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Fandom { clone wars. }

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LGTBQ Friendly, Star Wars



welcome, fellow trash cans, to what i’m sure will be another terrible partner search. below you’ll find a couple plot ideas surrounding the prequels and clone wars era.

take your other eras and get off my lawn, thanks : )

~this search is much more readable in light mode~

  • i’m complete prequels trash. like, i literally think i’ve watched through clone wars a million times and i’m planning on rewatching it again soon. obi-wan is my only hoe, anakin is an emo legend and ahsoka is the Queen none of us deserve < 3

    anyway, before i scare you off with incessant rambling, here’s a little bit about me : i’m nineteen, currently in college and mildly busy, and an advanced literate writer (gimme all the mini-novels). i’d love it if you were also capable of using grammar correctly and writing multi-paragraph replies, love plotting as much as i do (which is a lot, like, maybe an unhealthy amount), be comfortable and happy playing multiple canon and original characters, and not want to have romance as a main focus (that being said, romance can be a prominent feature in some plots, but i don’t want it overshadowing everything, ya know?).

    lemme stress this - neither of us will be playing the same one or two characters the entire role play and we will not be consistently playing our ocs. also, while i’m using italics, i mine as well add in that lgbt relationships will be happily accepted and role played and i have no triggers; anything’s fair game < 3

    yes, i have an oc that i will be using as i’ve been dying to write with them for literal months. if that bothers you feel free to leave, but if it doesn’t and you’re interested slide into my dms and himme up with a writing sample.

    thanks for reading : )

    (also if you wanna include obikin i will literally straight up die for you not even joking)

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