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Realistic/Modern But the cat came back for it wouldn't stay away~ (1x1 search)


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Hey there!

Welcome to my 1 x 1 role-play search play.
Took a hiatus due to less than awesome life events but now things are back on track and am more than ready to start role-playing again!

About me:
-People call me Rain or Meli
-Bilingual (French and English)
-Love OOC chat (Be it over skype, e-mail, PMs, etc)

Me as a role-player:
-Will write 2-3 paragraphs or more
-Always include side characters or double
-Always advises if I leave on vacation or whatnot
-Will advise if the RP is losing my interest but will try to come up with a new one that is interesting to us both.
-FxM and FxF pairings
-Will play the F or M depending on the plot
-RP over PM, Discord, Gmail

I am open to any suggestions but I would really really love to role-play my craving.

Unfinished Business

Muse A is quite the serious guy who works in law enforcement, bounty hunter, etc. (Which ever you prefer)
Muse B is a spontaneous and often immature gal who can't keep a job. (My character)

Both have been dating each other on and off, not committing to each other for their own reasons.

Muse A's work takes up most of his time, not to mention he could die any day.

Muse B dreams of adventure, scared of the white picket fence house life that usually comes with marriage.

During one of their off again moments, Muse B discovers she is pregnant with Muse A's child. Filled with panic, she flees the town without ever saying goodbye to him.
Five years later, the past catches up to Muse B, forcing her to head back to her hometown with her four year old child in tow.

How will the town react? How will Muse B's friends and family react? How will Muse A react, especially since he doesn't realize that the kid is his!?
Not to mention the event* that forced Muse B to come back has to be dealt with.

*Event could be something along the lines of a criminal escaped jail, or something which can be linked to Muse A & B's past. Something to add action in the role-play. Murder, hostage situation, etc.

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