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Moon Quartz

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moon quartz here! after a long break, i’ve returned fresh to start anew, and look forward to finding some wonderful people to write with. as the title suggests, i’m searching for OC/OC role plays that take place in various worlds and with different genres, but all on the darker side.

my only requirements are respect, communication, and an age minimum of eighteen. for writing, i only require that you write in third person, and give me something to reply to. doesn’t need to be a novel, but enough detail to work with would be nice. i am only looking for M/M pairings, when it comes to romance, but platonic relationships are wonderful, as well.

now, onto the things i would interested in writing about. the more stars, the higher my muse. if something isn’t on the list, you can suggest it, but i may very well say no.

while things such as mental illness or physical illness may be present in a story, i intend to treat them with care. as someone who has experience with such, i do my very best to be respectful.


crime || mafia || gangs || cigarettes || drug dealers || alcohol & alcoholics || assassins || partying || starving artists & musicians || angst || hurt with comfort || hurt without comfort || tooth-rotting fluff || trauma || bonding through trauma || mystery || murder || horror || killers & stalking || supernatural || paranormal || cryptids || small town mystery || ghosts & hauntings || demons & angels || witches & magic || vampires & werewolves || fae & faeries || apocalypse || dystopian || zombies || plagues || monsters || mutants || wastelands || dark fantasy || castles & dungeons ||


something based loosely off netflix’s the midnight club. two chronically ill boys (mentally or physically), stuck inside a care home. together, they’re confronted by paranormal madness and unnatural happenings. ****


character a, a little nerdy and shy, has his life flipped upside down on a dark, stormy night. he’s home alone, on a school night, when there’s a terrible noise at the back door. torn between calling his parents/guardian or the police, what he finds at the door isn’t what he expects. it’s another guy, character b, covered in mud and soaking wet. ****


after a rough year, character a moves to a small town, inheriting a forgotten sliver of property from a distant relative. the entire place is strange. the people, the house, the forest that surrounds it. and strangest is character b, who he finds perched in an ancient tree, every single night. ***
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