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Fandom CONVERGENCE - Frozen Apocalypse - Multifandom


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The world is dying, and universes are merging. From unknown people to whole landmasses showing up suddenly, it’s obvious various realities are being smashed into one. Between that and the world slowly freezing over, society has changed. Settlements are few and far between, food is scarce and instead of any form of currency trade is negotiated with food and goods, canned foods and foods with long shelf lives are the most valuable, but also the rarest. Technology and electricity are limited to only the largest settlements, cars are for the rich or extremely lucky. Most settlements are closer to bandit camps. In this new apocalyptic world, will you be able to carve out a place for yourself? Can you find out why the realities are merging? Is it possible to save this world?
  1. RPN Rules
  2. Fandom ocs are welcome!
  3. No Joke/gimmick/novelty characters, this will be determined on a case-by-case basis.
  4. I can alter or change rules as I see fit
  5. It is intended for all player characters to be in one of two factions that are marked as player factions. (The Silver Deer and The Dragon’s Bane)
  6. I’m limiting sci-fi/space-age characters to only 2-3 because it will interfere with future major plots, and only as long as they aren’t too op.
  7. Space travel will not likely be explored, and neither is time travel.
  8. When you have a reaction from me on your form you are accepted. I will ask you to revise your form if it is not.
  9. OOC is on Discord, it is a must. Dm me for the link

CS: Fandom - CONVERGENCE - Frozen Apocalypse - CS
Lore: Fandom - CONVERGENCE - Frozen Apocalypse - LORE

If we get 3+ players interested I'll make a CS and Lore page. Blaklyte Blaklyte Is Co-DM.
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Hi! I know this is multifandom, but, is it ok to have a character from an original story into the merge?
Hi! I know this is multifandom, but, is it ok to have a character from an original story into the merge?
Beat and i discussed it, and we're fine with using original characters! Just bear in mind we might be a tad more critical of them when signing up due to potential power imbalances :3
This seems interesting… would someone like the Sole Survivor (the Player Character) from Fallout 4 be accepted within the premise?
Would Tails from Sonic the Hedgehog be allowed? I'm also thinking of maybe either Takumi from Fire Emblem Fates or Eleanor from Tales of Berseria.
Yes, I feel those all would be allowed. Just make sure that there's no space flight tho ;) Mayali Mayali
I've seen a bit of RWBY, and while ammunition such as Dust and bullets would be hard to come by, the character itself should be fine. :)
I looked up her weapon and I dont think it uses Dust bullets, but if regular ammunition would be hard to come by, I can just use the scythe portion of her weapon.
Hmm. Glad this is being tried again! Should I try playing Arthur Morgan from Red Dead Redemption 2, or go with John Marshton from the same series?
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