Avatar and the Cult of Abaddon

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  1. Same cx
    I just really hope I can sit down at my computer and type up a reply. My creative brain juices aren't running so gr8 atm.
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  2. @blep
    I'm just chillin with my dog at the moment. Intro posts are hard, especially when there's been a bit of RP going on already.
    Forgot to tell you, the Earth King being affected by the plague isn't common knowledge. It's super secret.
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  3. Oh well
  4. Being the son/daughter of the General and the nephew/niece of the fire lord. It's not really much of a secret to him @Pinwheel i want to make things intetesting, but it's still quite early.

    Maybe have some sort of gathering event, and have one of your villain whatever spawn in or something.
  5. That's the whole meeting thing I mentioned at the start. xP
  6. I skimmed through xP
  7. posted there.
  8. @ThatGuyWithSouvlaki
    You can do the last bit then post it all when you're done. :D
    We will do a time-skip to the meeting soon. That would be a good time to introduce Kishi.

    Haven't heard from you in awhile, everything okay?
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  9. Awesome! Ok ^^
  10. She's there to speak for the Northern Water Tribe ^^
  11. I'm at a concert at the moment. Will post after I get home
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  12. Have fun
  13. Ima make another character ;p
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