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Adv.Lit Roleplay request

(Enemies to lovers/Arranged marriage rp)


The unexpected news that her family would be dining with a rival whom her family, especially her father hated to the very core. Was both surprising and shocking, not only that but there wasnโ€™t much detail giving what exactly would be doing on at dinner. Though it was most likely for business or simply for something bigger it was a uncertain what exactly would be going down at dinner. The black haired woman stared at the mirror as she looked at herself, the tight black dress to which her mother had gotten for her a few days prior to the day of the dinner, fit her perfectly as it hugged and showed the curves she had, her slender legs were completely exposed as the dress reached down to her mid thighs. Hardly covering any skin. Running her hand though her long raven locks which had been styled in pretty curls, she couldnโ€™t help but wonder why she was so dressed up. It was only dinner with their greatest enemyโ€ฆ there was no reason for her to be looking so formal.

Yet for whatever reason her mother had insisted she dress elegantly and even helped her get ready. While being a bit lost in though she heard the door to her bedroom open, hearing the sound of heels clicking against the floor. Instantly she knew it was her mother retuning after having gone to retrieve a few pieces of jewelry for her, โ€œIs this really necessary? Itโ€™s just some dumb dinnerโ€ฆ. Not even Sebastian is this fancied up.โ€ Maria complained as her mother approached her and immediately began to place a golden necklace around her neck before putting a pair of golden earrings on her.

โ€œOh hush darling. Your brother is a man, and you know that men only need a suit and dress shoes to look formal. You on the other hand need to look as radiant and beautiful, so it is very necessary for you to dress up.โ€ Her mother, Isabella said practically beaming as she dressed her up. When she was done she stepped back a bit to look at her daughter, clasping her hands together as she then gasped in awe. โ€œYou look stunning, I almost canโ€™t believe my eyes. You will definitely stand out, now then come on. Our guests will be arriving soon.โ€ The older woman grabbed Mariaโ€™s hand and started to drag her out of the bedroom, acting a bit more excited then she probably should be.

Noticing how content her mother was for whatever reason, Maria couldnโ€™t help but feel wary. She could tell that something was going to happen at dinner yet she wasnโ€™t sure what exactly though she would find out sooner or later. Slightly rolling her eyes and groaning she wasnโ€™t looking forward to having the enemy in their house, it was risky not to mention suicidal. Of course she had no say since her father had been the one with the great idea to invite the enemy to their house. Getting dragged out of the bedroom and down the stairs towards the dinning room, Maria could only hope that nothing terrible happen although if things came to worse she would be more then prepared, reaching the dinning room she noticed her father and brother already in their seats. Feeling her mother releasing her hand, they both went to sit at their spots.

Taking notice to how elegantly the table was set up and how even the food looked exquisite, she raised her brow in surprise. โ€œThis is rather fancy, I didnโ€™t know we had to be so welcoming.โ€ Maria glanced over at her father who was sitting at the head of the table, leaning against his chair with his arms propped up against the table, with a blank expression.

โ€œYou werenโ€™t expecting me to welcome them in by killing them now were you? This dinner will be to discuss some very important issues along with trying to make some sort of peace, now please keep yourself composed for when our guests arrive. This is important for the whole family and for my business.โ€ He spoke firmly wanting her and his son to fully understand how important this dinner would be, he didnโ€™t want his children to ruin what he had planned.


1.Currently looking for BxG or GxG. If you would prefer for me to use my male oc For possible BxB I can. We can even do doubles if preferred.

2.Communication. I'd love to be able to plot and chat

3.Multi Paragraph Replies. Doesn't need to be a novel, but some content would be nice!

4.Mature Themes. This will have darker themes, so just be aware!

5. Romance. A natural slow burn would be awesome.
Hey! I'm interested in this RP! I saw it in discord and it looked fun! I'd love to do a GxG so I can use my female charcter.
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