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Fandom AVATAR: The Spirit of Raava [IC]


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Water. Earth. Fire. Air. It's been two lifetimes since the passing of Avatar Korra. In the comfort of her family and friends, she had peacefully passed on to the spirit realm while on her visit to the Northern Air Temple. And just like that, the Avatar cycle began anew. The lineage continued for two lifetimes. And the last Avatar, Avatar Tannin from the Fire Nation, has recently passed. This time, however, there was something very different about the cycle. There was no longer just an Avatar, but two. A pair of twins. Children of an Air Nomad and Southern Water Tribe member. Unbeknownst to all, including the previous Avatar, Raava bore a child spirit. Her daughter, Rao, was born as a small spirit of light; and like her mother, Rao imbued herself into a human. Raava had reincarnated into the eldest of the twins, and Rao to the youngest twin. From the shadows though an enemy prepares to strike against the Avatar duo and their small band of heroes. The enemy: four benders who have learned to bend two elements. Each bender is from a different nation, but their ability to bend two elements makes them deadly. Not only that, but they have amassed an alarming militia, and they have one goal in mind: to kill the Avatars, and ensure that no one may have the ability of bending all elements.

  • So basically this takes place after the events of TLA and LOK.
  • Raava had "given birth" to a new spirit.
  • Rao, Raava's daughter spirit, is comparable to a daughter cell. Rao is almost an exact copy of Raava, having the connections to the past Avatars and their knowledge/skill.
  • Raava and Rao had reincarnated into the bodies of twin siblings. The older twin (my character) was born with the ability to bend air, and his sister (whoever so claims the spot) was born as a water bender. It should also be noted that whoever claims the other Avatar spot will also be my Co-GM. So I'm looking for a responsible person to uphold this part.
  • The twins will have to learn how to bend the other elements and all that stuff. Team Avatar will also have four other openings. Whether or not you choose to be a bender or Chi blocker or a standard human on Team Avatar is up to y'all.
  • The twins are currently 15, almost 16.
  • The bad guys will be four of y'all. And like it states above, whoever chooses these roles will be able to bend two elements of their choice, but they cannot be from the same nation. (what I mean is: if I make a character from the Air Nomads who chooses air and fire, someone else cannot also be from the air nomads.)
  • I'd like to keep romance and that stuff to a minimum, as some, if not most, of our characters will be young.
  • We will begin in Republic City, and then move from there.
  • Technology in this RP will be comparable to the 60's.
  • If you have any more questions, or you want to show interest, go below and type something to let me know!
  • Oh, btw, I will allow for characters to be of royalty or high social class. (something like Zuko or Toph).
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Oh, I forgot to mention, if you wish to be the other Avatar, please PM me to apply. Alright, I'm off to bed!


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I am very interested in this plot! I'll take an evil villain role, preferably coming from the Northern water tribe and who has also learned air.

Von Falla

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Hi! Is this still open? I've always wanted to partake in an Avatar rp!

I'd be down to take a villain's place.
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@Peri-winkle I’m writing Bai’s bio and was wondering if I could make some assumptions about what’s been happing in Avatar land since Korra based on real world events. For example, we’ve jumped from the 20s from the 60s so would I be able to mention elements such as an interpretation of WWII? I would only mention them in passing with no detail; just wanted to run it by you

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