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Fandom Dashing through the Lane

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I was laying on the floor, stomach first on the ground. I genuinely hate all of you. Can I go back home now where I don't have to deal with this? I'd like that more than getting dragged around by a child against my will. I remember where only one mouse was tormenting me daily and now I have to deal with multiple people? I can't get a break! Jerry climbed up my fur and sat on the top of my head. I looked up him with a tired expression and he smiled at me, patting me on the head. I couldn't tell if he was trying to comfort me or just being an asshole again and knowing him, it's probably the latter.
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*Fast forward after fight with X ending in a draw*

Artoria was feeling exhausted, and could hardly stand up as they got to the base. Tohka had to carry her over her back, and strangely enough, she didn't look weighed down from the older female's body weight or her armor.

Saber spoke first, yet she sounded sleepy. Who can blame her?
"Artoria... Pendragon *yawn*. King of.... *Snoozes off*"

Tohka would introduce herself, in an unusually cheery introduction.
"I'm Tohka Yatogami! I live with my best friend Shidou Itsuka, and I have an group of people after me because of my powers!"


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The red-haired commander grinned in response and bows.

"Pleased to meet you, Kobayashi-kun, Sato-kun. I am the Commander of Crimson Axis. That over there is the Commander of Azur Lane. Our factions have had history, but all is well. I certainly hope all is well for you two as well."

"Pendragon? That kind of Pendragon? I must be hearing things. She does look like our Prisoner..."

"All the Sirens looked like this group over here, one way or another," Z23 adds, "it's one of their oldest tricks ever."

"That is oddly specific," the red-haired commander responds to Tohka, "but it's always nice to see an upbeat girl such as yourself, even if the base will never a shortage of those..."

"Oyoyo? What's that?"
the blonde one says as she gazes upon what Hikaru held, peering over to look. "Is that... the HMS Neptune? Those blueprints... they never came into existence... Pray tell, did you find it?"

For the others, if they were to look behind, they would notice certain other girls - four to be exact - skidding across the waters and preparing to alight at the same area as the cast.

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“Oh,this?” Hikaru raised the torn blueprint up for the blonde commander to take a better look. “Well,it was halfway buried in the ground in a box. Katsuo and I dug it out and originally wanted to find the other remaining parts of the blueprint.”

“More like you dragged me along like you did for wanting to find out more about the different ingredients and recipes around the world....”

Katsuo muttered under his breath as he averted his gaze.

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"Nyeehee..." she examines it, approaching them both, "good stuff. You both are very good boys."

Ayanami unlocks the box she held, unveiling the other piece and handing it over. "I think this might be important..."

"Oyoyo, looks like it is complete, looks like the Sakura Empire can have very good girls as well," the blonde commander says as she loosely connects the two pieces, "She is a great vessel that never went beyond plans on paper. I wonder what she would look like as a KAN-SEN, but unfortunately, as it stands now, it's very impossible."

Meanwhile, the red-haired one nods, before turning to Ayanami and Z23 with a wink.



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“Say,I've been meaning to ask. That blueprint here,it isn't an instruction manual for manufacturing actual battleships right?” Hikaru asked,much to Katsuo chagrin and confusion.

“The hell are you only now Hikaru...?”



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She nods. "Indeed. These are the blueprints of a Light Cruiser that could've changed History. Where every piece goes and how they're placed, it's right here."



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Once more, things escaped Yuchino, and she decided to explore the boat. The way it rocked made her spine chill, but it made her heart flutter, too. Once she found her balance, rocking along with the boat was fun! It was like playing along the back of a big turtle! Wondering how harshly it could tip, she laid down, and herself roll around like a rolly-poly. Whee! The little redhead giggled softly to herself, wiggling on her back and tummy, until she decided that she had collected enough dirt in her hair.

When she got up, she was immediately blown away by the vistas. Pristine water was ordinary to her, but this was pristine water from a boat! Moments like this were impossible on foot! Vehicles were so fascinating...

Yuchino ran around the boat, seeing what the world looked like from all sides. As she neared the back, however, she took notice of four individuals coming their way.


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“The hell's that supposed to mean?” Katsuo asked,subtly annoyed at the indirect dialogue.

“What is the first thing that came in your mind when you saw the other girls escorting us here?”


Katsuo's blunt answer earned an unamused look from the younger boy.

“How did you not even notice the cruise armaments they're wearing being the real deal....?”



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"Nyeehee... You catch on fairly easily," the blonde one responds to Hikaru. "Do you see the girls that walk this place? At first glance, one would assume that they are human. And they would be right - in a metaphorical sense."

She places her palms on the shoulders of Laffey and Javelin.

"KAN-SEN such as Laffey and Javelin are born from a few things. The history that dwells in the heroes of naval wars - the history that lies behind the great warships that surfed the seven seas - are their hull. The flames that mould them - that would be the hope and emotions of humanity. No matter what their fates are at the end of wars, whether it be the cursed existence of being sunk or the fortune of becoming a museum, there is a good chance that they can live again as KAN-SEN."

Meanwhile, the four that Yuchino saw swerved close to the boat, before taking a huge leap. It was visible that they possessed similiar armaments to the others seen.
"Special type Destroyer Ninja, Akatsuki!"

"... Inazuma..."

"... and Ikazuchi..."

"The everlasting Phoenix, Hibiki!"

The four struck a pose as they all successfully landed.

"Destroyer Division 6 has returned from duty!"

"Welcome back girls!" the red-haired Crimson Axis Commander greeted and clapped as the four began to retract their armaments. "why not you say hello to our guests?"

"Hmmm..." Inazuma approached Hikaru and Katsuo. "... you're thinking something different, aren't you?"

"Hmmm..." Ikazuchi examines our cast, eyeing Tom & Jerry in particular, "this isn't licensed, is it?"

"Definitely non-profit, no money, Ikazuchi."

"You're right, Inazuma! In fact, we're no longer in the game!"

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“Ha? You're saying that these girls are essentially shipgirls like that of Kan-”

Katsuo was interrupted by four voices belong to a young girl,introducing themselves as the "Destroyer Division Six". And their names? Far too familiar to the older teen as he slowly turned around and looked at the blue-haired girl approaching him and Hikaru. Having heard nothing of Ikazuchi's Fourth Wall-Breaking,the fiery haired individual looked at who he presumed was Inazuma,with a shaky index finger pointed at her.

“Y-you're supposed to be Inazuma....?”

He then looked at the pink-haired girl.


And then the black haired girl.


And finally,the white haired girl.


He suddenly screamed,the decibels of his voice rivalling that of the numbers of Sun's diameter.

“How the heck is Hibiki suddenly the peppy one one amongst the group!? And Inazuma's the cool-headed one!?”

“You sure are getting a little excited there my friend.”

Hikaru mused,much to Katsuo's annoyance.

“Like hell I am!”


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"Ikazuchi, he was about to say it."

"Inazuma, do you mean it?"

Inazuma then looked Katsuo directly in the eye.

"We're a bit strange to you, aren't we nanodesu? Maybe you wouldn't feel that way if I ended every sentence directed to you with nanodesu nanodesu. Wait, I already am nanodesu... Or could it be that my personality doesn't mesh well with the verbal tick...

... nanodesu..."

"I know it's a bit hard to figure what's going on in the twins' minds, not even I have."

"Actually, you have, Commander."

"Yes Commander, you have."

"Nihihi~ if you think I'm peppy, you should've seen how gungho Akatsuki was about getting our gang back together!" Hibiki declares.

Akatsuki decides to converse with Ayanami.

"So these are stragglers your team managed to find? Not bad, not bad," Akatsuki says, "You've really come a long way with your team."

"Oh, no, it's nothing, really, Akatsuki."

"Alright, Z46's team should be returning real soon. After that, we'll give our guests a tour of the place, then we're meeting Akashi."

That was when bubbling was observed in the water, getting more rapid as time passed.

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Just when Yuchino thought that she was free from fear, the four girls nearly landed on top of her. "Eeeeee!" She darted to safety like a scared rat.

Tightly gripping the rail with both hands, Yuchino listened in on the conversation. Confusion flashed across her eyes. Katsuo knew those girls? And dictated how they behaved? It was enough for one of them to immediately start calling him "commander". Should Yuchino call him that as well?


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“What the heck.....?” Katsuo muttered,trying his darnedest not to swear in front of the four destroyers despite knowing they're in a way,older than he is. “You even know about your counterparts from that browser game?”

The fiery-headed teenager asked,kneeling down to look at the trio eye-to-eye,especially at Inazuma and Ikazuchi since they seemed to know what he was talking about,if the "Nanodesu" was anything to tip off.

“Then,I'm guessing you know about the "other" Akatsuki wanting people to treat her like a first class lady? Hibiki being a kuudere. And you two being...”

Katsuo quickly shook his head and just gave both Inazuma and Ikazuchi an affectionate headpat for some reason and got back onto his feet.

“Actually,never mind,I think you two knew about it already. Also...doesn't it really kill for you girls to make sure you don't frighten her to death there?”

The right side of W asked,looking at Yuchino momentarily.

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"Hmmm, that is not bad nanodesu, isn't it, Ikazuchi?"

"Yes, this is not bad at all, Inazuma."

"Our big sister Akatsuki strives to be more ninja than elephant nanodesu. She acts cool and even has a motorcycle parked somewhere in this base nanodesu."

"She takes Commander on spins, because Commander has no driver's license."

"You know I'm right here right? You don't have to tell everyone I don't have a driver's license."

The twins then nod in response to Katsuo's more recent words.

"We promise."

"But she didn't, nanodesu!"

Inazuma points to the bubbling getting stronger. That was when what appeared to be a mechanical shark jumped out of the waters, being ridden by someone. As this someone jumped aboard dry land, they gave a high-five to the redheaded Crimson Axis Commander. This mechanical shark slid across the ground sideways in typical AKIRA fashion.

"Well, how do you like that?"

"Better than last week's, U-101, though you might've scared some of today's guests," the redheaded Commander responds.

"Oh, is that so? Didn't realise we had guests today," U-101, as she was called, bows towards our cast, "sorry about that."

"Alright, where's Zerstorer 46 and U-81?"

"Right over there," U-101 points to a shape that was getting bigger in the distance, then points to the water, that once again, was bubbling, "and right over there."

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Yuchino steadily found herself overwhelmed by the new words and new faces. Nanodesu?! Commanders?! U-101?! It all stirred in her head like a milkshake in a paint mixer. Upon noticing that they docked, she edged towards the land, wishing that she was back on the island. At least the island started off fairly nice.

A loud, shrill yelp came out of her when someone leaped out of the water, riding a shark! Oh, how she hated sharks! A shark once stuck her in a medical camp for three weeks! "No!" She jump off the boat, falling flat on her tummy. Luckily, the excitement her organ built up enhanced her energy, giving her a speed boost.

//Sorry for the mistakes, everyone! Honestly, I could screw up the world's easiest recipe for a cake...


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"Oyoyo, your girls really like dramatic entrances," the Azur Lane Commander comments.

"They're uh... pretty important, you know?"

"Nyeehee, there she goes. Aren't you curious where she'll go next?"

"What if she runs into Ark Royal or something?"

"Ark Royal only likes Destroyers."

"Uh huh. Yes, Unicorn is a Zerstorer. Nagato and Mutsu are Zerstorers. Most of my U-boats are Zerstorers. Is that right?"

"Submarines are just underwater Destroyers, nyeehee..."


The two then looked in the direction Yuchino ran off to.

As Yuchino escaped the scene, she would smack right into something, causing her to be knocked backwards.

"Oh dear, is something the matter?"

The one Yuchino bumped into lent a hand to help her.

"I haven't seen you around before. Without you being in uniform, your faction will not be easy to identify. What is your name, young lady?"

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“"Elegant",you mean.” Hikaru corrected.

“So Akatsuki here's a kunoichi?” Katsuo pondered outloud,looking at the half-masked girl. “Well,I guess that just makes her more elegant than the other Akatsuki.”

“Now that I think about it,the Akatsuki warship has a searchlight. Assuming that this Akatsuki here is exactly based off that particular model.....”

“Good point....does it really help one bit? Shinobi-s favour dwelling within the dark if they aren't blending in within plain sight.”

Katsuo asked,no longer bothering with the dynamic entrance because it's kind of clear they'll all do it either way.



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Yuchino carefully analyzed her new encounter. Unlike everyone else, she didn't look dangerous at all. She had welcoming eyes, a gentle figure, and that ringing voice that reminded her of her long lost mother. Though she was still frightened, Yuchino would give this woman a chance. "M-me?"

With her sword, she sketched her name in the ground. "Y"..."U"..."C"..."H"..."I"..."N"..."O"...

The little one supposed that she could talk about her "faction" as well, even if she never really was part of one. "T"...On second thought, this woman could be a destroyer of worlds in disguise...could she really write about Erinn to her?


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"Not really."

"She's not as elegant as you think nanodesu."

"On her first day of being secretary, she-"

Akatsuki covers the twins' mouths with her palms as she displayed an embarassed expression.

"That's enough for now!"

Akatsuki then turns to Hikaru and Katsuo.

"You're talking about this?"

Akatsuki reveals the flashlight they spoke of, attached to her left arm.

"No matter what kind of ship you are - ninja, onmyoji, maid, knight - the light will always be your greatest ally... or your worst enemy, if you use it poorly."

"My name is Belfast of the Royal Navy Maids, and you are..."

Belfast, as she introduced herself as, looked to the ground, then to Yuchino.

"... in a strong need of a shower. Yuchino, was it? It is often considered impolite for a lady to walk around in what isn't her best form. I believe my colleagues and I can absolve that issue. Why not you follow me?"

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“Yeah yeah.” Katsuo responded. “You're using the flashlight because you're afraid of the dark aren't you?”



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"N- no! Ninjas like me are adapted for battles in day and night!" Akatsuki responds.

Just then, someone emerged from the aforementioned bubbling, rising onto the surface. She rode what could be considered a mechanical steed.

"Glad to see me, Commander?"

"Oh! We ran out of colours, Inazuma!"

"It was only a matter of time, Ikazuchi. Uh... nanodesu..."

The one who approached the shores followed.

"Ah, you have been awaiting me, Commander. You as well, Ms Graf Zeppelin?"

"U-81, Zerstorer 46, welcome back! Looks like everyone's returned."

"Indeed, indeed they have..."

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“You know,with that stuttering of yours,it's pretty obvious you are.” Hikaru pointed out,noting poor Akatsuki's shaky tone upon answering. (I remember seeing in her quotes that's she's pretty deathly afraid of the dark. Poor girl.)

“Oi,cut her some slack will you?” Katsuo responded,giving Akatsuki a headpat before facing to look at the token-ninja destroyer. “It's fine if you're adamant on denying it,but I'll be honest here and admit I hate being alone in the dark too. If it makes you feel any better.”



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"A- anyways, I think the Commanders are about to give you guys a tour of the place," Akatsuki attempts to change the subject. "I guess my sisters and I will tag along with you guys... that includes you, doesn't it, Ayanami?"

"My whole team, Akatsuki," Ayanami responds.

"Now that everyone's back and we've confirmed that there are no more stragglers from the other patrols, let's start our very brief tour of the place."

"We're missing someone, aren't we?" Javelin asks.

"Are we?" the blonde Commander asks with a wink.

"Why are you winking?"

"What? I'm not winking."

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