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  1. Astraelum

    Fantasy  Masquerade, Scum Villain, & more | Open plots

    Hi hi, i'm Astra. These are all open MxM plots. I'm just getting back into roleplaying after a few years so bear with me. I'd like to manage at least a few responses a day if possible, even more is cool, I try to be as active as possible despite work. I'm asking for at least a paragraph per...
  2. jaydude

    The Redux of the Tale of a Falling Empire

    For IC Stuff.
  3. jaydude

    [CLOSED] Exalted Essence - The Redux of the Tale of a Falling Empire

    Hey all. As some of you who know me might be aware, I've sometimes talked about running a game of Exalted Essence as a means of trying out the system. With the full Essence draft manuscript being released today, I figure now's as good a time as any to have a try. A couple of key points here...
  4. Hanguang-jun

    Multiple Settings  Look’n for partner to RP with

    Greetings - I am look’n for anyone to role play with related to Untamed series or maybe some Yandere works . I prefer MXM pairing and am pretty open to multiverse . Look’n forward to the ones who want to rp with me . Thank you
  5. Kikizoshi

    Fandom  1x1 Danmei RP (TGCF, SVSSS, QQ)

    TLDR: I roleplay TGCF characters and a few TGCF OCs, OCs welcome, Lit RP preferred, murder mystery preferred, most ships welcome, message me on RPNation or Discord to inquire further :) (Discord in bio) I'm interested in RPing some danmei stuff. As far as the basics go: I've read Heaven...
  6. redpaladin

    Fandom  1x1 Canon M/M partner Search

    Hey there, you can call me Chi. I have at least 13+ years of roleplay experience under my belt and am currently looking for a long-term partner. A little bit about me: 23 years old She/her pronouns M/M or possibly F/F (depends on the fandom and pairing) I will not write M/F I will not write...
  7. Khonsu

    Fantasy  Cultivation Fantasy or Wuxia Anyone?

    85 years ago, when the Immortal Crane Sect(仙鶴宗) was just a small sect no one had heard of, a disciple by the name of 謝青蕪 found a jade. Rumors say that this was the very jade that helped the young 謝青無 raise his abilities and allow him to turn the Immortal Crane Sect into a great sect rivaling the...
  8. WlfSamurai

    Shadows of the Setting Sun (Main)

    Stand fast!
  9. WlfSamurai

    Exalted 3e: Shadows of the Setting Sun (Closed)

    Exalted 3e: Shadows of the Setting Sun The North This is the cold, savage frontier. This is the harshest, most alien clime in all of Creation. Here the alluring Winter Folk ride to the hunt on steeds whose hooves never break the snow-crust, driving mortal prey to fearful death on bog and...
  10. Fyuri

    Fantasy  NERVOUS WRECK w/Muse

    刘白 - [Liú bái] Liu Bai was the name the snake had taken when he had cultivated and finally achieved a human form. His original form was that of a rare albino serpent. Thankfully such a form gave him protection from humans who had a superstition that white snakes were familiars of the deities...
  11. xxtheghostking

    Multiple Settings  fandom and original rp partners wanted (closed! thank you to everyone who contacted me!)

    Hello, I'm Ash and I'm looking for people to rp lots of different things with. I'm trying to get back into writing and rping usually helps with my lack of inspiration, as it's easier to create stories with other people. So let me know if any of what I'll list below are your interests! First...
  12. Fyuri

    Multiple Settings  Fyurious Partner Search - NOT AVAILABLE TO RP

    fyuriFirst of her Name, of the Red Named Ones, Consumer of Souls. Be prepared for a long post here! Writing style Third person, past tense, para to multipara to novella. Minor grammar and spelling issues from time to time. Activity/Post Frequency Unscheduled, varies between once per day to...
  13. LNZetsumei

    Fantasy  The Lost Yearning - Of A Changing Heart

    As the day critters rests their eyes and the nocturnal ones began their hunt. A tall figure of a man makes his way down the dirt path, in his right hand, he held an elegant looking fan. Amethyst colored hues focusing on the road in front of him. A blank canvas of the night, with the main...
  14. Random Word

    O Brave New World - IC

  15. Lunesra

    Multiple Settings  Searching for Originals!

    Hello all! I'm Lune and obviously looking for roleplay partners! About Me! I'm 24, female, and have been roleplaying since my preteens. I'm brand new to this site, so please excuse any confusion I have. Please PM me rather than post in this thread! I can write anywhere from ~200-1,000 words...
  16. GeorgeTownRaja

    Story  Legion (軍團)

    Introduction Hi! You might recognize me from some of the least popular RPs. What on earth am I doing in the writing section? Well, I have some good news for you all! My goal here is to write a story that might or might not be popular in the long-run. Why? There are some writing websites that...
  17. Dystopianist

    Nation Building  A Dynasty Divided

    Ok, here’s my rough pitch, two sentences, go: Freeform character oriented fantasy nation building game, tentative Romance of the Three Kingdoms aesthetic but can be changed upon request. The ruling imperial dynasty has lost regional power to warlords like you, your party of heroes has to work...
  18. Dark Horizon

    Multiple Settings  Looking for a partner for my wuxia character (m/m)

    Hello guys! I am looking for a partner to do a wuxia type of RP with me. I have a character in mind already but if needed I can make a new one. Please be semi literate, OOC talk is important to me so please be willing to plan and plot with me. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
  19. EllicharaTheReshiram

    Multiple Settings  Pokémon, wuxia/ancient China and feudal Japan rp partner search (always looking)

    Konnichiwa! I'm Ellichara and I'm looking for a semi lit or literate longtime rp partner. A bit about me I have roleplayed for about a year now I write 1 paragraph at my worst and 4 or 5 at my best I LOVE character development and "journey to the top" types of plots What I expect from you...
  20. The Black Knight

    Fantasy  Kami no Shubyou [Wuxia, Very light system, Para/Lit RP, Recruitment]

    The Story In a world of magic, spirits, and beauty, there exists four countries: Taiyou (Sun Nation 日の国家), Tsuki (Moon Nation 月の国家), Mizu (Water Nationc水の国家), and Ten (Sky Nation 天の国家). Each country lived in peace, supporting each other through trade. Annually, forums called the Ougon Summit...