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AVATAR: The Spirit of Raava [IC]


broken like glass
@Peri-winkle I’m writing Bai’s bio and was wondering if I could make some assumptions about what’s been happing in Avatar land since Korra based on real world events. For example, we’ve jumped from the 20s from the 60s so would I be able to mention elements such as an interpretation of WWII? I would only mention them in passing with no detail; just wanted to run it by you
You could mention a small war, maybe between two feuding nations. But I didn't intend for there to be another world war (100 year war)


broken like glass
Uhmmmm, I guess Shadowbending would be acceptable (I just did a quick read and it seems like it would be fine. Besides, I think it could make for an interesting sub-plot . . . . . . . maybe).

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