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Realistic or Modern Agents Temporalis (Modern/VRMMORPG)

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Action, Adventure, School

Mythy The Dragonwolf

Four Thousand Club
Hello! My name is Mythy. This is one of my RP ideas, and I was curious if anyone was interested! If you have any interest or questions, don't hesitate to drop a post!

A Modern/VRMMORPG setting. In IRL, the players are a group of friends who have a party in the game. The game is about to launch post beta-test, which the players had participated in. In the game, players are agents of a post-ascension age civilization, who have an enemy in a time-jumping race of beings. These beings, or ‘Temporals’, attempt to go back in time and cause significant shifts in time, which would in turn bring about the fall of the present Nexus.

To combat these temporals, there exists the Agents Temporalis. Their job is to go back in time to undo or prevent these changes. Despite being an MMORPG, each time period is in a private instance for the party. As well, your powerful tech will always transform into a period-appropriate appearance, and may at times be disabled for the same reason. An example of the ages they can visit are: Feudal, Powder, Steam, Network, Cyber.​

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