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[CLOSED] Exalted Essence - The Redux of the Tale of a Falling Empire

Dice System


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Hey all. As some of you who know me might be aware, I've sometimes talked about running a game of Exalted Essence as a means of trying out the system. With the full Essence draft manuscript being released today, I figure now's as good a time as any to have a try.

A couple of key points here:
  • I'm leaning towards having no more than five players. Any more I feel would be too much for me to handle.
  • In terms of scope, this game will center upon the city-state of Kandara, a Realm satrapy of my own design located in the Southeastern Threshold, and the surrounding region.
  • Your characters will be the satrap of Kandara - this character having been appointed shortly before the Scarlet Empress disappeared - and their staff/any allied Dynasts. Due to this, playable Exalt types are limited to Dragon-blooded only, but other than that it's standard character creation rules, with characters starting at Essence 2.
  • Outside of a possible prologue, the game will begin during Realm Year 764, a few months after the Council of the Empty Throne and the conquest of Thorns, but before the destruction of House Tepet's legions at the Bull in the North's hands. The Solars have returned, the Wyld Hunt is becoming overwhelmed, and the Realm's foundations are starting to crack as the Great Houses begin scheming against each other.
If there's anything above that you'd like changed, I am open to suggestions.


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Tentative raising of hand

So, this is literally my first post on this forum, but I joined because I was hankering after some Exalted, and hot damn there's a streamlined version being made? I am extraordinarily interested in both playing (time permitting), and in finding out about Exalted Essence.


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I do not. I didn't know the Kickstarter existed until <gestures at top-post>. I imagine this might be an issue?

(A little background - I played a handful of Exalted 1 campaigns Back In The Day, at university. I have access to Ex 3 Core and What Fire Has Wrought, and ran a brief Solar campaign, concluding that it's just as lovely a setting, but far too crunchy)


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Okay, I seem to have got four people already interested. I'll work on getting the threads set up some point later today (feeling kinda lethargic at the mo).

D. Rex

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If you want.
I always want.

And another chance to do a terrestrial! I love another chance to dive into the challenge.

Amd definitely interested in trying this Essence system out.

Especially looking forward to seeing what I can do with these new "Modes". Can't wait to see what sort of character I'm going to make. How ludicrous a concept I can come up with.

Any ideas for char yet? Anyone want to pair up?


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No worries. As I said, next time. Unless someone decides to drop out. Then I would like to be considered first in line!


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No worries. As I said, next time. Unless someone decides to drop out. Then I would like to be considered first in line!
You will, no worries.

Cool beans. In that case I think I might I might delve into Peleps and their navy.

I'll answer this question first. Essentially, a satrap's duties are to oversee their assigned territory, making sure that it pays tribute and follows the Immaculate Philosophy. They don't rule directly, but more make sure that the local ruler does their job properly.


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Also got the threads up, Chowlett Chowlett D. Rex D. Rex Random Word Random Word Rykon Rykon WlfSamurai WlfSamurai

I'll have a Lore page up later on.

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