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Fantasy Secrets of a An Angelic Kingdom (MxM) {Edit- 4/4}


Yiling Patriarch
Edited- Clarified that YC is Heir to either Dark or Light Angels.
All characters are (18)+
Tags: Medieval Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Hurt/Comfort
Pairings: MxM
While romance will be a big part of this plot I don't want myself or my RP partner to have firm stances regarding 'top/bottom'. I don't like the one-sidedness of that, personally. So I want my partner/s to know not that you will need to be able to RP a character who isn't firmly submissive, nor dominant. Sure, there are times where characters will have more 'passive’ or 'aggressive' moments but I don't want anything to just be solely one way or another all the time.

Secondly, I would really like my RP partners to write somewhere between 3-6 paragraphs, or 300+ words. I also prefer writing in 3rd person. No offense to anyone who identifies or enjoys 1st or otherwise, I just get *extremely* confused when trying to write or read in that POV.
There are Light, Dark, and Fallen Angels. Light Angels have the greatest strength in Healing magic, they also communicate the best with nature. Dark Angels are the strongest in Spell-casting type magic, they frequently create new spells to use in combat. Last but not least, Blood Angels. Not a whole lot is known about these Fallen Angels- there are rumors that they used to be LIght or Dark Angels who fell, hence the name. However, neither Light nor Dark have ever met or even seen a Fallen Angel though they’re usually used as a means to keep children in line.

In reality, Fallen Angels are the first line of protectors of the Angel Kingdom. Far at the edge of the Angelic kingdom is a thick forest. Humans, Orcs, Vampires, etc. reside beyond it and continuously try to invade the Angel’s Kingdom. The Fallen keep them out, their sole purpose is to kill the enemies that try to force their way through day after day, hour after hour. These Angels are unknowingly the strongest yet most shunned of their kind. From childhood to adulthood they are taught to fight, to kill, to sacrifice themselves for Light and Dark Angels. Despite their prowess in battle, they are killed. There is only one who has yet to be killed in combat. MC who is the Leader of the Fallen. There is no other option to live nor die.

The Blood Angels communicate solely with the current Ruler/s who preside over Light and Dark races. Outside of that, not even the child/ren of the Ruler/s are privy to the existence of the Fallen. Least not until they are of age to take the crown and be the next Ruler.

YC is Heir to either the Light Angel or Dark Angel kingdom. They've always been very kind and friendly with Light and Dark Angels, doing their best to ensure that both sides are at peace. They too were ignorant of the Fallen Angels, simply thinking that they were made-up or at the very least long extinct. Now, they have celebrated their 21st birthday and their parent’s have decided it was time for him to know.

How will he react to knowing that there are Fallen Angels and that they are used to kill and be killed, so that everyone else can live in peace? Now that he is old enough to know about them, he will also meet MC the one who leads the Fallen. Will he ask questions or simply keep things the way they are, as many of their ancestors did before? What keeps these Angels bound to such a fate? Why were they given this fate? As he uncovers long lost secrets, he grows closer to MC and finds himself Falling into a Forbidden Love.
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