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Apologies. I thought Duo meant a character with two Digimon not two characters. Can I leave both CS's here for the time being and give it some thought?
Sure, I think you've got a good 5 days to jog that gnoggin.

In the context you describe, any one character can have two 'mons, but only if these two Digimon Jogress down the line.


"Come at me,
And you'll see,
I'm more than meets the eye!"

Yang Xiao Long (17)



Powers & Abilities
Burn (Semblance)

Yang's Semblance allows her to passively absorb all physical damage to boost her own strength. When she has a high enough amount of damage absorbed, her hair will be glowing with a fiery pattern, although eye irises turning red is an entirely optional thing. However, since Burn is limited by the capacity of her Aura, full capacity or otherwise, she can only absorb so much before her Aura breaks and all the stored strength goes flying out the window. Not only that, but she must engage her Aura to utilize Burn to any capacity.

As with every other Huntsmen and Huntresses, Yang possess an invisible "force-field" that wraps around her and protects from all physical damage. Not only that, but Yang theoretically can augment her attacks with Aura, albeit at a cost. However, to protect herself from physical damage, Yang must engage it first, as it is not a passive power.

Ember Celia

Instead of "sweetheart", you can just call 'em "sir". Yang's bread-and-butter are a pair of gauntlets that can hold and fire 12 shells for each fully-loaded gauntlet. When she punches in conjunction with firing a shell at the same time, it amplifies the force of her attacks and can send her enemies flying.

Brief History
Yang was born on Patch, two years before her own sister, Ruby Rose. Her mother, Raven Branwen, disappeared before she could even learn to walk and talk. At the time, Summer Rose, who would later birth Ruby, eventually become her stepmother, as around the time, Taiyang, her father, was a teacher at Signal Academy. When Ruby grew up, she would eventually take to essentially raising her on her own, as Summer was an active Huntress undertaking numerous missions and Taiyang's teaching job took up much of his time. This, of course, would lead to Ruby wanting to become a Huntress, just like her mother, as Yang would frequently read bedtime stories to her.

However, one day, Summer disappeared.

It was then, Yang learned that Raven was, in fact, was her own mother, and Summer was only Ruby's; both married to Taiyang. She did not know why, and she was determined to take matters into her own hands to find out. Of course, this being before she and Ruby were Huntresses-in-Training, she led themselves to an abandoned building where they were almost killed by Beowulves before Uncle Qrow showed up to the rescue. Since then, she had been continually looking for answers behind the whole "disappeared mothers" thing Raven and Summer decided was the best idea ever. However, she had not let it consume her as a whole, while she would eventually go on with Ruby, now 15, and two other teammates, Weiss Schnee and Blake Belladonna, to form a team in Beacon Academy.

Team RWBY.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?

Other Information

  • Yang's irises turn red when she's...upset.​

  • 5c97c1aa87b24c025789947e.png





    Signature Moves

    • Claw Attack: Yangalang repeatedly swipes its claws at its opponent.​


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Name: Ochaco Uraraka (AKA Uravity)

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Canon: Boku no Hero Academia / My Hero Academia

Powers & Abilities: Ochaco Uraraka

Equipment: Ochaco Uraraka

Brief History: Ochaco Uraraka

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

Other Information: N/A



Species: Labramon

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves: Cure Liqueur -Restores and optimizes the data of weakened Digimon.


Species: Galgomon

Stage: Champion

Signature moves: Dumdum Upper - A powerful uppercut punch combined with Gatling Arm.


Species: Pandamon

Stage: Ultimate

Signature moves:

Animal Nail - Slices the foe with claws hidden in its paws.

Unnanshou - Summons Chinese firecrackers to blow up the opponent.


Species: King Etemon

Stage: Mega

Signature moves:

Saru Shibai - Puts up a false show to cripple the opponent's fighting spirit, and/or throws a ball of energy at them.

King Monkick - An explosive kick.​
Tom and Jerry friends.png
Tom & Jerry

Tom is in his early 30's and Jerry is in his Late 20's

Both are male


+ Amazing Physical Capabilities:
They're both fast, strong and tough that even a human in peak condition can't keep up with them.
+ Vigorous:
Tom & Jerry can chase each other all day if they have to, they show no signs of stopping nor do they look like they're getting tired unless it's funny.
+ Weapons Expert:
They how to fire and use any kind of weapon well enough despite being house animals showing no signs of firearm experience.



Brief History:

Nakano or Ikebukuro?:

Other Information:
Only Tom is getting a Digimon.​

  • 1571304139482.png


    Signature moves:
    Bug Blaster (Crazy Giggle): Spews out an exceptionally destructive bullet of light while laughing.
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Green Light

  • Name: ???

    Nickname: Red

    Universe of Origin: #25OObb (Non-Main)

    Age: 20 years of age

    Gender: M

    Appearance: Red wears a red-colored jacket with gold-colored linings, and white-colored "jogger pants" with red-colored Digital Hazard symbols on both knees. Underneath the jacket is a dark gray-colored T-shirt with black linings, showing a design which feels like a metallic architecture. Rubber shoes with red and white colors, accompanied by black stripe-like patterns. And lastly, a red-colored wrist watch with a Digital Hazard symbol, which is inked with black.

    Canon: "Original" Character

    Skill Set:
    • Computer Skills (Hardware & Software)
    • Basic Kendo
    • Firearm "Handling"
    • Drawing/Illustrating

    • "Smartphone-like" Digivice

    Brief History: Red, a nickname that is commonly used since childhood, came from a universe very identical to the "main" or real one. He was just like any other male person in their 20's -- university student, "tired", searching for a purpose in life, and so on...

    Red was an ordinary person, who lived an ordinary life...

    But that was before it had all happened...

    It was like any other ordinary day. He just left the university and was headed towards home, while he listened to random Japanese music through a headset. Red had passed by the usual places -- a heritage site, a small park, the city's post office, then a bridge. It was at the bridge where it had all happened...

    The sight of a strange beast leaking before him through a hole in reality...

    The "Eldritch" beast's tentacles, with intricate patterns, wrapping around his helpless body as it drags him into the hole...

    Those intricate patterns...

    was the last thing that Red had seen before losing consciousness.

    Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

    Other Information: (My RPN PFP can be used as reference for Red's facial appearance).



    • Name:
      Lyle Walt




      Jewel: A Skill Jewel that stores the seven ancestors and their skill. Able to turn into various weapons.
      Katana: A katana forged from mithril.


Critic Ham

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“Why shouldn’t I inflict the same pain the world has inflicted upon me? But be glad, I only want to drive my enemies into the ground and hear the lamentations of their womenfolk. So don’t anger me goldie boy, for thou art crunchy and go well with nachos.”

Name: Sun Yama

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Canon: Original Character


Sun is rather unremarkable in terms of height and weight, perhaps being leaner than the average person, but otherwise normal. Her hair, however, is sun-gold and is noted to have dots of black scattered throughout. Her left eye also appears bluish-grey. This, in combination with her hair, have earned her the nickname Sunny. Some use this with her pale skin tone, naming her Pale Sun.
Her right eye is covered by a leather eyepatch and further concealed by styling her hair to cover the right side of her face. However, once both are removed, the Eye of Yama is revealed. None have gazed long enough to get the exact details before agony overcomes them, but the common features say it is like staring into a black abyss where the eye socket once was. Blacken veins or perhaps a liquid ooze from the socket in all directions when activated making it appear as though something is trying to crawl out from the abyss to drag them into it.
In terms of outfits, Sun has chosen to wear a Reaper/Nun hybrid attire complete with cloak and her sun-themed mask.

Powers & Abilities:

Noble Blood: The blood of those who were gifted great yet maddening power in order to save their peoples. For Sun, it confers lighting speed of body, mind, and soul at the cost of being unable to find alternatives to conflicts other than horrid violence.

Agility and reaction time is superhuman, greater regeneration though not without the associated costs, and able to recover from mental and emotional trauma faster. Far more prone to violence for conflict resolution.

Eye of Yama: Parents are suppose to give gifts for their children for their birthdays and for Sun’s birthday, her parents tore out her right out and implanted an Eye of Yama. It is a terrible organ said to reflect the judgments of its owner. For Sun, any who gaze into her Eye, be it ally or foe, is seized by agony momentarily crippling all attributes.

However, Sun despises her Eye for the memories it wrought and refuses to utilize it except in dire circumstances. Even when she gorges her Eye out, it simply reforms, never leaving or betraying its master.

All who gaze into the Eye when it is active are inflicted with the Sun’s Agony Debuff, reducing all attributes by a 25% for a short time. Sun is unlikely to use this expect when the odds are heavily stacked against her and her allies, but it cannot be permanently destroyed nor disabled. It can still, nonetheless, be deactivated, willingly or unwillingly, for a time.

The Thousand Step Dance: Sun’s fighting style which aims at whittling down an opponent's body, mind, and soul through non-fatal injuries and creative insults. She only delivers the killing blow when they have been thoroughly broken.

Rather effective against fighting styles that rely on emotions or heavy offensive styles with little defense. Weaker against stoic or more defensive foes, but could still apply depending on personality type. Virtually useless against undead or robotic enemies.

Immortal Soul: Sun’s soul is immortal like all others who have the Blood. Her body can be damaged, destroyed, or outright removed from reality, but her soul cannot be destroyed permanently. It can be manipulated, scattered, or imprisoned, but these are only temporary. However, death is not without consequence and returning from death will have affect Sun heavily.

Gives a reason on how Sun returns no matter how she died so I don’t have to keep giving reasons on how she survived when she shouldn’t have and also offers more character development. This will not play too majorly in the Rp, however.


Agony-Kun: Sun’s customized War Scythe. Though somewhat shorter than the average War Scythe, it still has considerable reach and can inflict devastating wounds. It is slow to attack though due to its weight. Somewhat mitigated by Sun’s speed and reduced length, but increases the chance of leaving an opening. Why name it Agony-Kun though? Because why not?

Pain-Chan: Sun’s sawed-off shotgun. A firearm customized to fire practically any shotgun shell though her preference for rubber pellets leaves many to wonder why even customize it that way. Why name it Pain-Chan? Because she can, that’s why.

Guardian Part Mail: A basic and common armor worn by off-duty or cadet Guardians. It offers decent protection against a variety of attacks and can be worn either as apart of one’s attire or underneath it.

A Sun-themed Mask: Guardians are well-known to decorate their equipment with certain themes as to remind themselves if they allow their Blood to mutate them, then whomever they were before is forever lost. For Sun, she carries and wears a solar-theme mask which conceals the entirety of her face. It also offers decent protection against many attacks and comes with several useful hardware and software installed.

In battle, it provides tactical information, IFF tags, radar and radio when available, and other necessary systems.

Blood Vials: The Blood can be extracted and distilled into less powerful, but still potent forms. Guardians are willing to pay with arms and legs to amass collections of various Bloodlines since they often find themselves in ever worsening situation. So having these blood vials on hand, be it to heal a grievous wound or provide a burst of speed, can be the difference between life and death, being yourself or seeing one’s soul consumed.

For Sun, she keeps many on hand at any given time and for seemingly any situation. Where she stores her blood vials is a mystery though. But be warned, she cannot use these with reckless abandon for overuse can interfere with her own Bloodline, bring her great speed back down to human for some time.

Blood Vials can have a wide range of effects, ranging from increasing attributes or actually casting spells. However, unless Sun injects herself with the spells, she cannot control the spells and most will be rather weak. Even if she injects herself, it will only be a one-time use or have a short time duration before needing to inject herself again.

A Well-Worn Journal: It is not unusual for Guardians to carry around journals to record their experiences and write reports since many operations require them to live in the wilderness for long periods of time. What is unusual is for a journal to have sentimental value to a Guardian since they can be burned, ruined, and otherwise destroyed.

Though Sun did never give a damn about being the odd one out. Her journal has been with her since childhood, decorated with faded girlish stickers, and keeps all her memories alive. Used to express her actual thoughts on peoples, locations, and events.

A Backpack of Knit-Knacks: A backpack containing various items, none of which are significant enough to change events too greatly, but can help a bit such as batteries to charge up small devices, a flashlight to light things up, MREs for meals, and many other tools. Sun occasionally stuffs feminaine items into the depths of her backpack. Maybe dolls, make-up, candies, and other girlish stuff. Do not make mention of such things otherwise she will cut you.

Brief History:

Sun’s childhood was one of happy normal. Well, as normal as one could get when literal monsters made from former humans attack on a daily basis. Still, it was a happy and mostly safe one until Sun’s eighths birthday. She found herself pinned against the floor after returning home by her own parents who had begun to transform. They gouged out her right eye and implanted a Eye of Yama in its place in an attempt to transform as well.

However, a team of Guardians arrived and stopped the process before it could be completed though unfortunately not killing Sun’s parents. She would be transported to a secure location as her former parents gathered followers and began a war against humanity.

It was short, brutal, and bloody. Humanity won, but Sun’s parents escaped and once Sun was confirmed to be their daughter, fear set in the general populace who treated her as though she was a walking time bomb. Sun would grow up to become bitter at the world, wondering what she had done to deserve this and at one point try to gorge out her Eye of Yama though failing in the end.

Though there were people who saw her plight and helped her. Over time, she became less bitter, but she concooned herself in false cruelty in an attempt to assert some level of control. Still, the little girl within her had not die and wanted to help, in some way. So she began to take up the path of the Guardian, a role among humanity meant to protect them from the horrors among them. She could also inflict the same pain upon the world which had tormented her.

Over the years, she was vetted through the requirements, received the proper papers, and was sent to an academy for Guardian cadets. While walking there, however, a tentacle beast appeared in the sky, spreading panic and fear throughout the general populace. What did Sun do in response before losing consciousness?

“Oh god, it has hentai tentacles.”

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

Other Information:
-Yama is the Buddist God of Death and Sun’s nickname is Sunny. So Sunny Death. Heheheheu.
-Sun still likes girly things despite putting on an edgy persona. Teasing or mentioning this will result in either Sun pouting or attempting to cut you.
-Do not attempt to outinsult her, she has been known to be spiteful and vindictive and will resort to ever increasing pitiful insults to maintain her pride.
-Sun is of Scottish descent so she may refer to certain Scottish people, culture, words, mannerisms, and events. It’s up to you if she has an accent or not.
-Sun is into anime and may reference certain things or adopt certain mannerisms with the sole purpose of creeping people out.
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Luka's Digimon Form

  • 1571447678574.png
    Species: Liollmon
    Stage: Rookie
    Signature Moves: Surprise me!



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Everyone, it be here. If you're on this cast list, you're good to post.

But I guess I'll tag some guys about some things.

Scatterbrain Scatterbrain I didn't include you in the cast list since you're still deciding, but once the decision's logged in, you can say it here and post in the In-character thread immediately without my prompt, since I would accept either of your applications, just not both.

ManyFaces ManyFaces Shooting Star Asuka Shooting Star Asuka el duo spot.

Everyone else to note for reminders is recently-suscribed or has already informed me about things and thus I will leave it at that.

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Name: Walter White Mr Lambert

Age: 52

Gender: Male

Canon: Breaking Bad, specifically Season 5.

Powers & Abilities: He may mildly resemble the Albercurque meth-kingpin Walter White, who is highly skilled at producing methamphetamine of the highest quality and even volatile chemical weapons, but Mr Lambert is definitely a different person and has never made any illegal substances.

Equipment: A military issue M60 machine gun. Not from an illegal arms dealer or anything, he just happened to find it lying around and was just about to turn it in to the relevant authorities.

Brief History: Unlike Walter White, who became wanted by the police after being exposed as the head of a methamphetamine empire and subsequently went missing, Mr Lambert has lead an uneventful and law-abiding life out in New Hampshire. There's really not much else to say, it's not as if Mr Lambert's life happened to turn out like Walter White's, especially not something as heated as having his drug money stolen from him by a gang of Neo Nazis who also happened to kill his brother in law and kidnapped his partner who they'd force to cook meth for them. Some say that Walter White went into hiding and began living life under a different name, but Mr Lambert wouldn't know anything about that. Interestingly, Mr Lambert suffers from the same late stage lung-cancer that Walter White had before he disappeared, which is a pretty crazy coincidence.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

Other Information: Mr Lambert might actually just be Walter White but shh it's a secret

Part 2: Digimon Template

: (The Other) Jesse / Jessemon


Species: Hagurumon

Signature moves: Command Input - Releases a stream of data

Species: Clockmon

Signature moves: Chrono Breaker - Wears away foes' bodies by stopping time

Species: Knightmon

Signature moves: Beserk Sword - cuts everything in half with a single stroke

Species: Leopard

Signature moves: Extinction Wave - paints an arc in the sky in a downward swing of the beam's edge.

Severe Wave - fires explosive energy
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Critic Ham

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Impmon Digimon App for Sun




Stage: Rookie

Signature moves:
Bada Boom-Attacks the opponent with flames of darkness.




Fire Fist-Engulfs its hand in fire and punches the opponent.


Species: SkullMeramon

Stage: Ultimate

Chain of Pain-Uses one of the chains on its body as a whip
Blazing Iron Whip-Uses many chains as whips.


Species: Beelzemon (from 2010 anime)

Stage: Mega

Darkness Claw-Paralyzes the opponent instead of granting their desires, whispering about their final rewards and making a complete fool out of them. Unable to move, that fool will be the target of its fast draw until they lay down life's burden.
Double Impact SDX- Rapid-fires its twin Berenjena.

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Name: Darild Linken

Age: 270 years (appears to be in his early 30s

Gender: male.

Canon: Original Character

Powers & Abilities:

As a carbon based nano machine construct, Darild is capable of recreating any carbon based structure without too much difficulty (diamond, graphene, vantablack, ect). It's applying it the creation of objects that takes a bit more thought to facilitate the action. He typically uses his abilities to make himself heavily resistant to blunt force trama and gunfire up to some of the higher caliber rounds. Of course his reliance on graphene ends up turning him into a lightning rod due to the higher conductivity of the 2d material. Such a case will end up freezing Darild in place for an extended period of time depending on the voltage.

Darild is unable to feel pain and is unable to be killed in any traditional sense. Explosives and electrical based attacks. Laser based weaponry and similar futuristic weapons would also work due to his lack of countermeasures against such weapons.

Outside of his own abilities as a construct, he has proficient skills with using revolver styled firearms, throwing knifes, and some experience with melee combat.


- One revolver styled pistol of indisternable branding

- Around 6 cylinders full of ammo in the form of 6 speed loaders.

- One combat dagger resembling a M3 fighting knife.

- One CAT s60 smartphone with built in thermal camera.

- One wallet containing an assortment of credit/debit cards, cash, and a few keepsakes.

Brief History: I would love to go into great detail,but I'll be brief in this section. Essentially, Darild was one of many such constructs that where created by an unknown extraterrestrial being for seemingly unknown purposes. After some period of time, Darild was sent off to Earth. Left to his lonesome he spent most of his two hundred and seventy years staying out of sight,and making numerous attempts to integrate into society. In half of the cases, it's an unavoidable conflict that forces him to move (angry mob thinking he is a witch, fleeing Germany due to his...retaliation in 1942, etc). His involvement with the unnatural started when he took a job as a professor for a little known German institution known as Geschichte Academy (a bit of an odd name). From that point he worked there for about two years or so, all the while dealing with vampires, demons, robots, and Kamen Riders. He left the institution for reasons unknown and currently resides in the southern part of the US.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Other Information:

- Note that Darild has no tangible soul of sorts

- He doesn't sleep.

- Is proficient with speaking in English and German.

- He has a certain hatred for leet speak and alcohol.

Digimon app

Name: Getriebe (German for gearbox. Correct me if I am wrong)

Species: Hagurumon

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves: Darkness Gear: Shoots black cogs from its face that can control Digimon they're embedded in.

Name: Getriebe (German for gearbox. Correct me if I am wrong)

Species: guardromon

Stage: Champion

Signature moves: Grenade Destroyer: Fires whistling missiles from the retractable missile launchers in its forearms.

Name: will remain blank for the time being.

Species: Andromon

Stage: ultimate

Signature moves:

Lightning Blade: Fires a blade of energy from its arm module.

Gatling Attack: Fires two smart homing missiles from its chest, chasing enemies, which also contain machine guns.

Name: will remain blank for the time being

Species: HiAndromon

Stage: mega

Signature moves:

Atomic Ray: Takes the fission energy emanating from the blue neutron-control turbine on its right shoulder and the fusion energy emanating from the red atom-control turbine on its left shoulder, combines them at the top of its hands, and then fires off a beam which annihilates the opponent.

Lightning Blade: Attacks using an energy blade.
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Yubi Yubi

Name: Jin

Age: Fuckin, I dunno, ten?

Gender: Male

Canon: Kamen Rider Zero-One

Powers & Abilities:
Jin can...Well, Jin doesn't really have any superpowers. Most of the time, he's just there to administer the Zetsumeriser and the Zetsumerise keys for Zero-One to take down.

Other than that, he has shown some degree of fighting capability and knowledge on wielding a Gun.


Pistol - Yes, you heard it folks. Jin has a gun. Specifically, an M1911 Pistol with a long strap attached to his waist--Jin's dad, Horobi didn't want his son to loose his handgun after all.

MetsubouJinrai Forceriser - A transformation device that allows Jin to don the name of a Kamen Rider. Using the Flying Falcon Progrise Key, Jin will be clad in a silver bird like armor with a pink undersuit. It bestows Jin with the ability of Flight and the ability to shoot metal shards akin to Kirby's Wing ability.

Brief History: Jin

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Other Information:
If Jin manages to get back to his homeworld, Horobi might be worried sick about him. Emphasis on might.

Partner Digimon: Torii-Chan(Lil' Birdie)

  • Species: Falcomon

    Stage: Rookie

    Signature moves: Falco Rush

Hahli Nuva

Double Luck
"If we're all for one world there's a world for us all."

Name: Zoe Orimoto

Age: 13

Gender: Female


Powers & Abilities: Spirit Evolution

Equipment: D-Tector

Brief History:

Zoe is the only female member of the team and was chosen to wield the Spirits of Wind which hold the power of AncientKazemon. She was born in Japan but moved to Italy at a young age.

She recently moved back to Japan but had problems making friends due to the culture barrier and because of her shyness.

Because of her attractiveness, she tends to get a lot of male attention throughout the series. J.P. Shibayama has a huge crush on her, as does Takuya Kanbara, which she teases them about sometimes. She is scared of the dark.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Other Information:

Zoe is a beautiful & strong-willed girl. She is never afraid of speaking her mind and does not let others influence her. She strongly believes in staying true to herself and will never act differently to please others.

She gets particularly annoyed when her fellow male Digidestined doubt her abilities because she is female, as she thinks she is still just as strong as they are, and makes a determined effort to prove so when they do doubt her. However, deep down, it has been shown that she is actually somewhat insecure about herself because she had no friends before entering the Digital World.

Despite her tough attitude, Zoe still also has a very kind nature and a good heart. She is very compassionate and encouraging towards others, particularly to her teammates when they are struggling.

She has proven to care deeply about their safety, and will always put herself in harm's way for them. She also will generally try to help anyone she meets who is struggling, and strongly tries to do good deeds.

Part 2: Digimon Template

Name: Kazemon

Species: Fairy

Stage: Champion

Signature moves:

  1. Moon Assault: Flies up and sends a tornado spinning at her target with a single kick.

Name: Zephyrmon

Species: Hawkgirl

Stage: Ultimate

Signature moves:

  1. Plasma Paws: Cuts the opponent and the atmosphere around it to pieces with the claws on its hands and feet.
  2. Gilgamesh Upper: Strikes the foe with a powerful series of slashes ending in a devastating kick.
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Trying really hard to stay focused
Scatterbrain Scatterbrain I didn't include you in the cast list since you're still deciding, but once the decision's logged in, you can say it here and post in the In-character thread immediately without my prompt, since I would accept either of your applications, just not both.
You've probably already seen my post but I've chosen Sherlock as my character. I've also deleted Marcus' CS to avoid further confusion.


Ultimate Punster Goddess

Name: Crypt

Age: 14

Gender: Male

Canon: Original Character

Powers & Abilities:

Hacking Skills, Advanced Level

Programming skills, Advanced Level

Hand to Hand Combat, Medium Level

Melee Combat, Medium Level

DEcrypt- This gives Crypt the ability to solve or decrypt any secret message or code.

DEbug- This ability is used specifically for Low to Medium level Bugs. This is used to instantly obliterate them (Insta-bliterate works for very low lever Bugs. Higher level Bugs are gonna need more DEbug hits)

DAttack: The ability to project data in different forms that can make damage.

Data Empowerment: This gives Crypt the ability to empower/energize items or weapons with data

DELETE: This gives Crypt the ability to delete data

Data Solidification: Self explanatory, but for the dummies; It gives Crypt the ability to use data to make stuff.

Camuflage: Crypt uses data to make his clothes blend in to the environment

Backup: This gives Crypt the ability to backup files, even his own

Digital Panel: This makes Crypt summon panels which he uses as a screen and keyboard.


Floofy Binary Hoodie

Arm panel

Rocket Boots


Brief History: Crypt is a survivor from an infection of a virus person in their home/country. He has put it up to himself to destroy it.

In a futuristic, technologically advanced Earth, where everywhere, everything was controlled by OneMind. Everyone obeyed their orders, no questions. They did everything the exact same way. They spoke the same, they wore the same clothes and even lived in the same kind of house. Some special people made of data broke free of this mind control and rebelled against OneMind. The revolt failed and the Rebels, known as Hackers escaped. They were persecuted and captured, taken to an unknown fate. The few Hackers that remained used their skills to make their own home, which they dubbed Refuge. To prevent themselves from being found, they made Refuges all around the world, each protected by a high level Firewall. No one was allowed to leave and that's how they lived for the past 30 years.

When Crypt turned 12, he discovered a glitch on the Firewall and panic spread. Everyone was assured no one got in or out and the panic subsided. After a while, a person made of glitchy code appeared and spread malware monster like insects dubbed Bugs all around Crypt's Refuge. The person revealed themselves as Vurus, a spy from OneMind, sent to eliminate them by 'infecting' the Refuges, which meant corrupting data, freezing the Hackers and slowly killing them. After a long battle, Crypt, with the help of a family friend named Files, managed to escape, leaving a severely injured Vurus in his Refuge

Vurus soon overcame their programming and upgraded their mission from infecting Refuges to infecting the whole world and spread their Bugs and clones all over the world to do their job while they (Vurus) recovered. Crypt has dedicated 2 years to eradicate these monsters from his world.

Now these giant things appeared, and they don't look good.


Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Other Information:

Crypt isn’t human but a human looking kid made of data

When Crypt dies, his data floats in the air. He can't access his own data (only the best of the best Hackers can access their own data). Someone can extract his backup file, he can come back to life. If his data is taken, his abilities will be 'inherited' by the person that took it, in addition to having Crypt stick around as a ghost.

Crypt lost his eye during his first fight with Vurus.

download (3).jpeg

Name: Tetro/Bug/Tetanus

Species: Insect

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves: (My limited Digimon knowledge got the best of me)


Species: Insect

Stage: Champion

Signature Moves: Surprise me

Species: Insect

Stage: Ultimate

Signature Moves: Surprise me

Species: Insect

Stage: Mega

Signature Moves: Surprise me


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Devil's Advocate

Name: Lockdown

Age: Eons Old

Gender: Mech/Male

Canon: Transformers Animated

Powers & Abilities:
High intelligence

Super strength

Speed (Most notable in vehicle mode)

Transformation to Cybertronian muscle car

Oil (Used as a projectile on occasion)

Combat prowess

Frequent body modification and upgrading

Camo Projector (Though it shorts out in the rain)

Quick-hardening cement spray

Hook Arm

Arm can become a Chainsaw

Smoke bombs

Holoform Projector (Produces a solid hologram body)

Brief History:
One of the earliest known aspects of his life was the fact that Lockdown was an apprentice Cyber Ninja under the direction of the legendary Sensei Yoketron. However, he betrayed his master and later fatally wounded him. He also stole his helmet and the protoforms stored by the Autobots in case they lost the Great War. He apparently really liked the helmet...

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Other Information:

Lockdown appears to be nothing but an assortment of "trophies". He takes the best parts from his targets, leaving the good ones on display in his ship, and uses the best ones.

The interior of Lockdown's vehicle mode sports a chain-steering wheel and a skull on the gear stick.

According to him, he first became a bounty hunter by betraying Yoketron, but he was hired over a million years ago as a bounty hunter to fight in the Great Wars.

Its possible that Lockdown was protoformed as an Autobot. In the 1st Allspark Almanac Prowl described his similarities to an average Autobot and the fact that he was a student of Yokotron furthers Prowl's theory.


Name: Slag

Species: Candlemon

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves:
Paraffin Paralyzer (Melt Wax): Fires multiple globs of hot wax to paralyze opponent.

Species: Meramon

Stage: Champion

Signature moves:
Magma Blast (Magma Bomb): Emits magma rocks which rain upon its opponents.

Species: Skull Meramon

Stage: Ultimate

Signature moves:
Metal Fireball (Heavy Metal Fire): Launches a destructive ball of melted metal from its mouth. Alternatively, it fires blue fire mixed with liquid metal so that it clings to an opponent.

Blazing Iron (Heat Chain Flailing): Uses many chains as whips.

Species: Boltmon

Stage: Mega

Signature moves:
Tomahawk Crunch (Tomahawk Steiner): Easily wields the gigantic battle axe carried on its back, which is strong enough to smash its opponents into powder.



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Part 1: Character Template
Name: Hikko Namari

: 17

Gender: Female

Canon: Original Character

Powers & Abilities: Illusion Manipulation, She can manifest small things without getting tired, but making something big like a wall can drain her, she needs to rest often due to her lack of power.

Equipment: She just has a small bag with a few possessions and food, She is very attached to these items.

Brief History: Hikko had been a normal student before all of this, with a nice family and a major teaching, She was a calm a quiet child, she kept to herself, and kept to her work, she had a life back home, now she needs to survive first!

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Other Information: N/A


Name: Kyoto

Species: Coronamon

Stage: Rookie.

Signature moves: Surprise me.

Firamon_b (1).jpg

Species: Firamon

Stage: Champion

Signature moves: Surprise me.


Species: Flaremon

Stage: Ultimate

Signature moves: Surprise me.

Apollomon_b (1).jpg

Species: Apollomon

Stage: Mega

Signature moves: Surprise me.
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(Credit to Veradana Veradana for making a sketch of her!)

Name: Emily "Lil"

Age: Unknown (~18)

Gender: Female

Canon: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon (OC)

  • Powers & Abilities:
    • Cute Charm: A Milotic's Hidden Ability, anyone of the opposite gender touching Lil has a potential chance to be infatuated with her.
    • Water Manipulation: Milotic, as a Water-Type, can generate water at any sort of temperature. This allows Emily to even superheat her sprays to create a Scald or reduce its temperature enough for a freezing Ice Beam.
    • Water-Typing: Pokémon in her world are classified by "typings", ranging from common elements like Water, Grass, and Fire to more obscure types like Ground and Rock. Emily classifies under the former-most type alone; thus in her world she is resistant to Fire, Water, Steel, and Ice attacks but vulnerable to Grass and Electric moves.
    • Miscellaneous Moves: Sometimes Emily can afford to use different moves rather than a simple spray of water. These include a Substitute giving her a clone to control or leave to do its own bidding and a Light Screen to protect her and her allies from ranged attacks.
    • Emotion Manipulation: A trait that generally goes overlooked in Milotic, they can calm negative emotions to leave their targets in a more serene state.
    • Treasure Bag: Something any respectable explorer brings, Treasure Bags can generally hold over a dozen items; the largest ones can comfortably fit four dozen items if necessary!

Name: ???

  • Species: Betamon
    Stage: Rookie
    Signature move: Water Shot


We can't change what's done. We can only move on.

"That's a nice lookin' tree, eh?"

Name: Woodie

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Canon: Don't Starve (Together)

  • Powers & Abilities: Were-Curse

    Equipment: Lucy the Axe, and one of each Kitschy Idol for transforming.

Name: N/A

  • Species: Hawkmon

    Stage: Rookie

    Signature move: Beak Pecker


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I am not sure if this is still opened or if I can join, but here goes application try:

Ordinary outfit: Kendo outfit:
Vacation outfit: Subject or pacient outfit:1574982583791.png 1574982520822.png
Full name: Sato Yuki (Called Yuki)

Gender: Male


A high school student. A member of the Kendo Club with a flawless demeanor and decorum.
He never loses his composure and takes on everything as if he has always been ready.
His perfectionism is invulnerable but also fragile at the same time, like a fortress of ice and glass.
A tidy student with a nearly perfect decorum. Rather than getting into arguments, he keeps a distance without looking away.
Bassicly: Silent, Wise, Kind, Qiuet, Helpful, Humble, Loyal, Honest, Honorable

He lived life at first look like perfect person. Good grades, friends, personality, family, abillities...but everything changed we he one day woke up as subject on island whith other people, where he was asked to with others to survive,by any meanes win survival game to very least person standing.
Perfect Fit: Incraeses critical hit
Uchi-Otoshi: Disables opponent for short amount of time(Opponent cant use Combat skills at that point)

Partner Digimon:
Dragonsroar emblem.pngNaturespirits emblem.png
FieldDragon's Roar
Nature Spirits

A Reptile Digimon aiming to become a top-class swordsman amongst Digimon. Despite being untalkative, it is hardworking and diligently undergoes training behind the scenes. Its true appearance is a mystery, as it never removes its defensive gear. Although it has a timid personality and cries easily, it cares deeply for its friends and has a strong sense of justice, also showing its strong-willed side from time to time. Its Signature Move is striking at the enemy's arms with an electrified attack (Thunder Kote). Its Special Move is covering its Shinai in flames and aiming for the opponent's head (Fire Men).


Naturespirits emblem.png
TypeDemon Man
FieldNature Spirits

It exhibits power like a fierce god, and although its offensive power is tremendous, it has a side that is deeply devoted, righteous, and respectful to protecting the weak. Also, it excels in the secret arts, and is capable of mastering any supernatural ability. It possesses a calm, cool, and collected personality due to it being very taciturn. Its Special Moves are a shock wave fired by crossing its two bokutou (Ittouryoudan), and manipulating the opponent like a puppet with its bewitching gaze (Kugutsu no Jutsu).


TypeGod Man

It has mastered swordsmanship, and become an invincible samurai that could take on a thousand warriors. However, it is beginning to think that there are limits to saving the Digital World with swordsmanship...


Metalempire emblem.png
TypeDemon Man
FieldMetal Empire
GroupThree Head Officers
Artificial Digimon

A soldier Digimon that possesses a peerless sword called "Jatetsufūjin-maru". Within the Jatetsufūjin-maru is sealed a sinister power strong enough to split a star in two, so drawing this sword marks the collapse of a star. Therefore, Tactimon battles without drawing the sword, but even so, it exhibits the destructive force of its menace. If it stabs the ground once it generates an earthquake, if twice it awakens one hundred dead warriors, and if thrice it collapses the surrounding land with a shock wave. The Jatetsufūjin-maru, which conceals such power, is not a sword that just anyone can handle. From that alone can you understand the depth of Tactimon's true might. Even more than its merit as a soldier, it excels in strategy with plans which are even said to be, "ingenuity itself, as if gushing forth like a spring," so Tactimon's true merit is not in physical strength but in ingenuity. When Tactimon leads an army, the outcome has already been decided, and it is said that, "the victory has been decided before it even fought." Due to the various plans it has laid out, when Tactimon stands upon the battlefield it has already guaranteed its absolute advantage.


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