1. PunkPrince

    Realistic or Modern Looking for partner for literate Adoption RP

    My requirements: Please don't join the RP, and then drop it right in the middle. It bugs me when people only post once, or post a few times and then just leave. Please be advanced. At least four paragraphs per post with good spelling, grammar, and detail. I can make exceptions at times. This...
  2. Nocturne

    Fandom Naruto: The Forgotten

    It was chaos. Shots were fired on both sides; one was pinned down in the woods by the other. A small family isolated from the rest of their group; doing their best to stay alive. Filthy, exhausted, pushed to their limit. One was too slow to react...The sound of a bullet echoed throughout the...
  3. Coca-Cola

    Fantasy dad devil

    OVERTURE growing up in an orphanage is hard especially when no one wants to adopt you 10 years it's been 10 years since your parents left you here but today? something interesting happened you and your siblings were called into the main building and you see him the staff explain that he wanted...
  4. StarryNights17

    Realistic or Modern Family RP

    Hello! I'd like to make a generalized thread right now, seeking a family centric rp. I'll note down some loose prompt ideas below, and we can discuss things more through PM! Adoption: This can go any number of directions, where you adopt me due to some sort of circumstances. Age-Regression...
  5. StarryNights17

    Realistic or Modern Boy lost in foreign country at the dawn of WWIII (World War 3)

    Hello! I'm looking for a long-term roleplay partner who's ok with being friendly outside of roleplay. Just some quick requirements for you as my partner: Write in third-person Don't use "text speak" / have fluency in English No ghosting. So my roleplay idea is that I'm a young boy...
  6. Nocturne

    Fandom Naruto: The Forgotten (RP)

    RP Preferences: I need an rp partner for a Naruto AU isekai rp; since I am an adult, you must be 18+. This rp involves both canon characters and OCs, so you must be willing to play as canon characters; I will do the same. Literacy is required, and although you don’t have to make your posts as...
  7. Splitter Mouse

    Multiple Settings Looking for RP partners!

    Hello, my name is Mouse and I’m looking for some chill and fun rp to do! I typically like rping as children and robots. I prefer wanting to do light and fluffy rps but I’m open for some adventurous-type rp to do! I strictly do OC rp only and no fandom rp. What genres I feel about: - Found...
  8. MasterWolf1337

    Multiple Settings Wholesome Found Family/Parent x Adoptee/Runaway RP Ideas

    About Me Late 20s to Early 30s Male Semi-Literate to Advanced Literate Varied Post Length OC(s) Only, Certain Fandoms Only (Feel free to ask which ones if they are not listed here) Only play male char Male x Female Ships only Ditch/Ghost Friendly OOC Friendly Family Story Ideas Adopted Daughter...