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Fandom Can someone help me make a Genshin Impact RP?


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ᘏ ⑅ ᘏ   ഒ    zᶻ
꒰˶  - ˕ -꒱ ⌒)ᦱ

*wakes up and notices viewers*
/) /)
( •-• ) <(oh hoi dis iz cherri da bunni)

/) /)
( •-• ) <(cherri needz halp with making genshin impact rp)

/) /)
( •-• ) <(and cherri need u viewers to come up with ideas for dis or maybe even azk to halp mwe with dis rp)

/) /)
( •-• ) <(so yea halp a bunni pwease QwQ)

( . .) <(i give u heart if u halp :3)
( づ♡
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