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Lula Allen

Going Going Gone ♡
Hello! My Name Is Lula Allen I'm so happy to here but before I get into all of my roleplay ideas I would like to go over my rules and a little bit about my roleplay style. please respect my rules and do not be afraid to talk to me I'm a very nice person I do not bite.

~Be Active! I would like more than one reply a day. I know everyone has a busy life and I do respect that but if you plan on leaving for a trip or something please tell me so I do not wait around for a reply.:smilepuff:

~Please be respectful! if you respect me I will respect you but even if you do not respect me I will always respect you no matter what.:csmile:

~I only Play female roles! I'm sorry but I only do female characters. I have tried male characters and they are just not for me, I also feel more comfortable doing female characters.^33^

~Have fun! Just have fun with the roleplay. I want to make our time together a lot of fun and I would like my partner to be comfortable with me and the Roleplay.:angel3:

Enough of all that boring rule stuff now to get into my roleplay style. I have been roleplay for about a year I'm not the best at it but I'm getting better and better each time I try that is why I came here. I am very good at romance and action roleplay but I'm willing to give a new roleplay a try but as a warning, I might not know what to do so I would love it if you would teach me. I do have a love for a bad boy x good girl theme so you might see that a lot so sorry in advance but I'm a sucker for a bad boy. If you have any questions just let me know and I will answer them to the best of my ability, Now let's get into what you have been waiting for my parings. (Thank you for braving through all of that!)

Muse A was always the good girl. Quiet at school, humble to her teachers and professors, always achieving good grades. Often called a nerd by her fellow female peers, she simply accepted that as the truth. She read millions of books, studied ahead of class, even used her old PS4 till its circuits fried. Obviously, she was exactly what they called her. Why did they pick on her? Because any girl could see she was a hidden beauty. Not only was she pretty, but she was kind, quiet and caring in her own roundabout way. Boys often failed to see that. They saw her for her appearance. She learned to blend into her surroundings, often a wallflower. She had no interest in quarreling with the fundamental rules of life.

Muse B was a rebel, a hot rebel. He had women swooning over him left and right. He was a bad boy, smoking, drinking, staying out late with other girls. Sarcastic, sassy and drop dead gorgeous. That was what everyone saw and what everyone accepted as the true him. No one cared about his life. His broken household was the reason he was the way he was. Of all the girls he had ever met, all wanted him for his body. No one cared about his interests, loves, and dreams. He liked gaming, long walks in the park and the stars. But no one ever cared. Heck, even asked. And he continued to live his life like that. Wearing a sultry mask to conceal the sensitivity, hurt and childlike-self he was too scared to show.

Till he met her

Muse A had never caught his eye. Not till the day Muse B moved next door. He had never paid her much attention, but Muse A had had him in her sights since she first lay her eyes on him. He was the forbidden fruit. It wasn't that she didn't want him. It was as if she felt she wasn't allowed to quarrel with him. He made her want to do things she had never even imagined she would want to do. He intoxicated her, made her want to break the rules for the first time in her life.

And she knew it would be like playing with fire.

This is just an idea I have had for a while and I let some of my roleplay friends use it because they liked it a lot so I thought I would be nice.


♡Bad Boy X Good Girl

♡City boy x County Girl Or City Girl X County Boy

♡Painter X Model

♡The Girl X Boy Next Door

♡Dancer X Bad Boy

♡Preachers Daughter X Bad Boy

♡Photographer X Model

♡Farmers Daughter X Bad Boy

♡Barry Allens Daughter X Officer

♡Vampire X Human (Something like Vampire Diaries)

♡Childhood friends

That is All I can think of for right now but I will make sure to add more if I think of some more parings or ideas. Thank you so much for reading and i hope to hear from you but until then have a wonderful rest of your day! ~Lula Allen♡
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Hi there, hope you are well! I’m so down to do the idea you mentioned. I’m a sucker for bad boy x good girl pairings myself if I’m being honest.

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