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Realistic or Modern clean, easy living! [int. check]


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clean, easy living



It was just a cover business. A cheap izakaya on the wrong side of town, with a secluded back room perfect for covert discussion. The Rusted Lantern was opened as a hub for the Akasabi family, a yakuza group; No one really cared about the business itself. That was all it was meant to be, and for generations, that was all it was.

But hey, the times are changing!


plot overview


First and foremost, The Rusted Lantern was a family business, owned by a low-ranking branch of the Akasabi's. Its ownership passed hands frequently, because it was only a few years at a time before the current owner ended up missing or dead from their involvement with yakuza activity.

When it passed hands to its youngest heir, it turned out that he was no longer interested in keeping tradition. In fact, when looking at the books, the Rusted Lantern made fine money on its own, and there was really no need to keep doing dirty business at all.

Once you started getting your hands stained with a criminal organization, it wasn't as if you were just allowed to leave: It was loyalty or death, and as soon as the new owner of the Rusted Lantern made his decision there was a price on his head. But killing an ex-yakuza wasn't easy, and truth be told, not everyone who worked with the Akasabi's really wanted the Rusted Lantern gone. As it turned out, the owner wasn't the only one done with the whole yakuza business.

The Rusted Lantern has continued to hang on for a year since cutting its ties with the Akasabi family, now staffed almost entirely by ex-Akasabi members. Dodging an attempted murder is as common for the staff as dealing with a drunken customer, but they know how to get by. And it's a hell of a lot easier on the conscience, even if food service can sometimes seem worse than criminal activity.

hey there!


this one is loosely based on things like sakamoto days and the way of the househusband; basically, a campy story about a group of ex criminals!

essentially, this will be following a cast majority made of employees and customers of the rusted lantern. maybe you're an ex-akasabi member working at the restaurant, maybe you're a current akasabi member trying to get someone to rejoin the ranks, maybe you're an unwitting regular with a normal life who really shouldn't be witness to this mess. there are no pre-made roles, so just let me know if you're interested in playing some big name! (i myself will be taking the current owner of the izakaya!)

while i'll be steering things slightly with scheduled events, this will mostly be a sandbox that's character driven, with less focus on following a hard plot. if you're interested in that, then stick around!




This rp is 18+ for the subject matter that's likely to be touched on. However, there's no intention for this rp to get particularly gory or dark, or to include any graphic and deeply upsetting depictions of these topics. The vibe here is camp and dark comedy, so be mindful of what you're signing up for! Things shouldn't be getting all that serious.


There are no real literacy requirements, but multiple paragraphs are preferred; No one liners. Similarly, there are no real activity requirements, but if you go multiple weeks without posting and don't reply to attempts at communication, you'll be removed. (Basically, if life gets in the way, just let us know!)


Discord will be required for ooc: There will be a tupper groupchat for shenanigans, and it's going to be the hub of plotting. As soon as there's a bit of interest, I'll post a server link! Please be willing to plot there, since the nature of this rp leaves a lot of room for pre existing relationships, and it'll add a lot of fun to things!


Similarly to the discord, I'll be putting up a character sheet page when there's actually a bit of interest. There are very few limits on character creation itself, but all characters should be 21+ and we'll be sticking to art for face claims. Currently I'm keeping a limit of two characters per player, just to keep things manageable.

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super glad to see some interest! i just finished setting up a cs and discord, and anyone can feel totally free to hop into either ^^
oooh this looks interesting, def gonna try and come up with a fun character or 2

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