP :)


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Villetta Villetta Aw, thanks! I hope to have him done either today or tomorrow, and then start working on my first RP post.

Nerdy. Nerdy. Thank you!! And check plotting about my response to the Indira idea!
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Milo's form is done! I might clean it up a bit here and there, but everything needed is filled out.


Don't mind my wips (: I may end up dropping a character before I finish, but I currently like the ideas I have for both so I decided to go for it for now!!

  • c25cdbd6be7d8e66fc27c85f8aea9bb0.jpg
    Full Name: Natalie Taylor Scott
    Name Meaning: "Birthday of the Lord" or "Christmas" / "tailor", "cutter of cloth" / "native of Scottland"
    Nicknames: To most she's just Scotty, but close family always called her Nat growing up
    Gender: Cisgendered female
    Age: Sixteen
    Birthdate: February 13th

    Rank: Transfer Initiate
    Previous Faction: Amity
    Aptitude Test Result: Dauntless


    Appearance: Upon first inspection, Natalie is your stereotypical teenage girl. Gawky, in possession of a body she hasn't quite grown all the way into yet, bright eyes filled with the ignorant bliss of youth. She's tall for most women, standing at 5'11", though is very thin and doesn't quite "fit" all that length. She's only about 122 lbs and was unlucky enough to have very little(essentially no) curves. When you look closely you can see lean muscle that hugs her body from her time helping out on the farms of Amity, which can also be to blame for the freckles that mar her alabaster skin. She's pretty, but nothing special. She has a diamond shaped face with a very defined jaw. She has a round nose, a plump lower lip, and thick brows. What stands out most about her appearance is the way her dark, hickory waves contrast with her bright blue eyes. She wears contacts now, which puts her eyes right on display and she usually pulls her hair up into a ponytail.
    Scent: She possesses a very earthy, but clean smell. She smells a bit like fresh mint and basil with a hint of eucalyptus.
    Height & Weight: 5'11" / 122 lbs
    Body Modifications: Earlobe piercings, glasses/contacts
    Physical Disabilities: Nearsighted
    Faceclaim: Natalia Dyer


    To some, it might be shocking to hear that Soctty’s aptitude test placed her in Dauntless. She’s always kept to herself and played by the rules, earning herself a reputation for being quiet and stiff. It’s a label she’s always tried to take into stride. Quiet and stiff weren’t exactly bad things, right? They could mean she was formal and polite. Truth be told, she’s definitely not formal or polite. She’s just awkward and has a hard time making friends. She often comes off as very short or rude, making her standoffish, and if anyone tolerates that she has a hard time holding a conversation long enough to befriend anyone. Because of her seeming inability to befriend people, coupled with a strict upbringing, she has become a bit of a people pleaser and will bend over backwards to accommodate anyone. Especially authority. It causes her to be a bit naïve and pretty easily manipulated, especially if she can be convinced it’s for the greater good.
    Natalie’s standoffish and stiff nature isn’t necessarily her fault, or a reflection of who she actually is. She grew up relatively unsocialized. Once she’s comfortable around people and her environment, she reveals herself to be very sweet and kind. She is by no means outgoing or charismatic, but she never intends to be unfriendly and won't turn away any company that sticks around. She sees the best in people and will always believe in second chances. And third chances. And fourths. And fifths. And, well, let's just say she can be very forgiving.
    She can be a bit sensitive, but is otherwise ambitious, hard-working, and self-sufficient. She's a huge animal lover. Scotty can be pretty self-confident and always stands up for what she believes in. Despite being awkward casually, she can be pretty confrontational. She hates cowards. Can be pretty jealous, especially as a romantic partner. Quick thinker, good listener, rash speaker.
    Positive Traits: Reserved / Follows orders well / Kind / Sweet / Forgiving / Sensitive / Ambitious / Hardworking / Animal lover / Self-assured / Brave
    Negative Traits: Reserved / Unsocialized / People-pleaser / Naïve / Forgiving / Sensitive / Self-assured / Confrontational / Jealous / Rash speaker
    Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
    MBTI Type: INFJ ?
    Moral Alignment: Neutral good
    Temperament: Choleric-Phlegmatic


    Likes: Animals, especially large animals(i.e. Cattle, Horses, Sheep, etc.) / The outdoors / Farm fresh food / Journaling / Fairy lights / Flannel + denim / Kids / Family / Birthdays / Carrot cake / Fall / Pumpkin / Large parties / Organized religion /
    Dislikes: Cats / Her family / "Home" / Keeping her nails long / Liars / Cowards / Cigarettes / Swimming / Cooking
    Habits: Pulling her hair up when she's working / Usually doesn't like to leave without at least mascara on / Goes on long walks to clear her mind / Laughs when she's uncomfortable / Twists her ring when she's nervous or thinking / Tracks her days in her journal

    Fears: Drowning / Deep Water / Going home / Finding out her ex is actually dead / Being weak / Being unwanted / Losing Emily
    Hobbies: Horseback riding / Walking / Journaling / Doodling in the margins of any piece of paper she's using
    Mental Disorders: None that she's aware of

    Stephanie + Taylor Scott : Parents. Pretty traditional and religious. She loves them, but deep down resents them somewhere. Yes, she's named after her father.
    Emily Henrietta Scott : Younger sister. Nat deeply loves her sister. It really hurts to not be with her.
    Backstory: For the most part, Natalie's life back in Amity was pretty tame. She was raised by Stephanie and Taylor Scott, strict parents and devout Christians who intended to raise their children the same. Other than the work they were permitted to do on the farms of Amity(Emily helped in the fields with the crop yield and Natalie worked with the animals, especially the horses), their girls were relatively sheltered. They were even homeschooled, the only time Natalie stepped foot in a public school was for her aptitude test. Because they were relatively isolated, there wasn't much social interaction for the kids. That was until Natalie met a girl while she was working, Sam.
    Now, Natalie has always known she was gay— both she and her sister were. They also knew their parents would never be accepting of their sexualities, so they kept their lips sealed. They even kept it a secret from each other. When Natalie met Samantha, she fell head over heels in love. Sam was older, eighteen soon to be nineteen when they met whilst Nat was merely fifteen, recently reassigned to overseeing the stables after an exceptional performance at her previous job. Luckily, Sam felt the same way and soon enough they were in love. They talked frequently about a life together, but that meant putting Natalie in harm's way and it'd never work. They'd have to run away together. Sam proposed, with a real ring and everything. They were going to run away, join the factionless for a while, until they could be readopted into society by an Abnegate program. They were young enough it could work. Their experience in Amity meant they had a better chance of gardening and finding a food source for themselves. It was a date.

    A month or so before Natalie's Choosing Ceremony, they were supposed to meet and steal away into the night together. Be married by a friend of Sam's and set their plan into motion. However, Sam never came. Natalie sat and waited for hours and hours, until the sun crept up and she had to return home for fear of being found out by her parents. Sam never came back. Natalie hopes she's out there somewhere safe, and had to skip town for safety reasons, and isn't out there hurt or dead. She still wears Sam's engagement ring, but on the right hand like a widow.


    Sexuality: Homosexual/Homoromantic
    Relationship Status: Single
    Crush(es): Open
    Past Partners: Samantha Hayes(missing)

    Turn-Ons: Strong / Outdoorsy / Dark hair / Curvy / Light eyes / Older / Rough / Authoritative / Confident / Dirty talk
    Turn-Offs: Short / Heavy / Indoorsy / Loud / Submissive / Men / Pushy / Presses about Sam / Non-committal
    Dominant or Submissive: Can be both, tends to be Submissive

    - as many as you’d like
    - answer
    - answer
    - answer
    - answer

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Villetta Villetta Scotty is done!! I'm very close to being finished with Théo, but I've decided to leave him on the back burner for now and make sure I have my footing in the roleplay before I introduce a second character (:


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minmi minmi Scotty looks amazing! The end to her and Sam's relationship broke my heart oml. Accepted, and please come join us on the plotting thread, the link to which you'll find on the first post. As a general recap of the RP, right now the initiates are taking their final fear simulations of Phase 2. Do you have a preference whether Bloom or Harper administers Scotty's fear sim? If you decide to finish up Theo's form before we wrap up today's training, he'll get whichever instructor you didn't choose for Scotty.
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mood. mood. Thanks for your interest, and thanks for asking! The only thing we're seriously in need of is more boys, so if at least one character of your sibling pair is male, that would be most helpful! I can't wait to see what your forms look like.


    • basics
      Desdemona Thana Sagona
      You think life is all unicorns and rainbows cause you're bored. Well positivity is a luxury that few can afford
      name meaning.
      Desdemona - Unfortunate or ill fated; Thana - Death;
      She goes by Dez.
      October 7th
      previous faction.
      aptitude test result.
      relationship status.
      past partners.
      Her parents, Apollo and Megan Sagona. Her twin brother Azazel.
    coded by natasha.

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