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Hi I love romance as you can probably tell and I love romance of almost all things. From fantasy to real life I have some plot ideas that we will plan out if you decide to be with my but I'll give you the ideas.

Pregnant woman and friendly stranger - I really want to do this idea I would be the pregnant woman she just found out she was a month pregnant and her boyfriend just kicked her out because he hates children. Now she needs help from a stranger to get her through this.

Stockholm Syndrome - i really want to do this one as well I will be very very excited

College professor and student - this one is very basic but I love the idea of forbidden loves

Any fantasy creature x any fantasy creature - fantasy is very wonderful and I love fantasy in those worlds.

I am very excited to hear from you!
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Queen Beast

Magic Eight Ball
Stockholm and fantasy creature sounds fun. I have an OC who is a giant shapeshifting monster. She's pretty sadistic. Message me if you wanna discuss details.

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