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Fandom Demon Slayer: New Sword OOC



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Just a quick update, I'd like to start the RP sometimes this weekend. I will lay out the starter and the setting of what is going on. You can check out the lore page for a general jist of whats going on. Most of the story will follow the anime just with a few twists, my current idea is the beginning of the final selection arc. So everyone can pretty much narrate how things turn out. Also no rush on the characters take your time!


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If yall think for a moment I don't have a plan into turning my kid into a demon to go through all that good angst

Then you're mistaken

I can turn em into a demon right?


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Just a heads up i'm still working on the Starter but for a quick reference. I will have all the main characters start just at the final selection Arc. This gives a chance for characters to get introduced, some complex situations, and self narrations for everyone to get started. Nothing to big and crazy, allows for people to have interactions if they'd like. Also any non demon slayer characters that anyone would like to play as are also welcomed. So later on when encountering any of the Twelve Demon moons (Which can be replaced if anyone makes any) can make the plot and fighting more interesting. As i will probably have difficulty playing as my own character and multiple demons. So if anyone would like to play as one whether it be canon or OC feel free!

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