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And don't you dare go hollow....
[div style="background:url(https://st2.depositphotos.com/4157421/9895/v/950/depositphotos_98953064-stock-illustration-seamless-pattern-with-handwriting-text.jpg);max-width:100%;max-height:100%;border:4px solid #000000;margin:auto;padding:10px;line-height:1;text-align:center;"][div style="opacity:1.0;background:black;line-height:1.5;width:55%;border:3px double #5CBAEE;margin:auto;padding:10px;text-align:justify;max-height:100%;overflow:auto;"]

Name: Avan

Age: 16 (level 20)

Gender: Female

Canon: Pokémon OC

Powers & Abilities:
Pursuit, Assurance, Moonlight, and Foul Play

Equipment: N/A

Brief History: Born of a litter of three, Avan spent most of her time training under her mother and father, alongside her siblings. She was the smallest of the litter, and thus learned how to be quick over being strong. Despite that, she still packs quite a punch. Her brother, Avery, left home first, joining a guild and falling in love with a beautiful Mightyena named Peyton. The longer Avery spent with the guild, and with Peyton, the less effort he made into visiting home. Avan once took it upon herself to visit her brother, to find him battered and bruised. With a little digging, Avan found out that Peyton had grown to be abusive toward her brother. She begged for Avery to leave the guild, or Peyton at least, but her brother refused. Months later, Avery was killed during one of Peyton's fits.

Avan's sister Avielle left home soon after Avery had to join beauty contests and never returned home.

While the litter was still young, their mother died of an unknown illness, leaving them under the care of their father. While strict in some cases, their father was incredibly kind and loving and treated them all very well. Their mother had been the love of his life, and he had loved his children with all of his heart. After the death of Avery, their father grew ill with grief and died months later -- leaving Avan alone.

The young Umbreon, not wanting to stay where she'd grown up after losing so much, decided to travel instead. As of now, Avan wanders around the Regions, telling stories and making quick friends with most all Pokemon she meets.

Avan cannot stand humans. She is quick to attack, and it takes a lot for them to get onto her good side. However, as long as a human proves to be decent, and kind, they can get onto her good side.
Her patience with Pokemon is much great. Avan likes to be around Pokemon that are fun and make the world seem a little less dull. However, if a Pokemon proves to be mean, or anything at all like Peyton, Avan shuns them and refuses to give them any chance at friendship or even civil discussion.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Other Information: She's shiny

  • Name: Grimm

    Species: PicoDevimon

    Stage: Rookie

    Signature moves: Pico Darts
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Grey_v2 resize.png

Name: Grey

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Canon: Havoc Fox

Powers & Abilities:

Energy Visor: Grey is capable of materializing a visor over his eyes made out of clear blue energy. Though it doesn't seem very useful on its own, he can use it for his other abilities!

Swordmaster: Grey can generate a sword from his visor. He is quite the capable swordsman and can even twirl his blade around after it's left his grasp!

Blaster: Like with his sword, Grey is able to create energy blasts that he can fire at a modest rate. If he fires a series of three blasts, the third will always be powered-up, becoming bigger and dealing more damage.

Shield: Grey passively charges a hidden energy reserve as he goes about his business, battling or not. When full, Grey can generate a bubble-shaped impenetrable shield around him, rendering the fox invulnerable to ALL physical harm for a short while. Unfortunately, this effect fades away quickly and takes some time to recharge. It is often best used as a last resort when he's backed into a corner with no way out.

Equipment: N/A

Brief History:

The continent of Vanalia was once a peaceful place, a home to many and a land no one would have ever thought would fall into ruin. Their ruler, once kind and understanding, inexplicably fell to insanity, casting a shadow of tyranny over the continent, all while he blamed those under him for his suffering. And so the land itself became a menace to its own citizens, and they, with no choice but to follow the new rule, were forced into a foreign world without prosperity...

Some time later, Grey had woken up in a strange place known as Moonlit Cove. He was a blank slate; he had no memories, no name, no past... no identity. A strange blast rocked the horizon before he could reflect on his situation too deeply. There was no time to dawdle, and so, he began his trek onwards. Allies such as Fortuna, the panther who had given Grey his name and the one who had pulled him along on this journey, were met and many enemies were fought. After defeating one of the king's elite, Dyvex, and freeing him from his ruler's mind control inside the virtual world of Fortuna's favorite video game, the liberated guard transported Grey through a hole in the ground for the next step in his quest. But in the darkness, the abomination had come, and Grey was pulled into this new, unfamiliar world of digital monsters...

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

Other Information: Nope! (Support Havoc Fox! HOME | HavocFox)

  • Kudamon2.jpg

    Name: Kudamon

    Species: Kudamon

    Stage: Rookie

    Signature moves: Choose for me!


is the important Question

Black Lagoon
In short she is a troubled, loud, easily bored, battle hardened, battle hungry, sarcastic, rude, deadly, very competitive, cynical, confident, aggressive, and extremely ill-tempered nihilist with a dark sense of humor. Revy is undiplomatic, believing in the use of brute force and coercion to get her way. Of all the characters in the series, Revy uses the foulest language and is also a heavy smoker and drinker. Revy is merciless and sadistic, and is more than capable of killing anyone, even unarmed civilians. Despite her merciless nature, she's also capable of showing humor and can be quite a talker when she isn't angry. Revy is a merciless and sadistic killer, without a conscience, who will be more than ready to kill anyone at the slightest provocation, even unarmed civilians (as demonstrated in episode 6), and she kills in cold-blood as seen in OVA # 3, when she murders a wounded FARC soldier after promising him to take him to a hospital in exchange for finding Roberta's location. She takes maniacal glee in killing anyone she fights or just for fun. She also has very little remorse for her enemies and many times have often stepped on male enemies' crotches for fun to show them how weak they are. However, she looks at it as doing them a favor as she believes any man would love a "sexy" woman such as her to "abuse" them. Whilst appearing to be driven by general blood-lust, it is shown throughout the series that Revy subconsciously uses violence as a dysfunctional coping mechanism and outlet for her deeply repressed emotional and psychological issues. An example of this is when becoming uneasy at accepting both Rock and Benny into the Lagoon company, Revy vents her trust issues by becoming particularly unpredictable during missions and getting what Dutch nicknames "Whitman Fever", going on indiscriminate shooting rampages and executing hostiles and innocent bystanders alike.


Despite being human Revy is an excellent gunfighter. She is more than capable of wiping out hordes of enemies without breakin a sweat. She is proficient with any and all firearms and is able to perform espionage as well as apply brute force where necessary.


Her weapons of choice are a pair of modified Beretta 92F’s; which are made out of stainless steel and had their barrels extended from 4.9" to 5.9" each (the 5.9" is the combat MOD barrel) and are threaded to be able to accept muzzle breaks, suppressors, compensators, etc.. They are engraved with "9mm Sword Cutlass" on both sides, as well as the Jolly Roger of the infamous pirate Calico Jack (which is also inlaid into the ivory grips), and a manufacture inscription in Thai. Due to her ambidextrous marksmanship skills, she is nicknamed "Two Hands" by the denizens of Roanapur.

She is also bringing along two MP5 SMGs as a backup.



Other info:
She is a chronic drinker and smoker. She smells like a pub.


Name: Guile


Stage: Rookie

Signature moves: Pyro Sphere (pretty self explanatory)

Name: laurence

Species: Tankmon

Stage: Champion

Signature moves: Hyper cannon (fires a big missile from the main cannon)

Name: Gregg

Species: Tankdramon

Stage: Ultimate

Signature moves: Striver cannon (blasts mini nuke and levels everything in 30km) and Blast Gatling (burst of gatling gun fire approx 3600 rounds)

Name: Big man Tim

Species: Gundramon


Signature moves: Gewalt Schwärmer (you like bullets? Here's a load of bullets)/ Der Blitz (concentrates fire on the vital spots of a target)/ Plazenkreuz( basically the Tone takedown from Titanfall 2 where it pins you to the ground and sprays you point blank)

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Akiko Tamotsu

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Name: Helena

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Canon: OC

Powers & Abilities: Manipulate musical Notes

Equipment: A Flowers Crown That holds her weapons

Brief History: She lives with her grandmother after her parents died in a car accident, Her childhood wasn't easy or happy, after her parents, her school mates called her "Demon Child" in fact she was a human being but cuz her grandfather and father are demons, that hurt her so much, When she becomes 15 years old while she is browsing internet her Laptop screen glows after it Renamon appeared, this is how they met.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Other Information: Anything that can't be listed up there?

Digimon Template

Name: Renamon

Species: One-tailed Fox

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves: Throws sharpened leaves at the opponent.
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pale lady transparent.png

Name: The Pale Lady

Age: Unknown

Gender: Female

Canon: Pokémon OC

Powers & Abilities: As is natural for a Gardevoir, The Pale Lady can levitate as effortlessly as it can walk, in addition to extrasensory futuresight, and the unique ability to read the hearts of men. As a psychic-type Pokémon, she can wield a variety of telekinetic powers, ranging from tossing objects at her foes or blasting them with pure telekinetic energy, to rudimentary teleportation and hypnosis. As a fairy-type Pokémon, she can wield a variety of supportive moves which can heal wounds, cure various afflictions, or protect against damage, in addition to attacks which can debilitate foes or drain their life-force. And, strangely enough, The Pale Lady appears to hold the incredible ability to maintain her Mega Evolution without the need for a Mega Stone.

Equipment: Just two black pearl earrings which hang from thin threads of gold. Attempts to damage them prove fruitless.

Brief History: A common Hoenn folktale tells the story of a Pokémon trainer named Leda. Leda lived with her family on a remote island filled to bursting with wild Pokémon, and at a young age, she was blessed with the presence of a Ralts with pale blue hair. Living secluded from the rest of the world, Leda hadn't the luxury of picking her friends, so she quickly made one of the curious Ralts, naming her Swan. Leda and Swan would grow up on the island together, fearlessly venturing further and further away from home and getting into fights with the other local Pokémon, despite the wishes of Leda's parents.

As Leda grew into a young woman, and Swan into a bright-eyed Kirlia, tensions between Leda and her parents would steadily rise, and strain her bond with Swan, before escalating to a violent shouting match between Leda and her father. Packing all her things, Leda stormed off the island wanting to escape from what she had come to see as her prison, leaving her parents; and Swan; behind. The intense burst of negative emotion launched Swan into her final evolution, with her broken heart manifesting as a horn split in twain. She had matured into a Gardevoir visibly aged by her trauma; crow's feet and dark bags under her eyes always glossed-over. Even her pale blue hair had begun to grey at the root. In spite of her broken bond, Swan pledged herself to Leda's parents instead, and happily helped where she could as they grew ill into their old age, before they finally passed one stormy night. With great sadness, but even greater reverence, Swan brought them both to the beach and granted them both the burial at sea they deserved.

For years, Swan lived in contented solitude on the island, always tending to the home of the family which had taken her in as their own, but the hole in her heart only continued to grow. Restful nights turned to nights of weeping, and days spent toiling to keep her home spotless became days spent pleading Leda to one day return and make her heart whole.

Although legends are just that, the island in question does exist, as does the house. It remains uninhabited, however, as
travelers seeking either the legend or the land have reported various hauntings across the island. Hearing voices not unlike those common for a psychic Pokémon while inside the reportedly decrepit "house" from the legend, in addition to a woman's voice wailing long into the night. Some even claim to have seen the silhouette of a shiny Mega Gardevoir wandering the island at night, glimmering under a full moon's light, matching Swan's description perfectly. Some versions of the legend say the sight of a weeping Gardevoir brings bad luck, while others claim the souls of Leda's parents protect the island from evil with stormy waters, while modern cinema has taken to naming her "The Pale Lady" but at the end of the day it's all silly superstition.


Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

  • Name: Lian

    Species: Palmon

    Signature move:

    Sleep Spore - Palmon shakes its petals, which releases spores that can put Digimon to sleep.


Shooting Star Asuka

Drunk Gaming Demon
Images and Digimon tba

  • Name: Seto Kaiba

    Age: 18-19

    Gender: Male

    Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters

    Powers & Abilities: While Kaiba himself has no powers physically, he has a strong connection to the phareo Atem, and the Millennium Items.

    Equipment: Currently just a Digivice

    Brief History: Kaiba originated from Earth, and was a business owner of Kaiba Corp. Kaiba had recently came to Kowloon due to hearing rumors of a tournament of some kind involving virtual monsters. Kaiba, being one to always try and be the best, had entered the world it took place in.

    After showing up, he met a strange being who gave him an app of some sort, and later on, he had been attacked by a saurian like creature. However, thanks to the help of a stranger and a strange creature of his own, Kaiba managed to befriend the creature, before the two fought off a gang of thieves who tried to steal his digivice. Kaiba is currently going with the stranger, now known as Mikazuki, to meet with the person who gave him the digivice.

    Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Small apartment in Nanako


One Thousand Club

Name: Dismas

Age: I'd guess Dismas is in his late 30s. 37 perhaps?

Gender: Male

Canon: Darkest Dungeon

Powers & Abilities: Dismas has above average agility-he can dodge attacks a little faster than normal and moves faster than others.
Also is harder to knock out than an average person-not impossible, just a bit harder.

Equipment: Highwayman
Besides the flintlock pistol/knife and reinforced overcoat, Dismas carries grapeshot as well as regular ammo for his flintlock.

Brief History:

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Other Information: Dismas is a reputed cheat at gambling on his home world.
Also. Dismas runs on a stress system. I will represent this with a bar out of 200 respective to his home game. The bar goes up if Dismas witnesses bad events and down if Dismas witnesses good events.
Once the bar hits 100, Dismas will react differently. There is a 75% chance that Dismas will be Afflicted and become one of seven afflictions-Fearful, Paranoid, Masochistic, Abusive, Selfish, Hopeless, and Irrational.
However, there is a 25% chance that Dismas will be Virtuous and become one of five virtues-Stalwart, Courageous, Focused, Powerful, and Vigorous.
Once Virtuous, Dismas's stress resets to 40/200, but if Afflicted his stress stays at 100/200. If Dismas hits 200 stress while Afflicted, he will suffer a heart attack and go into a near death state. If Dismas was already about to die (up to the GM), he instantly dies.
If Dismas hits 200 stress while Virtuous, he loses the virtue but his stress resets to 0/200.



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(Drawn by Milkamel on Pokefarm Q!)

Name: Eric “Fiamatta” the Typhlosion

Age: 19, physically 16

Gender: Male

Canon: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon OC

Powers & Abilities:

Fire Manipulation: Eric is able to create and manipulate fire. He can shoot blasts of flame, create constructs, and shape his blazes into anything he desires, such as swords or even clones. These flames are not natural and cannot be extinguished by normal means, only through other Pokémon moves or anything classifiable as magic.

Electricity Manipulation: Basically the same as his Fire Manipulation, just with lightning. Has just as many potential applications.

Enhanced Attributes: Eric’s gotten a boost since his Enter the Cosmos days! In strength, speed, agility, durability, and other traits, he is slightly above peak human level. In addition, at his elemental attacks’ most powerful, he can reach small building level (not withstanding the previous drawbacks of nearly killing himself at full power, of course). Wall level attacks are now a breeze!

Speed Boost: Through Quick Attack, Eric can move at speeds up to 150 km/h, with short bursts of up to 500 km/h! However, this is very taxing on his energy, and he cannot use it often unless he wants to exhaust himself quickly.

Nonexistence: Eric may have a physical form, but he does not actually exist. Accidentally erased from existence by Palkia and Dialga, Eric cannot be affected by alterations to or anything related to time, space, reality, and etc., including but not limited to: stopping time, visions of the future (which he will not appear in), having his physical appearance changed through reality or space manipulation, and more. The tradeoff? Using any powers like these around him causes him great pain and CAN send him into shock. He can move in the stopped time, yes, but man does it hurt!

Equipment: A magically enchanted, fireproof vest, scarf, and necktie! They’re quite difficult to destroy, but don’t offer much actual protection.

Brief History:

“If I told you I was a human once, would you believe me?”

Once a human from this Earth- the one YOU are on right now- Eric was called to the Pokémon world in order to guide a little Riolu through saving the world. Together, he and his partner prevented millions of Pokémon from meeting with a horrible fate. But that was not the end of his journey. An argument between Palkia and Dialga, the legendaries with dominion over time and space, pulled Eric off of his world and thrusted him across the multiverse, also removing him from reality itself and nearly killing him. Now, after dozens of adventures, he’s been lead to the MPF and now here...

...will I ever find peace?

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Other Information: typing this on a phone is causing me physical pain


Name: Lunamon

Species: Lunamon

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves: Choose for me!

Lunamon - Wikimon - The #1 Digimon wiki (Still don’t know how this works, but it’s gonna follow the ‘regular line,’ or Lunamon —> Lekismon —> Crescemon —> Dianamon)​


Glory be to Horde Prime!



Klei has only given the ages of Wilson, Maxwell, and Willow


Don't Starve/ Don't Starve Together




Sturdy- Wigfrid can dish out more effective hits with her spear and take more hits than the average joe.

Reinvigorating- Thanks to extreme dedication to her stage role as a Valkyrie, combat feels sanity-giving, nigh healing to her.


Battle Helmet- Extremely sturdy even for a costume piece. Is an adequate helmet.

Battle Spear- Pretty sharp even for a prop. Is a very adequate weapon.

4 Raw Meat- Fresh, raw meat taken from....somewhere. Don't question it.


Warriors' Diet- Wigfrid is absolutely insistent on only eating meat and animal products.

More likely to be insane and hungry- Wigfrid has a lower maximum hunger and sanity meter than other Don't Starve characters.


Wigfrid's personality is somewhat a lie. It's more the personality of her titular valkyrie role rather than her own. Nevertheless, Wigfrid acts with great confidence and valor, viewing battles as glorious times to slay foul beasts and enemies.

Brief History

Wigfrid was brought to the constant much like the other survivors by Maxwell. Little is known about her life before this event, but it is said she cultivated her strength and valkyrie persona over the course of multiple years.

Nakano or Ikebukuro

Ikebukuro (woo don't starve ganggggg)


"A test öf my incredible acting!"

"All the wörld's a stage. För me!"

why yes i did take my old sheet from eye of the falls and change a few key things

valkyrimon should've been mine ;((((((

  • 1571013454288.png
    Name: Plate
    Species: Armadillomon
    Stage: Rookie
    Signature Moves: Surprise me!



Glory be to Horde Prime!
I’m not sure if it’s too late because I’ve already made a character, but could I have a duo spot? I don’t think I’ll bring my OC in this roleplay, but there’s another canon character I’d like to play.
Name: Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch

Age: 3,560,358,00007546786357764677665566655776557766566...

Canon: Classified
Gender: Benedict

Powers/Abilities: In Benedict’s universe, he is all-powerful, using said power and access to a secret organization called “Them” to defeat his greatest enemy.

Equipment: Benedict uses a military-grade pistol, along with other equipment from “Them” and his penguin assistant Josh.

Brief History: Sir Benedict Cucumberpatch is quite the interesting fellow, his backstory is shrouded in mystery, so don’t even try. But what we do know is that he serves as a (Redacted) for a top secret organization called “Them” and his primary goal as of late is to destroy “Him”.....you know who 🤫

Nakano or Ikebukuro: Ikebukuro

Rookie: 1571068903776.jpeg
Name: Candmon (Aka Wilfred)
Signature Moves: Surprise Me dear Sir

Name: Numemon (Aka Awful)
Signature moves: Surprise me dear Sir

Name: Fantomon (Aka Benedict the Second)
Signature Moves: Surprise me dear Sir

Name: Reapermon (Aka Benedict the Second)
Signature Moves: Surprise me Dear Sir

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If you're on the cast list, you're good to go guys!

Requests for duos are overfilled, all requests for duos after this post will be ignored unless we go back to 9/10.


Name: Hotaru Fujioka

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Canon: Persona OC

Appearance: Hotaru has sharp, narrow eyes, and she often gets mistaken for glaring at people. She has a narrow face with high cheekbones. She’s 5’9” tall, and has an average build. Her black hair is naturally curly, but every school she’s been to has made her straighten it, so it’s become habit for her to do so every morning regardless of where she’s going. Her casual-wear is very plain.

Personality: Hotaru often feels as if she doesn’t have a goal in life, not excelling academically or holding an interest in any particular subject. Around others, she’s quiet and on edge, never knowing what the other person wants with her. She has a difficult time trusting others, especially her teachers; as far as she’s concerned, there’s no reason to believe that they have her best interests at heart. While she does hide it, it’s not hard to make her cry, and bullies have learnt to take advantage of her apparent spinelessness. If she were to fight back, the bullies would cry to the teacher, and she would take the blame for the whole situation. When at school, she tries to keep her head down and not attract attention. When she is around close friends, she seems more open and cheerful, able to relax around a small group of people

Powers & Abilities: Hotaru has the power of Persona: the power of the heart made manifest. Hotaru’s Persona takes the form of Erinyes, a winged figure with snakes entwined in its hair. Her Persona’s skills are mostly related to Support, and Scanning. She can scan the enemy to tell its weaknesses, skils, and abilities, although a full scan will take time. It also has access to Ice Magic Skills (Bufu/Mabufu -> Bufudyne/Mabufudyne), and general Physical Skills.

Equipment: When Hotaru does fight, she uses clawed-gauntlets as her personal weapon.

Brief History: Hotaru’s mother abandoned her and her dad when she was still a baby, and Hotaru has no memories of her mother. In her early years, Hotaru was partially taken care of by a housekeeper that her dad had hired, but once Hotaru started school, she was more able to stay at home by herself, and the housekeeper no longer works for the family. On occasion, she’ll joke that she has more memories of that woman than of her own mother, and that it took some convincing when she was especially young that the housekeeper wasn’t her mother. Really, Hotaru isn’t sure how she should feel about her mother, never having met her, but it’s hard for her to hold many positive emotions for someone who abandoned them and clearly hurt her dad so deeply.

Her dad rarely talks about the woman he married, only saying that his parents didn’t approve of the marriage, resulting in a falling-out between him and them. Hotaru and her dad have almost nothing to do with the extended Fujioka family. However, even with just the two of them, Hotaru has a good home life. She trusts her dad enough that she can go to him with most of her problems, but after a point, she stopped telling him about being bullied. All it does is worry him, and his complaints to the school have gotten no results.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

Other Information: She’s allergic to bee stings. She also takes medication to prevent seizures, so while she hasn’t had one in over a year, she still needs to be careful.

Part 2: Digimon Template

  • Name: Shouko

    Species: Lunamon

    Stage: Rookie

    Signature moves: Luna Claw: Scratches with claws filled with the power of darkness.


Shiroyama Rogers

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Name: Shiroyama Rogers

Age: 19 (Human age)

Gender: Female

Race: Witch

Canon: Original Character

Power & Abilities: Gemstone Magic, Healing magic and summoning spells. (Mostly comes from books)

Equipment: Grimoire and Sword.

Brief History:
She was raised by her father who was a wizard. He had passed the Grimoire down to her before he had died. She then proceeded to study it learning some spells but hasn’t completed it yet. A few years had passed after semi-studying her Grimoire when she had learned a summoning spell, when she combined into a part demon role giving her slit personality.

Nakano or Ikebukuro: Ikebukuro.

Digimon Friendo


Name: Tachi

Species: Damon Lord

Type: Virus

Stage: Mega

Signature Moves: Evil Inferno​
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Technically genderless, but people prefer to call it a "she".

Pokemon (OC)

Powers & Abilities:
Maggie's powers lies within the sphere on her chest known as the "Soul-Heart". It allows her to feel the emotions of other beings and absorb their life energy. Being part Steel, her body is extremely durable against any form of punishment, the only problem being that her Soul-Heart is the less durable, but this can be remedied by using a move (Defense Curl) that can increase her defense. For the Fairy part, she possesses a wide range of supporting moves that can heal others, grants protection from ailments, and altering the status of opponents. Of course, she is not a Magearna without her utterly devastating signature move, Fleur Cannon. Lastly, she can curl up into a ball.


Brief History:
Created by a scientist 500 years ago, made to be a gift of royalty. What happened during those 500 years has yet to be known, aside from losing her original colors. Come to the present in the Alola region, a new champion has been declared. Maggie would have been something beneficial in her trainer's journey if she wasn't relegated into nothing but a bragging rights reward.

She was often looked down by her peers and is treated nothing but a trophy on display. That did not stop her from being one of the strongest in rematches, making her peers take another view of her. Maybe she isn't as bad as a trophy. Maybe she is something than that. Perhaphs something extraordinary for a Mythical Pokemon. But who knows? She's got a lot to learn to become one of the best a trainer can have.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?:

Other Information:
She likes flowers.

  • Name: Sir Pawn

    Species: PawnChessmon (Black)

    Signature Move/s:
    Pawn Penetrate - Attacks with a furious charge that can penetrate anything.


One Thousand Club
[div=background:url('https://mcdn.wallpapersafari.com/medium/17/91/HuxQIX.jpg');background-size:cover;border:5px #1976d2 double;color: #000000;padding:5px;]

Nikias Télos (OC)

  • 1571172038253.png

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Cassandra Garrison

Name: Cassandra Garrison; Ms. Garrison

Age: 34

Gender: Female

Canon: Technically Megaman oc, but also can coin as original character.

Powers & Abilities: Cassandra Garrison is a rewnown programmer and engineer and has made countless contributions to the field of robotics. She is fluent in many commonly used and rarely used programming languages. Some of these include: Python, Java, Prolog, Lisp, Ruby on Rails, C++, and Swift. Her fluency in programming languages makes her an expert in developing the AI for the robots she makes.

[This list is not relevant to the roleplay, but it's a detail of Cassandra that is important to me, and i feel it's important to her character.]
  • Flight Man
  • DGN-001
  • Robot used for testing flying vehicles considered unstable, part time co-pilot.
  • Mantis Shrimp Man
  • DGN-002
  • Former combat robot, now used for small scale heavy duty jobs, kept around for sentimental purposes.
  • Haze Man
  • DGN-003
  • Search and rescue robot, used to investigate sites of natural disasters in search of survivors and missing people.
  • Gator Man
  • DGN-004
  • Wildlife and habitat conservation robot, kept stationed in a swamp protected by government officials, used to maintain habitat and ecosystem.
  • [?????]
  • [?????]
  • Bumble Man
  • DGN-005
  • Pollination and conservation robot, used to monitor and record vegetation of assigned areas and assess plant health.
1571188020926.png [incomplete illustration] Cybernetic Defense and Investigation Champions
  1. TREYE -Tank robot, made to endure most forces known to man, slow but effective
  2. BR1SK -Quick, close combat suited robot, used for confronting large scale felons and offenders.
  3. QUIVER -Flying, drone like robot, used to scour landscapes from above, mapping uncharted locations
  4. 4-SPEYEDER -Used for spying on small areas, very fast, good at manuevering, bad at defense, fragile compared to the others
  • GEARZ are very small, 2 inch tall robots. They are often kept in groups of 15-20. They are capable of many small tasks, including carrying considerably large objects (relative to their own size). They operate like a hive mind and will all focus on the same task. They can also be used to assist in combat, but conventionally are not used for strife purposes.

Equipment: Screw driver, screws, hammer, GEARZ (see list of Cassandra's robots), hammer, small bits of scrap metal, other various tools, pens and pencils. Her glasses are also self made. They operate similar to google glasses, but are much faster and are accommodated to Cassandras needs for her work.

Brief History: Cassandra is the daughter to Gerald Garrison, and brother of XavierGarrison. From a young age, she found fascination in technology. Upon finding work in robotics and programming, she remained mostly positive towards life. By age 25, she was making small military contracts, and making technology to revolutionize combat. Confident with the little life she had made for herself, she attempted to start a family. In the process however, she found she was infertile. Cassandra became devastated with her condition, and spiraled into a cynical, sour pessimist. It was at this time that she began studying AI coding more thoroughly and learned how to develop robots with almost human like personalities. She considers her creations to instead be her children.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

Other Information: While Cassandra is an original character, she could also be called a Megaman oc, due to her being the one who created most of my robot master ocs.

Digimon List
  • Species: Hagurumon
  • Stage: Rookie
  • Signature moves: Command Input - Curses the enemy with a special computer program.
  • Species: Guardromon
  • Stage: Champion
  • Signature moves: Grenade Destroyer- (Destruction Grenade): Fires whistling missiles from the retractable missile launchers in its forearms.
  • Species: Datamon
  • Stage: Ultimate
  • Signature moves: Digital Bomb (Plug Bomb) - Fires several computer viruses from his fingers, which can delete enemies.
  • Data Crusher (Nano Crush)
  • Species: Machinedramon
  • Stage: Mega
  • Signature moves: Catastrophe Day (Catastrophe D): Detonates itself in a large explosion.
  • Dragon Fire (Booster Claw): Drills its right arm into the opponent.
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Dismas's Digimon CS

Name: Spikes

Species: PawnChessmon

Stage: Rookie

Signature Move: Pawn Charge

Name: Reynauld

Species: KnightChessmon

Stage: Champion

Signature Move: Knight Lancer

Name: Lightning

Species: BishopChessmon

Stage: Ultimate

Signature Move: Bishop Laser

Name: The Big Man

Species: KingChessmon

Stage: Mega

Signature Move: King Stick


Glory be to Horde Prime!

"But if there's one thing I've learned in my line of work, it's when I've found you, I've found the story."

Luka Redgrave





Powers & Abilities
-A good enough sense of smell to be able to detect the scent of Bayonetta's perfume whilst she was in Purgatorio. (Or was she? I need to rewatch that scene.)
-Suspiciously good timing.
-One does not have a grappling hook with them if they don't know how to use it.
-It's mentioned in the games multiple times that he's a journalist, so....journalism?

-A grappling hook.
-His camera.
-His journal.
-A pair of glasses made from special glass allowing the wearer to see but not interact with things in Purgatorio.

Brief History

Wiki page!

Nakano or Ikebukuro

Other Info
Used to have an Inigo Montoya complex with the titular character of the series he's from.

Digimon information will be added later in the form of another reply!

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Name: Sterling Malory Archer

Age: 35

Gender: Male

Canon: Archer

Powers & Abilities: Sterling Archer

Equipment: Sterling Archer

Brief History: Sterling Archer

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Nakano

Other Information: "I am the perfect gentleman."

digimon cs now woooo


Name: Pokemon thing

Species: Slime

Stage: Fresh

Signature moves:
Kyouretsuna Doku wo Obita Awa (強烈な毒を帯びた泡? lit. "Venom-tinged Bubbles"): Spews venom-tinged bubbles.


Species: Lesser

Stage: In training

Signature moves:
Tackle: A powerful charge used against the opponent.


Species: Mammal

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves:
Gazimon Claw: Attacks with the claws of its hands.


Species: Ghost

Stage: Champion

Signature moves:
Scar Nail: Slashes with dirty filthy claws.

Skull Satamon

Species: Undead

Stage: Ultimate

Signature moves:
Nail Bone: Fires a powerful light from the jewel at the end of its staff, disrupting and obliterating the opponent's data.
Skull Hammer


Species: Perfect

Stage: Ultimate

Signature moves:
Catastrophe Cannon: Fires a blast of energy or a missile from the green sphere in its chest.
Page Fault: Rolls over and strikes enemies with the blades on its back.


Species: Unknown

Stage: Ultra

Signature moves:

Ruin Blast: Pours Gypt Particles inside a seized enemy's body through its tentacles, and causes an internal explosion.
Gypt Ryūshi Hou: Emits the Gypt Particles generated within its large wicked sphere to the entire surroundings, and if anyone touches them even slightly, they will spread throughout their entire body and completely erase them without leaving any data behind.
Copy: Quickly creates copies of itself or Digimon it has absorbed.



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Name: William "Maxwell" Carter (Maxwell The Great)

Age: In his 60s

Gender: Male

Canon: Don't Starve/Don't Starve Together

Powers & Abilities:
Shadow Summoning

Shadow Manipulation

Magician Skills (Some sleight of hand)

Mind Fracturing (Maxwell must fracture his sanity to summon shadows)

The Codex Umbra (A book that holds forbidden knowledge and dark magic)

Night Armor (Made of physical nightmare fuel and extremely durable it absorbs 95% of damage for him)

Dark Sword (An extremely deadly sanity draining blade made of nightmare fuel)

Telelocator (A staff with a purple gem embedded in it allowing teleportation of the self and others)

Dapper Cane (Allows user to move extremely fast)

Personality: Maxwell is very much defined by his dapper personality, seeing himself as a man of class and a gentleman. Though a select few people might call him 'slimey' in that his morals are quite gray. He is a man who desires the finest cigar and wine among the other finer things in life.
He can be quite callous with his words and judgemental, he's not afraid to be vocal with his complaints either.
While he does come off as pessimistic and sarcastic more often than not, on occasion he does show a softer side of which was a prominent feature before he was twisted by forbidden knowledge.

Brief History: In 1901, a tall and nervous British man named William Carter boarded a ship from London to the US, with hopes of pursuing a career as a magician in New York City. Three years later after his career appeared to be a flop and was in debt from unpaid props for his shows, William decided to move west to San Francisco, California. After his train crashed into a circus wagon, William went missing and was presumed to be dead. After escaping from the accident still alive, William discovers a book named Codex Umbra, which contained knowledge of powerful dark magic involving shadows. While he was deciphering what it read, his mind was opened up to new possibilities for magic. He took this new knowledge of magic and began to incorporate it into his magic shows, and went under the new stage name "The Amazing Maxwell".

After settling down with his newly found alter ego and knowledge, Maxwell met a woman named Charlie who applied to work as his assistant for his magic shows. Their magic shows appeared to be successful, creating very convincing acts using the knowledge Maxwell acquired from the book he discovered. Later in 1906, Charlie went to Maxwell's apartment after not hearing from him in a few days, but instead of finding Maxwell, she discovers his hidden "study room", with various symbols and incantations crudely scratched on the walls. Among these, the phrases "Enough", "It's them", and "Charlie" were also scratched on. She ran away terrified after seeing this, but came back to slide a letter under Maxwell's door acknowledging the room and suggesting that they take a break after their next big act.

Later that night, Maxwell and Charlie were to perform their big final act, wherein Maxwell would pull a shadow from the mysterious book. After making the book appear out of nowhere in his hands, Maxwell reached inside a page, but instead of pulling a shadow out, something inside of the book was pulling him in. After breaking free, a glimpse of the Shadow Watcher appears, the book turns to a blank page, and Maxwell and Charlie are grabbed by shadow hands and pulled into the realm of Them. It's unknown exactly what happened right after they were captured. Ultimately, Maxwell was put on the Nightmare Throne and would transform into the part-human, part-demon creature he is today, pulling people into the DS world. Charlie would become the monster of the night, killing unsuspecting people in the darkness.
However soon enough a survivor freed him from the throne and took his place as he turned to dust. However this lead to him resurrecting in the Constant and having to survive in the wilderness.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

Other Information:
Half Human/Half Demon

Can revert to more demonic appearance if riled enough

Quite Frail



Name: Fortunato

Species: Dracmon

Stage: Rookie

Signature moves:
Eye of Nightmare: Casts a spell from the evil eyes on the palms of its hands which causes those who look into it to have their hearts completely dominated by Dracmon.

Species: Devimon

Stage: Champion

Signature moves:
The Touch of Evil (Death Claw): Extends both of its extensible, elongated arms even further, and enforces its will on the opponent's body.

Species: Myotismon

Stage: Ultimate

Signature moves:
Nightmare Claw (Dead Scream): Sends out a black, ghost-like entity that turns the victim black and paralyzes them.
Nightmare Wave: Uses a special radio wave to lure the enemy to sleep.

Species: Piedmon

Stage: Mega

Signature moves:
Trump Sword: Teleports its four swords, causing them to skewer the opponent in the following instant.
Masks Square: Creates a field in which all communications can be read by it and allows it to teleport itself and its attacks anywhere at will.

Species: Apocalymon

Stage: Ultra

Signature moves:
Darkness Zone: Calls forth an infinite darkness. Anyone or anything caught in its wake is said to be consumed by the void and eventually reduced to nothing.

Reverse Digivolve (Death Evolution): Captures the opponent in its claws and forces them to degenerate.

Copied Attacks (Only one allowed per battle)

River of Power (Ultimate Stream): Transforms a claw into MetalSeadramon's head, which fires its River of Power. This technique symbolizes Apocalymon's "Friendship".

Crimson Lightning (Bloody Stream): Transforms a claw into Myotismon's upper body, which attacks with its Crimson Lightning. This technique symbolizes Apocalymon's "Love".

Giga Cannon (∞ Cannon): Transforms a claw into Machinedramon's upper body, which attacks with its Giga Cannon. This technique symbolizes Apocalymon's "Justice".

Death Claw: Transforms a claw into Devimon's arms, which attack with its The Touch of Evil.

Virus Grenades (Plug Bomb): Fires Datamon's Virus Grenades from every opening.


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[div style="background:url(https://i.ytimg.com/vi/_ETo8UPtHNQ/maxresdefault.jpg);background-size:cover;no-repeat;background-position: 50% 50%;"][div style="opacity:1.0;
background-image:url(https://image.freepik.com/free-photo/brown-concrete-wall-background_43665-111.jpg);background-size:120%;background-position: 110% 100%;width:55%;border:10px solid #310306;margin:auto;max-height:100%;"][div=flex:1;height:60vh;overflow-y:scroll;font-size:1em;padding:0.7em;text-color=#ffffff;][div=width:50px;margin:auto;border:8px solid #310306;]
Name: Sherlock Holmes (currently operating under the name, Sigerson)

Age: 47

Gender: Male

Canon: Elementary

Powers & Abilities:
Sherlock is supremely intelligent; his intelligence gives him great powers of observation and deduction. He would constantly note small details and could combine those details to make accurate, but sometimes bizarre, deductions. In "The Leviathan", he was able to find out the true identity of Le Chevalier, a master thief who was considered by some to be a myth, as he had never been caught or even seen. His skill was so great that he was recommended by Captain Gregson himself as the "finest investigator he'd ever known" to Canon Ebersole when their COO went missing.

Sherlock's intellect also gives him a rather accurate memory, which he practices constantly by watching several TV channels at once and repeating the lines of one each. An example of this was in "The Long Fuse", when he was able to recall what show said a certain phrase by recalling what was on the other six screens.

Sherlock also has an acute sense of smell. In "While You Were Sleeping", he was able to tell by smelling a chair at a murder scene, that the murderer was a seated woman, although no one else could smell anything on that chair. In "The Long Fuse" he used tennis balls to try to match the smell of a bombed office and ultimately succeeded in discovering the mixture.

Another useful skill that Sherlock is great at is psychological manipulation. He has been shown to be able to trick or intimidate people into doing what he wants, usually leading them into a trap. In "The Rat Race", he used this three times: once during the meeting with the Canon Ebersole executives when he was able to convince them to give him 12 times his normal rate, once when meeting Martin Rydell when he intimidated him into telling of his relationship with Peter Talbott, and once when held captive by Donna when he convinced her into writing a text to Joan from his phone, which she immediately knew was not from him and led to Donna's arrest.

Sherlock is also multilingual; he knows how to speak multiple different languages. In "The Rat Race", he was seen speaking Mandarin Chinese to a man on the phone. Also, in "One Way to Get Off", he spoke Russian to a Russian woman trapped in a man's basement. It was also implied in "Dirty Laundry" that he spoke, or at least understood, French and Farsi, as he heard men speaking both languages on a video and immediately called Captain Gregson after hearing what they said. It was confirmed in a later episode that he does in fact speak French when he spoke French to a man on the phone. He has also shown to be able to speak using several different accents, including an American accent and a New York accent. He's also been able to speak using a lisp.

Sherlock has also been shown to be rather skilled at lock-picking, which he also constantly practices through several different exercises, from picking padlocks to handcuffing his arms behind a chair. In "The Rat Race", he was able to pick the handcuffs that he was put in using just a paper clip.

Aside from lock-picking, Sherlock is also skilled at breaking through security systems in general. He's been shown practising getting past security systems in cars with his sponsor. His expertise at breaking through security systems was apparently so infamous that he was asked by the head at Casterly Rock Security to test how someone could break into a presumably impenetrable bank vault, although he was not able to do so.

Sherlock has demonstrated a skill in Martial Arts and unarmed combat. However, he seems to prefer using sneak attacks and whatever he can get his hands on to take down his opponents. When he confronted M, he subdued him with a baton. When Howard Enis went for a gun, he used a single stick to disarm and beat him. And he took down Donna Kaplan using her own taser.

It was revealed in "Dead Man's Switch" that Sherlock is ambidextrous, in that he favours both his left and right sides equally. Because of this, he is a rather skilled tattoo artist, as he has done many of the ones he currently has and occasionally touches them up


  • Collapsible Baton
  • Lockpicks
Brief History: Sherlock Holmes is a consulting detective for the NYPD's 11th Precinct and Scotland Yard. Born on January 6, 1972 to May and Morland Holmes, he had a brother, Mycroft. He has a brilliant, deductive mind and instantly notices slight details that escape most people's attention. He has an incredible memory for items that assist in criminal investigations but is ignorant of common knowledge, such as pop culture, and can be uncaring and rude. An expert on many subjects including chemistry and self-defence (which he practices on Bob), he uses a network of "Irregulars" in his investigations. He is a beekeeper, plays the violin and has a pet tortoise, Clyde.

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

Other Information:
The events of the RP take place during the three years Sherlock was believed dead.

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Sorry to say Scatterbrain Scatterbrain but the current number of duo spots have all been filled. You're gonna need to pick one of your characters or wait for a duo spot to open.

Still, I'm just glad someone finally picked the bees.

If you're going for Sherlock, remove Blast Evolution. Let's just say that Alphamon's gonna be important later on, so you can't pick Alphamon.


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[/nobr][div class=textbox][div=font-size:14px;]


"I will conquer it all with the power of my MIND!"

Name: Wilson Percival Higgsbury

Age: Mid-30s

Gender: Male


Powers & Abilities:

[/div]Adequacy in alchemy - Despite being a zany nutjob and an exclusively SELF-proclaimed 'gentleman scientist', Wilson is undoubtedly--at best--mediocre at his trade of choice.

Proficiency in medical science - In contrast to what the above implies, however, Wilson is not incompetent when dealing with all types of science. As his Revival perk in the Forge gamemode suggests, he does have a degree of proficiency in the art of non-magical healing, and can effectively administer first-aid to a fallen ally in the heat of battle.

Forbidden knowledge - Though its contents are thus far unknown, Wilson's bargain with Maxwell was far from a lie. In the end, despite being tricked into imprisonment in another dimension, Higgsbury did receive the knowledge he desired, which is implied to be the reason as to why he survived for so long.

Ultimate survivalist - Wilson is easily the deadliest, most resourceful, and probably the most unhinged survivalist of his time. When plucked away from the comfort of his home and into the unforgiving land of the macabre Constant, Higgsbury accomplished a feat few can boast - not only did he survive, but he singlehandedly dethroned his captor, Maxwell, and took his place on the Nightmare Throne. Though there isn't anything specific to go off of in regards to how long he was trapped within the realm, it can be estimated that it may have taken Wilson upwards of an in-Constant year to "escape", with innumerable deaths in between each attempt.

Magnificent beard - The Constant has had inexplicable effects on Wilson's biology, causing his facial hair to grow at a hyper-accelerated rate. As such, his beard can grow to knee-length in a little over two weeks.

Questionable sanity - But despite its many benefits, the Constant is inherently a hostile land, and the toll it has taken on Higgsbury's sanity cannot be underestimated. Though the hallucinogenic Shadow Creatures of the world have not followed him here, his mind continues to teeter on the breaking point, and few have lived to tell the tale of the mad scientist with a straight razor. Fortunately, he can replenish his sanity through a number of ways - for one, shaving his beard, eating pleasant foods, experiencing normal human interaction, doing science, and the list goes on.


[/div]The Mad Scientist Lab is a portable brewery for all things supernatural, used primarily by Wilson for his morbid experiments. With it, he has access to five unique concoctions, each with their own mystical effects, including:
[/div]The Flask of Sanguine Mixture, which will gradually heal the consumer's wounds;
[/div]The Dram of Psychic Fortitude, which soothes the consumer's mind and restores sanity;
[/div]The Brew of Phobic Abatement, which amplifies the consumer's courageousness and negates sanity loss from hostile creatures;
[/div]The Sulfuric Crystals of Saltpeter, a vial of combustible crystals which can be used as a potent explosive;
[/div]The Totally Normal Root, which will grow into an enormous, definitely NOT sentient tree with most certainly NOT burning eyes. Because it doesn't have any eyes, you see. Not that it would need them, because it's not alive. Obviously.

[/div]A makeshift straight razor, made from a twig, rope and a piece of sharpened flint. Its serrated edge makes it a bit impractical for safe shaving, but very practical for intimidation and self-defense.

Brief History:

Nakano or Ikebukuro?: Ikebukuro

Other Information: Beware the science puns.


Name: Harmon

Rookie Species: Lopmon

Signature Move: Tiny Twister (Causes a tiny tornado by spinning its ears like propellers.)

Champion Species: Wendimon

Signature Move: Howling Destroyer (Howls out a destructive soundwave.)

Ultimate Species: Andiramon

Signature Moves: Meditation Cure (Recovers damage taken in battle), Asipatranava (Transforms its arms into huge blades and spins to attack with them, or absorbs the enemy's data from a distance with its hands.)

Mega Species: Cherubimon (Vice)

Signature Moves: Final Judgement (Summons a huge thundercloud that rains lightning bolts on the enemy), Cherubi Hand (A black sphere is created in its hands that sucks in enemies.)
[/div][/div][div class=note]Seth's dialogue color: #00FFDD[/div]


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Sorry to say Scatterbrain Scatterbrain but the current number of duo spots have all been filled. You're gonna need to pick one of your characters or wait for a duo spot to open.

Still, I'm just glad someone finally picked the bees.

If you're going for Sherlock, remove Blast Evolution. Let's just say that Alphamon's gonna be important later on, so you can't pick Alphamon.
Apologies. I thought Duo meant a character with two Digimon not two characters. Can I leave both CS's here for the time being and give it some thought?

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