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Fantasy Blood of Sons

Sub Genres
Action, Realistic


The streets of Garant run red with the blood of its loyal sons. For years the kingdoms around you have allied themselves into the Bolton Alliance. Your King and Queen have refused to join the alliance time and time again. They reinforced the borders and believed it would be enough to deter the alliance. Now the king lies dead on the field of battle. The queen writhes in her chamber surrounded by advisors and noblemen, dying of her wounds. The fearsome Zartan Army slaughters and tortures the citizens outside the palace walls. You are the last line of defense. A Royal Knight raised by noblemen from birth to serve the royal family with utter loyalty.

'Blood of Sons'.jpg

(All art used credited to WLOP. WL OP (Artstation), wlop - Hobbyist, Digital Artist | DeviantArt (Deviantart).

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