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Fantasy Broken Balance


The drake bois
"Dragons... They need no introduction. The stories. Myths. The legends. That is all they are. That is all you have heard. It is not until you meet one in person. The fear you feel. Your body trembles. The awe you admire. Breathless when you see their beauty. The power you can feel. You feel helpless next to them. You can see it in their eyes. The age. So many untold stories. So many experiences. A wise mind but a young body."
  • Watt Tylar

The story so far.

Valadir. A young bold dragon. Full of hope and spirit. Once again running for his life. The dragon was always on the move. Next to no sleep, no permanent shelter and covering his tracks. While he was eating lunch, a group of thirty hunters tracked him down and chased him. However, they were prepared and quickly cornered him. It appeared it was the end for him. They had him to the ground.

It happened quickly. Yelling, screaming, roaring, death. Steel met blood. By the time he got to his feet, it was over. The only ones standing are him and these creatures he had never seen before. The resembled dragons yet they stand like men. They had the features of dragons. Triangular head. Over-sized wings. Tails and scales. They dressed in armour. They looked a bit ugly if he's honest with himself.

A big one. Probably the leader approached him and bowed. He explained who they are and what they're mission is. Drakes, they called themselves. They came from the southern mountains. Specifically the Drakken mountain range. So the stories are true. These mountain monsters exist. He had heard rumours and stories of others travelling into them and never returned. The few that did, didn't get far in and often lost limbs and their sanity. These drakes claimed they stirred from their home after hearing reports of the rapid rate of dragons dying. They said they owe the dragons from past deeds long ago. That they admire their kind, however, they kept to themselves. They were ignorant of what was happening behind there borders. Hence why they didn't help earlier.

Valadir didn't know what to think. It seemed so unreal. Is he dreaming right now? They did save his life so he does kinda owe it to them. They offered him to join them back to the mountains. He quickly agreed. He doesn't have anywhere else to go. No home. No possessions besides the few items in his backpack. Besides a little protection can always help. The leading drake revealed himself to be Eragon and apparently, he's a king. They seem to be overdoing it now but whatever. Valadir will go along with it. The dragon picked up a longsword, belonging to an elf that almost kills him with it and carried it inside his backpack for protection during the journey.

Valadir travelled with the group of twenty-two drakes. It was a long two months of travel. The first night together was peaceful, merry even. From there on it went downhill. On the first day of flying, they were attacked by griffins. An all-out air battle. Eragon, Valadir and two others managed to escape the battle. The rest kept the enemy busy while they fly further down to make a safe landing. It was not so. The chosen bay landed at was already occupied. A trap. Humans charged at them from all corners. Outnumbered six to one. However, the drakes a bigger, stronger and faster and stood their ground. Their fearlessness proved well. Only one drake fell to steel. An honourable death. Defending the beloved dragons. It was gruesome. Bloodstained the sand and water. The survivors reeked of war. Valadir had never seen such a sight. So much death and yet, he still expected more. The others finally caught up to them with losses of their own. Most had injuries beyond the ability to fly. Walking was the only option left. They still had a fair ways to go. During that day, Valadir was introduced to the drakes’ telepathic powers. They could communicate themselves with their thoughts, and Eragon requested the dragon’s permission to link their minds so they could talk that way when using the voice wasn’t an option. The dragon agreed with the condition that Eragon didn’t spy on his thoughts.

Three weeks past on foot. No one had directly attacked them however traps have been laid. It is as if the enemy knew exactly where they are going to be. Another two fell to these traps. They moved slowly along the shoreline. Watching every step they take. Valadir learnt a lot of their kind. He mainly spent his time with Eragon. He learnt about their culture. That they lived in carved out mountains.

The party finally made steady progress. Reaching a landmark that told them they have to move inland. They set up next to the beach for the last time. Eragon took Valadir away from the others to tell him what to expect in the mountains. As much as he would be safe. Like here, there are many politics involved. They will play on his mind. Physically safe. Mentally you have to stay guarded.

A trap sprung. A green shield enveloped them both. Eleves charged at them. poison darts flew at them. Eragon and Valadir were quickly subdued and the others couldn't hear them for the shield stopped all noise and movement. To the others, it was another quiet night. The two reptiles fell unconscious and powerless.

Both woke to the sound of wheels, horses and muttering. Evident they were trapped and bonded. Their captives, a group of elves. Thirty of them. They travelled for two weeks, heading west. Fed only the night's scraps, laced with the herb to keep them drowsy and weak and only having each other to pass the time. Each day was mind-numbingly dull. On their first night, both reptiles had a vision of Valadir, around twice or thrice his usual size, being some sort of highly regarded guardian, sitting atop a golden pyramid. After they woke up, they discussed their opinions about the vision, with Valadir feeling a bit depressed since that looked a lot better than the scenario he was currently stuck in, and it looked like people respected him a ton. Eragon, on the other hand, insisted on keeping focused. On the last night before arriving at their destination, they learnt they were being sold. Dragons were too scarce to be killed, now they were more valuable for fights in the arena in the nearby city, which had a nasty reputation. Both prisoners felt sad, with Eragon telling the dragon that it was a high honour to have been by his side for so long and that he considered the dragon a friend. He couldn’t say goodbye to his mate. Valadir was about to cry. He joked with Eragon about this scenario happening, but he didn’t actually think it would happen. He didn’t want to spend his last days fighting for the entertainment of a crowd that didn’t care about him. Realizing that that was their last chance of escaping, they noticed how their chains were loose due to them losing weight because of the scarce amount of food they were given. They carefully freed themselves. The dragon ripped an arrow off of his elbow that was stuck since the day they were caught and used it to disarm the lock and open the cage, while Eragon opened it by force. Their newfound freedom fueled their bodies of explosive power. One by one they cut down the elves until once again, all was deathly silent. They killed a horse and cooked it to fill their bellies.

While Valadir cooked the horse, Eragon caught a glimpse of a fox with deep blue eyes that were watching them from the forest around them. This fox morphed itself into a human girl. It retained the ears that of a fox and they counted nine tails. This creature revealed her name is Crystal and had been keeping a watchful eye for the past week. They reptilians decided it meant no harm say they sat with it. Crystal is a kitsune. Eragon thought they didn't exist. A story made up for children. Despite Crystal's youthful appearance, she is nine hundred and ninety-eight years old and had many answers. She belongs to an organisation called the Guardians. A very secret group that roam the land and defending it from threats. However, one slipped right under them. They named them the infesters. She explained how they turned the majority of sentient life on their continent as their host. They have these small creatures that poison the mind and dwell in it. Commanding the host's thoughts, emotion and actions. Not everyone has these creatures in their brain. Most don't contain this small infester. They use a strong telepathy skill to influence others around as well. People who have their magical prows are immune to it as well as already protected minds. Also, they seem to not affect any reptile. Mainly people in power have it. She also told them how she tracked their origin. On a large island in the west. Why they are here she has no answer but she is certain that it is their goal to eliminate all fire breathers. She isn't sure why either. She also knew about the vision they had earlier. It was caused by a spirit, a prophecy for Valadir. After reaching safety, he would have to go back and strike back at those evil beings, and for that, he would need to grow in size. She also told the dragon how she saw him hatch from the egg, and according to her, he was a bit mischievous in his first years. He had kept a loose eye on him since that point on, watching him without the dragon even knowing of her existence. She knew about the prophecy since he was born but not revealing it to him in order to not disrupt the future.

Eragon deemed Crystal not a threat and allowed her to travel with them. Both winged reptiles could finally fly. Crystal hopped of Valadir's back for the ride. They travelled a couple of days further towards the mountains.

They flew over their last plain before they would reach the sea. They flew high up where no bow can reach them. From the ground, they appeared as dots. To their trained eyes, they can see everything happening below They would have reached the sea early afternoon if Valadir hadn't spotted a familiar sight. An orange stain amidst the green of the forest. A friend of his surrounded by a group of hunters.

They dove straight down and caught the hunters be surprised. They quickly killed them all with ease. Valadir and his friend Wolnir haven't seen each other since the day hunters started killing them off. A year. A happy moment for them both. Crystal tended to Wolnir's wounds then they all left as quickly as they arrived.

Late afternoon they stopped by the sea for rest. In a healthy forest. To regain their strength before the final stretch. The dragons and Crystal scouted their surroundings to see if the area was safe, while Eragon looked for a place to rest. They didn’t plan to eat in order to not attract attention. In the end, the drake discovered a cave. It looked perfect for all of them. However, he picked up on the scent of a bear. Still, this opportunity is too good to skip. The cave went surprisingly deep. Right end the end was the bear, sleeping. Eragon tried to go for a silent kill, but the bear realized and proceeded to defend itself, but in the end, it was defeated. He called the others to the cave and they ate raw for the night. Excluding Crystal. She ate wild berries. The night was eventful. They rested in peace.

Early morning they continued the journey over the sea. Midday they saw the mountains. That gave them renewed energy to finish the last stretch.

They touch ground in the evening. Two drakes protecting the border guided them to a nearby outpost. It is more of a well-hidden fancy hideout in a mountain. It is placed in the outer mountains. Small but, still large enough to hide an army. It was on their way where Eragon gave the dragons their respective titles, which was given by the leading drake when a dragon did a remarkable deed, or when the leading drake got to know a dragon for a certain amount of time. Valadir was given the title Unbroken for his resilient will during the two months he spent with Eragon trying to go to the mountains, while Wolnir was titled Brightscaled because of his physical appearance.

The dragons were surprised by the formality the drakes had. Especially Valadir. After the time he had spent with them already, he expected them to be more animalistic. They are very sentient and intelligent. Even though this is just an outpost, much detail and craftsmanship have been put into it. They cleaned themselves in hot baths. Ate until their bellies are full. They were also given their own sets of armour that day. Wolnir’s set was particularly shiny, like a mirror and with slits so his hair was visible, while Valadir’s one was black and more aggressive-looking, and he was given back his sword in a more presentable state. Clean, polished and with a new sheath. They were given a room to sleep in. A cozy place with a couple of big red cushions and a lit fireplace to warm them in the winter night. Halfway through the night, the dragons were stuck by nightmares, bringing them to tears and being up to Crystal to comfort them. That’s where Wolnir learnt of Valadir’s prophecy.

The next morning they had a later start. They bid their farewells and flew deeper into the mountain range. If they were on foot it would take them days to reach their next location. In the air, less than half a day. Early afternoon they reached their final destination. The Golden Mountain. The heart of the drakes home. A huge mountain carved over hundreds of years into one gaint fortress. Stone metal towers protruded from their sides. A towered and well-armed stone wall protected its circumference as well as three main gates, equally separated from each other. One faced the valley of flowers while the other two face smaller valleys between mountains. The mountains name comes from all the gold and precious metals that surround the buildings that are built into the mountain. It is if it is laced with it. It reflects much of the sun like a beacon. For Eragon, it's a welcome sight. Finally home and safe. However, there was one more obstacle for the drake to overcome. His mate. He had gone against her will, and upon reuniting she was absolutely pissed. When things calmed down, she introduced herself as Lenera, and was eager to show the dragons around. The place was immense, like a whole city condensed there. A maze protected the entrance. The pair of drakes guided the dragons to their new, elegant rooms with a pretty sight of the valley, a studio, bathroom and bedroom. Wolnir, Eragon and Crystal flew to a small village full of kitsunes, and amongst them, there was her tribe, and she was eager to reunite with her people. There they met the kitsunes’ leader, Elijah, who explained over some tea to Eragon and Wolnir that they worked in the shadows, striking at evil and that the parasites were too scared to attack them in the mountains. The kitsunes survived because they weren’t a target. The drakes weren’t attacked because of how they distanced themselves from the rest of the world. The dragons were an easy target since they were scattered and they mingled with everyone, and that there were dragons still out there, fighting for their lives. Wolnir was presented to the kitsune that watched over him, and he learnt that every dragon was watched in a way, and was gifted a flower crown and a pair of elegant bracelets, one for him and one for Val to wear so they could keep track of each other's location. They then went urgently to the hospital since Eragon’s brother was in grave condition. He had been attacked by humans. Wolnir waited outside while Eragon, Lenera and Crys went inside. After he was stabilized, Eragon and Wolnir went back home, while Crys went back to her people.

Valadir, in the meanwhile, spent his day speaking with the guards stationed outside his room and visiting the jeweller so he could arrange a gift for Wolnir since his hatchday was approaching, and also an appointment for both dragons for a new set of armour.

When the friends reunited, Wolnir gave the bracelet to Valadir and told him about the things he was told while keeping the hospital thing private. Valadir felt guilty about being there pretending nothing was wrong while the rest of his spices was dying. He burst into tears and it was up to Wolnir to calm him down. After dining and sleeping, Valadir reunited with Eragon, and that’s when the dragon told the drake that he had problems with the prophecy. He didn’t understand how the dragon could be that selfish. He went away to attend to more important matters while Lenera took Valadir to the training ground to refine his skills for the upcoming war against the parasites. Wolnir tagged along, just to watch.

Valadir’s first test was a straight, one-on-one fight against Lenera. The dragon won but was berated for his attitude, which further made him doubt the future. His flying skills were then tested, and he aced all of the flying tests which made his instructor very exited. After spending most of the day training, Valadir was exhausted and decided to go have something to eat alongside Wolnir. That’s where they met Seranata, Eragon’s sister. She was aware of Valadir’s distaste for the prophecy, and thus proposed an alternative that would allow him to take matters in his own paws. She gave him a ring and left, leaving Valadir unsure about what to do. Even if that sounded like a great idea, he wasn’t sure if that was the right decision. He was getting the feeling he would get used, just like he thought Eragon was using him now. After eating, Valadir took the ring, hid it in his paw without putting it on and, along with Wolnir’s company, went to look for Crystal in order to ask for her advice.
The dragons guessed it was likely they would take a while to find Crys since the place was big, they didn't exactly know they way around it yet and they had no clue where she could have gone. They only knew it was probable she was still in the mountain. While looking for her, Wolnir tried to smalltalk Valadir in order to clear his mind a bit. With what his friend was going through, the orange dragon figured that distracting him a bit couldn't hurt. Mostly mundane things and some about some events they had together during their past lives.

"H-how uncomfortable is it to walk l-like that?" Wolnir asked his friend in one of their conversations, since Valadir was walking with a clenched paw to carry the ring.
"A lot" The black dragon replied. Luckily no one was asking him stuff about it. If someone asked him why he was walking like that, he'd answer that he'd hurt himself during training. "Also, you remember we are going to the armorer tomorrow so he can tailor us for a new set of armor?"
Wolnir nodded.
"I'm thinking about asking the guy if he or someone else is able to forge me a knife and a fork. I already got used to having those around, and after seeing you with those ribs..."

"Mhmmm" Wolnir emmited. "S-speaking about asking for stuff... Y-you think people around here k-know how to knit?" The orange dragon then asked, hoping his black friend didn't take the question as something really stupid.

"I really doubt it. Maybe Crys or someone of her tribe knows. Why?"

"I-it's just that i miss my scarf..."

"The light blue one?"


"Well, maybe you can ask her if we happen to find her"

A while after that, the dragons saw a white, fluffy figure walking down the hallway from the direction they were headed. It was her. She didn't seem like she was looking for them.
Valadir picked up the pace a bit and after reaching her, he asked her:
"We've been looking for you! Can you spare five minutes of your time? For me? I need to talk to you in private. We could go to my room if you want..."
Crystal was on her way back from checking on Reptar. He is recovering quickly. Even if she didn't share some of her energy and healed his wounds he'd still be fine. What she still can't gather from him is his memories. What happened to him to put him in such a bad state. He'll calm down eventually.

She was on her way to her room within the mountain that she organised herself. Sometimes going back to her people is a bit far still. Sleeping in a mountain isn't her taste but she can't complain. Better than nothing. She is tired and needs a good nights sleep. At least that was her plan until the dragons found her. She always has time for them.

"Hello draggies!"
Her fatigue left her. Leaving her usual optimistic charisma.

"Of cause I can talk."

She took a good look at him. She didn't need to peer into his mind. She can sense his thoughts from his mind. It radiates heat. Whatever it is. It's heavy and will need longer than five minutes.

"Let's go to your room."

She followed after him.
"Great. Can you do me a solid and carry this for me?" Valadir said to Crystal as he handed her the ring he was given, after she agreed to talk. "It's uncomfortable to walk with it, and I reckon you know more about it than me."

Now free from walking in an uncomfortable way, Valadir realized he didn't exactly know how to go back to his room since they now were in a place he didn't remember seeing before. So he asked some random drake how to go to the hall, and from there he went back to his room without help.

"D-do you know someone in the village w-who can knit?" Wolnir shyly asked Crys while they were on the move. "I-I'd like to ask for a scarf..."

They eventually entered Valadir's room. He sat by the open section of the place, while Wolnir set himself to see the differences between his room and Val's, but he was eventually asked to stand near the door, just in case someone wanted to come in. The black dragon intended to keep the conversation between the three of them.

"So" Val then started to tell Crys, "I don't know if I'm nuts or paranoid or something, but I'm getting the feeling that I'm being used. Don't know if you heard, but last night I gave the prophecy some more thought and realized I have some complaints about it, mostly about the size thing. Also because you are going to cram some odd magic into me. Anyway, told Eragon about it this morning and of course he called me a dishonorful bastard. Then went to train with Lenera and got a death threat because of a comment I made. I'm thinking that those two no longer care about me and that they are only keeping me alive to fulfill the prophecy. It's like spending two months with Eragon no longer mean anything to him. I wouldn't be surprised if they suddenly start to take shit from me or something of the sorts.

Also, came around his sister a couple minutes ago and gave me that ring and a way to take control of the matter, which according to her involves some heavy magic that in theory is as powerful as yours, and I'm tempted to take that option, and I think that ring may be infused with something" After a couple of seconds, the dragon then said "What do I do? You think I'm nuts?"
"I'll do you a liquid." Crystal played along with Valadir's words. Saying another state of matter as a joke. She took the ring and studied it. A gold ring with a blue diamond-shaped like a drakes head with six horns. It's a little odd. It's exactly like the Armageddon's symbol. Except this one has a scratch engraved in it. She's starting to think this is more than just a ring. She wondered where Valadir got this from. She was about to inspect it for magic but Wolnir interrupted her.

"I can create a scarf for you, sweetie. What colour would you like?"

She hasn't been to Val's room yet. It's similar to Wolnir's. It gave her the same feeling. She didn't particularly feel at home. It's too barren for her. To foreign. She rather a small cozy warm hut. Not fancy marble everywhere.

But for the dragons, she is getting a secret and private vibe from them. It definitely isn't going to be a light chat. She sat right in front of Val. Compared to her, he is a giant. She listened intently to his spill.

Crystal thought about what she will say for a couple of seconds.

"He's angry because of the situation he's in. I'd also do anything to keep my race from being wiped out. However, forcing it upon you. That's not right. He should know better. I believe he still has your interests at heart but what he fails to overcome is the culture barrier. You when I say drakes are slow to learn. This is what I mean. They find it hard to understand others. They find it difficult to change their ways. When there's a problem. They will dedicate their life to fix it. Die for it if necessary. Anything else is weakness. It is forced upon them by tradition. Unlike you and me. We're taught that we have a choice in life. Either we want to or we don't. I'll tend to agree with Eragon in the sense that if it does save your and his race from being mopped up then I don't see why you wouldn't. I understand it's a huge ask. To change your physical appearance. That will have detrimental effects. It's nerve-racking. It's so far from the ordinary like a dream. Your whole world is upside down. I understand. It is never going to be the same. You must accept that."

Crystal pulled a brush from thin air and proceeded to brush her tails. Letting her words sink in.

"So from Eragon's point of view, a sacrifice for the greater good. Oh, don't worry about Lenera. She's just being tough. Kinda has to keep her reputation. Afterall she has been fighting pretty much her whole life.

Anyway, here is the facts. No one knows the source of this prophecy so I am going to say don't give in to peer pressure. Do not go for this prophesy bullshit stuff yet. Not until I figure out what is going on. I know there are other ways. I can tell you some now. From what I am hearing, this also ties up with what Serenata wants with you. It is time for your magic talk."

She looked at the ring again.
Even if he seemd unfazed by her response, Valadir appretiated Crystal's jokeful comment.

"L-light blue...", Wolnir replied when she asked which color should she use for the scarf, "I-i had a light blue one with white stirpes o-on the sides b-before all of this a-and i really miss it... I-i hope it isn't much to ask... A-and what do you think about helping me t-to do my hair someday? W-when you have time to spare..."
Later, the orange dragon did stand near the door to listen for anyone that could come their way, but he didn't hear anyone besides the guards, hearing only a bit of unimportant muttering and the noise of their armor. They were probably changing stance or something of the sorts. Overall it was quiet.

Valadir listened to Crys attently. He was told both ways, his and Eragon's. A bit more insight about the drakes' culture he wasn't told about but he wasn't exactly surprised about hearing it. Even their culture sounded too authoritative for his taste. His experience in the training field, Crys' tale of their culture and his general experience with the place made the dragon think lowly about the drakes. That they'd kill and torture their own people for the smallest of things while keeping an iron fist. In his eyes that made them like the humans or worse.

The black dragon thought about his choices for a couple of seconds. Eragon's way, the one about just accepting the prophecy because both the drakes and the dragons were in danger sounded like the correct choice to make, since they would be able to progress a lot with the preparations, but at the same time they didn't know anything about the magic they were going to jam into him, nor the price to pay for it. They only knew the consequences and he wasn't particularly fond of them. He would rather wait for Crys to investigate first and then make his desicion.

"Fight fot what?", he asked in regards of Crystal's words about Lenera having to fight her whole life. "She doesn't exactly worry me, it's just that her attitude annoys me and things are going to get harder for everyone if she stays that way."
"I don't plan to. I'd rather wait for you to take a look at the magic. If we can find a way for me to control it then i'm game. Am i old enough for that talk already? How exciting!", jokingly saying the second part of the phrase.
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"I don't know when I will have spare time Wol. But I will try to fit you in somewhere. It will be in the next few days. I promise."
Crystal responding to Wolnir regarding braiding his hair. She was going to treat it well. Like she treats her tails.

"Lenera is one of the few females who are an accomplished and feared warrior and hunter. She has earnt many titles. Blademaster, Flame-heart, Master of The Hunt. Sky-Hunter. When there is a war or skirmish, she's always been apart of it. She is well disciplined. That's how she caught Eragon's eye. At least that's what I heard."

She moved from tail to tail. Being mindful while brushing them as she spoke.

"Magic. Arcane energy as it's formally known among users. Manipulated, known to few by definition. Before we dig into its basics, you need to know where you will find it. Some back-up information.

There are two worlds. The physical and mythical. For most of your life, you have lived in the physical world. It's what's natural. The normal way of life. What you have observed, what you feel, what you see. It's day to day living. Like where you used to work. Most people live in that world. Then there is this other one. The mythical world. Or realm, whatever floats your boat. This world lives right beside the physical but you cannot see it unless it reveals itself or is sought after. The mythical world is where the magic is. It's where you hear all the stories from. Stories of magic and strange creatures. It hides in different ways. For example. I can transform myself into a human. Make myself invisible. Remember when I said I have always watched over you and have never revealed myself. I am apart of the mythical world. Centaurs, fairies, basilisk, drakes, treant. We all exist. We aren't myths. The mythical realm hides for a reason. To protect itself from the physical. To escape its greed and also to protect them. The mythical world is precious as it is dangerous Exposure to it the wrong way gets you killed. If they don't, they won't be the same after. This is what's happening to you. As soon as you met Eragon your life turned around. Again might I add. Slowly more and more revealed. When I showed my pretty face. When the griffins attacked. Once you know it exists you can't go back now.

Magic plays a massive role in it. Good segway right. In a nutshell, magic is a manipulated energy. This Energy is called mana and there are three types of it.

The first is the natural mana. This is in everything. You, me, ants, the ground. Absolutely everything. Everything has a measure of it. Typically the bigger you are the more of it you have. The stronger you are, the more of it you have. You're using natural mana now. When you move, think, see. All your actions require mana.

Then there is the magic stuff. For example..."
She held out her hand and an orange ball of light appeared above it.
"I'm using my natural mana to make this. When a user manipulates natural mana for the desired task it's now called arcane magic. There are rules for this. Spells require a different amount of strength. This ball of light is easy but, moving large objects are much harder. They require the same amount of strength if you are to do it with your hands. Also the further the spell is cast the more demanding it is. Furthermore, different species have different types of mana. Elves are very nature-based. Humans are energy. Kitsunes are energy and elemental based. We have spells that no one can ever use. For example my shapeshifting ability."

She extinguished her ball of light.

"Finally, spirit mana. This gets a bit more complicated. Among the physical and mythical worlds, there is the spiritual world. This is where spirits like to hang out. We cannot see or touch it. These spirits can influence arcane magic. This is how you can different types of arcane. Necromancy, elemental, energy, divine, nature. The drakes for example. They have dragonic spirits. Their magic is very explosive and unpredictable. Sometimes acting on its own accord. It's dangerous what they play with but they seem to handle it well. You can talk to their spirits. At the Crystal caves. I've personally haven't. It's dangerous for me because I also have a spirit. They don't like each other. The Guardians are a group who are influenced by a single spirit. My spirit has a couple of names. Typically I refer to my spirit as Ansel. You'll hear other names. The Guardians only have one and it's damn powerful.

This is the bare basics of arcane. There many topics around it. Like using other natural sources for mana. I use that a lot. Also, kitsune, once we reach a thousand years old we become a Tenko. Which means spirit fox. Elijah is a Tenko. He's like half spirit, half being. It's interesting stuff I won't understand it until I become one. Which is less than two years."

Crystal looked back at the ring.

"It's very possible for you to be able to use arcane. It needs to be activated so to speak. Serenata wanted to do this for you. Then influence you with dragonic spirits. In essence to passively control you. Drake spell weavers aren't the nicest around. I dislike them. The spirits that they use are the same. Their spirits know they're threatened by this war. They will use you to defend them. I believe that is what Serenata was trying to do. You will be powerful. Possibly more powerful than Eragon and I. But you will be ruled by anger and hate. Not all of them though. Eragon is a prime example. He doesn't let it get to them even though he uses their power from time to time. If you go his route, different dragonic spirits would influence your body. I still don't know what will happen though.

This prophecy, regardless of where it came from. I think it is your destiny to be able to use arcane magic. I've put a lot of thought into it and I think it is right for me to also offer you power. Unlike Serenata I will tell you the truth. Whichever way you take, you cannot go back. When you learn arcane, there is no way to undo it. Under Serenata you will lose your mind and emotional freedom. You could in theory change your form whenever you want, but that is up to the spirits to give you that power.

I believe you are meant to be a protector of this land. That is the point of the Guardians. These problems you have with the prophecy will not exist. I can tell you that Ansel will let you change your size when you are ready for it. Mind you, you'll be eating a shit tonne more from it. I know from experience. You will gain telepathic abilities. You will be able to use arcane mana. The whole package. But here is the downfall. When you receive great power. You will be held accountable for all your actions. You will have to become a Guardian. You cannot have any negative self-gain. Riches for example. You will still have your own mind, your own thoughts and emotion but you have to willingly live a life to serve. If I'm honest, sometimes I wish I could stop and just do my own thing and not have a worry in the world. But because I have access to this power. I have to constantly what I am doing. Of course, you get breaks. I've had breaks that go on for years from serving. However, this is certainly the most rewarding path in life. Knowing that you are helping others. Protecting a whole bloody continent. It can get really cool.

So that's it really. You have heard my side. It's up to you now."
"N-no rush..." Wolnir replied with a smile when Crys told him she would make the effort to set some time aside of him in the next few days. Even if he was anxious to finally do his hair and have it back to acceptable levels, he understood that she had a load of things to take care of.

"I just heard they met during a battle" Valadir said when Crys told him more about Lenera, although he didn't give much thought to it. Sounded like standard stuff.

The dragon then heard her talk about more important matters. First about that other half of the world he barely got to experience. He thought it made a lot of sense how it seemed to reveal more and more of itself since the moment he caught a glimpse of it, and at the same time he felt curious about how much more he was missing. Wolnir couldn't help but listen to the conversation and remembered what he was told when he took Crys to her people, her explanation allowing tonclear things up.

"Care to drop a tease about any other goodies I'm missing?" he asked.

Valadir was then told about the magic business. He seemed to be genuinely interested in it as the explanation went on since it made him think things from another angle due to the mention of the natural mana. He knew there were different types of magic but he didn't know that the access to those different types could prove so complicated.
"Why do you think they hate eachother? The spirits I mean. To me it sounds like they are trying to compete for the highest amount of users or something of the sorts"

Crys then used the magic explanation to tell the dragon her analysis of the different paths to take on the prophecy. It seemed that his guess about Seranata's side was spot on, at least according to Crys. He would get used. He wasn't fond of neither that nor losing his personality and will in order to serve unquestionably under a spirit that didn't give half a damn him so that spirit could save itself, so for him that option was a no-go. Crys' recommendation sounded a ton better in comparison. Her version made him remember what he was told when she explained the vision him and Eragon had back then. When she said that in that vision he looked like the protector of the place.

Her version sounded relatively good, he'd get his concerns sorted plus some extra goodies to play with, but even then the drawbacks were significant.

Valadir sighed. "I dunno... I mean, your version sounds like the nicest of them all, but even then it carries a heavy price. I think you know how much I value my freedom. I know we are kind of short of time, but since you said you'd do some research, I'd rather wait until you discover something before I make my final choice. Besides, I'm not in the best of states to do it right now, i didn't sleep much last night.

Also, could you elaborate on the riches and breaks parts? And regarding the responsibility of my hypothetical actions, is it more in the sense of failing to do something important and getting punished for it, or in the sense of getting punished for using magic to do something fun or shapeshifting to sneak into places?"
“Any goodies?”

Crystal tilted her head playfully.

“Well, what’s there to say. To me the mythical world is normal. It. Is a wonderful place. It’s beautiful as it is dangerous. Makes it rather exciting. I find that the best place to see it is the forest. When you zare still. You will be very surprised what you will cross. Although the mountains hold many wonders as well. If you’re lucky you’ll find a phoenix in the night. The drakes can tell you about that.

In terms with the spirits. It’s a couple of things. Dominance in this world in a big one. Having more and more users gives them more power over it. In their realm, its a constant war that never seems to get anywhere. Elijah knows much more of it than I do. I’m still only a nogistune. Which is like a field fox.”

Crystal felt like she didn’t explain the magic properly. Well her side of it.

“Think of my version like this. You are gifted great power. Someone needs to hold you accountable with what you do with it. In this case its the guardians. Ansel you don’t really need to worry about. You can have wealth and riches but as long as it doesn’t take away from what you are meant to do. You won’t be punished but convicted and set straight. Someone like me will have a good chat with you and set your path straight. It’s done in respect. But that only happens when you lose your way or you done something really bad, like get a whole village killed or something. That barely happens. I’ve done done stuff I’m not proud of. Us kitsune by nature are very mischievous. Even malicious. In my younger years I’ve, just before I started my Guardian journey, I’ve stolen, caused civil wars, subdue men than kill them. I was full of lust. It’s sad because a lot of female kitsune are like that. But yet, Elijah still saw something in me. Something powerful. He reached out to me and made me the person I am now. I’m still not perfect. Doesn’t mean I stop trying though. As a guardian, you are bound by responsibility but I don’t feel like I have lost my freedom. If anything, I find it by helping others. If my theory is right-. Actually I’m going to from you for now... Anyway it’s a choice. Very few are willing to take the step to become a Guardian.”

Crystal looked to the balcony. She can tell its late.
Valadir took his helmet off while he listened to Crys' brief clarification about the mythical world. He seemed excited about managing to meet a Phoenix, but at the same time he found it odd that he didn't meet that world earlier, remembering to be in scenario that was similar to the one that she was describing, but never seeing a thing. He guesses it was probably not the correct time for him to be shown of that world until a couple months ago.

"Of course..." The dragon muttered when Crys explained a bit more about the spirits' nature. Of course it was a power play between all of them, it was pretty predictable.

And when she clarified how his future hypothetical standing would be regarding his posessions and responsibilities, it was a bit better than he expected. As far as he understood it, he'd be able to have stuff as long as those things didn't deter him from his duties and he'd have a talk if he crossed the line with his actions, which he didn't see happening.
However, with that talk his perception of Crys changed a bit, mostly because he didn't expect her past self to be so... evil.
"I totally didn't expect for you to be that kind of person before..." He admitted. "Kind of wonder now how much of the history books I had to study were caused by you..."
The dragon had noticed before that it was getting a bit late. The sun was hiding under the horizon. The dragon couldn't wait to get some sleep, feeling exhausted from his lack of rest and day of training.
"Anyway, I'll give it some thought and tell you when I make up my mind. Do let me know if you find something worth sharing. Oh, and how do I uhhhh, find you so I can tell you my decision?"
The black dragon then asked his friends to leave since he needed to sleep. In his former life, he'd probably go to bed later. "Thanks for making some time for me" he said to Crys.

"Thanks for... standing there" Valadir said to Wolnir after everything was done.
"D-don't mention it..." If he was honest with himself, he stopped paying attention to the hallway halfway through Crys' explanations.

Valadir then took off his armor, leaving it on one of the armor racks on his room. He then went to stock the fire, and after lighting it up, he hit the bed. Now that he was without energy, the bed seemed comfier than ever. Soon he fell asleep.

After exiting the room, Wolnir asked Crys if she needed a lift. In the end she didn't, and after saying goodbye to her, they parted ways and he went to his room, where he took off his armor and put it on a rack. In a way, he was glad that his room didn't have a mirror, that way his messy hair wouldn't be the first and last thing he saw each day. Even if he could see his own reflection in his armor as he took it off, at least it was easier to miss.

After entertaining himself for a while, he went to sleep but then felt a bit chilly, so he also made use of the fireplace.
Crystal innocently smiled when Valadir commented on her history.
She can see it on his face. He sees her a little differently now.
"That's exactly my point. Kitsune are naturally powerful. I had no one to tell me no. Not even my parents..."
She tailed off her sentence and looked down at the floor. Having a flashback to her past.

She snapped back into reality when Valadir spoke of the time. When he mentioned how they would see each other again she looked at the ring she still had. She dug into its purpose. Cupping both her little hands around it so they cannot see it. She detected two spells over it. One so that Serenata will always know where Val is and another so that when he calls her name she will know to come.

"What a dumb bitch. Doesn't she know to hide her spells."

She immediately disarmed the spells and fused her one into it. When she revealed the ring it had changed its appearance. Instead of a drake head, it is now a pearl white fox head. Finally, she gave it back to Valadir. It. It seemed more polished than before.

"Now you will know where I am when you want to see me. By the time you're out of the mountains, you'll be covered by gold the way you're going."
Referencing his bracelet.

In any event, it's time to leave. It's getting late and they all have places to go tomorrow. She stood up and stretched. She left a pile of her fur from grooming her tails.

"Well then. Guess that's goodbye. Until next time. Just before she was escorted out she turned and said to both dragons.

"By the way, Eragon isn't his actual name. His real name is Klader Hedren. The name Eragon is sort of like a baby name or a nickname. It just stuck to him."

Afterwards, she exchanged a few words with Wolnir. She explained she will be sleeping in the mountain tonight. She doesn't need to fly back down. They parted and crashed into their waking dreams.

The night is particularly cold. All year it snows at the tips of the mountains but it has made its way down to the rest of the ground. A thin coat of snow covered the Drakken mountains. Winter is starting to take its toll.

A massive drum could be heard throughout the mountain. It was struck twice. Signalling it's the sixth hour of the next day. A guideline of the drakes starting day.

Eragon started as he always did. Snuck out of his cuddle from Lenera. Again she pretended to be asleep. He dressed in fine gold and silver armour. Just before he left their sleep chamber he looked at the newly installed incubator. It is ready to go. Just needs one last peice. He looked back at his 'supposed sleeping mate and smiled.

Instead of walking, he chose to fly to the clan leaders hall. From the balcony, he flew halfway around the mountain.
"You challenging me?" Valadir said jokingly when Crystal spoke about how no one told her no.
Hearing her say that Eragon's sister had put little effort to hide the spells in the ring made the dragon feel lucky. He had trusted his gut in his decision of not putting the ring on and it seemed to be the right choice, even if he didn't know the spells' effects but given the circumstances those probably weren't pleasant. Wolnir got a bit startled when Crystal sweared, deviating his glance to her.

She then returned the ring to him. The dragon was surprised to see how it had changed completely from how it was some moments ago.
"Cool, thanks... What spells were there anyway? You sounded pissed there"

"Mhmm" The black dragon emitted when him and Wolnir were told that Eragon was actually a nickname for the guy that rescued them.They'd still call him by his regular name, more out of custom than anything else.
"D-does he hate his original n-name? B-becausw we weren't told about that..." Wolnir asked. He later nodded when he was told that he wouldn't need to carry anybody around that night. He waved her goodbye.

When the orange dragon was leaving to his room, the black one stopped him.
"I think that spell you had for your eyes went away..." The orange dragon then went to see himself in the nearby mirror with both surprise and concern on his mind. It was true. He used a spell that altered his right eye's color, turning it orange while keeping his left eye blue. Said spell had to be reapplied every once in a while, and he normally had his barber do it, even if he was told that it was something easy to do. He didn't want to blind himself by accident or something of the sorts.
"T-they are glowing a bit too, d-don't they..."

"Yeah... if you ask me, the faint glow makes you look cooler, and two blue eyes fit you better in my opinion..."

The now blue eyed dragon gave a quick hug to his friend with one paw. Valadir took it as some sort of thanks because of the compliment.
"You remember which colors you had on when we first met? And how'd you get the idea anyway?"

"I-I don't remember the colors... B-but the barber have me the idea. And he applies the spell t-too"

The dragons said their respective goodbyes and went to sleep, with Val leaving both the ring and the bracelet on a small table next to his bed. Wolnir did the same with his bracelet. Both used blankets that night.

Valadir was in fact awakened by the drum but he quickly fell asleep again, waking up proper two or three hours later. After stepping out of the bed, the first thing he noticed was that it was colder than he expected. He looked out the window and was happy to see that it seemed to be snowing, although very little. Were it be snowing at more normal levels, he'd probably prank Wolnir by throwing a snowball up his face while he still slept. After looking at the snow for a while and reminisce those happy winter days he used to have with friends and even complete strangers, the dragon then decided to put the bracelet and ring on, just in case, and went to get something to eat. That say he decided to not put the armor on since he'd see the armorer later, and also because he just didn't feel like going through the hassle of putting it on.

When he arrived to the dining hall, he scanned the room in search of Eragon and his sister, and to his relief he didn't see any of them. He wasn't in the mood to deal with them now, but someone he did find was Wolnir, clad in his armor like usual and finishing up his breakfast while talking to someone else. The black dragon quickly fetched some chicken and bread and went to sit with his friend.
"I-I thought I wouldn't see you today!" Wolnir greeted him. " D-did you see the snow?"

"Yeah, I saw..." Valadir replied. "Just wish it snowed a lot more so we could go outside and do stuff"

"Yeah..." Wolnir then noticed how his friend had come without his armor. "N-not worth the hassle today?"

"What? Oh you mean the armor. Kind of. Remember how we gotta go to the armorer today? Figured I may save myself some effort and just go without it. Anyway, sorry for interrupting" The dragon then started to eat.
Crystal answered Val and Wol’s questions according to what they asked.
To Val first, “In essence, she attempted to spy on you. She would know when you wanted her. What I did is the opposite. When you want to see you know where I am.”

Then to Wol outside, “I know that both names have a similar meaning. To find a personal answer, you will have to ask him. I honestly don’t know why. Could be that he hates it. Maybe something to do with his family.”

Eragon passed a dozen Armageddon guards. Drakes clad in full gold and purple armour. Despite how much they wear the amour itself is made of a very light and durable alloy. He opened the doors to the Clan Leaders Hall. A large room for its purpose. Normally a room this size requires pillars to keep it from caving. In place of them, giant arches connect the ceiling to the walls. Enough support to keep a thirty by fifty-metre room up. It’s a simple design. Three large banners on each side wall with each clans symbol and colours. However, the back wall, a larger banner than the rest. Gold background with a purple drake head stitched into the middle, surrounded by orange and red fire. The head has six horns, representing the main clans and the head represent Armageddon. The colour shows Eragon as the ruler. The room is well illuminated with many lanterns lined along the polished stone walls. There are a few decorations around. A couple of sets of famous armour. Shelves containing rolled scrolls and books.

At the centre of the room. A square stone table. Large enough to fit twelve drakes. Eragon sat at the furthest side. A cabinet under the table next to his feet. He took off the lid and a stack of paper was in it. He took it all out and started reviewing it. It’s all the notes from yesterday. They had discussed much on the first meeting since he has been back. The clan leaders are aware of the war coming but the rest of the population hasn't been officially told. Of course, suspicion lingers among the population. It's hard to hide the guardians in their little corner. They went through the steps they will take for the war to come. Today they will finish that talk and then in the afternoon, they will announce the war.
"Bitch ain't spying on me now..." Valadir said when he was told how the ring was going to be used to spy on him. "I guess it was the right call to not put it on" He thought about asking her if she wouldn't get annoyed now that the effect was on her, but if she intentionally put the current spell instead then it probably wouldn't annoy her.

When Crys said how Kledar was some sort of childhood name for Eragon, Wolnir remembered that time when him and the drake talked in a more personal level when they came back from the hospital. How he said that him and his family had some sort of fallout. He had honestly forgotten about that conversation until now, but now he wondered if the conversation and the name change were related.

"M-maybe it has to do with a conversation h-him and me had the other day..." the orange dragon said, "I-i think it doesn't hurt to ask..."

"I doubt he'll give you a straight answer, though" Valadir intervened. Once that the matter was over, he asked his friends to let him sleep.

Now back at the hall, Wolnir resumed his conversation with the drake he was talking with earlier, in order to pass the time while Valadir ate his breakfast. Eventually, the drake had to leave to perform his duties. Not wanting to pester Val since he seemed... busy, Wolnir spent time in his own head, thinking about what Crys was doing now, and eventually he thought about their appointment to get tailored for their new sets of armor.

"You ready?" Valadir said as he cleaned his muzzle and paws after finishing, with his friend nodding shortly after in response. Before leaving the hall, the black dragon asked for directions to their destination, and after thanking the drake that gave them they departed to fulfill their appointment.

The way there was fairly uneventful. They got the usual attention from the drakes but Val couldn't help but think that the stares directed at him were mostly because of his lack of armor, and not because of the custom around. Or maybe he was getting paranoid.

When they arrived, it seemed that there was no one there. Valadir thought that maybe Orlando was on the back, and that in any case he would be with them soon. He then went to see that two piece horn ring he recognized the last time. Wolnir admired the place when they entered, thinking the decorations were very pretty.
"I-i thought you said we were going to t-the armorer...", the orange dragon said to his friend, while the latter looked at the piece of jewelry. "T-this doesn't look like it..."
"Did i?", Val replied, deviating his attention to the other dragon and not aware of his mistake until now. "I meant to say that we were going to the jeweler for the tailoring since he told me he does that kind of stuff too. Kinda messed it up..."

"S-so that means you came here b-before?"

"Yeah, came when you were away with Crys and Eragon". Wolnir nodded, and in order to pass the time while waiting for Orlando, the black dragon started to explain how he thought he had seen the ring on one of his friends' horns, and how he concluded that said friend had visited the mountains without telling him a thing.
A young drake happens to be walking past the dragon. He is holding a few plates of gold. He stood in the middle of the hallway and stared at the two dragons for a few seconds. His face lit up and dashed out of sight. A minute later she showed up again with Orlando. He's wearing his usual plain silk clothes. Even the apprentice wore fine armour.

"Welcome back Unbroken and a pleasure to meet you Brightscaled. I'm pleased both of you spared time for this occasion. I promise you won't be disappointed."
He bowed as spilled his words. He glanced over to the younger drake, noticing that she wasn't copying his movements. He delivered her a little kick and she quickly understood what's happened. Bowing her head too far low.

"Forgive my niece, Therassa. She is only seven. Her parents managed to hear your arrival today and insisted she witnessed the proceedings.

Please follow me and we will dive right into it."

Orlando lead them through a couple of hallways.
"Cold start today. The first blanket of snow. I'm having a feeling this is going to be a cold long winter."
A little bit of chat to get them comfortable around himself.

They arrived at a back room. It was almost a secret door hidden at an end of a poorly lit hallway. A smaller wooden door, however, on the other side was a different story. A long rectangular room with a high ceiling. Comfortably fit fifty drakes or few large dragons. The room is filled with measuring equipment, moulds and designs of dragon armour. The walls are lined with many flameless lanterns. At the back wall or rather a door that is in place to allow larger beings in and out of the room. This chambers sole purpose is the design armour for dragons. Another three drakes stood in the room.

"Unbroken, Brightscaled, these are the best of their professions."
Orlando pointed to each drake stating the names and titles.

"Mastered-Forger Obrin (dark yellow scales, almost gold looking). Mastered-Armour Quin'Teth (dark blue scales), and finally, Mastered-Metallurgist Cinnabar (two-toned, his front and neck are red while the rest of his body is black)."

All three drakes bowed humbly before the dragons.

"All of them are well-respected and proven. Any questions?"
Wolnir deviated his attention from Valadir's conspiracy theory, hearing someone behind them. At first he thought it was the jeweler coming to them, but when he turned his head around he was taken aback. A kid? His first guess was that said kid got lost or something of the sorts. The dragon nudged Val with force in order to get him to turn around, but by the time his friend turned around, the kid had gotten out of sight.

"What was that for?!" Valadir asked while rubbing his shoulder out of the hit he got.

"T-there was a kid l-looking at us..." Wolnir shyly excused himself. "Maybe got lost..."

"Or maybe we got ourselves a lil' stalker" Valadir voiced his opinion. "Judging how people tend to love us around here..."

Soon after, Orlando came around with the kid. Now that the drake explained the whole kid situation, Val wasn't mad with his friend anymore. Wolnir fixed his stare at the kind, who turned out to be a female, watching her fail at the intended movements. He smiled at her when she got them right, even if he thought that bowing to them constantly was a bit too much. While Orlando guided them, Wolnir scratched her head while Val gave her a pat on the back.

"Can't really complain, i love snow. In fact, if it snowed more, i'd actually be outside right now..."

They were guided to a room with a lighting deficit, and in the dragons' opinion it actually made the room gloomy. After getting introduced to the people they were going to work with, the orange dragon asked if he should start getting the armor off, while the black one asked if they could take the bracelet into account.
"I'm not very fond of snow myself. The heat from the sun is more suited for me."
Orlando continuing on the conversation about the snow. While drakes are warm-blooded, many share Orlando's interest as well.

"We will help you take your armour off Brightscaled."
Cinnabar and Obrin came to Wolnir's service and assisted him to take off his armour.

Cinnabar commented on the armour while he took off the backplates. "This is very interesting. This is old material. I'm surprised it's so polished and... Intact."

"I'm surprised your head is still intact..."
Obrin making a snarky remark back at Cinnabar.

"Can't help but agree to that..."
Cinnabar laughing at the comment. He continued and said to Wolnir,
"Brightscaled how has your stay in the Mountains been so far? Claustrophobic yet?"

Obrin bent to his knee to take off his forearm guard and had a look at the bracelet.
"Of course we will. Might I add that's a fancy one you got there. Looks too fine for drake. Where did you scare that one?"

The two drakes and continued their conversation with Wolner as they took his armour off.

Meanwhile, Orlando and Quin'Teth grabbed measuring equipment tools. A variety of measuring lines and scales. They have buckets filled with alginate, add a few other ingredients to make a gel-like composition for moulds.

When they had finished stripping Wolnir of his armour they started their tailoring. They measured every detail. Chest, back, belly, wing spam, tail length, weight, scale shapes, legs, spike, horns. They used foam for the intricate areas and parts difficult to measure with tapes. Areas such as the paws, face, cheeks and joints. Pressing the alginate solution and letting it dry for a few minutes before carefully peeling it off.

They had the dragons perform different positions. Looking for his full range of motion. Even a breathe test where he blew flame at a metal plate that heated mercury in a glass cylinder. The mercury would rise and give them a result of how hot the fire is. They got them to walk up and down the place. Flew outside to fly to see their flying pattern.

Therassa stared at Valadir the whole time. She wants to tell him something but is too shy.

Approximately two hours were spent on each dragon. There is friendly conversation all the way through. Double-checking every measurement.
Just before they finished Quin'Teth asked both dragons.
"What would you like to be included in the armour. Which features would you like to incorporate?"
The orange dragon thanked the drakes for helping him with the armor. He was worried about that they'd think about the messiness of his hair once he took off the helmet, but luckily they didn't seem to care.

"They had them in a frontier outpost if that tells you anything" Valadir added when Cinnabar noted how Wolnir's armor was made out of old material, guessing that it was also the case for his set.

"I-is that a bad thing?" Wolnir asked with a slight sense of worry.

"N-not really..." the orange dragon replied, referring to the question about finding the mountains claustrophobic. He found the question to be odd since it was a bit unexpected and because they didn't ask Val as well. "I-i'm not completely used t-to it yet, b-but it's been nice so far!"

"We have a friend kitsune that made a pair for us. You know, one of them fluffybuns" Valadir replied about the bracelet question. He was unsure if naming them would cause some red flags on the drakes. He had thought about dodging the question, but he figured that he was probably overthinking things.

The drakes went with him and Val and explained then how they would measure them. For a measure, the dragons thought it was a bit long, but if that was the price for a set that actually fit them then it was fine. Val seemed to be more on board with it since he found his armor was really uncomfortable, given that it was made for someone bigger than him. Wolnir thought his was fine as is, but that It could use some adjustments to better fit his movement style. At least, the measurement turned out to be a bit entertaining, with the chatting and all.

Valadir hoped to impress the drakes when he was tasked to do some flying to better suit his armor. When tasked to fire up the mercury tube, the drakes briefly explained how it worked and Wolnir recognized the technology.
"W-we used something like that where at the brewery I worked with... b-but with water and a piece of wood..."
Valadir went to it first, glad that his reserves had already recovered from yesterday's training. Wolnir went after him. He wasn't unused to light things up, but he used his fire infrequently because both his home and workplace were made out of wood, and he found that it left a faint itch on his lungs for a couple seconds after he normally used it. While he was on it, Valadir stepped away for a sec and sat next to the kid, having felt her gaze all day. "'Sup?" He said to her as he sat.

"I want two things" Val said when the measurement process finally came to a close and was asked for any features for his armor. "My name right here" pointing at a place in the upper right side of his chest. "In old dragon runes. And also some pouches, in the hip... tail... or wherever"

"I-i don't know...I-i'm not big on armor", Wolnir said shyly, "b-but i guess it w-would be nice if my hair could still be seen... A-and maybe if it shined o-or if it had a medallion..."
"Actually, that is a very logical place to find them. That also suggests the armour is older than I anticipated. You see, back when we were first claimed the mountains. Before our seclusion. Stories of many wars from that time. Dragons aided our side. From that sprouted the first generation of dragon armour. You should be honoured to wear these. Well, that's if they are some of the first models."
Cinnabar gave the dragon's a small detail about the drakes past.

"Not a bad thing at all. In fact, it's a demonstration of how much we have mastered the craft."

Obrin let out a small puff of smoke when Wolnir mentioned the kitsune.
"I'm sure you have caught on with our dislike of the kitsune. It's not just them but the guardians as a whole. It was before my time but we drakes and the guardians weren't on the best of terms. But if The Inferno has allowed them to stay then they are our friend."

Therassa continued to stare at Valadir as he sat next to her. She didn't reply straight away. She looked into his eyes. Her natural dark blue eyes shifted colour to red as if they are bleeding.
A cold and young feminine voice she said,
"The land is screeching at you. Why can't you hear it? They have nearly found you. Why don't you fly away? You don't owe them anything. Why are you letting them force you?" You have many friends. Why can't you find them? A vision is one way. Dying is another. If you don't hunt them, they will eat you. Please. We beg you. Don't let them take another."

Her eyes instantly went back to their normal state. She blinked a couple of times before resuming her normal optimistic stare.

Orlando looked over to Valadir. He saw him sitting next to Therassa.
"Forgive me Valadir, is she bothering you?"

Quin'Teth Took note of the dragon's applications and stacked the piece of paper among the others they wrote for the armour.
"These will be the finest suits of armour that will ever be forged. Apologies for how long it took. We needed every bit of information we could get. I cannot tell you how long they will take. We have new ideas and need to try different techniques to work the metal that is required. We will work day and night until they are done."

With that, they started to pack up. Obrin and Cinnabar assisted Wolnir again with his armour.

Then Orlando lead them back outside.
"I hope you at least found your time here worth. It was a long process but it was required. I trust you will have a pleasant day ahead of you."

After Orlando said his farewells he walked back inside. Just before Valadir took off Therassa grabbed his tail.
"Speak with the guardians. They know where you can find friends."

She released him and chased after Orlando.
The dragons nodded at the explanation about the armors' age. They weren't told about the armors' origin, so knowing the story was nice, although they knew most of it before coming. Valadir felt a bit skeptical about the subject. Even with the projection of confidence, he couldn't help but question their protective capabilities given their age.

"Yeah, we were told" The black dragon said when Obrin spoke about the uneasy relationship between the two races. "Can you remind me why you two are at odds the entire time?"

Valadir got creeped out with Therassa's deal. It seemed like she was prosessed or something and it happened so out of the blue that it caught him off guard. It seemed that having to deal with the prophecy business and the trauma from his time on the run was not enough. Now he had to deal with random and creepy shit like that. He dragged himself away from here as she spoke, and his expression made it evident. Orlando then came around to check on them. Trying to set his expression straight for a moment, he said
"S-something's wrong with her!" he said, his efforts of maintaining composture failing, "I mean it! Keep her on check" He then took a really deep breath to calm down and tried to let himself get carried away with the rest of the measurements.

"C-can't wait" Wolnir said as they were told how they'd try their best to deliver them their armors in good conditions. He thanked them afterwards when they helped him with putting his old armor back on. Valadir stayed quiet.

"At l-least it was fun!" the orange dragon then said as Orlando said his goodbyes.

Valadir didn't even look at Therassa when she tried to speak with him. He only shook his tail wildly to the sides so she would get her hands off of him and walked with Wolnir to the hallway.

"W-what was that about?" Wolnir asked his friend.

"I DON'T KNOW!" Valadir lashed out at his friend. It was his free day and it felt like no one was willing to give him a break."I'M SICK OF THIS SHIT!" Wolnir recoiled back as he was getting yelled at, being too scared to mutter any kind of answer. His facial expression made it notable.

Valadir then decided to go see Crystal. Maybe she knew something about what just happened, or maybe she could help him with his mental state. Luckily she gave him that ring.

Wolnir wasn't sure if his friend was better left alone in this situation. Truth be told, he was never yelled at this way, and he never thought Val would be the first one to do it.

He was unsure, but the hairy dragon decided to follow.
"It's straight forward. We wanted to expand our borders. We slaughtered by the thousands. The Guardians to take that easily. They moved against us."
Obrin continued,
"Some of us have forgiven and others... Teach the younglings to despise them. What does it matter... They are here."

Orlando glared at Therassa.
"Excuse her personality. She was born next to the Crystal Caves. A product of that is her random spites of insights. Do not heed her words. Most of the time her words mean nothing."

Crystal healed a few more of Reptar's wounds. Hoping that it will help his mind recover faster. While the large green drake certainly will. She is starting to lost patience. She needs the information from him. She needs to know what happened.

The white-tailed kitsune sat on the cold stone table where Reptar slept. Sitting next to his head. She felt pity for him. What he must of went through. Terrible, terrible things. She could gather a few faint memories from him. Trapped, tortured. By these monstrous creatures. She saw glimpses of them from his mind. She doesn't have a word to describe how horrible they are.

"You poor thing..."
She pats his scaled head. She wished she could help him more.

She slid off the table and stretched her tight limbs. She threw another log into the fire pit. Took care that it will burn.

She took up her staff leaning against the wall and was about to make an effort to leave until Valadir burst through the door. That's not like him. Just behind him, she can see Wolnir, skulking after Valadir. She quickly turned her attention back to Val. All she had to do is lock eyes with him to know what's happened.

Before he could say a thing she walked right up to him and pressed her staff against his lips. Because she couldn't reach.


She released tendrils of her mind and enveloped his. Soothing his spirit.

"Let's go somewhere else. Where we can speak freely."

She walked outside, expecting Valadir to follow. When she reached the edge of the Sanatorium, where there is only a drop in front of her. She pointed in a direction.

"That way. It's about time you see where I come from. Who my family is."

Speak of where the guardians are located she showed Val the way and jumped on his back after she asked for his permission.

"Wolnir, Val and I need some alone time. I'll send someone to you actually. You've already met him but I think you'll enjoy a deeper chat with him."
"You could've told me that earlier..." Valadir said to the drake when he was told about Therassa's lapses. He thought that it would have lessened his reaction.

Wolnir normally walked beside Val, but that day he was a couple meters behind him. He got intimidated enough to keep his distance, not wanting to get yelled at again. The orange dragon stood on the doorway, shyly peeking his head inside when they arrived whatever it was they were going. Looked like a hospital, briefly remembering his trip to that hospital a couple days ago.

By the time Valadir entered the room Crys was in, he was still furious. He rolled his eyes and huffed at her comment. If not because she had done an effort to calm him down a bit, he'd have yelled at her too. Even then, he was still pissed and frustrated. Maybe not enough to actively scream at someone, but still. He followed her reluctantly.

Wolnir took distance when Val and Crys went out of the room, backing up to the hallway mostly out precaution. He did look a Val in the eyes but his gaze wasn't met. Made him worry more.

"Fine" Val said in a rather cold and down way when she asked for his permission to ride him. He'd rather have the solution on the spot so he could be on his way, but he trusted her enough to know that what she had on store was good.

"W-where do you want us to meet?" The orange dragon asked when he was told that someone was going to meet him soon. He already had an idea of who that guy was.

A while after they got on their way, the dragon said
"I'm REALLY sick of this shit. I want to tell everyone to fuck off. Might do it if there's something I don't like about these people"
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"He'll meet you at your room."
Crystal responded to Wolnir.

Crystal laid on his back. Caressing his neck. She didn't reply immediately. Rather let his statement sit in the air for a while. She kept calm and collected.
"Makes you wonder why they're secluded from the rest of the world"
She pressed her head against him. His heart races. She can feel. She can hear what his body is saying. It's traumatised and shook. Right from where it started.

They chatted for a little while in the air. Subconsciously, Crystal guided Valadir to their destination. They flew away from the mountain. Away from the drakes and above her kind. The small city of colour. Full of tents and small lodges. It has doubled since she last visited. Not only are there kitsune but also dwarves, humans and elves. Other sub-races also dwelled with them. Crystal knew well of Valadir's distaste of the elves in particular. She cast a silent spell that masks their presence for now. She also came into contact with this certain someone to go visit Wonlir.

They went past the large group and right next to the foothills. Within a small cluster of evergreen pine trees. They landed there. A silent area. Not even the birds chirped because of the winter. The thin layer of snow also fell here. When Valadir secured himself on the ground. She slid off him. Her bare feet touching the snow for the first time. She struck the ground with her staff and all the snow pushed aside of its own accord. Leaving a large circular area for the dragon and herself to sit comfortably on the dry grass. The air is cold. Furthermore, she used more mana and created a fire in the middle of the grass patch. The logs seem to appear out of thin air that ignited instantly. She placed her staff down and sat in front of Valadir.

"Don't think for a second that any of it is your fault. No one wishes for this. Vent your frustration. Let loose your anger. Speak your fear. Tell me everything. It's alright. You can't hurt me."

Sabato Xensi arose from his meditation upon hearing Crystal's silent request. The time has come for him. While he did not look forward
to go wandering within the drakes territory, his mission is far greater than his discomfort. He tightened his black kimono and fastened his swords to his waist and made his way to Wolnir.
Wolnir nodded when he was told that that certain person was going to meet him in his room. He glanced at his friends before he left, hoping things would get better soon. When he began his way back to his room, he realized he didn't exactly know how to go there since he wasn't exactly paying attention to how they got to where they were now, so he asked for directions, and after a while he arrived to his room. Before entering, he notified his guards that someone was due to come soon. In the meanwhile, he took off his helmet and sighed in sadness. He wished everything would end soon so him and Val could have some semblance of normalcy and hang out how they used to back in the day, but sadly that wasn't going to happen anytime soon.

Valadir thought that Crys' words weren't helpful. In another moodset he'd have thought about what she said but right now he was too angry and frustrated to do so. He felt like he wanted to scream but only that there was no one there to listen. He maintained a grumpy and sad expression, chatting with Crys but his replies were cold and his tone lacked emotion. Looking at the snowy and colorful tents, he thought the place looked nice and made a mental note of its location in case he needed to come back, and at the same time he thought that the amount of people circling around was lower than it should.
"Hell, not even the snow looks fun to me anymore...", he said to Crys pessimistically while sighing.

The dragon looked at the small town when they landed and sighed once again when Crys invited him to tell her what was annoying him. He sat and began.

"I feel like all of you aren't willing to fucking let me rest for a mere five minutes! You all expect me to deal with the fact that I lost everything i ever knew and held dear... and lets not forget that i was trying to not die for over a year! Y'all expect me to deal with it like it was nothing! I think about it all the time and you are all pretending like nothing happened! And all the while, all of you are telling me things like "When the hell are you going to get some odd magical shit to further my goals?" "Hey, I know what we could do! Let's enslave you to some magical deity for the rest of your life so you can fix this and that deity can further it's goals!" and "man up because we are fucking going to turn you into a killing machine with no feelings and we don't care if we have to torture you and kill you to do it"with little regard for my feelings! In the meanwhile you also tell me shit like "hey, hurry the fuck up because everyone's gonna die and it's gonna be your fault!"", he vented out, getting angrier and sadder the longer he spoke. He cut himself short because he was unable to continue.
"I QUIT!" The dragon ended up breaking in tears, sinking his head on Crys' fur.
"...i-i want a break..."
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Crystal embraced Val's head. Resting it on her lap. She laid her hands on him Caressing his brow. Using her tails around him to warm and comfort the weeping dragon. She didn't speak. Showing her affection to him through physical contact. She felt honoured that he came to her. While many others have done the same to speak their heart. Many used her for her wisdom and kindness. Others are genuine but Val is innocent. He went through too much tribulation in a short length of time.

For a good while, they sat there in silence. His hot tears ran rushed down his cheeks and soaked her tails. When he was close to finishing she spoke.

"Chikara ga otoroeru to, agapē wa kowaremasu."

Speaking in her native tongue.

"Around my folk, that's a saying for, 'where strength fails, selfless love breaks'. Close enough anyway.

Valadir Unbroken. You have cracked. Ran out of strength. But that's the heart of your problem. You're doing it in your strength and it's failed you now. You came to me because you need help. You see Val, It takes one to have strength but two to love. I'm not talking about itty bitty 'look at me I have a boyfriend and we're in love.' I'm talking about deep, real love. You know what that does! What deep love does; Agape. It goes out of its own way to help others even when faced with death. Real love seeks no return. It's completely selfless and its only motive is to help others. Val, I'm here to help you. I'm here to love you. Heck, everyone in that little makeshift piss city is. They don’t even know you. In the past year and a half, you have taught yourself to build walls and trust no one. Be cautious about everyone you meet. Please Val. Expose yourself yourself to me. Rely on me. Share your burden. This prophecy is a vision of the future. That's it. A vision. You are free to make your own choice. You can fly away. You can be sad and grieve the past. You can turn into a so-called killing machine. You can possibly achieve all the power you want and rule. Perhaps something no one has ever imagined but before you decide you need rest. Of course I have my opinion what what you should do and yes, so does everyone else. However, I will not force you to do anything.”

Tears started falling from her own eyes. She genuinely wanted the best for him but when faced with the fate of you people and there place where she grow up in. It had misguided her to be a wise friend to Val. She know that now and promises to do better.

“Val leave the your places in the mountain. For now at least. Stay here. You will have real rest. Restoration in your mind, soul and body. It isn’t as fancy or clean up there. But it’s warm. Oh and I promise no propaganda or weird freaky shit like that little bitch you told me about on they way here. You will see a lot more arcane mana everywhere. There are also elves… Val they’re not here to kill you. No one is.”

She wiped her face and released Val.

“Gosh, you got me to tears. That doesn’t happen to often. Anyway, What do you say Val? Want to hang out with a few crazies like me?”

Sabato finally, after two hours, found his way to Wolnir’s stay. After much arguing and cold shoulders. He even had a drake spit on him but he didn’t retaliate. It will just end badly for him. While he walked and climbed his way through the mountain he felt a little small. Everything has tripled in size. The, stairs, doors basic tools. He wondered how Crystal has done so well. He literally had to climb every stair.

Alas, he made it. Well he hoped he had. He knocked on the door and waited for an answer.

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