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Fandom Anime RPs (snk mainly)

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Action, Adventure, Cyberpunk, Foreign, Horror, LGTBQ Friendly, Mystery, Realistic, Romance, Super Powers


weeb extraordinaire
hey guys, I'm on the lookout for some anime fandom RPs

I am:
-over 18
-pretty friendly and an alright writer
-fairly active, and able to inform you if I'll be off for a few days
-I've been rping for about 10 years now
-open to combinations of ocs and canon characters

Looking for a partner who is:
-interested in long-term plots and writing
-over 18! I am an adult and writing with minors makes me pretty uncomfortable
-relatively active and serious
-open to plotting and ooc chatter
-literate and able to write 2-5 paragraphs per post that are all formatted correctly in terms of grammar and spelling
-able to write realistic characters (i.e. not mary sues)

Attack on Titan (big crave!!)

  • basically anything, but I'm really interested in the canon universe​
  • I'm fine with either oc or canon, and I'm fine with ships too​
Banana Fish

  • Interested in an AU of some kind​
Yuri on Ice

  • Interested in an AU of some kind​
  • Most interested in victuuri​
  • I'm best at writing for Yuuri but I'll give Victor a go if you like​
Devilman Crybaby

  • Interested in an AU of some kind or an exploration of the canon world with ocs​
  • I'd be up for something ship-based too (Akira and Ryo)​
Tokyo Ghoul

  • Kind of hesitant but I'd be up for it with the right plot​
  • I'm most interested in an exploration of the canon world with ocs​

I really like most AUs just so long as they're thought out properly and not just slice-of-life ones, but I especially like: werewolf/supernatural, college, crime, and dystopia​


Hey, if you're still looking for someone to rp SNK I'd really love to get to writing! I usually like to brainstorm and plot things first, and while I may not be a flawless writer, but I try my best. I'm pretty much okay with OCs and the like

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