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Fandom Legend of Zelda: The Old Ways

Flame Demon

Autistic Ace Vampire
Roleplay Type(s)
Legend of Zelda
The hero succeeded, Ganon is sealed away forever, or so everyone thinks. Now on top of being in the modern age Hyrule, where things that were once normal are seen as weird, there is no Link or Zelda in sight. Ganon returns and takes over the kingdom of Hyrule, ruling it as a dictator, bringing back the old ways.

A group of people(humans, Hyrulians or Garudo), not quite normal, not quite weird, find some ruins after wandering through the Lost Woods, inside that ruin are several items, among them being:
  • The Master Sword, pulsing with a faint glow in it’s pedestal
  • A Shadow Crystal, allowing the user to take the shape of a beast and turn back to normal
  • The Wind Waker, able to control the winds with a few simple gestures
  • Ocarina of Time, allows for the creation of a time portal when the song of time is played (other songs still work too)
  • The Four Sword, allowing the user to split into four people with different kinds of personalities
  • Rod of Seasons, allows the user to change the current season to the area they’re in
  • Hawkeye mask, when combined with a bow it will act as a scope
  • Phantom sword, allows the user to stop time for a short amount of time

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