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Hi so I've had this idea for a long while and I'm excited. It's in a midevial world with kings and knights. I will build up more of the world with you as we devolpe the story. Anyways I'm a female and I'm looking for someone to play a male. I will be Muse A you will be Muse B. Also this is romance.
Muse B is a wealthy young man (around 17-22)(knight or prince). He lives his life in luxury never having a worry in the world. The kingdom is pretty wealthy but of course there are people in poverty. That is the reality for Muse A. She lives on the streets and has to beg for food. Though begging is illegal and you can be arrested for it. Muse B hears word of the girl begging and decides to check it out. After seeing her state and hearing her story he doesn't know what to do with her. Muse B, will you help Muse A? Or will she be sent to prison because of you? What will happen?

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