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Fandom Digital Disaster [Multifandom Crossover RP] | Signups


Top-tier Avian Master

This Roleplay is part of the Chronology Series.

Please see the group's Discord Server for OoC talk and further info.

This Roleplay is intended to begin on 19 October, though signups will still be open during the brief Prologue, and will close upon Chapter 1 hitting. Any duos that do not post their apps by 19 October will have their duo spots unreserved for others to take.

It was an ordinary day where you were from, until all of a sudden, a strange beast leaked into your world through a hole in reality. It was eldreitch and frightening, and its numerous decorative tentacles wrapped around your body as it dragged you into its hole. It was a predator, and you were measly prey to be feasted upon.

Its oxymoronically grotesque yet beautiful appearance was the last thing you saw before you lost consciousness, then awoke to another sight. As a matter of fact, you, along with several others, were descending from above, being drawn to an odd little playground. Fortunately, you seemed to be floating, levitating as you fell.

Now, what will you do from here?

1. All RPN Rules apply here

2. Please be respectful of the GM. GM words are final.

3. Please refrain from OoC talk in these threads, and use the Discord Server listed above if need be. Refrain from OoC drama within roleplays as well.

4. Meta-gaming isn't allowed.

5. Players of all posting types welcome! Whether you’re a one-liner, para, multi-para, novella, first person, third person, or second person roleplayer, you’re more than welcome to post here! That being said, please no text speak in your posts (“u” instead of “you”, etc.) and please try and be as grammatically correct as possible! I understand a few mistakes here and there, but please at least put some effort into your posting.

6. People are allowed to play two characters(duos). However, due to intended cast size as well as intended roleplaying speed, this will be limited to ten roleplayers with their twenty characters. Extensions such as conjurable familiars, compatriot beasts, navigation fairies or sentient weapons won’t count towards character count. This business establishment allows eye-seeing dogs!

7. The only characters one will not be allowed to play is characters originating from the Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth & Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory. Any other character, including characters from any other Digimon continuity, is allowed. (Yes, you can play Shinomiya Rina)

8. Please post at least once per chapter! Chapters will be updated every week-few weeks depending on how smoothly things go. If something comes up, DM me personally either on here or on Discord so we can work something out. Your character will be removed from the rp if inactive for extended periods of time.

9. Haveth fun!

Part 1: You and your Digimon

Here's the fun part! Each character will be allowed to have their own Digimon. Digimon have six main stages - Fresh, In-training, Rookie, Champion, Ultimate & Mega, though there is a stage beyond Mega known as Ultra. You won't have to bother about Fresh & In-training at all. You will not start with your Digimon, but instead encounter them during the Prologue of the Roleplay when I trigger the event, and when you do, they will be available in their Rookie stage.

If you have trouble trying to find a Digimon of your choice or its evolutionary path, might I suggest using a bunch of wikis that may assist you? You can even ask me, the GM, for assistance regarding this topic! Digivolution is a web, not a straight line, so feel free to go nuts or use defaults, whichever is your path. If you need web versatility and find straight lines too limiting, I reccommend Wikimon and DigiDB for your Wiki of choice.

If you’re going to ask which Digimon name you would like to go with, just pick whichever. English localised names can get very, very inconsistent throughout different media but hey, you do you. When it comes to evolutionary stages, however, we’re unionizing with the English localization terms. Below is stage names for reference, seeing that you will be using wikis with different thangs.

Used by this RP, DigimonWiki & Localized Cyber SleuthUsed by Wikimon & Japanese-based Sources

Fresh/Training IBaby I
In-training/Training IIBaby II
Rookie - Child
UltraSuper Ultimate

For those with Meta-knowledge based on the various anime series, your Digimon will not devolve or degenerate unless under very drastic circumstances that will occur under GM discretion.

The only stage where I will limit to one per character is whichever your Final stage is, be it Mega or Ultra. For every other stage, I will not attempt to limit, so more than two players can have the same Digimon. Heck, a player character can even start with two of the same Rookie-level Digimon, like two Plotmon or two Dracomon.
Two characters can have the same Mega if they have different Ultras e.g. the two characters have Rosemon as their Mega, but one takes the Rosemon Burst Mode path and another takes the Rafflesiamon path.

For moves, or attacks, there are two types - Inherited and Signature. Signature, or Non-Inherited, means it is unique to the Digimon species itself, lost and replaced with new Signature Moves upon evolution, while what Inherited moves you get will be decided by me, and can be passed on as your Digimon evolves. Inherited moves will be based on the movelist of the Cyber Sleuth duology, and will be determined by yours truly.

Your Digimon having a GM-decided set of moves will play into investigations traitor kill investigations.

If you are only playing one character, you can have one Digimon, and can only have two Digimon if your two partners end up Jogressing. However, characters who only have one Digimon have a chance of acquiring additional Digimon during the course of the story, including those on the 'disallowed' Digimon list!
Duos are only allowed to start with one Digimon per character, and cannot start with two like solo-character players. Duos can use completely independent Digimon, unlike solos with two, but it is optional for duos to use Digimon that Jogress down the line.

It should be noted that Jogresses & Ultra are special to the point that for the most part, they require specific prerequisite species. For example, only WarGreymon & MetalGarurumon can Jogress into Omnimon, only the Mega-level Minervamon can become the Ultra-level Mervamon, and so on.

Now, you ask - what is Jogress? What is the disallowed list?

Jogress, or 'join to progress' is a process used by select few Digimon. The list of Digimon that can do this is listed here under the 'Jogress' & 'Fusion' section, and the Digimon listed here can only be achieved via Jogress within this RP. (this list does not include all Jogresses, such as Omnimon Zwart and Aegisdramon) For instance, some media allows you to evolve Examon from Piyomon or Garudamon, but within the Roleplay, this list is to be followed, where Breakdramon and Slayerdramon are to be used. Within this Roleplay's context, all Fusion evolution is considered Jogress. Basically, the concept goes as follows - two Champion-level Digimon can Jogress to form a single Ultimate-level Digimon, two Ultimate-level Digimon to a Mega-level, and two Mega-levels can become an Ultra. There are cases where this can occur between Digimon of different levels.
The disallowed list is basically Digimon that you are not allowed to start with, or the Digimon you start with are not allowed to evolve into. A ban list of sorts. Don't fret. Depending on your choices, some of these are obtainable. This list doesn't blanket variants unless specified, so while Omnimon is on the list, you are free to use subspecies such as Omnimon Zwart or Omnimon Alter-S.
All Digimon on this list are either here due to balancing issues(Melleniumon) or story relevancy(listed Royal Knights), or just outright not fitting(Appmon & X-Antibody).

The disallowed list is as follows:

All Sistermon species
X-Antibody Digimon (Natural carriers like Dinobeemon and Ouryumon are OK, variants of non-natural carriers like Agumon X or Seadramon X are not.)
Hybrid-level Digimon (aka the ‘mons those kids in Frontier turn into)
The Appmon (duh)
All Melleniumon-species

If you play a character from another Digimon continuity, and they own one of these, you can go ahead and go against this. E.g. playing Taichi & Yamato/Tai & Matt will allow you to use Omnimon eventually.

Heck, if you play one of dem Frontier kids, you can have them do their usual thing too where they fuse with their artifacts to become Digimon.

Part 2: The good old Traitor System

A recurring thing you'll see in Chronology series games is a traitor system. Now, basically how this works is that I, the GM, will assign certain roles to players via PM that they absolutely must not reveal to anyone else.

Eater Agent - Sleeper agents with little infections in them that push them to slay the others. This role will be assigned to three players. Their role is to kill players once per Chapter, simple as that. The kill results will be present at the Mid-Chapter update. Who you wish to kill will be sent via PM at the start of each Chapter.

Investigator - This role will be assigned to two players. At the start of each Chapter, they are to pick a player's set of characters via their Multiuse Crimesolver Code. Something important will happen if the selected character/s is either an Eater Agent or a victim of one during that Chapter. Using this on the same Chapter where you are a victim will also help.

Hacker - This role will effectively be a type of Survivor role. If you don't receive a Private Message that identifies you as one of the above roles, you possess this role. You are given a Firewall Code, which protects you from attacks by Eater Agents at the cost of being a one-time use item. If you wish to use the item, it must be through PM. You will not be informed whether or not anyone struck you behind your bubble.

Part 3: Life After Death

The big guy calls it the Afterlife, but well, it's not exactly heaven or hell in this context. Characters who are killed in the Roleplay end up here. What this place is and what there is to do remains to be seen.

Part 1: Character Template
This is your character, obviously.

(Insert Character Image Here)

Name: Character name, duh.

Age: How old is your character, chronologically?

Gender: Well...

Canon: What franchise does your character originate from? If Original Character, just slap 'Original Character' there.

Powers & Abilities: What is your character capable of? A wiki link is acceptable.

Equipment: What does your character carry with them? A wiki link is acceptable.

Brief History: Well... one paragraph will do. Or a wiki link.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: They're places. Let's simply say you'll live there.

Other Information: Anything that can't be listed up there?

Part 2: Digimon Template
Here's your Digimon. Copy this template four times, five times if you're including Ultra, under your main character application. Remember - use Wikimon and/or DigimonWiki to help you out. Since this RP is based on Cyber Sleuth, this Cyber Sleuth duology guide should help a lot. If you are confused on how to make apps for Jogress Digimon, the GM will help by listing two example applications down below.

Digimon are primarily aesthetic and flavour-based in terms of appearance.

Note: If you are copying the line of an established Digimon character in an anime or game, fill in the app for Rookie stage only and list a wiki page of said Digimon.

(Insert Image Here)

Name: Optional. Do not copy this section to additional plots

Species: Well?

Stage: Rookie, Champion, Ultimate or Mega? Or maybe even Utra?

Jogressed from: If this is not a Jogressed Digimon, remove this field.

Signature moves: The wikis list some special moves the Digimon might have. Maximum 1 for Rookie & Champion, Maximum 2 for Ultimate & Mega & Maximum 3 for Ultra. I will fill this for you if you do not i.e. it's optional, but that would mean you don't have control over which moves your mons get.
I'll generally default to what Cyber Sleuth has if I do.

Duo Spots Taken: 12/10

For reserves, only Megas & Ultras will be shown. Ultimates will only be shown if they are directly involved in a Jogress to Mega, such as Angewomon involved in Mastemon or Myotismon involved in BoltBoutamon

@2Bornot2B - Revy (Black Lagoon)
Guilmon -> Tankmon -> Tankdramon -> Gundramon
Signature: Pyro Sphere
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Attack Charge

@Aesop - ???
Dukemon -> Dukemon Crimson Mode (reserved)

@Akiko Tamotsu - ???
Kuzuhamon (reserved)

@Alpha007 - Keri (Pokemon OC)
Renamon -> Kyubiimon -> Taomon -> Sakuyamon
Signature: Diamond Storm
Inherited: Giant Element I; Anti-Panic

@Benedict Cucumberpatch - Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch (Classified)
Candmon -> Numemon -> Fantomon -> Reapermon
Signature: Karmic Flame
Inherited: Burst Flame I; Panic Wisp

@BoltBeam - Tenshi Hinanawi (Touhou)
Plotmon -> Tailmon +> Silphymon -> Valkyrimon
Signature: Sledge Dash
Inherited: Holy Light I; Heal
Hawkmon -> Aquilamon +> Silphymon -> Valkyrimon
Signature: Feather Slash
Inherited: Wind Claw I; Sonic Void I

@DapperDogman - Claudia Ambralia Divia (Battleborn)
Betamon -> Octmon -> Anomalocarimon -> HerakleKabuterimon
Signature: Dengeki Biririn
Inherited: Ice Archery I; Anti-Paralysis

@darkred - Daxter (Jak & Daxter)
Salamon -> Gatomon -> Angewomon +> Mastemon
Signature: Puppy Howling
Inherited: Holy Light I; Heal

@darkred - Jak (Jak & Daxter)
Salamon -> Gatomon -> Ladydevimon +> Mastemon
Signature: Puppy Howling
Inherited: Holy Light I; Heal

@DerpyCarp - Fluffington the Mighty (Pokemon OC)
BlackAgumon -> Greymon (Blue) -> SkullGreymon -> BlackWarGreymon +> Omnimon Zwart
Signature: Spitfire
Inherited: Wolkenpalm I; Guard Charge
BlackGabumon -> BlackGarurumon -> BlackWereGarurumon -> Metal Garurumon (Black) +> Omnimon Zwart
Signature: Black Ice
Inherited: Grand Rock I; Anti-Panic

@EldridSmith - Nikias Télos (OC)
Hackmon -> BoaHackmon -> Fantomon -> MetalFantomon
Signature: Fif Slash
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Heal

@FactionParadox - Saburo Kusanagi (OC)
Keramon -> Kurisarimon -> Infermon -> Diaboromon -> Armageddemon
Signature: Bug Blaster
Inherited: Destruction Cannon I; Guard Break

@FoolsErin - Wigfrid (Don't Starve)
Armadillomon -> Ankylomon -> MagnaAngemon -> Seraphimon
Signature: Rolling Stone
Inherited: Grand Rock I; Shock

@FoolsErin - ???

@GearBlade654 - Dismas (Darkest Dungeon)
PawnChessmon (White) [?] -> KnightChessmon (White) -> BishopChessmon (White) -> KingChessmon
Signature: Pawn Charge
Inherited: Heaven's Thunder I; Attack Break

@GinkyGotBack - Johnny Test (Johnny Test)
Agumon -> Numemon -> Etemon -> MetalEtemon
Signature: Pepper Breath
Inherited: Heavy Strike I; Attack Charge

@Huawei - ???
PlatinumNumemon (reserved)

@Infuriated Infant - ???
Cherubimon (Vice)

@Illiyasviel Von Einzbern - ???
BlitzGreymon +> Omnimon Alter-S (reserved)

@Illiyasviel Von Einzbern - ???
CresGarurumon +> Omnimon Alter-S (reserved)

@Jeef_jones - Kyr Fiore (Thrilling Intent)
ToyAgumon -> Clockmon -> Datamon -> GroundLocomon
Signature: Block Punch
Inherited: Power Energy I; Burst Flame I

@Jeremiah - The Pale Lady (Pokemon OC)
Palmon -> Numemon -> Lilamon -> Lilithmon
Signature: Sleep Spore
Inherited: Crescent Leaf I; Anti-Poison

@June Verles - Arthur Boyle (Fire Force)
Kotemon -> Gladimon -> Knightmon -> Crusadermon
Signature: Fire Men
Inherited: Awesome Quake I; Acceleration Boost

@ManyFaces - ???
Piedmon (reserved)

@ManyFaces - ???

@L3n - Charlotte La Bouff (Princess & The Frog)
Palmon -> Witchmon -> Angewomon -> Venusmon
Signature: Sleep Spore
Inherited: Crescent Leaf I; Anti-Poison

@L3n - ???

@Laix_Lake - ???
HiAndromon (reserved)

@QizPizza - Jack Atlas (Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's)
Vorvomon -> Larvoromon -> LavoGaritamon -> VolcanicDramon
Signature: Petit Flame
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Comet Hammer I

@marc122 - ???
ShineGreymon -> ShineGreymon Burst Mode (reserved)

@Necessity4Fun - Wray Arth Devanport (OC)
Elecmon -> Aegiomon -> Aegiochusmon -> Jupitermon
Signature: Lightning Knife
Inherited: Heaven's Thunder; Ripping Net

@Necessity4Fun - Zenith (Pokemon OC)
Salamon -> Gaogamon -> Taomon -> Bancholeomon
Signature: Puppy Howling
Inherited: Holy Light I; Heal

@Nightwisher - Wickerbottom (Don't Starve)
Tsukaimon -> Witchmon -> Wisemon -> Belphemon: Sleep Mode -> Belphemon: Rage Mode
Signature: Purple Fog
Inherited: Nightmare I; Attack Break

@Nightwisher - Avan (Pokemon OC)
PicoDevimon -> Stingmon -> SkullSatamon -> GranDracumon
Signature: Pico Darts
Inherited: Panic Wisp; Attack Break

@PolikShadowbliss - Sarah Kinkle (OC)
SnowAgumon -> IceDevimon -> Gigadramon -> DORUgoramon
Signature: Little Blizzard
Inherited: Ice Archery I; Power Energy I

@PolikShadowbliss - Bob the Pikachu (Pokemon OC)
BlackAgumon -> Greymon (Blue) -> SkullGreymon -> Craniummon
Signature: Pepper Breath
Inherited: Wolkenpalm I; Guard Charge

@Sayo-Nara - Lana (Pokemon OC)
PicoDevimon -> Bakemon -> Pumpmon -> NoblePumpkinmon
Signature: Pico Darts
Inherited: Panic Wisp; Attack Break

@Scatterbrain - Mercus Seligman (Front Mission)
Hagurumon -> Mechanorimon -> Bulbmon -> Cannondramon
Signature: Darkness Gear
Inherited: Nanomachine Break I; Heaven's Thunder I

@SheepKing - Duck (Princess Tutu)
Lalamon -> Sunflowmon -> Lilamon -> Lotusmon
Signature: Sing a Song
Inherited: Venom Trap; Anti-Poison

@SmallPopTart - Eric the Thyplosion (Pokemon OC)
Lunamon -> Lekismon -> Crescemon -> Dianamon
Signature: Tearing Shot
Inherited: Heal; Idle Bubble

@SmallPopTart - Grey (Havoc Fox)
Kudamon -> Starmon -> Digitamamon -> Imperialdramon Black
Signature: Blinding Ray
Inherited: Saint Knuckle I; Holy Light I

@thatguyinthestore - Jesse Pinkman (Breaking Bad)
Chuumon [?]-> Dogmon -> Cerberumon -> Beelzebumon -> Beelzebumon: Blast Mode (reserved)
Signature: Crunchy Munchy
Inherited: Nightmare I; Mental Break

@thatguyinthestore - John Marston (Red Dead Redemption)
Biyomon [?] -> Revolmon -> Pandamon -> BanchoLeomon -> Marsmon
Signature: Double Fire
Inherited: Sonic Void I; Mental Charge

@Topless - Parasoul (Skullgirls)
Dracomon -> Coredramon (Blue) -> Wingdramon -> Slayerdramon +> Examon
Signature: Tail Smash
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Heavy Strike I

@Topless - Umbrella (Skullgirls)
Dracomon -> Coredramon (Green) -> Groundramon -> Breakdramon +> Examon
Signature: Baby Breath
Inherited: Wolkenapalm I; Heavy Strike I

@Veradana - Hotaru Fujioka (Persona OC)
Lunamon -> Lekismon -> Crescemon -> Cherubimon (Virtue)
Signature: Luna Claw
Inherited: Heal; Idle Bubble

@Zamasu - Maggie (Pokemon OC)
PawnChessmon (Black) -> KnightChessmon (Black) -> RookChessmon (Black) -> QueenChessmon
Signature: Pawn Penetrate
Inherited: Nanomachine Break I; Attack Charge

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Raptor Shapeshifter

Related image

Sarah Kinkle

Age: 18

Sex: Female

Race: Human(?)

Personality: Cold and methodical, Sarah has a closed persona and might not be the type to hang out with.

History: Unknown. She just appeared one day at the MPF with a note in her hand and has since been hanging around the Cape, occasionally going on missions, but most of the time training and interacting with the individuals.

Distinguishing Feature(s): Half her face has been burnt to a crisp, if anyone were to ask her how she got the burn, she will spin some tale of getting the burns while on a mission. But the tale differs with each retelling.

Skills and Powers: Healing Factor, Conjure Familiar, Cryomancy.

Blend in appearance: A nondescript human female with no distinguishing features.

Nakano or Ikeburno: Nakano.

SnowAgumon b

Digimon Template

Name: Unknown.

Species: SnowAgumon

Type: Vaccine

Stage: Rookie

Signature Moves:

  • Little Blizzard: Spews a tiny snowstorm out of its mouth.

Image result for icedevimon deviantart


Type: Champion

Type: Vaccine

Signature Move: Surprise me Dear Sir



Type: Ultra

Type: Vaccine

SIgnature Move: Surprise me Dear Sir


Type: Vaccine.

Type: Mega

Signature Move: Surprise me Dear Sir.

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Name: Daxter
Age: ???/18
Canon: Jak and Daxter Series
Powers & Abilities: https://jakanddaxter.fandom.com/wiki/Daxter
Brief History:https://jakanddaxter.fandom.com/wiki/Daxter

Blend-in Appearance:
(Human form blend in, ottsel form normal)

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

Other Information: Daxter can change forms from his regular form to his ottsel form, he can also hack anything from ships and regular items.



Age: 19


Canon: Jak and Daxter Series

Powers & Abilities: Jak

Equipment:Jak ((Mar’s armor, Morph gun that changes to 12 guns))

Brief History:Jak

Blend-in Appearance: No change

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

Other Information:Jak is an eco channeler. He can absorb living energy and use it as a form of energy.

Digimon Template

Name: Plotmon
Type: Rookie
Species: Holy type Vaccine/Data
Puppy Howling
パピーハウリングPapī HauringuPuppy Howl/Puppy HowlingProduces a high-pitched cry that paralyzes the opponent.
Petit Punch
プチパンチPuchi PanchiPetty Punch/Petit PunchStrikes the enemy with its front paws.
Sledge Dash
スレッジダッシュSurejji DasshuSledge CrashRuns ahead and tackles the enemy with a headbutt.
Happy Paw
ハピーポーHapī Pō Fires a beam of holy energy.

Species: Vaccine
Type: Child
  • Lightning Paw[13] (ネコパンチ Neko Punch?, lit. "Cat Punch"): Uses its long claws and attacks the opponent.
  • Cat's Eye Hypnotism[14] (Cat's Eye): Manipulates the opponent with a piercing glare, causing the opponent to attack themselves.

Species: Demon Beast

  • Lightning Paw[6] (ネコパンチ Neko Punch?, lit. "Cat Punch"): Uses its large claws to slice up the enemy.
  • Lightning Kick (ネコキック Neko Kick?, lit. "Cat Kick"): Quickly kicks an enemy.
  • Cat's Eyes[7] (Cat's Eye): A glimmer from its eyes charms the enemy.
  • Cat Tail: Uses its cute tail to slap the enemy.
  • Dangerous Love (Danger Love): A dangerous charm to take control.

Name: Eco

Species: Ladydevimon

Type: Virus

Stage: Ultimate


  • Darkness Wave[9]: Releases countless creatures of darkness similar to bats which burn the opponent to cinders.
  • Darkness Wave[10] (Poison, Fra: "Poison")[11][12]: Sprays poison smoke on the opponent, which uses Dark Energy to reverse the phase of their own powers and obliterate them from within. This technique is more complete the more powerful the opponent is.
  • Black Wing[13] (Darkness Spear): Transforms its left hand into a long sharp spike and impales the opponent.

Name: Calm

Species: Angemon



Stage: Ultimate


    • Celestial Arrow[12] (Holy Arrow): Shoots a holy arrow made of thunder whose powerful lightning-strike is also known as "Heaven's Punishment".
    • Heaven's Charm: Crushes the opponent with a deadly cross of holy light which is packed with beauty and affection, and demonstrates its strongest efficacy against the evil powers of Digimon. In Digimon World Data Squad, this technique whispers like an angel and lures the enemy to sleep.
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Raptor Shapeshifter

Name: Bob
Race: Pokemon - Pikachu
Sex: Male
Age: 10
Canon: Pokemon- Original Character
Powers and Abilities: Mostly electric based attacks such as thundershock and basically everything Pikachu can do, he can do, obviously.
History: The first Pokemon captured by the trainer Roma Allen. This Pikachu has since been christened Bob, a simple name, and has been traveling with his Trainer ever since for ten years. He and his trainer has since developed a genuine friendly relationship due to his trainers rather unique ability to understand Pokespeak.
Blend-In Appearance: None.
Nakano or Ikrburno: Ikrburno


BlackAgumon b

Name: Blackon

Race: BlackAgumon

Type: Virus

Signature Moves:
  • Pepper Breath (Baby Flame): Spits flame breath from its mouth to attack the opponent.​

Image result for greymon blue


Type: Virus

Class: Champion

Signature Move: Surprise me!

Image result for skullgreymon


Type: Virus

Class: Ultimate

Signature Move: Surprise me


Type: Virus

Class: Mega

Signature Move: Suprise me!​
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The revolution will not be televised.

Name: Saburo Kusanagi

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Canon: Original Character (Multiversal, his universe of origin is Yugioh 5Ds like Spectre)

Powers & Abilities: Psychic Duelist (He doesn't fight with cards like Spectre, it might have different effects in this verse due to the digital world being computer coding like the holographic Duel Monsters, he might have some limited effect whilst in there such as mild psychokinesis due to coding rewrites. At best he might be able to move a log but the strain mentally would cause a nosebleed.)

Equipment: D3 Digivice: D-3_(Kari)_(Ultimate)_t.png

Duel Runner

(A form of transport used for Dueling in his home timeline, he uses it as a normal motorcycle in the Multiverse. It comes from 4 centuries into the future of his timeline and has time-travel capabilities through a relative dimensional stabilizer that warps space-time by bending it similar in principle to a gravity drive. However, due to the repair jobs Saburo made to it to get it functional, it has lost this ability. He stole it after the police of his world acquired it and tried to reverse-engineer it's technology, he took it to prevent a discovery from damaging the timeline, believing that humanity at large wasn't ready for the technology.)

Brief History: A newer entry to the Multiversal Alliance, his home universe is the same as Spectre's although the two haven't met. Abandoning his Duel Disk since he couldn't access the network where his cards were stored, he relies on the telekinetic aspects of his powers to fight and some of his training. A quiet man trying to find a new home now that his old one is considered unviable, he intends to permanently live in whatever new universe he finds himself in, to make a fresh start. Having belonged to the Arcadia Movement, a cult for people with his powers back home. He was contacted by the alliance due to them discovering about his time-travelling machine and their intent to use it. He arrived with it but has since hidden it to prevent access, taking it into the Digimon Universe with him.

Blend-in Appearance: No Change.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro.

Name: Coco

Species: Keramon

Type: Virus

Evolution Chain: Keramon

Stage: Rookie.

Signature moves:
  • Bug Blaster: Spews out an exceptionally destructive bullet of light while laughing.
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Blessed boi
Name: Kyr Fiore

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Canon: Thrilling intent

Powers & Abilities: Kyr

Equipment: Kyr, Great sword not mentioned

Brief History: Kyr

Blend-in Appearance: No Change

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Name: Blocky

Species: ToyAgumon

Type: Vaccine

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves: Block Punch:Punches the enemy, sometimes causing a pillar of fire.

  • 1570926295224.png
    Name: Paul

    Species: Clockmon

    Type: Data

    Stage: Champion

    Signature moves: Chrono Breaker:Wears away its foe's bodies by stopping time.
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Huh, I wonder what to do next...?

Name: Wray Arth Davenport
Gender: Male
Age: Fourteen
Canon: OC

General Appearance:
Light brown hair that has an odd tendency of curling itself in the ends wherever its longer than a short cut. He thinks it's cute, his dad isn't as thrilled. Often wearing it with a tiny ponytail and hairpins because they help keep it out of the way when he's working.
All of the pockets and pouches possible because one can never know when they find something they'd like to take home and tinker with. Boots have fluffs on the top. Might be dirty with soot, grease and/or rust dust way too often. Slender, teeny and with soft features, can be easily mistaken for a female. 5' 2' and still waiting for that puberty growth-spurt. Casual-formal dressing style.

Personality: An adventurous and easily excitable boy, Wray loves tinkering with devices, breaking them apart and combining those loose parts into new devices with new functions, though they're nothing that big, better described as mechanical toys more than anything. He'll sometimes go into very loooong technology tangents that don't seem to have an end in sight, almost randomly due to how passionate he is about the subject. Incredibly curious and willing to learn, Wray loves hearing about new things and feels rather accomplished for getting things done properly, wanting to be told that he's done a good job by the others as well.
Having spent too much time with machines and junk, and due to his rather odd tendencies, the little inventory boy lacks inter-personal relationships and would really love some, as long as they don't get too bothered about his passion for technology. Wray Isn't too sure about how friendships work and might freeze and become unresponsive in tough situations due to not knowing how to proceed, he's however, always willing to help, as long as it's something that he can actually do.

(Writer notes: Suspected of having some form of undiagnosed highly-functional autism; Fixation on a subject that border obsession; Odd behaviors: Tinkering and inventing impulses, wish to see anything of technological from very very close, placing his cheeks against metallic materials to feel the cold temperature, between other ticks...)

Electricity Generation: Inventor boy is basically a living battery and able to deliver electric shocks on his own, in a lot more dangerous voltages than the gauntlets were able to. It unnerves him a lot given the still lacking control that he has over them.

Stun Gauntlets: Put together from several scraps and parts of broken devices, Wray built these metallic gloves with copper wiring and coils in the palms, also rubber insulation in the inside so the user doesn't get harmed, that used to able to harness the energy from a battery to deliver a low voltage shock to whatever they were touching, doubling as both a way to kick-start devices and a taser-like weapon.
With the appearance of his powers, however, the initial design had to be defined, rubber insulation removed and circuits re-drawn, now thought-out to be a more of a resistor, wearing-off the electrical input Wray himself is putting on the device while he's wearing them for more focused, less-lethal shocks. He still manages to fry the thing once in a while, having to replace the wiring with certain frequency.

Tool-kit: Stored into one of the many pouches attached to his belt, it is a mix composed of several screwdrivers, wrenches and rolled up copper wiring as well as some loose circuit parts, nothing too big though. Very useful for tinkering, disassembling and inventing on the go!

History: Born in the world of Reocopia, --a primarily Steampunk-organized society--, in what would technically be our England, Wray is the only son of a typical office worker, whose wife never truly executed the role of a mom for being an adventurer and, as she herself would put it, 'responding to the call of the wind' more than anything. She left as soon as she could steer a flying ship again. This is probably why Wray's father tries not to give the boy's inventive and creative tendencies much attention, as if it would discourage him from following in his mom's footsteps and leave too.
Whatever it is, Wray has always been determined to follow the path of engineering even without approval, spending most of his free time in a half-town over junkyard or in the make-shift workshop he's put up inside the garage, hiding his tools and projects from his dad when he was home and at times secretly skipping class, saving on food to pay for trolley tickets to the large urban center and lurk at new invention exhibitions and/or ship races to watch cooler, bigger machines in action. His only goal in life used to be striving to work as an actual engineer someday, probably one of the larger corporations like the Hexagon Corporation, but then something very curious happened.

Suddenly, Wray found himself being chosen for some kind of prophecy together with characters he had never seen! To solve a magical problem! And his world was collapsing with a different one, a fantasy one... With the marking of the prophecy also came his ability to build electricity and shock stuff which, Wray wasn't too thrilled about at first, given that he ended up accidentally tasing a thief that had assaulted him in an alleyway and almost had a heart attack himself, but he's starting to adapt to better accommodate said powers. The adventure continues, but that doesn't mean it can't get an intromission chapter of sorts...

Blend-in Appearance: No Change


Other: Wray is read with a 'v' sound [Vray].

  • Name: Arclight

    Species: Elecmon

    Type: Data

    Stage: Rookie

    Signature moves: Lighting Knife
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The Banished One

Name: Claudia Ambralia Divia

Age: 11,759

Gender: Female

Canon: Battleborn

Powers & Abilities: Here

Equipment: Staff of Radiance, explained above

Brief History: Here

Blend-in Appearance: Mostly the same, just not as pale, and minus the metallic 'plates' that compose the Jennerit Sustained

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Part 2: Digimon Template

  • Name: Betamon

    Species: Amphibian

    Type: Virus

    Stage: Rookie

    Signature moves:
    Dengeki Biririn - Discharges an electric current emitted from its body that is over a million volts, striking the opponent


  • 1570926658674.png

    Name: Fluffington The Mighty
    Age: 14/15
    Gender: Female
    Canon: Pokemon OC
    Powers & Abilities: A specialty trained luckily bred Eevee, her stats are way outside normal limits. She has the Absolute Maximum Defense and Special Defense of a Shuckle, and the HP of a Blissey, Fluffington the Mighty is a walking Tank, capable of withstanding Battles with Legendary's, only for them to Struggle themselves to defeat. On the opposite end of the Spectrum, the absolute focus has left her with no Attacking power to speak of, and is more like getting hit with a pillow if she were to Tackle someone. Her speed isn't anything special.

    HP: 714
    Defense: 614
    Sp Attack:5
    Sp Defense: 614
    Move List: Rest, Helping Hand, Charm, Swagger, Covet, Growl, Tackle, Tail Whip, Sand Attack, Baby-Doll Eyes, Refresh, Protect, Double Team, and Attract.
    She can use Extreme Evoboost and Veevee Volley, but has never had a good enough bond with another to do so.

    Equipment: Fluffington the Mighty carries a satchel chocked full of Lum berries, and a Focus Sash Wrapped around her neck in a bow.

    Brief History: Fluffington the Mighty was born with a shimmering silver coat among a pack of otherwise normal Eevees. Seeing as her coat was very attention drawing, they abandoned her by the river, which she inevitably fell in and was carried downstream to the coast several miles away. Then she was taken in by a gym of Fighting Types who beat to death trained with any normal type they could lock up convince to join them. Three Years passed, with this baby Eevee being beaten training constantly, until a freak storm came in the middle of the night, washing the gym and everyone in it out to sea with no other survivors.
    Fluffington the Mighty washed up on the shore of a Mysterious island and befriended a group of Pokemon Mercenaries, who's adventures led them to battle Legends and Myths over the course of 10 years. Eventually they came across a being who could control the passage and fabric of Time itself. A long battle commenced, and there was a mighty Roar, Fluffington The Mighty took the blow for her comrades, and in a horrid twist of luck or fate, vanished.

    Ikebukuro, Moving on.
    Other Information: Due to her brain using so little oxygen, Fluffington The Mighty can hold her breath for up to 12 hours. Also, she is an absolute idiot.

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Huh, I wonder what to do next...?

🌙 aiaaaaaaaaa🌙

(Lv. 25)​
Pokémon OC​
Main Moves
Baby-Doll Eyes​
Confuse Ray​
Quick Attack​
Has a chance of synchronizing suffered status conditions (poison, burn or paralysis) with the attacker​
Keen [+], Adamant [+], Attentive [+], Faithful [+],
Stubborn [/], Boastful [/], Compassionate [/], Prankish [/],
Rough [-], Grouchy [-], Clinging [-], Rebellious [-].​

Used to dealing with a rather hesitant, quiet and introvert of a trainer, Zenith has fallen into the habit of watching for body language and micro-expressions on the people around him, being always one to remain alert and ready to action if it comes to such. He's often able to tell when others might have some hidden bad intentions or a just shy, apprehensive and react accordingly from there. Accustomed to being read to, reading with and generally always being surrounded by books and writing, this Umbreon has learned to identify a couple of letters and even small words from daily-life signs. It doesn't mean that Zenith can read, but he has memorized the exact shapes and what normally comes after them, he memorized the patterns. Seeing the same word in a more stylized font will make it a lot harder, or just outright impossible for this mon to 'read' it.

Not one back down or give up easily, Zenith has the tendency of deciding on something never letting go, letting his temper speak louder and persisting on endeavors that are not really worth it or were pointless from the start. While that makes this Umbreon incredibly persisting and loyal, it also makes it annoyingly difficult to convince to move on, even more, due to its habit of throwing mini-tantrums and staying mad at others. A trickster at heart, Zenith will sometimes trick other people and mons, sneak around them for a surprise or hide their belongings playing a hot or cold game with the owner, always delightfully laughing as other try to follow the instructions and get to the destination. It usually does so when it is bored, on a playful mood or wanting attention.

Ill-mannered and temperamental, Zenith hisses at strangers, bumps on other mons when it's jealous and has rather painful and rough ways to displaying affection. With love bites, for example. Hating being told what to do, this prideful pokemon will only listen to someone he respects and on the lack of it, solely choose to act when and how he wants to. Despite his isolationist and tough habits, Zenith is a compassionate one, yearning for recognition, love and attention just like any other pokemon, becoming possessive of his trainer, jealous of others and incredibly moody when ignored for too long. If one can get over how complicated to deal with Zenith is though and earn his trust, you'll have a partner for life and a pokemon willing to fight for you with its life.
Inspired by the stories of travellers and television, Kaipo Anakoni, despite a jumpy, indecisive personality, wanted to try his own hand at the wonderful journey that was being a pokemon trainer! With very idealized expectations, the boy had began the adventure alongside his pet Eevee and made a couple new allies on the way. The road was harsh, the progress was slow, but believing it to be worth it, the team pressed on and on... Until adulthood crossed the corner announcing the end of a childhood's dream.

The once dreamy teenager, now blunt and having lost his bright spirit though it was better to go back, settle somewhere peaceful and start over, dedicating himself full-time to his other hobby: writing. Accepting life's defeat and not wanting to make the pokemon stick by if they weren't going to be fighting anymore, Kaipo released them, to have their own lives, find better trainers. Some felt like it was fair, others were a bit upset, and then there was Zenith. Already an Umbreon at the time, Zenith refused to move, stomping its front paws in anger and complaining loudly about the decision. Since none of two seemed to yield, the Umbreon eventually decided to pretend to accept the freedom, only to sneak in-between the shadows of trees and follow it's owner back home. After three times of the exact same dance, the young man gave up. Zenith got to stay as a pet pokemon and the two remained inseparable ever since.

Kaipo Anakoni became a well-known children book's writer, with a knack for having talking pokemon as either the main protagonist or to aid them in their quest. Zenith would always be nearby, curiously looking his owner's writing, playing outside, curling up on the writer's lap for a nap and even hiding the feather pen whenever it was bored. There were a couple of fights and conflict of interests of course, but once the disputes were settled there was no doubt that the pair was more than just owner and pokemon, they were true friends to each other.

...Which is why when Zenith came back from a stroll and found the house locked, he was thoroughly confused. And understandably frustrated. Was the writer trying to get rid of him again?? Honestly, he thought they were over that! Walking heavily, the Umbreon made his way to the window and jumped to glance inside the house. ...There was no one sitting by the table. Odd. Still, the stubborn pokemon did not give up, laying down in front of the door to make sure that whenever Kaipo returned he'd see the Umbreon there. With a slashing tail, Zenith laid there, waiting. Day became night, and the moon was up in the sky, yet he still waited and waited annnnd waited. When the morning was born anew, bird pokemon sang loudly welcoming a new day and there was still no sign of his owner... Something was wrong. Now, back-tracking to places the pair would often visit, Zenith is wandering through the town in search for his suddenly missing owner.
-Abilities (Moveset)-


Heavily based on deceit. Lots of intimidating (Growl), distracting (Sand Attack, Confuse Ray), charming moves (Tail Whip, Baby-Doll Eyes) that come sometimes alongside actual attacks, with the possibility of stealing possessed objects (Covet) and/or opportunism (Feint Attack, Assurance). He also rather favors speedy, close-ranged attacks (Quick Attack, Tackle), sometimes with the intention of punishing a potential escape (Pursuit). Capable of boosting someone else's attack with Helping Hand.



-Theme Song-


Name: Slobber

Species: Salamon

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves: Puppy Howling

Species: Gaogamon

Stage: Champion

Signature moves: Gaoga Hound

Species: Taomon

Stage: Ultimate

Signature moves: Bonhitsusen and Rajas

Species: Bancho Leomon

Stage: Mega

Signature moves: Otokogi and Burn Bancho Punch
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"War is hell, and I'm the Devil!"
Name: Keri

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Canon: Pokemon (OC)

Powers & Abilities:
Keri can feel and manipulate the flow of Aura, or life force, around them. She can create projectiles (Aura Sphere) with enough destructive force to demolish cliffsides, and carries enough physical strength to chop through industrial grade steel, using Aura to enhance her strength. Using her own special brand of Zandatsu ("Cut and Take"), and a katana made from her own Aura, she can also take the Aura from fallen foes. She can also move at speeds faster than humans can see without powers, and is even capable of short bursts of air time using her Aura. Lastly, she can even raise the attack, defense, or even heal her allies through a pulse of Aura. However, this comes at a price. Aura is life force, and she stores it within her. Too much Aura, and she may lose control, going feral or straight up expelling the Aura in an explosion. Too little Aura, and she will begin to suffer symptoms such as muscle atrophy, listlessness, and lethargy, and can even fall unconscious, or even die.

Keri can manipulate, tolerate, and thrive in high and even low temperatures due to her innate ability as a hybrid Lucario-Braixen. Most of this is standard for fire-types, which allows her to deal serious damage. With this, however, comes the risk that at high temperatures Keri can overheat. She can also harm herself if she overheats, burning her internal organs.

Equipment: A cooled bag and a few pokemon berries. These can do anything from heal wounds when consumed to cure ailments such as temporary confusion, unconsciousness, and temporary paralysis, and even act as powerful antidotes. This, and her branch, through which she can cast her magic and send signals with fire.

Brief History: Born a human girl in the Unova region, Keri died on her sixteenth birthday, when she went on a cruise with her family to the Kalo region. Enroute, they encountered a storm, which destroyed the boat. Reincarnated in the afterlife by the legendary pokemon Palkia and Dialga, Keri would awake to find herself comforting Eric, who had clinically died for a few seconds. Afterwards, she would find Sir Aaron's Lucario, who trained her for a period until Palkia and Dialga resurrected her as a favor to Eric, who they still owed.

Not long after, she was involved in an accident, where she attempted to evolve through brute force. She was partially successful, but gained the appearance and abilities of a Braixen in total, giving her an odd look, as well as granting her the ability to create fire, and altering her personality somewhat.

Now, she awakes here, in Nakano, not sure what's going on....

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano sounds nice

Other Information: Bruh

Name: Rena. Neither her, nor Keri, would be good at names.

Species: Renamon

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves: Diamond Storm - Renamon fires a barrages of sharpened leaves at their opponent.

Digivolution line:
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Not Quiznos

Candidate AJ-6387-1724

NAME: Jack Atlas
NICKNAMES: Master of Faster, Sultan of Speed, The Duel King
OCCUPATION: Professional Turbo Duelist

AGE: 20
RACE: Human
CANON: Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds (With Elements of Manga and Arc-V Variants)

HEIGHT: 173 cm
WEIGHT: 72 kg

Jack Atlas is a fair skinned man with purple eyes and spiked blond hair. His hair has two strands beside his face that go down to his chest. He commonly wears a white and purple trench coat over a V-neck shirt with a grey shirt underneath. He also wears a studded neckband, "A" shaped earrings, and a buckle with an "A" on it. His Turbo Duel suit consists of a white jumpsuit with knee pads, elbow pads, and pauldrons, along with strips of studded material running up his legs to his shoulders.

BIOGRAPHY: (Wiki Link)
Jack Atlas grew up as a lone wolf orphan until he met Yusei Fudo and Crow Hogan, his best friends. As teenagers, the three formed The Enforcers with Kalen Kessler to conquer all of the Satellite gang zones, before dissolving because of Kalin. Jack was eventually approached by Lazar on behalf of Rex Goodwin to become the "King of New Domino City". All Jack had to do was steal Yusei's Duel Runner and Stardust Dragon. Jack accepted and took one of Yusei's friends hostage in order to escape with Stardust and the Duel Runner. In New Domino, Jack became a Turbo Dueling champion, adored by the public and widely know as the best duelist in the city.

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Name: Lana

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Canon: Pokemon (OC)

She has a combination of regular moves from Pokémon such as Ember, Psybeam, Flamethrower, and psyshock and she also has multiple attacks from the game Pokken Tournament meaning she can use the stick in her tail as a flying broomstick like a witch.

She is a very upbeat and energetic Braixen who always wants to have fun. She also loves to stir up trouble at times. This is all a facade though to hide how she truly feels and acts. She truly feels useless and powerless when it comes to protecting people. She tries hard to forget her past and somewhat succeeds in doing it.

Short Bio:
Lana was originally a human who was brought into the Pokémon word by Mew which led to the events of Pokémon Super Mystery dungeon. However, she is from an alternate timeline where she fails to stop the world from being destroyed and she is sent to another universe so that she must forever live with the thought that she failed to do her duty and caused entire world to end.

Nakano or Ikebukuro: Nakano

Other info:
Pokegang Pokegang


Name: Pico Devimon

Species: Pico Devimon

Type: Small Devil

Rank: Rookie

Signature move: Pico Darts- Throws syringes filled with viruses at the opponent.


Name: Bakemon

Species: Bakemon

Type: Ghost

Rank: Champion

Signature move: Hell’s Hand- A giant decaying hand extends from out of its cloak to attack the enemy.
Name: Pumpmon (I’m bad at names...)

Species: Pumpmon

Type: Puppet

Rank: Ultimate

Signature move: Trick or Treat- Manifests a giant pumpkin in the air to squash the opponent with.

Name: Benedict the third

Species: NoblePumpkinmon

Type: Puppet

Rank: Mega

Signature move: Trick or Treat Wallace- Creates a giant pumpkin bomb that appears in the air and blows away the surrounding area.

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You're Still Our One-Up Boy!

"Yeah, science!"

Jesse Pinkman




Powers & Abilities
He can cook meth and shoot things.

Pistol and some weed, yo.

Brief History

There's a lot to cover here, but he'll be taken from season two of Breaking Bad.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?
Nakono, bitch.

Other Information:

"Yeah, bitch!"

June Verles

Look at big boy forehead over here
Name: Arthur Boyle

Age: Male

Gender: 17

Canon: Fire Force

Powers & Abilities: Here

Equipment: Excalibur and the fire brigade uniform.

Brief History: Here

Blend-in Appearance: He's a human so nothing different really

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

Part 2: Digimon Template

  • 1570942310176.png
    Name: Kotemon

    Species: Nature Spirits/Dragon's Roar

    Stage: Rookie

    Signature moves:
    Fire Men : Imbues the bamboo sword with flame energy and strikes the head of the enemy.
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You're Still Our One-Up Boy!

"Some trees die, others flourish. Some cattle grow strong, others are taken by wolves. Some men are born rich and dumb enough to enjoy their lives. Ain't nothing fair."

John Marston




~~Powers & Abilities~~

  • Deadeye Targeting: John focuses enough for his perception of time to slow down significantly to the point where bullets can be perceived flying through mid-air and can even be dodged. John can still move somewhat faster in Deadeye mode, though, and his handling of weapons is significantly boosted in terms of accuracy and fire rate. Hearing and vision is somewhat impaired as John cannot hear dialogue and is limited to a sepia-esque vision, respectively. However, this is made up for by allowing him to see fatal regions (i.e the head, heart, and lungs) that his foes possess- both animals and humans alike- where a blow would instantly (or fatally wound) his victim.​

  • Eagle Eye - A variant of Deadeye that can be initiated out of combat, John will be able to spot animal tracks and scents alongside notable plants, the former showing up as a line colored depending on his prey's status (blue for healthy, blue-red for wounded, and red for dead) whilst the latter emit dust particles. Focusing on an animal track allows John to follow it even outside of Eagle Eye. More importantly, however, is the ability to potentially spot points of interest, highlighted with golden dust particles emitting from their origin. Finally, John can also see his own scent, allowing him to flank around to a position where his prey would not be able to detect him. Like Deadeye, all these perks are utilized in a slowed perception of time.​

  • Fast Reflexes - With or without Deadeye, John is shown to possess an exceptional reaction speed throughout Red Dead Redemption I and II. Duels that seem to end in the blink of an eye can actually seem like a couple of seconds for John. His draw is arguably the fastest in the West, as he can duel and win against "famous" gunslingers of the past. This doesn't just apply to duels, either- John can also predict an enemy's CQC attack and either block their punches​

  • Weapons Proficiency - John is competent with most, if not all, of the weapons of his era. From the clunky, "lever-action" style Volcanic Pistol to the semiautomatic style of the Mauser Pistol to even weapons like a Rolling Block Rifle, John is able to easily fire and reload each weapon with the deadliness of a true gunslinger. This is especially emphasized when he is dual-wielding: John can easily use a single-action Cattleman Revolver in each hand (or even wield two different sidearms simultaneously!) whilst not being affected in terms of accuracy nor reload speed. To bolster this, his familiarity with weapons increases whilst using them over time- John will be able to reload his weapon even faster and more accurately deliver his shots with practice. His competence does not have to be relegated to bullet weapons, either- he is equally deadly with a bow and throwable items such as a fire bottle, dynamite, or tomahawks. or simply dodge it.​

Hand-to-Hand Combat - Bolstering his Fast Reflexes is his ability to utilize different fighting styles. Between being able to get himself out of a chokehold or a foe's tackle to performing said actions on his enemies is an important trait. Regardless of physical health, John can almost always defeat a normal human or even brawler in close-quarters whilst unarmed. Even colossal menaces generally cannot withstand his brawling abilities.

  • Outdoorsman Skills - With the help of Eagle Eye, John can track and hunt even the most fearsome animals. After killing an apex predator or anything below on the food chain, John is also familiar with skinning animals and getting a good-quality pelt alongside meat. When not hunting, John can also choose to properly camp out and craft items such as miracle tonics and cooked foods over a fire. He also has a proficiency in handling horses, and can swim fairly well while wearing his less-than-waterproof equipment and attire.​

  • Cattleman Revolver - Owned by John Marston, this Cattleman Revolver features a black steel frame and a custom bone grip, both of which show significant signs of wear. This weapon has an ammo capacity of six rounds and can use Regular, High Velocity, Split Point, Express and Explosive revolver ammo.​

  • Hunting Knife - Owned by John Marston, this sturdy hunting knife combines a deadly clip-point blade with a narrow wooden handle. It is slightly smaller than the default Hunting Knife, although it performs just the same.​

Brief History

Everything here until the "Events of Red Dead Redemption" section, as John will be taken from between the events of Red Dead Redemption I and II.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?

Other Information
This hasn't happened yet.


  • Name: Parasoul Renoir

    Age: 25

    Gender: Female

    Canon: Skullgirls

    Powers & Abilities: Click Here

    Equipment: Krieg, as explained in the link. Also, she has a Luger.

    Brief History: Click Here

    Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

    • Name: Eroberung (German for "conquest")

      Species: Dracomon

      Signature Moves: Tail Smash



You're Still Our One-Up Boy!
Jesse's Digimon CS

  • Name



    Signature moves
    Crunchy Munchy
    - Munches on the enemy with its huge front teeth.

    • Portals of Darkness - Opens a "Hell Gate" engraved in the earth, then casts the opponent through it to the jet-black Dark Area.​
    • Emerald Blaze - Spews a red-hot jet of flames​

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Still Learning

云 / YUNN
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A Very Good Boy

Name: Johnathan Xavier "Johnny" Test

Age: 11

Gender: Boy

Canon: Johnny Test

Powers & Abilities: Powerless, but sometimes is given superpowers by his genius sisters.

Equipment: Digital watch

Brief History: He's got a head of fiery hair and a turbocharged back, his genius sisters use him like a lab rat. He's got a neat freak dad at home and a super busy mom, and the boy's best friend is a talking dog.

Three extreme teens and an air-breathing shark
Mega-action, game controller, skating in the park
Pherome booster, Bling-Bling Boy, what does one make of all this?
Put simply, this is the life of a boy named Johnny Test.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: I don't fucking know. Nakano, I guess.

Other Information: He's played Tiny'mon before, so this Digimon stuff should be a piece of cake.



Species: Agumon

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves: Pepper Breath

Digivole into: Numemon (Champion) -> Sukamon (Champion) -> Etemon (Ultimate) -> MetalEtemon (Mega)
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Engineer Of The Deep

  • Name: Tenshi Hinanawi

    Age: Unconfirmed in canon, at least 100+

    Gender: Female


    Powers & Abilities:
    Earth Manipulation - Exactly as it says on the tin, Tenshi is essentially able to control the Earth itself, at least as far as structure and actual circumstance goes. Canonically, she has created an earthquake with this power, though she usually tries to use this power to prevent the damage done to the Earth, though that's easier said than done when the damage that can be done is often irreversible.​

    Sword of Hisou - A weapon, a sword that is said to appear to its owner whenever battle is assumed, and it has a formless ability where it is able to essentially 'fall' out of the blade shape it has. A weapon that can only be wielded by Celestials, this sword allows for temporary power-ups, sealing away power (dependant on the current weather's strength), and lets the wielder also identify one's spirit at any time.​

    Brief History: Catch (link - click me). How she got 'into' this mess? The resident engineer ended up accidentally making a device that transports people into it, and from there, they essentially get thrown around cyberspace. Tenshi, in particular, ended up in this one - a world of digital monsters.

    Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

    Other Information: Though she may have appeared in Eye of the Falls prior, she's not going to remember any of the events or people that appeared there. So in other words - this is my countermeasure against the non-canon event she was in. (EDIT: Turns out they canonically escaped. Ignore this.)
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And don't you dare go hollow....

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You're Still Our One-Up Boy!
John Marston's Digimon CS

  • Name



    Signature Moves
    Double Fire
    - Shoots two simultaneous spirals of ethereal flame.


Ruler of sleep and wool
"Will you please dance with me?"

Name: Duck/Princess Tutu

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Canon: Princess Tutu

Powers & Abilities:

Princess Tutu:
In the blink of an eye Duck goes from a stumbling and clumsy girl into a beautiful ballerina given the name of Princess Tutu. In this form Duck gains a variety of abilities including the following:

-Sick ballet skills
-Walking on water
-Waltz of the flowers: She can summon a field of flowers that can break any fall
-Increased agility
-Increase of persuasion and empathy skills: Nothing too powerful or even all that noticeable
-Disguise: Unless explicitly stated by Duck herself it's impossible for people to figure out that she's Tutu despite their similar appearances.

Pacifist: Tutu under no circumstances would even think to harm another even if it costs the girl her own safety. She also has no offensive capabilities overall.
Confession: If she confesses her love for Mytho, a prince who lost his memories, Duck with turn into a speck of light and cease to exist.


Duck is actually not a human, she's a duck who got turned into a girl. If she happens to let out a quack or take off the red pendant she immediately returns to her true form. In this state she can't talk, dance, or even fly. Luckily if Duck ends up like this all she has to do is sprinkle a little water on herself to transform back. Unluckily if she doesn't have the pendant in the first place this cure won't work.

Pendant: A magical gem that allows Duck to stay in her human form while also letting her transform into Princess TuTu.

Fan: A fan strong enough to block the blows of a sword

Brief History:
I'm pretty tired right now so here's a very basic blurb from the Wiki, she's referred to as Ahriu here but I'll be going by her Dub name in the actual Role Play.

"Ahiru was an ordinary yellow duckling until she saw the prince dancing on the lake and saw how lonely he looked. Hearing her desire to bring him happiness, Drosselmeyer gifted her a pendant which gave her the ability to transform into a human girl and Princess Tutu. If Ahiru removes the pendant or quacks, she transforms back into a duck and must touch water while wearing the pendant to return to her human form.

Eventually, she is able to harness the power of pendant to turn into Princess Tutu so that she can save Mytho. Due to this, she becomes a part of Drosselmeyer's story and will turn into a speck of light and vanish if she confesses her love to Mytho. Nonetheless, Ahiru continues with her quest to save Mytho by helping to collect his missing heart shards"

Here's also the actual link if you don't care about spoilers for an anime made seventeen years ago.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Other Information:
Duck originates from a German village called Gold Crown Town where she also attends a school for ballet.

Name: Mr. Sprouts

Species: Lalamon

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves:
Sing a Song: Sings a soothing lullaby in a calming voice that puts the enemy to sleep

Name: Mr. Flower

Species: Sunflowmon


Signature moves:
Sunshine Beam: Fires a beam of sunlight from its petals

Name: Mr. Flower is a Miss Flower!?

Species: Lilamon

Stage: Ultimate

Signature moves:
Un Deux Pollen: Dances gracefully, scattering lovely-smelling pollen to bewitch the opponent
Lila Shower: Fires multiple beams from its leaf-like fingers

Name: Lady Lotus

Species: Lotusmon

Stage: Ultimate

Signature moves:
Serpent Cure: Fires a white aura from the caduceus it carries in its left hand which governs recovery.
Seven's Fantasia: Fires a rainbow-colored aura from the seven-colored flowered staff it carries in its right hand, luring its opponents into a world of euphoric fantasies and causing them to completely lose their fighting spirit.
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