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Fandom Danganronpa CCxCC, MxM, And FxF Interest Check

Sub Genres
Action, Adventure, Anime, AU, Horror, LGTBQ, Mystery, Romance, School, Slice of Life


The Biggest Hiyoko Kin
♡Welcome To My Danganronpa Roleplay Interest Check♡

So, I'm looking for some specific stuff right now! Well sorta, only a tad bit more specific than usual.

I'm looking for:
Romance as at least one of the genres
Someone flexible with the timing of responses since mine are constantly late
V1 and V2 only, and don't spoil any other games I'm currently replaying them all!
MxM and FxF

I'm willing to:
Do more than one roleplay

Below are some text samples of my roleplay responses from small to medium to large

Sonia was more interested in the substance on Kazuichi's hand than him introducing himself, "What's that on your hands?" Instead of shaking his hand he just held it up to her face level, looking at the motor oil on his hand. Since she was a foreigner, things such as motor oil were unknown to her.

Karma sighed, "Eh, 'least she didn't post them anywhere." He shrugged before remembering something, "Hey Lil Mits, remember anything from Kindergarten?" He glanced over at Mitsu, he had remembered something from when they were kids at the mention of Rio taking pictures of them when they were younger.

Hush smiled a closed eyed small smile, still blushing like crazy, his face was bright cherry red with a blush, his cheeks almost as red as his hair. "R-really-?" Hush said before nuzzling his face into Angel's right shoulder, "I-I'm glad!" He was flustered beyond belief, so he was trying to hide his face, his blush was far too large for his liking.

Husk rolled his eyes, "I spend my time after my shift here too, it's the only place in this damn hotel that allows alchohol." He really did too, usually Charlie, Vagatha, or Alastor had to force him to go to his room. He was an alcoholic alright.

Cherry giggled, "Yep! Taking risks is whats fun about gambling! And plus, we gotta make your gambling experiences fun!" She smiled sweetly at Charlie. She would usually cheat right off the bat in gambling without anyone even knowing, but she took a liking to Charlie so she didnt, instead making the game towards Charlie's favor rather than her own.

Truthfully, Kazuichi had never expected to fall in love with Nagito, let alone a guy in general. Sure, he had always wondered if he'd ever like or date a guy, but his feelings for Nagito were so unexpected to him. So, he had started acting weird around Nagito a lot more, until he confessed his feelings. And the they started dating. Which, truthfully, wasn't bad at all. Kazuichi did still sometimes make weird comments, but he was a but of a quirky guy, he couldn't help it. When Nagito joined him to start walking to school and stated his hello so awkwardly, Kazuichi responded with, "Hey, stop being weird, we wouldn't be dating if I didn't like being around you!" He straightened the baseball cap on his head, it was coming off slightly. The way that Kazuichi dressed and tried to act was to make him seem tougher, he'd faced a lot of scorn as a child for looking and acting a bit weak, so he had a 'Mr tough guy' act and appearance to make sure people didn't think that of him, which was why he wore a slightly patched up baseball cap. When Nagito made the comment about the cherry blossoms, the pink haired male looked at the cherry blossom tree with the few blossoms falling off from the bird, rubbing the back of his neck while replying, "Ah man... if you'd wanted flower petals or a few flowers you should've asked I would've got you some!" He was constantly trying to be the one doing stuff for the other in the relationship him and Nagito had, but he typically fell one step behind by accident often.

It was after school, and Toko was walking out of the school with her friend Ren. It was surprising that Toko had managed to make a friend, she was very, well, closed off, and didn't really have much self confidence. But, Ren had somehow slipped past her wall, and Toko accepted Ren in her own self conscious and anxious way. She still acted nervous around Ren, but she talked a lot more to her than to other people, and unlike she did with literally everyone else in the world, Toko trusted Ren, now that's a first for her, indefinitely.

Toko and Ren hung out every Tuesday after school, and since it was a Tuesday, they were doing so. As they were walking through the front gates of the school to go hang out, the braided haired girl was nervously biting her nails like usual, slightly cowering behind Ren while saying, "Gh...! Th-there's so many people leaving the school at the same time as us..." Toko had never liked large groups of people, it made her anxiety go up, and she didn't have a good history with people. Well, besides her friendship with Ren. The other reason she didn't like large groups of people was cause it made her think of when Genocide Jack first appeared, her second half.

Toko had split personality disorder, and her other half/personality wasn't anything like her, in fact, her other half, Genocide Jack, was a complete opposite, she was confident, loud, brave, and also a serial killer. The reason large groups of people reminded her of when her other murderous half started showing up was because Genocide Jack started showing up after she was humiliated as a young child in front of a whole cafeteria of people, all of them were laughing at her as her crush at the time had put her love letter for him on at bulletin board for everyone to see. the humiliation had been the last straw, and her Genocide Jack half was completely born, murdering the boy who had humiliated her first.

Toko grabbed Ren's arm, hiding behind her while adding onto what she said before, "I-I don't like s-some kid was just looking at me..." She was still nibbling on one of her fingernails, it was a nervous habit that the braided haired girl had had for as long as she could remember, though she didn't know why she did it. But, she wasn't as much of a nervous wreck as usual, mostly since Ren was there. She was fairly fond of her caring friend, so she felt a lot less anxious around her. Though, it didn't stop her from being paranoid about most things.

Violet was surprised by the sudden action of a hug from Byakuya and words of reassurance from the golden blonde, but she took it in and hugged him back tightly, she didn't know why Byakuya was doing this, but she was very grateful for it. What surprised her more was when the golden blonde picked her up, carrying Violet to the room. The purple haired girl knew how closed off Byakuya was from others, so she was grateful for what he was doing. Maybe there was a lot more to Byakuya than there seemed, at least that's what she was thinking. She was feeling oddly more and more reassured with him around, so the tears welling up in her eyes dried quickly, replaced with the tiniest of smiles instead.

When Byakuya sat in the wooden chair across from her bed instead of leaving instead, Violet had sat up on her bed and looked over at him curiously, while saying, "Thank you for bringing me back, I feel a lot better now but... is there a reason you're staying behind..?" She asked him while taking her hair out of its complicated to put together bun, she always undid it before sleeping, laying down, or just relaxing by herself. And while she wasn't by herself her scalp was hurting a bit, she had put her bun together a bit too tightly this morning. And surprisingly, Violet's hair was very long, down a little bit past her waist, and it was wavy, though that could've just been from just being undone from a bun.

When Evie asked Chihiro to stay behind, her words made him realize something. He really would be an easy target, unlike other guys his age, he wasn't strong, he looked and acted a lot like a fragile, shy girl. It was working out well so far in his life, but here, could it really bring him his own death? Chihiro shook this thought off while responding to Evie with an, "O-okay..!" Then his mind shifted to the fact that he was staying in a girls room that night, quickly putting that thought to the side though.

Until curfew, Chihiro was trying to cheer Evie up. When Chihiro brought up Alter Ego, he had perked Evie's interest, so he had started to explain what Alter Ego was, even showing her a bit of what he'd programmed Alter Ego to do so far. He also explained how Alter Ego could feel things like emotion and physical touch despite being an AI, which is why he was always careful with the computer that had Alter Ego inside of it.

And then now, it was curfew, and Chihiro was in Evie's room, working more on Alter Ego's code as Evie layer her head in his lap, looking at the computer. Chihiro smiled and giggled a bit while saying, "Heh, yeah. I've been working on Alter Ego for a really long time, it takes a lot of time to put a single code inside, but it's really worth it. Alter Ego is something that will be able to do even more amazing things than it can right now, and unlike other AI programs, it can feel as it grows smarter, and it can feel the happiness from accomplishing things. Ever since I started working on Alter Ego, it's made me feel really happy that it can feel all of the emotions that a human can, it can feel how smart it is and how important it is to me." he smiled as he finished the last part of the code he was embedding into Alter Ego tonight, and Alter Ego popped up on the screen, smiling, "Thank you for the new information master!"

Character's I can play as a main muse: Toko Fukawa, Genocide Jack, Taeko Yasuhiro(Celestia Ludenburg), Naegi Makoto, Kyoko Kirigi, Chihiro Fujisaki, Alter Ego, Monokuma {Human}
Character's I can play as a side character: Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Mondo Owada, Hifumi Yamada
Character's I'd like you to play: literally any character you want! Play who you want to play uwu

Character's I can play as a main muse: Hiyoko Saionji, Nagito Komaeda, Kazuichi Soda, Mikan Tsumiki, Mahiru Koizumi, Gundham Tanaka, Sonia Nevermind, Usami/Monomi {human}, Monokuma {human}, Peko Pekoyama
Character's I can play as a side character: Byakuya Togami, Teruteru Hanamura, Fuyuhiko Kuzuryuu, Chiaki Nanami
Character's I want you to play: Again, play who you want to!! No judgment here^^

Swap AU: The characters from v1 are in v2, and rhe characters from v2 are in v1
Before the incident AU: Basically what life was like before the despair inducing incident
Genderbend AU: the males are girls while the girls are males now in this
Non despair AU: What if the despair inducing incident never happened? And school was normal?

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