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Sub Genres
Adventure, Cyberpunk, Dystopian, LGTBQ, Magical, Mystery, Romance, Slice of Life, Super Powers, Supernatural, Zombies


Arting Starvist
My name is Zweit and I'm looking for stories! My account isn't necessarily new, but I haven't actually made a thread here before so bear with me if I'm doing it weird!

•I am an adult so my post frequency could be anywhere from once a day to once a week depending on life. If I'm expecting less than that, I'll let you know.
•All I expect from you is to be able to describe what your character looks like and what they're doing without me having to guess. I am a little rusty, but I'll try and give back just as much as you give me. My limits are your limits.
•All romances are fine. M//, F/M, F// - what have you. I play it all. There doesn't even have to be romance at all!
I prefer PMs and Private Threads over anything, though willing to negotiate. Email and gdocs are also ok. I don't mind if you ditch. It happens. But know that I'm always willing to work together if either of us get bored/lost/whatever with our current rp.

I really want some adventure.

- I have a plot idea! Create with me! Also feel free to pitch me your ideas too!

General Fantasy
Magus x Apprentice(s)
Demon x Novice Summoner
Paladin x Witch

Mercenaries / Adventurers
Modern Fantasy
Witch x Hellhound

Warring Countries
Exiled Royal x Knight
Arranged Marriage

Dragon Rider x Dragon Slayer
Ruling Royal x Rebel Fighter

City Dystopia
Post Apocalypse
Alien Invasion
Science Fantasy
Mutants, Monsters, Zombies!

Any slice of life featuring these
Co-dependency. It's us against the world. Blackmail. Manipulation. No good, dirty punks. Addiction. Abusive relationships. ANGST. Liquids - blood, sweat, tears and spit. Lame, inside jokes. Smoke. Cigarettes. Snarky comebacks. Muttered insults. Mutual hate. Love/Hate relationships. Forced co-operation. Rough and tumble buddies with a sensitive side they only show each other. Cute things done by un-cute characters. Black eyes. Broken bones. Bloody noses. Outcasts. Liars and thieves. Harsh reality checks. Stealing traffic cones. Vulgarity. Sarcasm covered fears. On the run. Hiding from police. Inflated egos. Finding out who's the real badass. Spoiler: It's not you. Small time shenanigans causing big time problems. In over our heads. Murphy's law. Gunshots. Bullet holes. Nowhere to go. Happy moments in otherwise dark times. Disorders. Seedy motels. Terrible mistakes. Runaways. Emotional distress. One-sided relationships. By any means necessary. Overconfidence. Under-confidence. Fist fights. The seedy underbelly of the city streets. Avoiding the real problem. Jaded. Delusional. Fleeting seconds of normalcy. Shouting matches. Smartasses. Power struggles. Gang mentality. Things that make you go.... Drama. Losing control. Everything is always wrong ever.


Always Searching
Hey! I’m really interested to hear what you have in mind for demon x novice summoner and exiled royal x knight! I’m a little rusty on OCs, but I’ve been wanting to jump back in, so we can struggle together haha!


Arting Starvist
I've messaged everyone who's expressed an interest! I'm still accepting ideas if anyone else has any to share~


Arting Starvist
Disappeared for a long while due to Covid blues, but now I'm looking to get back at it! Any takers?

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