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Fantasy [CLOSED] The Descent (Dark fantasy, action-oriented dungeon crawl)

Sub Genres
Action, Horror, Supernatural
Do you want power?
Or do you want redemption?
Then come to Gehenna,
where all this, and more, can be in your hands...

Your character decides to descend into Gehenna, a mysterious and dangerous maze-like structure, to retrieve an artifact that is said to grant any wish the wielder wants. Pretty simple.
Except it's not.
Because your character is a warlock - a being that made the pact with an infernal being for power tainted by evil. Warlocks are beings that can wield powers that are modeled like their patron. Knowledge unlike all else? Mephistopheles can give you that. Power to sprout fire from your bare hands? With a little bit of help from Moloch, you can have that too.

Your character starts with certain hopes and/or positive aspect about themselves. For example, your character might hope that his/her little sister might be cured from terminal illness, or might be a person who are kind to others. At any point in the RP, you can "trade in" that hope for a greater infernal power. Once traded, your character's hope will become a twisted version of the old self. Going back to the example, your character might now resent the sister for not being strong enough and wish she died, or become disillusioned at a chance of recovery, might grow into a bitter person overall, etc.
Basically, you can trade in your character's humanity for a greater power. Your character will grow more powerful and/or gain new power but also become more corrupted.

How that humanity becomes warped is different for each individual, but in general you become more and more like your patron. For example, if you made a pact with Cuthulu and choose to sacrifice your humanity, you might become more and more insane, etc.

This RP will try to push your character into making sacrifices. It will take serious resourcefulness to overcome challenges without sacrificing humanity. But you are welcome to try it, if that's your jam.


At least two paragraphs per post, and at least two post per week.
No autohitting.
No Godmodding.
No controlling other characters.

Trigger warnings:
Gore, madness tropes.

Medival dark fantasy setting.
If you have any questions feel free to ask.
I am open to any suggestions. This is my first time hosting RP so please bear with me.
@StormWolf Non-infernal patrons making a pact is rare, but not unheard of. Your patron can be any powerful beings, as long as they're not benevolent kind.

Thank you so much for the interest everyone. Lore and Character Sheet will be up soon.


Like the Moon, part of him was always hidden away.
I am still in, but work went a little crazy when I returned from vacation and dumped on me everything other people have not done while I was gone, I have yet to catch up, which will hopefully be done by the end of the weekend.


Like the Moon, part of him was always hidden away.
Thinks are looking up for me, I'm almost caught up and will get to this today or tomorrow.


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One thing I forgot to ask, but what can we use as patrons? Are we restricted to certain malicious entities?
@Heavi Welcome back!

@BlightGiver Any powerful, malicious entities are good. If you have certain ideas and aren't sure if it's allowed just ask. Lore-wise non-infernal patrons are rare, but I'm not planning to put any restrictions.

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