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"How unexpected. New subjects have arrived to this dimension."

"Interesting... how will thing play out? It is inevitable that the time they spend here will be short in the grand scheme of things... but who is to say that their arrival will not influence this world for centuries to come?"

"We will continue to monitor them, then. We shall see - should they cross paths the new subjects, will they be friend, or foe?"


through the

Week 0

Over the course of time, you've been away from your cozy(or very non-cozy) homes. You have ventured through various dimensions - distorted, clashed, regular, each with their own events and phenomena, where you bonded with friends - or rather - acquaintances that you have met during your ventures that seemed to stick to you. After leaving one, you went to the next. But that's all fluff when you realise most of this will remain unexplored.

Where you currently stood was somewhere within the latest of the dimensions you have traversed. You couldn't tell which era it was - whether it was modern, medieval or futuristic, simply due to one thing - you were on the shores of a deserted island, far from the civilizations that would be telling.

Surrounded by nothing but sand, woody forests and the salty sea. Maybe the sea's made from candy, but I wouldn't count on that.

What will you do?

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ZomboDroid 28112019092822.jpg

“What the.......”

A certain fiery-orange headed teen muttered.....


“Oh~? We're stranded on a deserted island it would seem. This will serve to be a great opportunity to experience survival in an uncharted area.”

The blue-haired younger boy spoke, apparently unaffected by the reality of the situation they're currently in. Unsurprisingly enough,the older teen snapped at his companion.

“This isn't the time for knowledge experimentation dammit!”



The latest in confusing adventures was oddly not new to the King of Hearts or as they called him Domon Kasshu.

Domon kept his cape around him as he took a walk around the surrounding deserted island observing everything, or in this case everyone.

He eyed two teens in general, one with blue hair, one with orange hair.

After dimension hopping, none of the others didn't seem as confusing anymore.

"Damnit, I didn't think we'd land on a deserted island, places like this are long gone on Earth years ago at least where I came from."

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Quadruplets who (mostly) never get along

Yatogami Tohka & Artoria Pendragon
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"What the Hell?!"
The sound of a crash followed by a cloud of dust would soon disperse, to reveal a blonde haired female knight with a look of nobility stuck under what appeared to be a normal school girl.

The knight would struggle to get up, yelling, "Get off me! I don't know who you are, but you're heavier than a dragon's tail!"

The school girl would get up quickly before dusting herself off, then glare at the knight.

"Are you calling me fat?!"
"No, just heavy. I did not say you were physically overweight in any form of statement."

The girl would breathe a sigh of relief before holding a hand out in greeting.

"My name is Tohka Yatogami. I don't believe we met before...."
"My name is Saber, unless you want my true name, then it's Artoria Pendragon."

"Pendragon... Like Arthur Pendragon from that book Shidou lent me the other day?"

Saber looked at Tohka, as if she said something wrong.
"I'm sorry, did I hear you say 'Shirou'?"
"No, Shidou. SHIDOU.

"You don't need to spell it out. You weren't talking about a boy I happen to be partnered with."


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
ZomboDroid 28112019092822.jpg
“....give me a break......now our unofficial member count's increased....?”

The oranges haired boy muttered to himself as he eyed the two newcomers (@Illiyasviel Von Einzbern). With a brief sigh,the blue haired boy stood beside his companion and looked at the other strangers,before looking at Domon (@darkred).

“Doesn't look like the rest of us are here yet. Shall we take a short look around the island?”


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As our dynamic duo (and perhaps Domon) explored the island, they would venture into the shallower areas of the forested zone, dense with evergreens and leaving the undergrowth with only the occasional clearing. Sticks, twigs, branches and even the occasional fallen log decorated the floor.

Beneath one of these clearings that the sun's rays beat down upon, a family of creatures - from where the group stood, they were either large badgers or otters - dug at the ground, but scattered away immediately upon seeing our cast.

A very small four-sided pyramid shape, black in hue, jutted out of the ground where the mammalian creatures once stood.

@Tamotsu @darkred


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
“Doesn't look like something you'd see on an empty island.....and they were digging at it too so I probably shouldn't be harmless yet.”

“Looks like it. Although it may not be quite as small as it suggests,so I say we take the swifter option,Katsuo.”


The orange haired boy,named Katsuo,looked at the blue-haired boy,who had a light grey cuboid object shaped quite similar to a USB Drive on his left hand. Closing his eyes with a smile,Katsuo let of a short laugh.

“Looks like we'll have to forgo using a shovel then,Hikaru.”


The USB Drive on Katsuo's right "spoke" at the press of the button. On his left hand was a oddly shaped belt frame of sorts that seemed to have two slots. Slots that are big enough to house something as big as the two cuboid "USB Drives" the duo are holding each. Bringing it towards his waist,a strap automatically formed around it,where another slot located at the left side of the strop materialised.

A copy of the belt materialised around Hikaru's waist,prompting him to slip his "USB Drive" into the left slot,where it dissipated and reappeared in the left slot of the belt Katsuo is wearing. The latter then inserted his "USB Drive" into the right slot,before pushing both slots apart from each other,with the slots now rotated towards their respective sides at around 30° - 40°.


And invisible sphere surrounded Katsuo as streams of digital-like shapes materialised around him,turning him into a suited man of sorts with the right half of the body in green,and the left half of the body being silver coloured. As for Hikaru,upon the completion of the transformation,he had suddenly fainted onto the ground.


Despite that however,one could hear his voice from Katsuo's body,as if the young boy had just possessed the older boy.

“The ground here doesn't seem strong enough to hold itself from being blown away. Best course of action for now would be to "blow" them forward. Also,Katsuo,do take care not to hit or send my body flying would you?”

“Don't worry. It's not going to happen on my watch.”

With that said,he started spinning the staff that was on his back in and upwards cycle formation,blowing off the ground that was burying whatever it was that was hiding underneath. The "CYCLONE" USB Drive seemed to have gifted each swing a strong push from the wind.

@Crow @darkred @Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

(Why are we the only ones here?)
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.....A sci-fi box. Among other things.

“......Are we sure we're not in a world that had both the future and the modern world merged?”

“Hmm? What makes you say that?”

“Something like this came from an age where the world's pretty polluted and humanity would've made something even more secure for the sake of further protection from contamination. To see this here is just...... unexpected.”

“I didn't know you read the books I had in my possession. I've been under the impression that you've become illiterate over the course of the years.”

“What did you say now!?”

Katsuo growled,before sighing and picking up the box.

“Anyhow. We better bring this back to the others so we could all see what's inside.”

Picking up the box on one arm,the other arm went for the belt frame,pushing both slots back to its original position before the transformation and pulling the USB Drives out. The suit disintegrated into ash-like pieces while Hikaru now woke up.

“Indeed. Let's head back to the others.”

@Crow @Illiyasviel Von Einzbern @darkred

(@Benedict Cucumberpatch,@Aesop, and @Jeremiah ,are you three still in or has something happened that made the three of you quietly withdraw from the rp?)
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A crash earlier of two others that had joined them before. He looked back at the sand kicking up "Now what?"

Huh? Oh Shit, what did I miss?"

Domon cursed under his breath as he turned just as a strange figure and transformation disappeared in front of his eyes and the two others were holding a strange metallic box that appeared.

"Seems like something my Earth would cook up, considering my Earth's pretty bad and we use it frequently for Gundam tournaments. Nobody lives on the earth anymore, we live in space colonies. "

"However I'd recognize the thing if it really was from my earth.."

@Tamotsu @Crow @Illiyasviel Von Einzbern


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Week 0 - Electric Sheep

The distant chirp of gulls at sea, the white noise of the tides rolling in then out again, and the sun's warmth beaming down on her face. Without even opening her eyes, Contender knew exactly where she was; she didn't need to open her eyes to know she was on the beach. A flood of peacetime memories enveloped her sense, and beckoned her back to sleep. Reminiscences of sunny days flying by without a care, breathing deep the refreshing sea breeze in the company of her sisters-in-arms, and her dear commander.

She didn't want to open her eyes.

Yet still, Contender dismissed nostalgia's call, and awoke to greet the day. Shielding her eyes from the sun her slumbering self had basked in, she groaned, taking inventory of her belongings while her conscious systems came online. Finding her gun almost immediately as if by a sixth sense, she found it caked in sand, and groaned louder. Sand, no matter how fine, gets everywhere. Unbuttoning and reaching into a pouch around her waist, she pulled out a flat-head screwdriver and used it to remove her gun's fore-end, before quickly popping the barrel of her gun out of its frame. Lifting it out, she exhaled once into the barrel, then twice into the frame, sending bits of sand flying out of the creases. Popping the frame into her mouth and biting down to hold it in place, she put her screwdriver away and pulled out a bottle of oil with a dirty rag wrapped around the cap. Quickly dunking it on its head, she dug the bottle into the sand before taking the rag off and rubbing down both the barrel and frame of her gun with it, giving all the moving parts an oily sheen. Popping all the parts back into place with a little help from her screwdriver, Contender breathed a sigh of relief as she looked upon her freshly cleaned firearm.

Standing up and holstering it on her hip, Contender clasped her hands together and stretched her arms while she scanned her surroundings. Spotting the others stranded on the beachhead with her, her hand rested on her holstered weapon as she approached them.

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“Well. If that's the case then it's now or never then.”

Katsuo responded as he laid the box onto the ground and looked for a particular gimmick to open the case. It might as well be a cube used to cave people's skull in,given how it would not even look like a containment cube if it weren't for the marking.

Maybe the glowing button at the top is the activation button?

The orange haired boy thought as his right index finger tried pushing it down.

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Katsuo pressed and caused the item to open, the box's insides shined as dramatic smoke was unleashed from it, dissipating shortly.

Within it were the blueprints or a magnificent Light Cruiser, every nook and cranny of it, every major piece of its hull detailed and described. An emblem was found on it.

There was one problem - there was only one half of the blueprint - the half that depicted its front. The other half was probably out there somewhere.

HMS Neptune
Neptune-class Light Cruiser

Obtained Neptune Blueprint (Frontal)

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I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
Hikaru was the first to pick it part of the blueprint up to take a closer look.

“A blueprint....for a Cruiser.”

“Who even dropped this blueprint into some casing like this anyway....? And how the heck did they somehow left the blueprint in the box in half...!?”

At this point,even the so-called "illiterate" was questioning the mind of the idiot who apparently thinks it's practical to seal off a ripped blueprint into some super-advanced looking box. It was not hiding some blueprint for some super weapon either,but a cruiser for [*bleep* ]'s sake. Even if they do find this,there's pretty much nothing around them that could be used to construct and cruiser. Although among other things,the worse offender of all would be the fact that the way to open casing was simply doable by the press of a button. A glowing button at that too. Katsuo facepalmed and groaned in annoyance,his palm looking as if wanting to claw his face off. Hikaru,on the other hand,is noticeably excited to see what the blueprint would look like fully.

Smiling,the latter pocketed the blueprint and went to pat Katsuo's shoulder in a manner as if to tell the former to get a move on.

“Who knows,maybe there so happened to be another one here we have yet to find,let's go.”

“That is,if the other half of the toilet paper is really here...”

Katsuo muttered under his breath and he followed Hikaru back into the forest.

@Crow @darkred @Jeremiah @Illiyasviel Von Einzbern @Benedict Cucumberpatch @Aesop
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As Hikaru and Katsuo were deep within the forests, they would be oblivious to what was going on out there. From their perspectives, nothing would change...


Everyone else who was still within the reach of the shores would notice that the sky was beginning to transform into a purplish hue. By extension, the light reflecting upon the clear blue seas matched. There was a strange patch of unaffected sky - this very patch being the same shape of the island, one might infer.

The affected areas appeared to be 'glitching' and altering...

From the oceans emerged a few beings. They were undoubtedly identical to our crusty crew based on silhouette alone. Of course, there were a few differences as they approached and their colours became more obvious. These clones had different kinds of glowing, wispy eyes - red, blue and yellow alike - and there were slits over their outfits and bodies to match these eyes. Any mechanical parts or weapons their original counterparts had were substituted by strange, alien-looking armaments, and those who lacked said mechanical parts or weapons had riggings of similiar technology grafted onto their backs.

Even though they were not here, Hikaru and Katsuo's clones took out their USB-like devices.

"Heat! Trigger!"

A strange form (imagine this except with a red right and blue left, their right and left, not yours) emerged as the two clones fused.

Domon's clone - well, whatever he looked like, he was inside a blackened version of the God Gundam, augmented with the aforementioned strange alien technology.

Touka's clone looked nigh-identical with minimal changes... for now.

Saber's clone - where was she? All I see is a strange assassin.

Contender's clone had little difference beyond a blackened gun and riggings extending from her back.

Benedict and Josh's clones had little difference, until Clone-Benedict unveiled his hat to reveal creeping tentacles that hardened to form what appeared to be a punk mohawk, before ripping his sleeves off and grinning. Clone-Josh unwrapped its anatomy to reveal mechanical innards, transforming into Clone-Benedict's riggings.

Azazel's clone had literally difference.

All the clones looked at their opponents in unison.

"Testing begin."

The clones marched forward, brandishing their various weapons, ready to fight the true counterparts.

@Crow @darkred @Jeremiah @Illiyasviel Von Einzbern @Benedict Cucumberpatch @Aesop

Illiyasviel Von Einzbern

Quadruplets who (mostly) never get along
Saber was the first to take action, summoning her when, before rushing at her counter part.

Tohka herself would step back, with a confused look. "How can there be two of me?! I'm the only me!"
Tohka would bring a hand up before closing her eyes and speaking.
Adonai Melek

Tohka's clothes would instantly shift from her school girl clothing to her Astral Dress, which was a combination between true armor and a royal gown worn by a female ruler.


A throne would soon appear behind her, with a sword hilt sticking out from the top, in which she would grab and pull, revealing it to be a steel Broadsword. She then turned towards the enemy, which was herself and the other clones, before dashing at a speed faster than that of Saber, before pulling ahead of the blonde swordswoman.

No way, that girl is also a Servant?!

Tohka would then swing her Sword at the enemy in front, a beam of energy flew out that could potentially vaporize their dark counterparts.



Domon frowned. he looked at himself who seemed to be in a dark version of the God Gundam with the strange new attachment.

"How dare you mock me! I'm THE ONLY TRUE GOD GUNDAM PILOT!"

Domon wouldn't wait until the new stranger attacked. He screeched to the air "GUNNNNNNNNNDAM!!!!"

He snapped as his God Gundam came out of its hiding space.

Domon's suit pulled over his body as his familiar red dot of Neo Japan came on his body.

"Your false ways END NOW! I'm the REAL KING OF HEARTS!"

A big red King of hearts showed in front of the gundam.

FALSE? AHAHAHAHAH! You're the fool, I'm the REAL KING OF HEARTS! Thanks to this new tech, I'll win!

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Her arm recoiling to her side as she looked to the sky in surprise, the military doll cautiously primed her gun while she quietly slunk away from the main group, knees bent and back cautiously hunched forward. Focus turning to the small patch of light in the sky, then quickly to the shadowed figures emerging from the shore, Contender trained her sights on them as they walked ominously onto the beach. Narrowing her eyes at the shadow approaching her and slowly coming to stand straight again, Contender smirked as she looked her replica up and down.

"He-llo handsome..." the t-doll complimented herself while her shadowy reflection approached, and holstered her gun with bravado, "that's one snazzy gun you got there...those mods custom?" Contender asked, casually resting her hand on the handle of her holstered weapon, "Not much one for banter, huh? Just show me what those mods can do, then," Contender lifted her hand off the butt of her gun, holding it hovered just above, waiting to draw at her replica's mark with a twitchy trigger finger.


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Clone Touka started off by conjuring a similiar throne from the ground, hued in shiny black with glowing slits all over, before unleashing the great blade from the throne, that, with a forward burst and a few swift, rapid swings, dissipated and scattered the attack, shining blinding light upon all, with its damaging majority creating a curve and smacking onto a pair of rock formations resting on the sea that disintegrated to dust.

The one who shared Saber's face began by clashing swords with Saber, seeming to have a good gauge of the shape and size of her 'air sword' as evidenced by how she fought.

The strange Dark God Gundam assumed a fighting stance, ready to engage in combat with Domon and his God Gundam. He starts off by hovering over the air and charging forward.

Contender's clone unleashed a rapidfire bullet hell from her riggings, the line of these energy bullets forming an X-formation, which meant that Contender couldn't move too close or she'd get struck. Simultaneously, the clone unleashed a single shot from its gun, this shot morphing into an explosive missile that launched forward!

During all this, W's clone would begin to sneak away, approaching the dense forest...

@Crow @darkred @Jeremiah @Illiyasviel Von Einzbern @Benedict Cucumberpatch @Aesop @Tamotsu


I'd rather trust and regret,than doubt and regret
“Hmm....doesn't look like there's anything here.”

“Great. Can we go back now?”

Katsuo interjected,feeling even more impatient with the meaningless hide-and-seek game with some scraps of a blueprint.

“Just a little more.”

That response prompted the fiery-headed young man to sigh in exasperation. Of course he would say that.

“That curiosity of yours is gonna get us in huge trouble one day- huh?”

Something at the corner left had caught his attention. Without a warning,he quickly yanked the younger boy by the collar out to the right,causing him to barely avoid getting hit by a flame projectile.

“Dammit,Hikaru! Get far away from here now!”

“Try not to get hit until we transform!”

Without another word,the blue-haired boy dashed off,the Trigger Memory on hand while Katsuo clutched the Heat Memory tightly.

“Alright. I should be at a safe distance now. Get ready!”


The transformation soon initiated,revealing the same helmeted-figure who had made a huge typhoon to dig a hole.


“Time to fire away!”

Pointing the gun in front of him,he started returning fire towards the direction in which the shot had came from.
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Tom and Jerry Mad.PNG
A metal safe containing me and Jerry fell from the sky. We popped out of it and landed ontop of the sandy surface.

This dimension stuff is really taking a toll on both of us. One time we were chasing each other around and BAM! We're here and we don't know how to get back home. I'm exhausted. I'm lying on my stomach while Jerry groggily attempts to stand up only to crash down on the floor. We just want to chase each other around in our home, man! Why do we have to be pushed into this stupid mess?! Whatever, I know well enough that complaining will take me nowhere so I shall adapt to this world as best I can. Jerry on the other hand? He's not gonna do well and he's on his own. No way I'm helping him out.

I had my face on the sand until I felt a tiny poke on my shoulder. I groaned dismissively but Jerry wouldn't stop poking me! His poking is gradually getting more aggressive until I finally looked at him. He pointed at the clones and I immediately put my guard up. Oh boy, here we go.​

Raynar Saassin

Multiverse RP'er
Week 0

Over the course of time, you've been away from your cozy(or very non-cozy) homes. You have ventured through various dimensions - distorted, clashed, regular, each with their own events and phenomena, where you bonded with friends - or rather - acquaintances that you have met during your ventures that seemed to stick to you. After leaving one, you went to the next. But that's all fluff when you realise most of this will remain unexplored.

Where you currently stood was somewhere within the latest of the dimensions you have traversed. You couldn't tell which era it was - whether it was modern, medieval or futuristic, simply due to one thing - you were on the shores of a deserted island, far from the civilizations that would be telling.

Surrounded by nothing but sand, woody forests and the salty sea. Maybe the sea's made from candy, but I wouldn't count on that.

What will you do?
Neptune was just doing her usual thing; traversing dimensions and collecting rare specimens for her Nep-Note. Croire was with her inside the book, granting her the ability needed to dimension hop in the first place. While they were jumping, they were conversing about the events that had transpired.

"Hey Neptune, are we going to visit an interesting dimension this time?"
"What do you mean, Crostie? We've been to all sorts of fun dimensions!"
"I don't recall jumping to foresty, jungle dimensions just so you can catch some stupid bugs."
"At least you've got some roommates. Most of the people I've come across don't even let me bunk with them! What's so bad about a sleepover?"
"The hell'd I know? I don't record exciting history just to discover information like this, what's the point?"
"Calm down, Crostie. We're almost at the next dimension."
"Strange... What's up with this one..."

That was when they entered and found themselves on... an island? A Desert Island in the middle of nowhere, in a unknown dimension possibly in the middle of nowhere. Taking a look around, she noticed something strange was going on; the water and the sky was spazing out but... like glitches. Almost like they were inside a computer but also not. Everything feels real.

"Where are we?"
"I don't know, but I don't like the look of all that glitchy stuff."
"Wait... Is there anyone even on this island?"
"I don't think so... Unless of course they're somewhere on the island..."

@Crow @-Anyone​
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