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Fandom Cursed: A Fruits Basket Inspired Roleplay

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CURSED: A Fruits Basket Inspired Roleplay​


The Sohma's zodiac curse ended peacefully and resulted in the family finally being able to find happiness with those they held dear. Now, years later, in the small and close-knit town of Hazelton, the curse has returned, only this time it's not within one family. This curse was brought on by a sickly boy whose been stuck in the hospital for most of his life. As a child in the hospital, he had many friends and they all played together, promising never to leave one and others' sides. Slowly though, the other children were able to leave the hospital and forgot about the little boy that was left behind. He never forgot though, and after begging the universe to bring his friends back to him, something a bit more sinister answered his request: The curse.​

Soon enough each of the, now older, children from the hospital were cursed with an animal from the chinese zodiac and suddenly felt the urge to go and visit their old friend. Slowly they all came, one by one and were told about the curse by the newly crowned God. Most were angry and begged to end the curse, some swore to never return, but as we know, the zodiacs can't disobey their master. The God controls most of their feelings, meaning he can beckon them to come whenever he wants.​

The horse of the zodiac is a young boy living with his older sister who wasn't affected by the curse. After walking in on him transformed, he explained everything to her so he didn't have to be so stressed out while at home. She hated the God for what he'd done to so many innocents, but her brother explained there was nothing she could do. Since then, she's vowed to help the zodiacs in any way she can, no matter what it takes. Along the way, some of the zodiacs have come to live with them for various reasons.​


Okay, hey guys so this is a Fruits Basket inspired group, but you don't have to know the show to join obviously. I'll list character roles below, just the zodiac and if they're a boy or girl (if anyone wants to be nb that's totally fine too!). I just want to keep numbers as even as possible. As of right now the only role taken is that of the older sister, so the zodiacs, the God and anyone not involved in the curse is fair game! Let me know below if this is something you'd be interested in and if you'd like to reserve someone pls tell me!
Also, this may take place over Discord instead, simply because I know more about Discord than rpnation. So please post your character info here following the character sheet below and once we have a decent amount of members we'll get started!


The God: Boy
Rat: Girl
Dog: Boy
Boar: Boy
Tiger: Boy
Dragon: Girl
Ox: Boy
Rabbit: Girl
Monkey: Girl
Horse: Boy
Snake: Girl
Rooster: Girl
Goat: Boy
Cat: Girl
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