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Realistic or Modern Boy lost in foreign country at the dawn of WWIII (World War 3)


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I'm looking for a long-term roleplay partner who's ok with being friendly outside of roleplay. Just some quick requirements for you as my partner:
  1. Write in third-person
  2. Don't use "text speak" / have fluency in English
  3. No ghosting.

So my roleplay idea is that I'm a young boy (elementary/middle school age) who got separated from his parents while on vacation in an unfamiliar country, and now is lost. Really, my parents basically dumped me and on purpose made it hard for me to find them again. So an attempt at "legal child abandonment", which although my parents' intentions were to abandon me, to anyone else it'll just simply look like I genuinely got lost.

Now in comes you, an older figure (a teen, or young adult), who finds me. You end up letting me stay with you, and we form a really cute and close bond kinda like a brotherly/parental bond. We haven't been able to find out anything about my parents yet though, when WWIII breaks out. Because of the technoglocial state of modern society though, it ends up being the most catastrophic war in the history of humankind. It's a biochemical war, where a bioengineered virus spreads around the world that manipulates the brain of a person to remove their "humanity" and basically makes them blood thirsty and cannibalistic. An anomaly of the virus though, is that it only affects fully developed adults (around 25yo).

The climax, and ultimately the "ending" (unless we mutually choose to continue the roleplay beyond the climax), will be when I find out the heartbreaking truth about my parents intentionally abandoning me. Perhaps its by way of finding them dead somewhere from the virus, etc, but however it happens it'll take place after WWIII starts.

This will be a very dark and grim roleplay, but will have moments of cuteness, wholesomeness, and "found family" bonding, between our two characters.

Send me a private message if interested!

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