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A httyd rp hopefully (looking for 1 or 2 more players)

Yeet! Wonderful!

Howd you like it?

Also if yall are already thinking if characters and dragon companions id love to hear about em lmao
Im thinking the age range is going to be around 16-19


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Well I'm working with a few ideas myself on characters.
I know I'm going to bring Ulric in, son of a farmer who doesn't want to be a farmer. Generally nice guy, massive flirt. Leaning towards a female Woolly Howl with him named Talonstorm.

I'm trying to find excuses to use a Snow Wraith and a Skrill though.


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I enjoyed it well enough, though I think it lacked some of the sincerity of the first two and the plot felt a bit contrived/convenient/rushed- Also it wasn't nearly as sad as I thought it was going to be! The animation is just incredible, its wild how much it's improved over the years

I was 100% preparing myself for the baddies to find the entrance to the Hidden World or for its location to become public knowledge or something, so Hiccup and the others were going to have to collapse the whole thing with all the dragons on the other side so that they could stay safe and protected... Hiccup would have to build some impressive catapult thing that he could fire from the human side and Toothless would do the final blasts from the dragon side and they'd work together in tandem one last time to separate themselves forever..... I def lost it when Hiccup's hand and Toothless' nose moved away in that one shot tho- Such a perfect(ly sad) inversion of their 'moment'!

in terms of characters, it's been a while since I've done a dragon Rp and I've never done one specific to the HTTYD-verse but in the past I've enjoyed writing for a runaway teen named Josie and the dragon she inherited from her grandmother, Burr- The issue there is that Burr's characteristics are modeled off of creatures that are more suited to desert or dry mountainy regions. (Hence the name- 'Burr' like a sand burr, and because Burr likes to burrow into the ground to rest during the day). She's on the smaller side with a tan/brown palette, can absorb water through her skin like a thorny devil lizard and eat carrion like a vulture, not the strongest flyer (prefers more static soaring, again like a vulture), and expels hot air instead of fire to help cool down.

Josie and Burr could still be runaways to give them some reason to be outside of their original climatic sphere, but idk if there are similar 'canon' dragons I could morph Burr into (I'll look into it!) or how that might work if we were thinking the human characters hadn't yet met the dragons yet, since they have a shared backstory

So i'll start brainstorming some other possibilities as well I think!
Oh yah for sure. It definitely could have been better but it was so beautiful and my love for the series clouds and judgement i have lmao

I mean, there are the sand wraiths which bury themselves in the sand.

Honestly, i can probably help work whatever you want into the plot. Were all here for fun, and ill bend canon (to an extent) in the pursuit of that lol


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So, depending on how many characters are allowed per person (I already admitted I enjoy using many). I was tossing around an idea of a character who wasn't from the local clans at all. If the characters enter the hidden world maybe they were on a right of passage type thing and their ship got pulled in and either another ship saw them and tried to help or they tried to help another ship. One ship is from the local clans, the other are travelers so it's not necessarily that everyone knows everyone else right off the bat? That way they have different legends of dragons from their home and and different knowledge when they encounter different things. Like some nay know a bit about our villain, not everything but know of their weaponry.


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As far as I know we haven't started yet, so I would assume the more the merrier since we just started talking about plans and such and discussing possible character ideas. Though I suppose ultimately that's up to Bigbad since they're in charge.
Hello aqua! I definitely remember you joined the last httyd rp i made. Im terrible and constantly forget to reply to this webstie, hence why i'll probably make the ooc through discord (if thats good with everyone) because its much easier to yell at me on there!!

I'll probably get started on typing out an intro/rough plot summary (for the beginning) and CSs tomorrow, assuming i find the time! If not, im hoping by tuesday at the latest

Also, just as a warning, I will be very busy from the 15th to the 20th because i will be on set, helping with the filming of a movie
hi hi wolfy, I just reread your name and I remembered XD
I am excited to hear that you want to try out doing an RP again. I dont mind if we use discored I normally leave it on in the background on my computer.
And its okay that you cant get it up crazy quickly real life first ^u^
and you filing a movie! that is so cool! ^U^


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Discord works with me for OOC, as it's also easier to contact me there since my phone is always logged into it and there are some weeks where I don't get onto forums as much as I'd like to. (Condensed university semester, finals are in two weeks then I'm off on a practicum for a month.)

Though still curious if there will be a character limit.
Cool. The discord should be easy to get up, so i can prob do that tomorrow.

Hmm :// i think i'll limit to 2 main riders per person, just to make sure the core group doesnt get too unmanageable. But thats also assuming there isnt a sudden influx of interest.

(Speak of, @AceQueen011502 if youre still interested, would love to have you!!)
Definitely still happening! Ive got a good amount if work to do today so if i can get some of it done early, Ill be able to make the discord and everything

Speaking of canons, i should mention that while they are not central the plot, necessarily, youre free to rp them when/if they become relevant! Although they'll mostly be in the 50's at this point time.
Im also open-ish to the idea of people RPing zephyr and nuffink

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