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Multiple Settings 2194 Cyberpunk Fantasy Planning

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Hello there everybody!

A friend and I have been planning and worldbuilding what will be a roleplay set in a cyberpunk-esque universe. The roleplay would focus heavily around Fantasy creatures, and although you don't have to play as them, that's the main focus. Witches, Fairies, Werewolves, Androids, and some more races are included. We've already got a few base ideas about races, plot, settings, etc., however, just the two of us aren't getting anywhere fast (although we'll still have to take things slow and plan stuff out carefully). I'd hope to get 1-2 people interested in helping to plan this right now, as it's in its infancy stages. Also, joining the Discord server would probably be a must (at least for planning it out), so keep that in mind.

Here's some basic plot points and things about the RP taken directly from the Discord server (legit just copying and pasting this).

RP takes place in (former) America, outside of the city is a post-wasteland like state where a nuclear bomb dropped.
the nuclear bomb (unknown who dropped it as of now) cause deformities and mutations, and unlocked some of the supernatural beings

after nuclear strikes (not destroying America, just decimating small pieces of it), the army is scattered. a guy had mass produced his own androids and took the american throne as a dictator, forming the american empire (this was in 2065-2070 ish)

Dictator gets overthrown by the androids he uses to take hold and form the Empire of America. This was secret and nobody but a handful of people know about it.

The ice caps have melted, changing the Earth drastically

One of the main locations, sort of like a hotspot, is a bar that one of my characters run

I know it's not much, and kinda scattered around, but that's why I'm posting here. Hopefully with your help, this can turn into a long and fun roleplay.
As always, make sure to reply to this or message me if interested. Like I said, I'm only looking for one or two people to help plan, but if this sounds fun, you're more than welcome to show your interest!

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