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Creepypasta Jeff x Liu (Seeking Jeff)


Endless Daydream
Hello, it's me again. Your creepypasta freak Nico. All I expect from partners is a paragraph or more for a post. Also for you to post daily, as well as be able to play multiple characters. I'm looking to do a fluffy creepypasta crossover with Jeff x Liu as a pairing. I was thinking of changing up the original story up a bit. Liu is the younger brother and Jeff is the older, Jeff doesn't kill Liu, he runs away with Liu after killing his parents but not after Jeff cuts a smile into his brother's face as a way of him marking Liu as his. He is very protective of Liu and will kill anyone that dares to hurt his baby brother. Liu is the Uke and Jeff is the Seme, I will not sway on that.

These are some other fandoms we could crossover with:

Sword Art Online


Five Nights at Freddy's

Harry Potter (Maybe)



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